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83 Things You Should Know About Garden Design Ideas For Small Gardens

This time around, we shall cover Garden Design Ideas For Small Gardens. Obviously, there is a great deal of information on Beautiful Small Gardens Uk on the Internet. The rapid rise of social media facilitates our ability to acquire knowledge.

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83 Things You Should Know About Garden Design Ideas For Small Gardens | Modern Small Garden Ideas

  1. If you're one for keeping nature at the heart of your space, then adding greenery to your garden outbuildings is a brilliant place to start when designing a wildlife-friendly garden. Originally introduced as a means of better insulating homes, and absorbing rainwater, green roofs are both beneficial and beautiful. Not only will it create a harmonious color scheme, but it will also be really inviting to wildlife. It goes without saying that you will need to ensure the correct structural support of your building, as they can be considerably heavier than a simple roof. Source: Internet
  2. If you are now working from home full time you might be looking for garden ideas to expand your indoor space. If this is the case, then a garden office may be on your list of priorities and adding an outbuilding can fit the bill. Use yours as an office, or maybe as a place to retreat to when your working day is done but what's great about these garden buildings is that they are functional and can add a really interesting structure to all types of gardens. Source: Internet
  3. The garden above is a great example of an outdoor extension to the home, complete with a chiminea, a comfy sofa, and even storage. Raising it up slightly onto a deck separates it from the small lawn. It's the perfect alfresco living space. Source: Internet
  4. Plan your design using graph paper. Lay out beds ahead of time using a garden hose or rope. This allows you to visualize the size of the bed, the amount of garden you will have, and estimate how many plants you’ll need. The planning really helps, so don’t skip this step! Source: Internet
  5. Lay slabs on the point so they are in a diamond shape to give the optical illusion of a bigger garden,. Or, to make use of mixed and broken slabs, lay out a topsy-turvy garden for great use of slabs of any size or colour—like diagonal paving, this can give the illusion of a bigger space. Go for light-coloured paving, like ‘Sun Grande’ from the Pavestone ‘Discovery’ porcelain range, or ‘Sable’ textured paving in the sandy shade of ‘Apollo’. These types of paving will open up your garden, while giving it a contemporary style. Source: Internet
  6. This contemporary design also benefits from having an artificial lawn which adds a welcome splash of greenery to the scene. There's no maintenance required and no need to store a mower – both big plus points for small, modern gardens. As well as this, Chris says that small gardens with high surrounding walls are often shady, which can be problematic when it comes to growing verdant turf. Source: Internet
  7. Indeed, garden inspiration can often lead to bigger home improvement ideas! So, did you know that you can make use of your side return in many ways? But if an extension isn't on your home improvement wish list, then transforming this space into a natural extension of your garden is a must. The added bonus, on top of the brilliant use of fairly dead space, is that it will feel really cozy and intimate. Add a roof, make a small garden coffee table the centerpiece, gather around your favorite chairs. Just add foliage for your own piece of paradise. Source: Internet
  8. Working with levels like this is perfect for making the most of slightly sloping plots. Plus, garden screening can provide a stylish feature in itself. Patterned designs will keep light coming in, giving an airy, open-plan feel between your garden's 'rooms'. Pick a color which matches your theme to tie the scheme together beautifully. Source: Internet
  9. Yours doesn't need to be enormous, or made from glass. Many are often made with plastic sheeting, simply to help trap the heat of the sun inside. Whichever structure you choose, you have the potential to do lots of vegetable gardening and to grow new floral additions for your garden in quick time. And should you want to conceal a not-so-gorgeous plastic greenhouse, just up your planting game! Source: Internet
  10. Organic gardening is the way forward for us all. And, it's a great garden idea that will not only benefit your health, but Mother Nature's too. Without using pesticides and by being resourceful in your garden space, you will enjoy a beautiful display of plants and most likely some great wildlife too. Source: Internet
  11. Chris Harrington, Creative Director of garden design practice Harrington Porter (opens in new tab), shares his expert advice when it comes to working with natural light. He explains that the sun should be a key consideration – especially in small plots with built-up surroundings. Some courtyards may only get a glimpse of sunlight during the day, or an hour or two in the evening. Source: Internet
  12. Add points of interest to your tiny garden design that bring both motion and sound. You can find room for a water feature in even the smallest garden and they often run using their own reservoir pump. Water features make great focal points and create a tranquil environment – perfect after a long day! Source: Internet
