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Floor Plan Of A Gothic Cathedral

Floor Plan Of A Gothic Cathedral

Gothic Architecture

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Gothic Cathedral Floor Plan

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Over a hundred-year period, from around 1140 to 1240 CE, ten of the finest Gothic cathedrals in Europe were built in a small region of France: an area surrounding Paris called Île-de-France. The ground plan of Chartres Cathedral is in the shape of a Latin cross: the nave, the choir and the transepts meet in a central crossing. Like other Gothic cathedrals, Chartres used architectural innovations to create an edifice of a kind never seen before. Only the porch on the west facade of the old building survived the fire; it is lucky because it has preserved the superb 12th century column statues of the Portail Royal, a richly sculpted entrance. In Gothic cathedrals, three pairs of pointed arches are arranged to form a structure called a pointed vault. The solution to this problem was a feature that characterized the Gothic style and facilitated the scale of cathedrals like Chartres: the flying buttress. Since flying buttresses obviated the need for solid walls, large spaces could be filled with colored glass, bathing the interior in a light that medieval architects called "lux nova", Latin for new light. During the reconstruction of the cathedral in the 13th century, a maze in blue and white stone was laid on the floor inside the west facade. Visitors to France can see many beautiful Gothic cathedrals, but only Chartres has survived almost intact. Entering the cathedral still gives a vivid impression of the awe felt by medieval pilgrims as they discovered an interior lit by celestial light, filtered through the stained glass windows.

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  • Parts Of A Cathedral
  • Flying Buttress
  • Transept
  • Cruciform
  • Ambulatory Architecture

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Flying Buttress - Gothic Cathedral Floor Plan

Floor Plan Of A Gothic Cathedral - Gothic architecture 1 Save

Church Aisle - Transept

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