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93 Most Half Up Half Down Bun Curly Hair

This time, we're going to talk about Half Up Half Down Bun Curly Hair. There is a lot of information about Pretty Designs on the internet, of course. Social media are getting better and better quickly, which makes it easier for us to learn new things.

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Half Up Half Down Bun Curly Hair

93 Most Half Up Half Down Bun Curly Hair | how to do half up half down bun curly hair

  1. If you're looking to pump up the volume, we recommend buying the Invisibobble hair tie to help boost your pony/bun to a new level. If you still haven't achieved your desired level of volume, Big Sexy Hair created a finishing spray to achieve that level. Spray this in after adding a few curls and you'll be ready to go. Source: Internet
  2. If you’re after a sleek half-bun hairstyle for your curls, just part the top half of your hair at your temples and pull it into a tight ponytail. You’ll want to twist your ponytail until it coils into a bun, wrapping it around the base of your elastic and securing it with bobby pins or an extra hair tie. Don’t forget to blast your roots with a before you head out the door. Source: Internet
  3. When you need a polished hairstyle for a special occasion, you can try a curly updo. There are many updo styles to choose from, and the curls will add volume while keeping everything in place. Curly updos are great styles to complete your wedding or prom look. Source: Internet
  4. An excellent upgrade to standard space bun braids. Braided space buns are a great way to add some style to your hair. They can be made in a variety of ways, and they’re perfect for any occasion. Source: Internet
  5. If you want to keep your hair away from your face and neck, then box braids can do the trick. As long as your braids aren’t too tight, this curly hairstyle can be a healthy way to style the hair and protect it from breakage. You can keep box braids in for up to seven weeks at a time, and adding a high ponytail to this style will let you show off your curls. Source: Internet
  6. This space bun hairstyle is super pretty and looks especially great if you have bangs (but it’s not a necessity). Before creating her space buns, she curls her hair with a 1-inch curling iron to give the buns a more textured, messy look, then finishes the hairstyle with the help of Goody Spin Pins. They’re awesome if you usually have to use tons of bobby pins for your bun hairstyles. Source: Internet
  7. We are living for the way this pixie cut was styled. Create small little buns one after the other to create a fauxhawk. This will definitely elevate your style and mix up your everyday look. Source: Internet
  8. 17. Long Messy Half-Updo with a Beachy Vibe. Here’s a cute idea of easy half-up half-down hairstyles that you can create by yourself. Just add loose waves if your hair isn’t naturally curly, make a knot, and get your compliments! Source: Internet
  9. There are many things to consider when choosing a hairstyle for natural hair. Space buns are a great option because they are easy to style and can be worn in a variety of different ways. Natural hair space buns are also called puffs, puffballs, or pompoms. Source: Internet
  10. If you’re into the braided space bun look, this one’s for you. She shows you how to get the perfect top knot braided space buns and suggests using the Grafix Shaping Hairspray as well as a texture spray. You’ll also need a curling wand if you want the gorgeous loose girls in this look. Source: Internet
  11. The ombré hair coloring technique involves highlighting the hair toward the bottom while keeping the top of the hair dark. When you have curly hair, the ombré looks especially beautiful because it helps your curly ends stand out. An experienced stylist can ensure you get the perfect ombré color for your hair color and skin tone. Source: Internet
  12. This bun look shows two top knots tied a little more tightly than what we've seen before. Split your hair down the middle and twist together to get the ultimate bun look. Be sure to add some hair spray before heading out to make sure the buns stay in place. Source: Internet
  13. We also love how trendy space buns can transition into your party look. To achieve this, simply wash and condition your hair, blow-dry it straight and then smooth it down with an oil or serum. Create two high and controlled space buns that will stay put all night long. Source: Internet
  14. There are many different styles you can do with a space bun. A is a great way to keep your hair looking healthy. It is a half-up, half-down space buns hairstyle. It is an easy-to-do hairstyle that takes about 10 minutes to do. Source: Internet
  15. A curly pineapple is a straightforward style that you can create by gathering your curls and throwing them high on top of your head. What makes a curly pineapple unique is pulling the high ponytail to the front of the head so the curls can hang in front of the face. This keeps the curls off the back of your head and protects them while you sleep. Source: Internet
  16. If you’re looking to go all out with your half-bun hairstyle, try styling it with hair extensions. After securing your hair in a bun, clip skinny strips of hair extensions all around the base of the elastic. Finish off by twisting the extensions around your bun and securing with pins. Hey, BTW, these are the best clip-in hair extensions if you’re in the market. Source: Internet