  13. Perhaps you're lucky enough to have views of water nearby, or fields on the other side of your plot. By using minimal fencing rather than solid panels, you can make the most of the outside world – just like in this scheme above. Remember to then position your seating towards the view to make the most of it – it will instantly feel like your garden is more spacious. If you're in an urban setting, adding some garden privacy ideas may be more suitable for your space. Source: Internet
  14. We love rustic and weathered finishes in decking which can complement both traditional and contemporary settings. Choosing high-quality, natural materials will ensure your patio area is built to last and will help create a more eco-friendly garden setting also. The decking here brings a relaxed structure to this outdoor dining area, while the natural colors, minimalist design and addition of multiple surrounding ferns, keep it super modern, cozy and inviting. Source: Internet
  15. You're going for fragrance, color and if you're growing herbs and more, taste and touch will be there too. Think of all the ways to enhance your garden ideas and experience by thinking of the five senses and remember how sound is vital in creating a relaxed atmosphere. Not everyone has a babbling brook next to their patio, but a Zen-inspired water feature will also work very well. Best of all, you needn't have tons of space to create this look. Source: Internet
  16. Before you head to the nursery you want to know a few things. First off, what garden zone are you in? You want to make sure to be purchasing plants that are hardy to your zone or you are likely to lose them during the winter months. For the most part, nurseries in your area will bring in trees, shrubs, and perennials that are hardy, but sometimes they have some that are on the edge. We live in Zone 7 but some plants at nurseries in town and in nearby towns are Zone 8, meaning they are likely to suffer damage or even die during a hard winter. You don’t want to go to all this work and expense just to lose your plants. Source: Internet
  17. Whatever the shape of your garden, zoning is a great way to add visual interest and functionality. This garden demonstrates the approach perfectly by creating three distinct zones using soft hedging, decking ideas, light paving slabs, and decorative stones. Setting the decking boards horizontally to the paving also helps to widen the space. Source: Internet
  18. Small gardens have a lot more potential than you may realize. Whether dealing with a long narrow space behind a vintage home, a cramped backyard that lacks privacy, or a shabby garden at the rear of a brownstone the possibilities are endless. So don’t write off your 40-foot by 20-foot outdoor area just yet—with the right design, it could be an incredible garden. Source: Internet
  19. We love these nifty and beautiful garden ideas as they make a space feel so unique. If you're in a small garden setting then working vertically is a lifesaver – but this clever trick will work in bigger gardens, too. Container plants will not only jazz up step ladders (and hide any ugly walls), but having flowers displayed at different levels, brings a heightened level of interest and energy to even the tiniest of spaces. So get creative with how you arrange your containers because they are the most flexible planting option going! Source: Internet
  20. Have you ever seen a yard where there are so many different kinds of plants mushed together that you don’t really know where to look? Where it feels completely random, like the gardener went and purchased one of everything and plunked them in the ground wherever they felt like it? Well, that is not what we are trying to create, obviously. We want our landscaped yards to feel calm, natural, and beautiful. We want to achieve BALANCE in our design. Source: Internet
  21. Lindsey Hyland, a gardening expert and founder of Urban Organic Yield (opens in new tab) says that: 'One way to make your garden more attractive is to add some flower beds. You can also add a few garden gnomes or other decorative items to give it a bit of personality. If you have any trees or shrubs, try trimming them into different shapes to create interest. Mulching and adding brightly-colored flowers are also great ways to dress up your garden.' Source: Internet
  22. Prairie gardens are reminiscent of the American plains when planted on a large scale. If you’re short on space, though, you could still create a prairie border or a mini prairie. Simply mix flowering perennials such as Rudbekia, Achillia and Crocosmia with ornamental grasses and planting in small groups. Underplant with bulbs to extend the season. Source: Internet
  23. One of the most Midsummer Night's Dream-esque garden ideas going, plus, using solar lighting in your garden is a really eco-friendly and economical way to bring more light to your space come sundown. Fairy lights, like these solar powered fairy lights from Cox & Cox (opens in new tab) are so easy to style in all types of garden space, big and small. Discreet yet really effective, hang them loosely within your tree canopy, over a balcony railing or running through containers in a smaller spot and enjoy. Source: Internet
