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Short Hair Pinterest Aesthetic

Short Hair Pinterest Aesthetic

The Modern Monroe Bob Is Having A Moment

Marilyn has always been a popular cultural touchstone, with everyone from Madonna to Nicki Minaj paying tribute to the actress, but Kim Kardashian wearing her "Happy Birthday" dress to the Met Gala and the controversial and fictional Netflix movie Blonde brought Marilyn and her life to a whole new generation of fans - and they're paying homage to the icon via beauty tutorials and "Monroecore".

Influencer Jasmine Chiswell first gained popularity thanks to her 2020 TikTok tours of Marilyn's short-term house and her retro pin-up look, and the hashtag #marilynmonroe on the platform has over 4 billion views. On Pinterest, searches for "Marilyn Monroe aesthetic" increased by 117% after the release of Blonde according to We Thrift, and Google searches for "Marilyn Monroe Hair" increased by 270%. Her signature look is instantly recognizable: pale blonde hair, a curly bob with lots of volume, often worn with a side parting; lipstick; a subtly defined crease, dramatic black lining and the finishing touch, a beauty mark. You can modernize Marilyn's timeless beauty look all you want, but this not-too-sleek, not-too-curly tousled classic bob is key to channeling her spirit. Think men prefer Marilyn from the blonde days with a shiny blond pageboy, The Seven Year Itch Marilyn in her summer curls, or Marilyn cooing "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" into the microphone in the iconic sparkly dress nude and rhinestones with a cloud of platinum hair. "To me, the Marilyn Monroe hairstyle has always looked like a simpler, undone version of the Hollywood wave," says Redken celebrity stylist Kiley Fitzgerald. I always see people making their own version of it!

For the most part, Marilyn's hair was always cut in a short to medium bob. The Marilyn look can be replicated in a variety of lengths, but a shorter cut will give you the tighter, more Marilyn curl than Veronica Lake's equally popular loose, peekaboo waves. You can also use a curling iron to get the look,” advises Fitzgerald, adding that she always starts with Redken's Thermal Spray High Hold ($22) for heat protection and long-lasting hold, then primes with One United Multi-Benefit Spray ($27). ) for frizz and shine protection. “Pin hair section by section and let it rest for at least 20 minutes; the longer you wear curlers, the more shape your hair will take. Allow hair to cool completely before removing pins or clips and pull out starting with your first curl, ending with the last piece. "After you get your curls the way you want, use a lightweight hairspray like Redken's Brushable Hairspray ($24) to finish," says Fitzgerald. "This hairspray will ensure the look stays on all night, but your curls keep that sexy Marilyn move."

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