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Men'S Buzz Cut Fade With Beard

Men'S Buzz Cut Fade With Beard

Types Of Shaved Hair That You Have To Try

For a few years, men's haircuts have been evolving and there are currently a wide variety of shapes and styles, especially if we talk about shaved hair types such as a sophisticated Mohican style, a shave with a few diagonal incisions or a toupee. . .with disheveled effect. If last week we explained the different types of beards, this time it's the turn of the hairstyle. Because there are many ways to wear it shaved and it is possible to achieve a different, fashionable and low maintenance look. 5 essential types of shaved hair

We see them on the streets, in the world of fashion, in sports... More and more people are signing up for a good shave. Whether your hair isn't quite as strong as it was a few years ago or you want to try an alternative look, the buzz cut is for you. A shaved one with a degraded effect

One option that will give you plenty of style points is to shave your hair off gradually, leaving it longer and longer as you go up your head without any type of strong stroke or line. Not only is it a different hairstyle, ideal for giving a total change to your look, but it is also very easy to maintain. You can also opt for a layered cut with incisions, which will give your hairstyle a very trendy style. Either with one or more diagonal stripes on the top of the head or, why not, on the sides. If you don't like a clean shave, you'll love this look. However, if you're not into extremes, it looks great with a low ponytail, updo, or just combing it back or to the side with a setting gel. Of course, this type of shaved hair admits endless variations depending on how long you leave it on the sides and on the top. If you have waves, this hairstyle will suit you very well. Total shave, perfect rush

Yes, it's classic, but it works and it never goes out of style. In addition, you can combine it perfectly with a neat and trimmed beard or with a longer and thicker beard if you prefer a more hipster style. With your shave, you can forget about gels, combs, foams and other hair accessories. If you are looking for inspiration, you can find it in the heads of Mario Casas, Tom Hardy or Matt Damon who at the time also wanted to show off a good shave. The Last of the Mohicans: Crests in All Their Versions

In our tour of the different types of shaved hair, the ridges could not be missing. Although this haircut tends to pop up more frequently in the summer, we think it's timeless and will give you a different and drastic look. There are countless variations, depending on the final look you want your hairstyle to have, from longer to shorter or more relaxed combs. It consists of cutting the hair in the upper part of the skull and on the sides then leaving it longer in the back, of the mid-length type. Without a doubt, a radical cut that is making a strong comeback and with which you can give a very cool look. So if you don't like the way it looks, let the weeks pass or shave your hair and start over.

For example, a hairstyle that can be a good idea is to dishevel all the hair and put it with gel or wax on top, creating a disheveled effect so fashionable, other options include shaving or hairstyle with a very marked line. The classic but modern cut consists of taking the parting on the side but with styling gel, well marked and layered to remove volume from the hair, leaving the hair very short on the sides. Volume cuts are currently trending for what could be one of the top picks for young men this Christmas. A very short hair style but also with a lot of volume combed to the side seems to be one of the best styles among Christmas hairstyles. If you want a real change of look for this Christmas, there's nothing like betting on the CROP, which is a very short type of haircut that can suit you very well and also gives a much younger appearance. For any idea, change of look, consultation on hairstyles or products to use, do not hesitate to visit our hairdresser in RubĂ­ and get advice from our hair professionals.

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