  24. at ground level. Planting away from the boundary makes pruning easier and creates an added sense of depth. Shade sails are a practical way to create extra shade – and privacy – and, unlike a cumbersome umbrella, won’t clutter up ground or storage space. Work with your neighbours when deciding on fences and hedges or selecting tall trees. Bernadette worked so well with her neighbours she ended up designing their garden. Source: Internet
  25. Furniture in a small garden can be used to great effect, but too much or the wrong type can clutter and could take up valuable space that you can ill-afford to lose. Instead of large benches or bulky seating, go for compact options like a bistro table set and chairs. This type of garden furniture provides a brilliantly stylish European aesthetic to any small garden, with the added bonus that they don’t take up much room. It’s perfect for a breakfast of croissants, coffee and orange juice, while you bask in the morning sun. Source: Internet
  26. Tom won the Small Garden category at the SGD Awards. In this garden, he uses blocks of cast concrete, inspired by the cubist shapes of the adjoining house, to create a series of sculptural steps. These lead through a sloped bank of lush green planting and cascading water features. Source: Internet
  27. A little drama goes a long way when you're looking for garden ideas. Whether you have a small garden, lawn or no lawn, filling your garden borders with a variety of plants is the perfect way to add interest. The key is to fill all the gaps so that no bare soil is showing, – ground cover plants can help with any patches – and to have a mixture of large and small varieties. The specific plants you go for is, of course, down to personal preference, but you should take into account whether they will do well with the positioning in your outdoor space, and consider companion planting too. We love how the palm elevates this garden border, complementing the surrounding greenery. Source: Internet
  28. Garden rooms are more popular than ever right now as they offer a cool, and often more affordable, alternative to an extension. You may now be working from home full time and in need of a little separation from the house/kids during work hours (kids are noisy), while the added space could even double up as a yoga studio, home cinema or guest house (when we can invite relatives to stay once again!). The choice is yours, and there are plenty of different garden room ideas and styles around, modern or traditional, to fit in with your garden design. We are a big fan of this garden room come summer house which adds a contemporary touch to a small and simple garden design. Source: Internet
  29. The good news is that any garden, no matter how big (or small) its size, is full of opportunity. In fact, it's easier than you might think to create your own mini paradise, extend your living area, and improve your quality of life. Plus, small garden ideas are often cheaper and easier to maintain. Source: Internet
  30. Getting arty in a small garden goes a long way, and the proof is in this stunning patio floor. The terrazzo print was simply created using masonry paint, and toothbrushes, but the effect is second to none. For what is such a simple painting hack, it adds instant color, energy and interest, and is much more affordable than pulling up old patio tiles and replacing them. Source: Internet
  31. A common problem with small gardens is other people looking in on them from surrounding buildings. Install arches and pergolas to create a secluded seating area, and cover them with climbers. Be wary of large, fast-growing species like Wisteria and Parthenicissus quinquefolia (Virginia creeper), which need a lot of pruning and quickly take over. Try Clematis, Lonicera (honeysuckle) or climbing roses. Jasminum (jasmine) also has a great scent and will provide the cover you need with its beautiful foliage. Source: Internet
  32. At Floral & Hardy, we offer a full service, hands-on garden design consultancy. We have years of experience in transforming gardens of all sizes into functional, beautiful spaces. We love new challenges and while our portfolio boasts several styles of garden design, we’ve recently noticed a growing interest in our contemporary and modern garden design. Marked by simple colours and functional building materials, this style of garden is perfect for any green space, big or small. Source: Internet
  33. Your decking ideas can make or break a garden look. Choose wisely and you will enhance your space, making it work both practically and aesthetically. We love the dark matte finish of this decking area as it adds natural warmth and depth to this already pretty stunning area of the garden. The high impact planting around it adds all the texture and interest a yard space could ask for. Source: Internet
  34. Opting for a light color scheme in a small garden space can help brighten up the room you do have, making it seem airier and more inviting. We love the harmonious color scheme of this vintage-style courtyard setting. The painted white table, chairs, and whitewashed walls all come together in a very subtle yet beautiful way, and this works perfectly in what is a pretty tiny garden space. Source: Internet
  35. Brightly coloured plants and features can make a compact space appear lighter and bigger. Golden or light-yellow colours, like Rudbeckia hirta ‘Irish Eyes’ or Alyssum montanum, are perfect for brightening up dark patches. These bright displays of foliage and shrubs will grace your garden with glorious light. As a general rule, hot colours, like reds and dark yellows make a space feel more intimate. Cool colours like light-purples, whites and blues recede the field of vision, making a small space feel larger. Source: Internet