  17. 26. Half-Up Braids and Curls. This elegant and fierce style with Khaleesi vibes may work for your next formal event. Besides, it makes it super easy to put your lower hair in a bun in case it gets too hot. Source: Internet
  18. While this is a little more advanced, practice does make perfect! Start by curling your hair in loose waves until you reach the perfect beachy wave texture (This spray is great for added texture for a more complex style like this one). Next, you'll want to section your hair off into a loose bun, and simply French braid around the part and take it down to the end of the hair. Perfect for a date night out! Source: Internet
  19. Twist your hair on both sides and Wrap the twisted pony around its hair tie. Secure it with pins and at last Gently pull it apart on opposite sides of the bun. You’re done! That’s my kind of hairdo–one that is super easy and super cute. Source: Internet
  20. If you have long curly hair or long waves, you can give your hair some structure by adding a few cornrows to one side of your hair and a side-swept bang on the other side. With this hairstyle, you’ll feel put together at all times. You can also easily throw your hair into a ponytail or bun at a moment’s notice. Source: Internet
  21. You can do it with long hair or short hair. You can create different styles of space buns based on your preferences. This lovely hairstyle is worn and loved by many Hollywood stars as well. It has that ‘90s vibe and it has the most stunning comeback. Source: Internet
  22. Spice up your typical half-bun hairstyle with an added braid on the side. You can make this braid as thick or as thin as you would like. For added style, pull out the braid to give it a more messy effect. Source: Internet
  23. Don’t worry: You don’t need next-level volume to pull off a half-bun hairstyle (it’s called movie magic, y’all). Start by curling your hair in small sections, holding the wand horizontally to create loose waves. Then, spritz a dry texture spray along your roots (I like or ) and back-comb the top half of your hair to create some height. Finish off by twisting your textured strands into the perfect half bun. Source: Internet
  24. The half up half down hairstyle is one of the easiest and most flattering. Create the buns on top of the head and use a straightening iron to wave your hair beautifully. Try this half-up half-down hairstyle, which mimics the traditional two-bun look but also gives you a chance to show off your hair texture and length. Source: Internet
  25. When you want a more interesting way to show off your locs, you can try curling them. This bob made up of curly locs is not a style you’ll see every day, and it’s both bold and playful. Even with textured hair, you’ll need help creating these perfect spirals, so once you’ve fully established your loc hairstyle, simply place your hair in heatless curlers overnight. Source: Internet
  26. Coloring just the tips of your curly hair is a simple way to make an old hairstyle feel new again. This technique looks best on short hairstyles because the tips of your hair will stand out on top of your head. As your hair grows out, you can eventually trim your colored tips and try out a new color! Source: Internet
  27. Sometimes your natural volume creates a beautiful curly hairstyle all on its own. Curly hair, however, differs from straight hair and may need a curl defining gel or a moisturizing spray to keep it looking and feeling its best. If you like the look of your hair but want tips on how to care for it, you can talk to a stylist. Source: Internet
  28. Curly hair is a blessing in disguise. Although it sometimes takes extra time to style, the natural beauty and volume of curly hair is unmatched. Knowing how to style your curly hair can increase your confidence. Reach out to the stylists in our community if you want to get advice when styling your hair. Source: Internet
  29. Just like everything else from the nineties right now, space buns are having a resurgence and we’re here for it! They’re super trendy and cute and we must say, out of this world. They’re perfect for a music festival or concert, but you can also dress them down for a day at the park or dress them up for a girls’ night out. Check out our favourite space bun hairstyles for all hair lengths! Source: Internet
  30. I’m Latina, and I’ve been lucky to be surrounded by women with curly hair my entire life. My curly-haired relatives have lots of pride in their textures, but when I was growing up, there were only two distinct hairstyles I saw my mom, grandma, and aunt wear. They loved rocking their natural hair texture and letting their curls loose after a wash day (my mom called it a good curly hair day), and then, when their 3A to 3C curls lost definition or became frizzy, they’d pull them back into a ponytail or bun. Source: Internet
  31. A space bun is a hairstyle that is popular in the modern world. It is a simple, yet stylish way to style your hair. This hairstyle is perfect for those who want to leave their hair natural or want to add hair extensions. Source: Internet
  32. How to style: Use a flat iron to Curl the hair gently. Part the hair in the middle and braid a simple wide braid on each side of the part. Tie the braids with an elastic band and wrap the rest into a samurai bun. Source: Internet
