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Simple Party Hairstyles For Long Hair

Simple Party Hairstyles For Long Hair

9 Cute Hairstyles For School That Will Actually Save You Time In The Morning

For the best hairstyles that are cute and easy to wear down those hallowed halls, we reached out to celebrity hairstylists who were quick to pick out their top picks. You can see your best friends every day, fill your social calendar with football games and dances, and it's the perfect excuse to buy some new outfits. 01 of 09 Double Side Buns Getty Images A nod to space buns of the 90s, this double bun look is both stylish and playful. To get the look, create a center part and then comb your hair into two low ponytails. Andreas Zafiriadis, owner of Salon Buzz in Chicago, says loose waves and shaggy styles are ultra-trendy right now, making them one of the best hairstyles for school. To recreate, start with a center part and use a large barrel curling iron (or flat iron) to curl the hair away from your face. 03 of 09 French Braided Pigtails Getty Images Dueñas says the perfect side part and pristine braids elevate kid-like pigtails into a more grown-up, fresh look. Next, part your hair down the center, then create two tight French braids before securing with a clear elastic. 04 of 09 Getty Images Braided Ponytail This versatile hairstyle for school can be casual or you can dress it up with earrings and the right makeup. "You can [also] take it from schoolgirl to glam depending on how tight the braid is," says Dueñas, who notes that the braid shown here offers the right amount of tension. To recreate, blow dry your hair gently then, starting right in the center, create a French braid down the side of your head. 06 of 09 Low-Key Loose Braid Getty Images For a more undone and relaxed look, try this loose, low-key braid. "This hairstyle is for the girl who wants to look polished but doesn't have time for [anything too] complicated," says Brittany Gharring, a hairstylist who works both on the editorial pages and on the mat. red. "A simple bow, ear cuff, headbands or a beautiful hair accessory is perfect for dressing up your natural textured locks or your tousled waves from yesterday." "My top tip for the perfect bun is to use a large curling iron and curl the top part of the ponytail all at once, making sure the ends are perfectly curled," Dueñas explains.

Party Hairstyles For Long Hair: Styling Tips For Volume

Party hairstyles for long hair: make a statement

If you have long hair and want to make a big statement with your party hairstyles this festive season, we've got just the style. Our styling tips for volume and big, bouncy waves will help you achieve maximum body and volume in a hairstyle that screams "Let's party!" »

Add volume, movement and bounce to hair without losing shine

So this look is all about adding volume, movement and bounce to your hair. Party hairstyles for long hair: tips for adding volume to long hair

Styling tools: Styling mist for volume, hair dryer, velcro rollers, tail comb

Step 1

After shampooing, rinse hair, wipe off excess water and apply hair conditioner. Step 3

Once you've applied the styling mist, you can gently blow-dry while wiggling the hair with your hands; the bigger it gets, the better.

Cute Diy Projects

If you sometimes wonder what to do with your hair, we have compiled a list of cute and easy hairstyles for long hair. Cute Tuck and Cover Hairstyles for Long Hair

One of the hottest and cutest hairstyles around, the Tuck and Cover is exactly that: just two easy steps, first you tuck the hair in and then you cover it. Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyle

Beautiful flowing hair is always a great look for a wedding as it goes well with any type of dress, formal or casual. Party-ready fancy ponytail

The classic ponytail is one of the easiest and most versatile hairstyles for long hair: it can be transformed into a very sleek and elegant hairstyle or something more carefree and relaxed. Easy Slicked Back Ponytail Hairstyle

You've seen it on the catwalk or on the red carpet: the Slicked-Back ponytail is a high fashion staple.