  36. Hanging around in one of the best hanging chairs is the ultimate treat on any day. These work so well in courtyard gardens, helping to add a little modern character to minimal surroundings. Add your own style and a touch of comfort with accessories, cushions and more, whether you want to go all in with pattern, or keep it light and neutral as seen above in this hanging teardrop hanging chair from Cox & Cox (opens in new tab), you can create the ultimate nook Source: Internet
  37. Your outdoor lounging area is sure to be the spot where everyone flocks to when visiting your garden. And, centerpieces don't just have to be pretty to look at. Create a dual function display by making yours an in-table fire pit. They are all the rage and a surefire way to embrace long summer evenings outdoors, perfect to add a little light to your garden on long summer evenings too. Source: Internet
  38. How to Make Compost at Home – Easily As the autumn leaves fall, this is the perfect time of year to start a compost heap. This article is to show you how to make compost at home and the reason it is important is because the best gift you can give your garden is to improve the soil. If you … Read More Source: Internet
  39. As I mentioned, you don’t have to do this all at once. Put a plan in place for what you can manage. For example, last year I installed the majority of our front landscaping. This year I still need to add in a few more perennials to some bare spots. I also plan to give the garden a good fresh top dressing of mulch. Source: Internet
  40. Bird boxes, feeding stations, roosting pouches and insect hotels will help bring your garden to life with exciting bird and insect activity. Garden nature can thrive even in the smallest gardens, so make space for wildlife in your garden design. Attract more wildlife by planting their favourite flowers, which will please bees and butterflies and give you lots of colour. It will soon be a hive of activity and great fun for kids! Read about how to attract more wildlife in small gardens. Source: Internet
  41. It works for absolutely every type of garden space under the sun for the simple reason that you can position your plant pots wherever best or possible for your space. Ideal for renters who want to take their plants with them,plus, you have the chance to get creative with both the plant, and the pot, to make a really beautiful display. Mix it up with herbs and scented flowers. Hydrangeas look great in a container, while you can team upright florals alongside trailing plants like Creeping rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis Prostratus) or Ivy (Hedera) for more interest. Source: Internet
  42. Not all beautiful garden ideas have to be labor-intensive or expensive. You can add softness, color and design interest with printed cushions and a tablecloth. The bright soft furnishings used in this garden idea are made with fabrics from Vanessa Arbuthnott (opens in new tab). Source: Internet
  43. Every aspect of this coastal garden in Suffolk has been designed with the environment in mind. The garden features areas for composting, rain water harvesting, an edible garden and a drought-tolerant garden. It also features wildlife friendly planting, a pond and a bog area to encourage biodiversity. Source: Internet
  44. Creating these paths look great in any garden setting, even in front yards. You don’t necessarily have to have a garden to create a stepping stone path. Incorporate them into an already existing garden. You can easily create interesting shapes, sizes, and styles. Source: Internet
  45. The patio can often be the focus of a garden space so always make sure you allocate enough room for one. If you have a tiny garden, light pavers will help create a spacious feel and will let you make the best use of this area too. Add a few delicate pots filled with evergreens or florals for that final finish. Source: Internet
  46. A front yard garden is not to be forgotten, especially as if you have the luxury of having one. Ensure yours introduces your home as it deserves. Depending on how much space you have, you could line the path to your front door with shrubs and more evergreens, in a formal or relaxed fashion. Be sure to edge your lawn to keep it tidy, and not only will it make you smile when you come home, but it will add instant curb appeal to your property too. Source: Internet
  47. Try small, clipped hedges – either trimmed into neat rectangles or perhaps cloud pruned for more organic shapes. You can also use large planters. Half walls, made of stone, are another option, and you can add plants to them too – take a look at our small rock garden ideas for inspiration. Source: Internet
  48. Planting vertically offers plenty of opportunity to get creative and to add the finishing touches to a coherent garden design scheme. To create a modern look, think of creating a green wall with uniform containers and choose plants that contrast each other in size, shape and texture. This green wall looks elegant in structure and still contemporary thanks to the energetic choice of greenery. Source: Internet
