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How To Do 1920 Hairstyles For Long Hair

How To Do 1920 Hairstyles For Long Hair

1920s Inspired Faux Bob Step By Step Video Tutorial

As we loved the tutorial we gave you a few days ago on how to make a wavy “faux bob”, today we wanted to bring an even more vintage, 1920s-inspired version that we can see in movies like 'The Great Gatsby' and what amazed us

In case you weren't clear with the pictures, we present to you a video tutorial from TONI GUY in which they teach us how to do this faux bob step by step, with an emphasis on the wavy bangs, which is the very essence of this hairstyle.

2 Methods How To Do A 20'S Hairstyle Step By Step.

Now take a 2 inch wide section above the ear, closer to the face and work your way up to the parting and pin the clips upside down, so as not to create any extra bulk, and bend them hair in a wave instead. If your hair is already curly, remove some of the volume and soften the curl, either by using water and combing the hair instead, or by using the clips in sections and creating more of a wave in it. sliding along the loop until smooth. you can also straighten the hair using an iron and then make the 20's type waves, in this case the hair is more mistreated so it is recommended to use products that help you protect it from the heat of the sun. irons and you'll have even, flat curls instead of big, shapeless curls. This is a tricky hairstyle to do on thick straight hair, if this is the type of hair you have, set it first with the texture spray on wet hair, there are no techniques to heat curling to help keep it. Step 4: Repeat until the entire section is curled the same way, then start with the next section, repeating until you have lengthened the entire hair. Step 5: Once the entire head is curled, use a soft bristle brush to smooth the hair, brushing section by section, this will encourage the hair to sit together in the desired waves. PRO TIP: The size of the curl you want depends on the thickness of the hair

Now that you know how to do a 20s hairstyle that I know you will love, you will feel like a Hollywood star in this decade, you can make it more modern by adding any touches or accessories you want.

The Evolution Of Current Haircuts

Hair is not only a part of the human body, but throughout history we can see that different civilizations have given it different meanings; with beauty, wisdom, with power, wealth and identifying with the social scale in which you were, thanks to all the evolution that we have had so far, we can say that today today our hair is our canvas to express our personality. revision of styles


At the end of the 19th century, the American graphic designer and illustrator Charles Dana Gibson made fashionable through his publications in Life magazine a hairstyle called 'Gibson girl', the hair generally gathered in a high bun with a little volume and waves . 1920

After the First World War, women began to wear a straight cut that reached the height of the jaw, known as a "bob" or boy, could be used straight, wavy and with or without bangs, it was a emblem of the Flappers (middle class women), during the 1920s. This is how we are witnessing a change of styles where the hair could be slicked back, with daring, two-tone or casual colors, unisex hair à la Kurt Cobain, or even the androgynous chic heroine of Kate Moss and the famous Rachel cut, which Jennifer Aniston became popular for her role in the series Friends.

# Video | How To Do 1920 Hairstyles For Long Hair

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How To Do A 1920S Hairstyle For Long Hair

20'S Style Updo Hairstyles

Hair trends 2021

Today we're going to take a look at some of the most popular hairstyles from the Roaring Twenties, exploring what was all the rage in those cuts, and show you how to recreate them today. These were bold new styles for women in the 1920s, and with the right hairstyle, they can add glamor — or even a bit of edginess — to your current look. In 1920, The New York Times traced what they called the "epidemic" of bob to two Bryn Mawr University girls who cut their hair to play basketball. Whether you're inspired by Boardwalk Empire's ever-beautiful Prohibition-era cast of women, movies like Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, or vintage icons of the era like Dorothy Parker, Gilda Gray, or Clara Bow, a fact remains true: women who wore hairstyles from the 1920s were worthy of admiration. 90s hairstyle

Whether you're attending a themed party or just looking for an interesting new way to style your hair, creating a 1920s hairstyle will turn heads. You can create Marcel waves with a curling iron, make a faux bun with bobby pins, or even wrap a scarf for a cute bun. Next, separate a 5cm section of hair, place the curling iron upside down near the roots and hold the iron in place for about 5 seconds. After holding the clips in place, slide them through the hair past the first curve created by the heat and hold for an additional 5 seconds. Repeat the process with another 2 inch section of hair until one side of your head has waves, then run a soft bristle brush through them to make them even and even. Finally, hold the waves in place by pinning the section clips into the curves of your hair. If you want to know how to do a 1920s hairstyle with a bandana, read on. long haired men

If you're a bride who loves retro, chances are your wedding already has timeless touches that pay homage to your favorite decade, whether it's the Roaring 20s or the 60s. your bob with soft waves, which you can achieve by curling your hair with a big barrel curling wand or sleeping all night on big rollers. Made famous by movie stars like Veronica Lake, these sleek, retro waves can be achieved with a large barrel curling iron, curling the hair all the way to the ends.

How To 1920'S Hairstyles For Long Hair

Step By Step, How To Do Finger Waves And Save Any Look With A Retro Hairstyle

Finger waves, marked like waves towards the water but with such an accentuated fixation that it almost creates a plastic effect, are a classic hairstyle for special celebrations, parties and even costumes. This technique recreates the waves we saw, for example, at the Marc Jacobs Fall16 show, where stylist Jimmy Paul created what he called "futuristic waves". (Getty)

To show off really retro waves and how they were worn in the 20s, there's nothing like having your hair really short so you can fit it as close to your head as possible or wave it, following the same waves. "It is advisable to do the finger waves in short hair, pixie type, because in a long it is more complicated, although it can be achieved by marking the wave well in the entire visual part and then creating a false bob,” advises the stylist as a plan B.

How To Do 1920'S Hairstyles For Short Hair

Popular 1920s Hairstyles.

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# Images | How To Do 1920 Hairstyles For Long Hair - 30s Hairstyles

20s Hairstyles Long Hair - 1920s Hairstyles Women

How To Do 1920 Hairstyles For Long Hair - 1920s Hairstyles Men 1 Save

hairstyle in men through time - 2 Methods How To Do A 20's Hairstyle Step By Step.

How To Do 1920 Hairstyles For Long Hair - 20s Hairstyles Long Hair 2 Save


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