# Video | Simple Party Hairstyles For Long Hair

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Easy Party Hairstyles For Long Hair

16 Simple Hairstyles For Work That Will Make You Look Professional

If you're not sure what kind of hairstyles you should choose or just want some inspiration, read on as this article will show you 16 hairstyles for work that will make you look professional and stylish. low bun


Watch this video on YouTube

SLICKEST Bun + Edges on Natural Hair [Step by Step Tutorial]

Watch this video on YouTube

If you want a simple bun that you can do quickly, try this elegant low bun look. crown dutch braid

Easy Crown Dutch Braid Medium Hair Tutorial

Watch this video on YouTube

Protective styling | NATURAL HAIR IN THE OFFICE

Watch this video on YouTube

If you want to try something different with your hair, braids are a fun option. loose curls


Watch this video on YouTube

If you want a more feminine hairstyle for work, try adding loose curls to your hair. When you think of curly hair, you might think of really fancy hairstyles with tight curls, but curls can still make you look professional at work if you do something a little more subtle. Wrap around the ponytail

Hair Trick - Wrap Around Ponytail Without Hairpins

Watch this video on YouTube

The ponytail is one of my favorite hairstyles for work because it's simple and easy, but still gives you that professional look. Ribbons

Simple and easy hairstyles incorporating bows and ribbons

Watch this video on YouTube

Another way to spice up your hairstyles for work and be a little more feminine while looking super professional is to add accessories like ribbons to your hair! braided bun

Easy Braided Bun

Watch this video on YouTube

4 STYLISH LOW BUN STYLES | Natural Hair | AbbieCurls

Watch this video on YouTube

Another great hairstyle option for work is always the bun hairstyle! claw pliers

HOW TO: EASY HAIRSTYLES with Claw Clips | Claw Clip Hairstyles

Watch this video on YouTube

4 Stylish Bun Hairstyles * Detailed Hair Tutorial | Sleek Bun Afro Hair, Sleek Bun and Edges Curly Hair

Watch this video on YouTube

One of my favorite ways to style my hair is with the trendy claw clips that everyone is wearing these days! braided ponytail


Watch this video on YouTube


Watch this video on YouTube

If you love braids, you can also totally incorporate them into a ponytail hairstyle for work. Textured low bun

Quick and Easy Textured Low Bun by Stephanie Brinkerhoff | Kenra Professional

Watch this video on YouTube

To spice up the normal low bun look, you can also do this textured low bun hairstyle for work – it's unique and professional, and it's easy to pull off. Half bun ponytail

Easy half ponytail hairstyle with Justine Marjan | Byrdie

Watch this video on YouTube

BOMB Half Up Half Down Braidout on natural hair

Watch this video on YouTube

For those of us who like to wear our hair in half updos, I would suggest this half ponytail. Barrettes

HOW TO: EASY Hairstyles with HAIR CLIPS 🌹 Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Watch this video on YouTube

If you like to add accessories to your hair, you can definitely work if you use cute simple barrettes! High ponytail


Watch this video on YouTube

If you want to do a simpler hairstyle for work, I would definitely suggest going for the classic high ponytail. This hairstyle is perfect for work because it will keep your hair looking perfect all day and it is so sleek and chic that it will make you look very professional.

Simple Party Hairstyles For Long Indian Hair

Easy Hairstyles For Kurta/Kurti – Short, Medium And Long Hair

Side Braid Hairstyle

Outfit – Sue Mue

Necklace – Sunita Kapoor

Rings & Bag – Amrapali Jewels

Stylized by - Rhea Kapoor

A very beautiful hairstyle of the most traditional worn by the most beautiful actress Sonam Kapoor of the Bollywood industry. Side Parting Pin Up Hairstyle

Outfit – Anju Modi

Jewelry – Amrapali Jewelry

Stylized by - Archa Mehta

Side partings are done and small braids or baby waterfall hairstyles can be done and pinned on both sides. Half-Up Waterfall Hairstyle

Outfit – Sukriti and Aakriti

Stylized by - Droovizzle

This baby middle part hairstyle is very cute for all girls. Simple Straight Hairstyle

Outfit – Gopi Vaid

Jewelry – Amrapali Jewelry

Juttis – Sparkling cup

Stylized by - Eshaa Amiin

This simplest yet best hairstyle worn by beautiful Bollywood actress Kajal Agarwal is the best to go with kurtis and kurti suits. Lingering ponytail with wavy hair