  49. When you’re deciding on features to place in your yard, opt for items that have multiple uses and are not too bulky. An example of this is a bench that can double as a storage box to contain garden tools. You will also do well to choose pieces of furniture that can be easily stored such as collapsible tables and folding chairs. Source: Internet
  50. For an eye-popping display, repeat planting of wildflowers and the likes is the way to go as seen in the beautiful garden of a restored 17th-century country cottage. Choose tall-growing perennials that are colorful (and hardy) for year-round interest. Foxgloves (Digitalis purpurea) are an all-time favorite for both modern and traditional or even cottage garden settings, – bees love them too – while Rose mallow (Hibiscus moscheutos), Hollyhocks (Alcea), Valerian (Valeriana officinalis, Caprifoliaceae) and Globe Thistles (Echinops bannaticus) are great choices for bold summer color and fragrance. Source: Internet
  51. A garden water feature is a swell idea and can work with both traditional and modern garden designs. If you are installing a water feature, or garden pond, remember that it will become a focal point and that you will need to make plans for this early on. If you are phasing your design – perhaps doing a patio first and moving on to other features as budget allows – then make sure you won't have to undo hard work to retrofit pipework. And, if yours is a small garden, just the trickle of a solar-powered fountain in a large bowl will work a treat. Source: Internet
  52. French doors open out onto the veranda – the perfect spot for a coffee break in all weathers, thanks to the building’s 1.5m overhang above. For similar garden chairs, try the Bloomingville Butterfly chair at Amara (Image credit: Lights4fun) Source: Internet
  53. Using the walls that surround your yard's patio is a wise move to conserve space and add design flair to the area that you and guests will see the most. Enhance the color of soft furnishings by being coherent with your garden plant scheme. After all, the white hydrangeas here make these outdoor couch cushions pop in a gorgeous way. Source: Internet
  54. There's nothing quite as pretty as a walkway in your own garden, especially when yours is covered in fragrant and beautiful climbers. Height is key to draw the eye upwards, so making an archway over a garden path, or even including a pergola, are brilliant options not just for large gardens, but also for small garden designs. Fastigiate shrubs and non-invasive climbers are the perfect combo. Rambling roses, Jasmine (Jasminum ✕ stephanense), Chinese wisteria (Wisteria sinesis) or another species of Wisteria, and Clematis are also sound choices to add a touch of brilliance. Source: Internet
  55. If you have a great BBQs about then you may want to have it on show. But, if you want to be more discreet with your outdoor kitchen ideas then choose a barbie that is in-keeping with the rest of your garden's style. This cool outdoor kitchen setup features a BBQ on wheels by Ikea (opens in new tab) and the wood that conceals it helps keep the entire look, undisrupted. What a beauty, and yes, it's teamed with brilliant storage too. Source: Internet
  56. There's a whole host of fruit and veg that you can grow in your garden and building raised beds yourself is super satisfying. More and more people in recent times have been rediscovering what it is to grow your own produce at home. There's endless beauty to working with nature, and you can do it no matter what size garden you have. What's more, you will feel oh so proud when you're having a cup of tea in your garden, only to see all your fruit and veg growing happy. Many even flower, like courgettes and broad beans, so you're guaranteed a gorgeous – and tasty – display. Source: Internet
  57. This included the addition of garden fence ideas, which cut into the plot in straight lines, adding a feeling of space and making it more practical as well as stylish. And on that note, for contemporary gardens, Chris advises against using curves. Straight lines can always be softened with planting to create a more welcoming vibe. Source: Internet
  58. Bright is often the best garden chairs and it can make all the difference to a basic outdoor space. The simple addition of a small but bold-colored bistro set with low seating can add even more personality to small, but modern patio. And if you have more space to play with – and a big family in tow – you'll find grand colored corner seating sets and more to cater for all your style needs, no problem. Source: Internet
  59. This is a family garden with a natural swimming pool, designed by specialist company Ensata (opens in new tab). It cleverly includes a natural regeneration system that uses reeds and waterlilies to filter the water, while a mechanical system also helps keep the pool clean. Plus, it looks gorgeous and like a natural part of the landscape. Source: Internet
  60. Create a posh look around your landscaping area by incorporating some modern fencing. It is one of the cheapest landscaping edging ideas that will never go out of style. Whether you have a large property or you just want to fence in a small garden area, incorporating great fencing can add so much character to any given area. Source: Internet