  33. Frame loose curls with even looser braids, for a perfect ladylike look. Roll the ends of your braids and pin them up to create a textured bun. This particular style works wonderfully with straight hair, because the kink-free tresses easily achieve that beautiful drape. Source: Internet
  34. If you have lots of hair, you’ll need to use a ton of bobby pins to help your space buns stay in place. Whereas if you use spin pins, you’ll only need to use a couple. They’re a great buy that will save you time and energy! Source: Internet
  35. Selena Gomez is the queen of the short hair half-bun look, but she doesn't do it on purpose. Selena is notorious for throwing her hair up mid-day and always somehow manages to master the half bun look without trying. If you have short hair, just embrace the messiness as it begins to fall out during the day rather than taking up your morning to make sure it looks perfect. Source: Internet
  36. When you want a messier finish, try starting off your half-bun hairstyle with a looped ponytail. Then, wrap your hair tie around your loop, releasing the elastic to secure the bun. Keep in mind that you really can’t mess up a messy bun, so if it doesn’t come out quite right the first time, just pull it, adjust it, and pin it until you find the shape you want. Source: Internet
  37. The platinum blonde is really winning us over with this braided space bun look. All you have to do is loosely braid two French braids before wrapping your hair into buns to create this look. Also add a dark lip because fall is non-negotiable. Source: Internet
  38. Sporting a head full of bouncy curls takes a lot of guts. If you don’t want an extremely voluminous style, do not tousle your curled locks, but leave them in spirals, flowing down your back. Balance the volume down with a bouffant. If you are blessed with naturally curly hair, simply add some hairspray and tie your hair half up half down. Source: Internet
  39. For a super fun variation on space buns, check out this video by Milabu! Braided space buns are perfect for short hair because they hold together the shorter pieces that may otherwise come loose at the back. It may take some practice if you’re not used to Dutch braids, but it will be so worth it in the end. All you need is hairspray, a teasing brush and a metal teasing comb, plus some bobby pins. Source: Internet
  40. On the days that I have legit no idea what to do with my dirty, third-day hair, I can’t help but rely on the easiest hairstyle of all time: a half bun. Sure, it might sound kinda basic, but half-bun hairstyles are my little secret to looking somewhat put-together while I’m putting off wash day a little longer. And I’m not alone, either, considering the massive amount of celebs who not only rely on them (lookin’ at you, Kendall Jenner, Yara Shahidi, and Hailey Bieber) but have also turned half buns into an actual hair trend. Source: Internet
  41. For some relaxed space bun vibes, try out this look that concentrates the bun towards the back. We also love the loose tendrils that can acclimate around your head, showcasing your whimsical and trendy space buns. Check out this quick and simple tutorial by blogger friends Sarah and Ellie Talks to learn how to create this playful look. Source: Internet
  42. Bangs are another 2022 hair trend that you’ll see everywhere this year. Space Buns With Bangs is a hairstyle that is perfect for women who have short hair. It is a fun and easy hairstyle that can be done in minutes. Whether you have blunt bangs or wispy bangs, you can still rock the space buns trend. Source: Internet
  43. Now it’s time to create your jeweled space buns look. Pile on your decorations and have fun! The more the merrier. If you want to get really creative, mix and match hair accessories or try a bunch of festive colors! Source: Internet
  44. How to style: Use a curling iron to curl your hair. Part the hair in the middle and braid two braids on the top. Tie them with elastic bands and stretch them with your fingers. Shape these gorgeous fanned-out buns. Source: Internet
  45. The messy space buns have carved a niche for themselves in the world, and it hardly comes as a surprise. Messy space bun’s hairstyles look so boho and effortless that it’s hard not to like them. There’s nothing more cool-girl casual than the messy bun. Source: Internet
  46. Long hair provides an opportunity to try out a wide variety of hairstyles including the half up curly hairstyles – a rage with the young and adult alike. Once you get the hang of it they are easy to do and you get an elegant and sensuous look with little time and effort. And what’s more they suit all kinds of occasion from a casual day out to a formal ball without requiring constant touch and repair. Source: Internet
  47. This super cute heatless space bun hairstyle is perfect for short haired gals. Like the title says, this hairstyle is ideal for fun events like a music festival or concert, but is also great for lunch with the girls or even dressed up for a date night out. She first shows you how she gets her heatless beachy waves then goes into the space buns themselves. You’ll need products like a styling mousse, leave-in spray and some bobby pins. Source: Internet