Outfit – Rivaaj Jaipur TM

Jewelry – Azotic by Varun Raheja

Stylized by - Eshaa Amiin

A ponytail is an evergreen hairstyle that goes with any outfit and looks best with kurtis. Braided Ponytail Hairstyle

Jewelry – Amrapali Jewelry

Hair – Aasif Ahmed

Stylized by – Sukritiglover

The most beautiful Kriti Sanon in the Bollywood industry presents another beautiful hairstyle that would go with the Kurtis outfit. Loose hair braided to one side

Earrings – Amrapali Jewelry

Hair – Aasif Ahmed

Makeup – Adrian Jacobs

Juttis – Sparkling cup

Stylized by – Sukritiglover

Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon flaunts a very beautiful and trendy hairstyle. side braided bun

Outfit – Rohit Ball Official

Jewelry – Sunita Kapoor

Stylized by - Rhea Kapoor

Assisted by – Manisha Melwani

A very beautiful hairstyle look highlighted by Sonam Kapoor. Mid-partition bun

Outfit – Anita Dongre

Jewelry – Anita Dongre Pinkcity

Stylized by - Surina Kakkar

Here is the hairstyle with the most natural look, the oldest and the most traditional.

Easy Party Hairstyles For Long Hair Step By Step

41 Diy Cool Easy Hairstyles That Real People Can Do At Home

From cute braids to looks for long and short hair, and everything in between, we have simple and awesome looks to try today. Cute easy hairstyles

1.Stylish DIY Braids


Do you have long hair and need new ideas for cute easy hairstyles? For this step-by-step braiding tutorial and more, click the link above. For a cute and easy hairstyle idea, the messy bun is simply unbeatable. DIY Infinity Braid Tieback

pretty girls hairstyles

Now, contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be an EXPERT to learn how to do an infinity braid! DIY Messy French Twist


You won't need an entire village to rock this look as you only need to do 4 steps to achieve this - #1 is click the link above the image to proceed! I had no idea I could actually make my long hair look like the braid in this photo, but my braid turned out pretty much exactly like this. DIY The Upper Half


Now, if you have to attend an event but you don't have time to do an intricate hairdo, this hairstyle is perfect for you! Wrap the parts up, then leave them a little messy so no one thinks you've tried too hard 😉 Click the link above for the full tutorial. Go ahead, click the link above to find out how, cute step-by-step photos and a tutorial will make sure your DIY fishtail braid looks exactly like this! This is one of those hairstyles you would never have thought of, but once you learn how to do this braid, you will be wearing this hairstyle all the time. DIY High Braided Hairstyle


Well known as the Dutch Braid, this is a simple yet beautiful hairstyle, much more for those with natural waves. Sleek DIY Bun Hairstyle

makeup clothes

If you're one of those people who effortlessly declares how gorgeous you look, this sleek 2 minute updo is perfect for you! Click the link above for the full tutorial. DIY The lace half-rose


As you can see, this hairstyle is not as complicated as it looks! DIY braid crown


Perfect for almost any occasion, this braided crown is something you can easily pull off in the right direction from the link you can click above. DIY Double Dutch Braid


If every day you always lack time to fix our hair, then check out this hairstyle! DIY Short Pile


So, you can't whip out these gorgeous braided hairstyles because you have short hair. Click the link above for instructions. If you want to try this look today, click the link above for a step-by-step tutorial. DIY Hair Bow


Now, if you're wondering how to make that perfect hair bow, you don't need to search anywhere because we have this tutorial for you! Click the link above for the full tutorial. Click the link above for instructions. DIY Side Swept Hairstyle

common mood

So you're not ready for a braid, a bun or an up-do.

# Images | Simple Party Hairstyles For Long Hair - Simple Hairstyles For Wedding Function

Simple Hairstyle For Party Girl - Indian Hairstyles Male

Simple Party Hairstyles For Long Hair - Party Hairstyles For Long Straight Hair 1 Save

Easy Hairstyles for Kurta/Kurti – Short, Medium and Long Hair - Simple Hairstyles For Wedding Function

Simple Party Hairstyles For Long Hair - Indian Simple Hairstyles For Everyday 2 Save


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