  61. Especially important in sloping gardens, planting up to create a beautiful backdrop will be worth it when you're able to look up and enjoy the view from your patio, or even from the back door in all seasons. Choose evergreen plants for year-round interest, while towering wildflowers are a must for the summer months. Although sloping gardens can be more pricey at the design stage, there are unique benefits to this structure and they make the perfect canvas for water features and even fountains. Source: Internet
  62. Choosing plants that add a touch of drama is a surefire way to create modern and luxurious surroundings. Of course, the choice of plants is always subjective: what looks like 'luxurious' garden ideas to you may not to someone else. As a general rule, however, we advise to choose plants that pack a real visual punch: think wisteria, or a magnolia tree. Source: Internet
  63. Perfect for when the sun. goes down – especially if you've marshmallows close by – a log burner in itself brings warmth, and in this garden patio setting, the terracotta hue perfectly complements the pots and pared-back color scheme. This spot couldn't get any more serene if it tried. Source: Internet
  64. Well-positioned lighting can completely transform your garden or patio area, adding the final touch to a seating or dining area, or highlighting beautiful planting spots and other areas of your outdoor space at night. There are endless garden lighting ideas to try for all types of gardens and outdoor spaces. Consider the kind of atmosphere you'd like to create and choose your outdoor lighting accordingly. Perhaps you like the relaxed, boho vibe that is easily achieved by hanging some festoon lights and accessorizing with tea lights and lanterns? Source: Internet
  65. Top dress your garden, once it is planted, with fresh topsoil, mulch, or a topsoil/mulch combination. This goes a LONG way towards creating a beautiful finished garden feel. I try to do this every year. But especially the first year, when your trees, shrubs, and plants are still tiny. The fresh and smooth coat of top dressing is all you need to make your new landscaping shine! Plus, it helps keeps weeds at bay more than raw garden soil. Source: Internet
  66. If you want a good garden-esque space, but aren't actually green-fingered at all or don't have so much outdoor space to work with, then this is a grand DIY garden idea for you. Build a green wall for your balcony, using fake flowers. This one has been made using a combination of artificial lilies, monstera leaves and Ikea's very handy faux plant wall panels. It will work in a small courtyard garden or even to dress the inside of a garden room too, because when you don't need to worry so much about light and water levels for your plants – your options are endless! Source: Internet
  67. Climbing plants will bring glory to every garden space. Climbers are enormously inviting to wildlife, and offer beautiful views and backdrops in the process. Trailing foliage and fragrant flowers add interest to vertical surfaces, pergolas and to any space you have, plus, trailing plants are the ideal solution to unsightly garden walls, trellises or areas of your outdoor space which would be better off concealed. Source: Internet
  68. It's clear why Mediterranean garden ideas are all the rage and choosing this style is a lovely way to make you feel like you're in the South of France, on the Spanish coast or even further afield which, let's face it, is the escapism we all need. Choosing brights when it comes to garden furniture is key for this garden design idea, while you should favor plants that are renowned for their fragrance and color also. Citrus, Fig and even Olive trees are ideal large plants, while herbs like Lavender, Rosemary and Eucalyptus work well in containers or as border plants to create a natural and relaxed ambiance around a patio area. Source: Internet
  69. It would be especially pretty for a mini vegetable garden. The circle lining in this photo is also great because it features tiny shrubs. A great concept for turning old furniture or appliances into something new and fabulous! Source: Internet
  70. There's nothing more playful then opting for a Caribbean theme in a garden. Choose this tropical garden design idea and lush foliage teamed with bright, dramatic flowers will completely ignite your space. Tall palm trees, and large shrubs such as Fatsia japonica will add shape and drama, while ferns create texture and are perfect additions to shade gardens also. Match your planting with sleek and contemporary seating, or even rattan garden furniture and you will have created a veritable oasis. Source: Internet
  71. The perfect Pantone color combo likely features inside your home, so why not bring it out into your garden too? Chris Bonnett from GardeningExpress.co.uk (opens in new tab) recommends using varieties such as Rose Campion, Silver Bush, Sear Holly and even some varieties of Lavender for their beautiful silver color to replicate the grey part, alongside yellow blooms such as Tulips, Daffodils and as you can see above in this bright border, Gladioli. Source: Internet
  72. Trees are the first thing to decide on the placement of. Then add in your shrubs followed by your perennials. The trees and shrubs are also what will provide more year-round interest. Even if they are deciduous trees, there will still be a focal point in the winter garden. Decide where you want to draw people’s eye to in your landscape, and position trees there. Source: Internet