  48. Adding braids to your curly hair can give you a more exciting look to show off. Fishtail braids have an interesting pattern and can be easy to put in once you learn the technique. You can also try adding French braids to your hair if you’re more familiar with that technique. Source: Internet
  49. 39. Half Updo for Curly Hair. An irresistible idea to take to your hairdresser when the next formal event comes up. The braided halo is a smart move to help you show off the gradient of your colored half up half down curly hair. Source: Internet
  50. This look is so precise you can't see where the bun ends and the rest of the hair begins. To achieve this look you'll need a curling iron like this one to wrap small strands of curls around for the perfect barrel curl. Afterward, you're able to tie your hair up and pin it away. Source: Internet
  51. Alright, so that lob you just got on impulse might be a little more difficult to style in a bun, but it’s definitely still doable. Begin your half-bun hairstyle by combing your hair into two parts right in line with your temples. Then, gather the top section of your hair (think: from your hairline to the crown of your head) into a high ponytail. After you secure your hair with an , pin small sections of the ponytail around the hair tie to cover it, creating a cute lil baby bun. Source: Internet
  52. If you tend to prefer a more traditional half down style, but want to crank up the drama just a smidge, give this alternative a whirl. From the front, this style is just your average, polished coif. But from the back? The textured bun packs a slight punch. To copy this look, create a small ponytail with the top layer of your hair, twist the end, wrap loosely and secure the twisted tail in place. Source: Internet
  53. If you have short curly hair and are looking for a curly hairstyle that adds volume, then this stacked bob will work wonders. Your hairstylist will create a stacked bob by adding layers to the backside of your hair. You can create this look with your natural curls or add ringlet curls to your hair with heatless curling options, like flexi rod curls. Source: Internet
  54. Brace yourself, curly cues: this springy style gives Shirley Temple’s ringlets some stiff competition. While such playful coils may veer too youthful for some, a set of tight curls can add a cute touch to a blouse and flirty skirt combination. As an added bonus, this style is great for ladies with shoulder-length hair. Source: Internet
  55. Then, tease the tail of your pony with a (this will make your bun look extra full), and twist your loose hair around the base. Set the bun in place with a few and a quick spritz of , and you’re all set. See? That took, like, an extra 20 seconds and the payoff was huge. Source: Internet
  56. If you would like something that is equally simple to make but beautiful-looking, then this is definitely the right hairstyle for you. Half up half down space buns are perfect for every day. Space buns are a great way to add volume to your hair. They can be done with any hair type, but they look best with thick, wavy, or curly hair. Source: Internet
  57. Bring the party to your hair with this fun addition. After you create your traditional space buns, add in some hair accessories, like jewels, throughout your hair. This gives some dimension to your space buns that you can rock over spring break or at an upcoming music festival. Source: Internet
  58. The beauty of half up curly hairstyles is that it can look glamorous without being too dressy and simple without losing the sexy touch. You can curl or twist parts of your hair temporarily, tie them up or pull them all to one side. Or you can braid your hair up, or put some hair into a braided bun while the rest is free down your back. Shorter hair can also sport multiple curls and twists on top with only some tresses while the rest remain simple and free. Source: Internet
  59. Of all the hair trends that are totally *in* right now, gorgeous half-up, half-down hairstyles might be our favorite. They look just as polished as a full updo or ponytail — plus, they're totally effortless, and they are perfect for a lazy hair day. Did we mention they're also versatile for any hair length or texture (yes, even for you short-haired and curly-haired gals!). Source: Internet
  60. If the ends of your hair are straight and blunt and keep popping out of your half-bun, try curling them first. If you want to keep the rest of your hair straight, that’s totally fine, just lightly curl the ends of your ponytail so it spins into a bun with ease. This will keep those pesky little ends from unraveling. Source: Internet
  61. Feeling a little bored with your usual half-bun hairstyle? Switch things up by subtly adjusting your part. For a messier vibe, part your hair at your temples and use a three-inch section from your hairline to your crown to create your bun (almost like a refined mohawk). If you’re after a sleeker look, use your thumbs to part your hair at an angle, gathering all of your hair from ear to ear. Source: Internet
  62. Take this edgy hairstyle from day to night. Rock those messy curls and turn this style into a low bun with some added hair wrapped around the hairband. If you're looking to take this step a little further, you can add a couple of small braids at the base. Source: Internet
