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Bedroom Table Lamps Uk

Bedroom Table Lamps Uk

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Table Lamps

Big or small, they're the perfect accompaniment for dimly lit movie nights, quiet study, or relaxing and reading in bed. To get the best lighting experience from a table or desk lamp, aim to have the middle of the shade at eye level, so you're not directly glared by the bulb. The best bedside lamps should cast a soft glow in your bedroom. You should also consider the size of your bedside table, as a large lamp will look out of place on a small cabinet. And for something a little different, our frosted glass table lamps, like GRÖNÖ and TOKABO, will provide a soft, warm glow.

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Bedroom Table Lights Uk

The Smartest Bedside Lights To Buy Now

For bedside tables, one usually opts for something relatively small and subtle, either a classic table lamp on a smaller scale than one might use in a living room, a desk lamp for more directed reading , or a sconce for a soft glow without taking up valuable bedside table real estate. If you feel like it, a desk lamp or task lamp with an adjustable arm can be very useful if you want to read without disturbing the other person in the room. Pooky's Phileas lights are the sweetest little lights out there, and because they're battery powered and dimmable, they're a perfect fit.

Bedroom Bedside Lamps Uk

Bedside Lamps

Whether you're curling up with a good book or relaxing in bed, this collection of bedside lamps will have you feeling relaxed in no time.

Bedroom Side Table Lamps Uk

Table Lamps

bedside lamp

Our comprehensive range of table lamps suits any decor, whether your interior is traditional period design or elegant contemporary style, there is sure to be something to suit. Table lamps are perfect for ambient lighting as well as task lighting for reading and other tasks so your bedside tables, living rooms and offices are well covered.

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