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Korean Hairstyle For Thin Hair Male

Korean Hairstyle For Thin Hair Male

Find Out If Short Hair Suits You

Published on: 07/03/2019 12:40:57

Categories: Short Haircuts , Haircuts

Many times we would like to know what we would look like with another hairstyle, with another shade and, why not, with another haircut, but put the scissors without really knowing if the result is what we expected or not, slows us down a lot. . If you don't want to stick with it, but also don't want to risk your hair, we explain, in a very practical way, how to know if short hair looks good on you without cutting a single centimeter of your precious hair . The 2.25 inch ruler in detail

To check it out for yourself, you don't need to go to a stylist, because the steps to determine if short hair suits me or not are very easy to follow. If the point indicated by the pencil on the ruler is less than 5.7 centimeters, it means that short hair suits your face well. The short hair that favors the most according to the type of face

If the 2.25 inch rule helped me know if short hair looks good on me and gave me the green light to cut my hair short, now the second part is missing: what style can I choose? To get an idea, you can take as a reference the model Alex Chung, who usually gives more movement and volume to her hair towards the ends, or the actress Keira Knightley, who also likes the pixie cut. To try to compensate for this roundness and visually refine the face, the most recommended haircuts are the pixie cuts with a series of basic tips:

More volume at the top by playing with loose locks

An asymmetrical cut to camouflage the shape of the face

Add a pompadour to create even more volume

Leave the sides shorter and concentrate the volume only on the crown

Side stripes and bangs also help this face type. Short hair for heart-shaped faces

If your face has the shape of an inverted triangle, i.e. wider at the temples and much narrower at the chin, we recommend a pixie cut, but in this case also leaving some volume on the sides, which will make the chin not stand up so much.

Tips For Men With Fine Hair

When you have fine hair, not just any product will do, you either need a specific shampoo for this type of hair or a shampoo that gives volume and texture, in both cases it must have a composition that respects the hair and scalp, including natural extracts and ingredients that help strengthen it, as well as prevent its fall. Choose the right fixative

The fixer used will be key to achieving the best results in your chosen style, pomade always tends to create very defined locks, this will inevitably lead to the appearance of less volume, thickness and amount of hair, so remember you that when it comes to For fine hair, less is always more. Crude Oil Pomade Setting Pomade Edit Pomade Setting Pomade Strong Hold High Shine Setting Pomade Mogul Grease Pomade Setting Pomade

If you prefer matte or semi-matte styles, the ideal in this case is to opt for a wax or a fixing powder, these give volume to the hair, give a natural look and create texture without weighing it down .

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