  63. So, basically, you officially have extra reasons to feel good about throwing your hair into a half-up knot for the fifth day in a row. It’s fashion, people. But if you’re not sure how to find the best half-bun hairstyle for your specific hair or you just want some new inspo to change up your look, I rounded up the easiest half-bun tutorials of all time, below. Source: Internet
  64. How to style: Use a curling iron to curl the ends of your hair. Take a section of hair from the top and braid it loosely. Twist it into a nice flower bun half updo. You can leave the bangs loose or make them a part of the half updo. Spray the curls and the flower bun with hair spray. Source: Internet
  65. A middle part with loose curls is a classy curly hairstyle. This medium-length cut is just long enough to keep your curls from tangling. You can also put your hair up in a ponytail at this length or experiment with double buns or a French braid. Source: Internet
  66. If you're working with some long locks, this look is so effortless and stunning. Add some loose waves and toss your hair into a loose bun. This look is perfect for the fall and winter weather. Source: Internet
  67. Gone are the days where only have to rock a sweaty bun or ponytail at the gym. The new sporty space bun hair is all about getting your hair out of your face (much like those aforementioned styles), but with a modern edge. Great for all hair types, you simply have to create your two classic buns and add in a headband to make sure those baby hairs stay put. Post-workout apply some dry shampoo, like the Dove Detox & Purify Dry Shampoo, to the top of your hair and go about your day. Source: Internet
  68. Passion twists are a versatile braided hairstyle that will look great on almost any hair texture and length. The springy coils give the hair depth. The best thing about passion twists is that they protect the hair and you can throw them up in a ponytail or high bun when you want to get the braids off your neck. Source: Internet
  69. Space buns are a great way to add some style to your look. They are easy to do and can be done with any hair type. It is also a great way to hide your hair loss. We hope you enjoyed this article on how to do space buns! Source: Internet
  70. Follow this simple tutorial to create half-up space buns on short to medium length hair. You can really use this style with any hair length, so just go for it! You’ll need a rattail comb, thin hair elastics, and bobby pins. If you have thin hair, she shows you how to go more volume to your buns by creating pigtail French braids first! She provides a step-by-step tutorial on the braids, so don’t worry if you haven’t done them before! Source: Internet
  71. This knotted half-bun hairstyle is a genius way to fake thicker hair. After you’ve gathered your hair from ear to ear and secured it into a high ponytail, split the tail in half and loosely twist the ends. Finish off by wrapping the two sections in opposite directions around the base and pinning the ends into place. Source: Internet
  72. If you have tight ringlets, try wearing your hair naturally curly. Natural hair is often healthiest when you don’t manipulate it too much. This Afro with a middle part takes little effort to create. Just add a hair serum to your curls to keep them shiny and then trim your hair to the right length. Source: Internet
  73. You can create finger coils by taking small sections of hair and wrapping the sections around your fingers while your hair is wet. Allow hair to air-dry or dry overnight so that when you release the coils, they stay curled. With short curly hair, these coils add texture and personality. Source: Internet
  74. Looking for that perfect half up half down bun or ponytail? Are you someone who enjoys cute hair yet a subtle change? Well, if you’re someone who needs that stylish and gorgeous hairstyle you will appreciate this article. Luckily, there are loads of different options that you can rock on a daily basis, or for formal gatherings. Keep on reading and find your go-to down below while browsing through these 30 hair ideas! Source: Internet
  75. This curly ponytail is the perfect hairstyle for a night on the town or a special event. To get this look, you’ll need some styling gel and a good brush. The tricky part about this hairstyle is smoothing down the hair on your scalp so that your ponytail is nice and tight. Once you have it smooth, you can let your curls flow freely beyond the ponytail holder. Source: Internet
  76. Got thick, wavy hair? This half-bun hairstyle tutorial was made for you. Just part your hair at your temples to section it off (keep in mind that parting your hair from ear to ear will leave you with an even larger bun), then twist the hair around itself to form a messy bun. Slip a hair tie over the bun to keep it in place, tucking and pinning the ends for a polished look. Source: Internet
  77. If you have curly hair, we know the struggle can be real. Throw your hair up into a bun and let some curls hang out for a little more dimension. This works great for second-day curled hair as well. Source: Internet
  78. There’s nothing like a cute little braid to add a bit of excitement to your half-bun hairstyle. Gather your hair from ear to ear, securing the section with a ponytail, and tease your ends to get some extra volume. Then, separate your ponytail into two sections and begin fishtail-braiding. Secure your braid with a , wrap it around the base of your bun, and pin it into place. Source: Internet