  73. Pots are great for small trees or flowering bedding plants, and you can change them and move them around easily. This is especially impactful in a small space, as you can revamp your garden design at the drop of a hat. Pots and containers keep everything flexible and make your small garden easier to maintain. You can also grow fruit and vegetables in containers to make to most of your small garden. Tomatoes, beans, lettuce, peppers, chillies, radishes and even carrots can all be grown in pots or containers and will add healthy and delicious produce to your diet. Source: Internet
  74. A Spanish-esque outdoor setting will provide perfect garden inspiration at any time of year. This simple table and bench is actually perfect for intimate family gatherings, while the adorning bright soft furnishings will make you feel like you're in Barcelona, even on a grey day. The key, like we've mentioned with Med-inspired garden ideas, is bright and bold colors, patterns and texture. The exotic planting and greenery add energy to the area, creating the happiest of holiday garden vibes. Source: Internet
  75. High detail yet minimal and refined, we're talking about zen garden design. A group of Acers is a beautiful garden idea to add stunning impact, while a solo Japanese Maple Acer palmatum 'Bloodgood' can be such a distinctive feature in its own right. If a Japanese-style garden is what you're trying to achieve, you'll want to include large rocks, freshly raked gravel (very satisfying to achieve), bonsai and ornate detailing. Source: Internet
  76. Another key thing to look at before you go to the nursery is what areas of your planned garden area get morning sun, afternoon sun, all-day sun, or little to no sun. Watch your yard for a day while the sun is out. Note down the times where each area is in the sun so you can get a good idea of how many hours each area gets in a day. The plants you select need to be suited to the amount of sun in the area where you plan to place them so it’s important to be aware of your specific conditions. Source: Internet
  77. We love the added impact that the frame adds to this succulent display and introducing a green wall, also known as a living wall, is a surefire way to add interest to your garden. Visually, these garden ideas are beautiful and will draw the eye up, creating the illusion of a grander space, while they also help create a soothing and positive ambiance which we all want in a garden. Then, as little floor space is required for this feature, it also makes it the perfect addition to small gardens. Source: Internet
  78. In our lake house we added landscaping over several years, eventually ending up with garden across the front, side, and road side of our property. And in our Forest house, we focused on simple beds of ornamental grasses directly in front of the house and then between the sidewalk and the driveway. Just keep in mind, the bigger the garden area, the more upkeep and maintenance (and the more cost), so it’s a good idea to focus initially on the areas where you will get the most bang for your buck. A lovely bed right in front of the house might be all you need. An island bed with a tree and some shrubs could help you break up a larger front yard without doing a border around the whole thing. Source: Internet
  79. Mass plant your perennials in groups 3 (at minimum) to 5 or more. Always use odd numbers. Plant them in a row or in a staggered fashion, so that they eventually grow together forming a large mound of that plant. Then repeat plants further on in the garden for more consistency and balance. You can also repeat elements like rocks, driftwood, or trees or shrubs. Source: Internet
  80. The backyard was transformed by installing a spa, custom lighting, and a lush vertical garden that clads an existing retaining wall. Resurfacing the narrow landing and adding a stairway made of 6-inch-thick sandstone slabs created two levels of outdoor living space. Photo by: Karl Seifert Source: Internet
  81. One of my top tips for certain small garden designs is to squeeze in some larger trees. They’ll give you good height and privacy. Try canopy trees, like Prunus cerasifera (cherry plum) that will give a leafy roof without taking up much space on the ground. You can make even more space by clearing the lower stems away too. Decorative and ornamental trees can also look great, with a good example being Olea europaea (olive) trees, which can transform any area into a beautiful Mediterranean paradise. Source: Internet
  82. You may be a minimalist, or you may prefer simple garden ideas as you haven't got much time on your hards, either way, there are plenty of small additions and changes that you can make to your outdoor space to create your desired garden look. Choosing neutral fabric colors and natural materials in Scandi-like garden furniture is effective to create a zen area. And to finish off your space with ease, try scattering wildflower seeds in surrounding spots for colorful and elaborate growth that's not overbearing and that doesn't ask for a lot of effort, or maintenance. Source: Internet
  83. We always try to make the focus of our gardens the plants and trees. Sympathetic use of hard landscaping is key and trying to find a material that enhances the planting will help create an attractive garden. What is more attractive after all that nature doing its thing?' Source: Internet

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