  79. Learn to do space buns whether you have thin, normal or thick hair with this excellent tutorial! She notes that she starts out with dry shampoo to give her hair texture and then goes on to show you how to make space buns look great with whatever hair thickness you have. She recommends using products like the Garnier Texture Tease and a great hairspray. You’re going to love these three techniques! Source: Internet
  80. Senegalese twists are a great way to protect your curly hair. To get this style, section off your hair and divide the sections into two pieces. You’ll then twist the two pieces together, adding in silkier braiding extensions. You can leave your twists in for weeks at a time, which can save you time when getting ready. Source: Internet
  81. We have been following @internetxdoll‘s hair journey for some time now. You’ve got to check out her latest color! One of our favorite looks is her white/gray-ish hair with half-up space buns. This is a really cool style for any lob as you rock a quasi-messy half-up look. Source: Internet
  82. This space bun hairstyle is super trendy if you have long hair. It’s simple and easy to create and you’ll end up with a fun ‘do to rock throughout the day. She starts by giving herself loose curls and then shows you how to do the perfect space buns. You’ll need a hair curler, hair elastics and a good brush. Source: Internet
  83. if you have a large forehead. It’s also a hairstyle that can make you look younger. Ideal for brunch, shopping, or a day at the beach, space buns with bangs are a super cute look you’ll want to wear again and again. Source: Internet
  84. We can’t talk about space buns without featuring an ode to the classic look. This one is all about creating a smooth base, a serum can help with that. Then, create two pigtails that you individually wrap around each section. Seal it together with some clips or bobby pins and you’re all set. Source: Internet
  85. This half-bun hairstyle is so sleek, it’s actually shocking how easy it is. Section the top of your hair and loosely smooth it straight back toward the middle of your head. Then, tightly twist the ends into a bun and secure it with a cute-ass . Source: Internet
  86. Braided hairstyles are great for curly hair because they’ll protect your curls from breakage and allow the hair to grow. This braided ponytail is the best of both worlds. You can customize the braids on top of your hair and show off the beautiful curls as they hang loose in your ponytail. Source: Internet
  87. I get it: It’s annoying AF to finish off the perfect half-bun hairstyle and realize you have a few bare spots on your scalp. Instead of starting over, use a little eyeshadow (that matches your hair color) and a to camouflage the area. Or better yet, pick up a and go to town. Source: Internet
  88. Here are three different ways to do space buns on medium length hair. Each one is just as cute as the last and all you need is a rattail comb, hair elastics and bobby pins. These hairstyles are super quick and easy, so perfect if you need trendy on-the-go hairstyles any day of the week! Source: Internet
  89. While, yes, half-bun hairstyles look super intuitive, there’s actually a little bit of skill that goes into them. Instead of grabbing your hair and immediately twisting it into a bun, first separate the top half of your hair into a tight ponytail and secure it with an elastic. Pro tip: If you’re after a little extra volume, gently tug your ponytail to add some height up top before you move on. Source: Internet
  90. If you have curly hair, you likely know the struggles that come with it. Tangles galore and frizz without warning. But what you don’t see is how many people are envious of you! Natural curls are gorgeous and voluminous when taken care of, and there are many curly hairstyles that can make your hair manageable and chic. Source: Internet
  91. A TWA is a teeny weeny Afro, and this curly hairstyle is both trendy and easy to manage. A TWA takes very little styling expertise to keep in check. It’s also a versatile hairstyle since you can change up the length of your TWA and add color to your hair. Source: Internet
  92. If you’re in the market for prom hairstyles, then be sure to consider a style with lots of volume and drama. Opt for whimsical curls and a half up braid to tie together the look with different textures and lengths. Neat and hair-to-hair updos aren’t everything; and this perfectly curly coif is the proof. Source: Internet
  93. If you have short curly hair, then the tapered cut may work well for you. This cut keeps the hair slightly long on top and tapers off on the edges. You can add geometric designs or a deep part to the sides of the hair if you want to create a custom look. You can go to a hairstylist or a barber to get a professional tapered cut. Source: Internet

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# Images | Half Up Half Down Bun Curly Hair - Two Buns Half Up Half Down Weave

15 Space Bun Looks We're Loving (and How to Get Them) - Two Bun Hairstyles For Black Hair With Weave

Half Up Half Down Bun Curly Hair - Double Bun Hairstyle Black Hair 1 Save

Half Up Half Down Natural Hair Kids - Half Up Half Down Natural Hair Straight

Half Up Half Down Bun Curly Hair - 31 Stylish Curly Hairstyles 2 Save

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