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74 Best Korean Female Short Hairstyle

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Korean Female Short Hairstyle

74 Best Korean Female Short Hairstyle | Korean Haircut Names Female

  1. Curtain bangs are one of the trendiest Korean female hairstyles in 2021. Whether worn straight or curled, this simple middle-parting exudes a timeless elegance that suits just about anyone. They immediately add dimension to any long layered haircut and fall nicely around the sides of your face, creating the illusion of bouncy, fuller locks. Source: Internet
  2. Meet another example of modern mens short hairstyles that can change thick and unruly hair types for the better. A mid fade that runs through the classic short crop is the detail that lightens the texture, making it more manageable. Needless to say, the soft gradient on the mid-shaft makes the look more significant. Source: Internet
  3. Get ready for a crossover of two absolutely different but so much eye-catching mens hairstyles. Spikes and dreads rolled into one. Fascinating, isn’t it? If you have natural hair, passing by such a funky idea would be a crime. Source: Internet
  4. Red Velvet’s Wendy can practically rock any Korean hairstyle for women that their hairstylist puts her in. If we need to pick our favourite, however, her short hairdo takes the win every time. It’s dubbed the “sharming” cut—a fusion of the “shag cut” and the word charming. However, this look is so popular amongst fans that they’ve come up with their own name and started calling it the “Wendy Cut” instead. Source: Internet
  5. Longer mens hairstyles are a trend that is going to stay around for long. Well, modern beardos don’t mind, as a long, voluminous top can even out the whole silhouette. By the way, you can nail rocking contrasts with such a style: a full beard, tight sides, and a full top will form an amazing trio. Source: Internet
  6. Fact: We turn to Koreans to serve as our guide and inspo for a lot of things, from makeup to fashion, and a whole lot more. This time, we're focusing on ~hairstyles~. Raise your hand if you've ever been guilty of showing your hairstylist a picture of your favorite K-idol in the hopes of replicating their 'do? (We know we are!) Source: Internet
  7. One the of the trendiest Korean men hairstyles, the two block hair cut with Bangs has been ruling the K-pop “hairwaves”. K-pop idols from BTS, TXT, Stray Kids and Monsta-X have been rocking this look … so can you! For this stylish look, hair is longer at the crown with bangs cut close to the eyebrows while the sides and back are clipped short. Amp up the cool factor by adding some choppy layers to your bangs for more texture. Tip: use GATSBY Flexible Gel Mat & Hold to give your fringe that lift and volume it needs. Source: Internet
  8. Very short hair gives you a boyish look. Short hair gives you a strong appearance which makes your round facial structure advantage for you. A practical Korean short hairstyle for round faces if you have no time for hair care. Source: Internet
  9. One long undercut = dozens of cool mens hairstyles that you can change through the week. As for the most comfortable and trendy ones, a loose man bun is a prominent example. Make sure to shave the sides closely to keep the contrast big. Source: Internet
  10. Korean Short Haircuts have become more popular in the last few years. This is because they are stylish, trendy and easy to do. They are definitely a good option for those who are looking for a simple but stylish hairstyle. A lot of people have chosen these haircuts for their short hair because they don’t require much work and it doesn’t take too long to style them. You can achieve a lot of different looks with this short hair style. Source: Internet
  11. This is a hairstyle best suited for fine and straight hair. These are smart and have a sophisticated charm attached. You get your haircut in fine layers and then the hair is brushed and casually combed backwards in natural waves, without any parting. Source: Internet
  12. A hairstyle that can do it all, long, this all-arounder can look just as incredible during a casual stroll as it does during an elegant evening affair. FYI, it's the perfect beach hair, too. Take it from Han So-hee who wears this 'do like the rent is due. Source: Internet
  13. The reason why comb over has been a number-one choice of men of all ages is that it allows for endless customization. For example, you can focus on a couple of simple details, modernize them for a smart contemporary look, and thus get yourself a decent and pretty unique hairstyle. In contrast to the classic idea, this hairstyle features a longer top finished with a nicely combed textured finish. A mid fade is what gives such a balanced look, connecting the graduated sides with the fantastic top. Source: Internet
  14. Tapered haircuts and quiff styles are surely going to be in style for a long time, but they didn’t come alone this year. The two-block haircut is something that’s going to dictate the rules in men’s hair trends, becoming one of the first Asian hairstyles men from all around the globe love to rock. The ever-popular undercut men are used to wearing now may come with different designs to fit the needs of the most creative men. Source: Internet
  15. Now this one is quite a traditional Korean hairstyle. Go for it only if you are super confident that you would be able to pull if off. This is a chic, smart and neat look with straight fringes at the front and the rest of the hair cut in a manner that it offers a circular effect to the face and hair. Source: Internet
  16. As it turns out, short crop mens hairstyles have always known the secrets of 2022’s trends. Today, they come along with the most requested haircuts such as undercut, crew cut, and so on. Apart from being stylish, it can conceal receding hairline, frame up the forehead, and fascinate with a terrific texture. Needless to say, it looks ravishing on wavy manes. Source: Internet
  17. A wavy hairstyle is perfect for a chin-length bob hairstyle. Side-part your hair and comb-over. The natural waves gently frame your face to minimize roundness. Wavy hair with choppy layers maximizes the texture of your hair. This hairstyle is easy and hassle-free. Source: Internet
  18. This certainly is a cool look for girls with naturally rough hair. The hairstyle boasts of short hair all around while it is casually swept to a side for a perfect look. The carefree hairstyle makes an everyday hairdo with the Asian signature. Source: Internet
  19. Although some would say that short hair is a style choice rather than a haircut, there are a lot of people who love short hair. The Koreans in particular have a huge following for short hair. Korean short hair is a short hairstyle that has a variety of different looks. This blog will explore some of the different looks for the Korean short hair style. Source: Internet
  20. The best thing about this Korean female hairstyle is how versatile it is. It can look delicate and feminine with soft, flicked-out waves. Or it can also have a tougher, femme fatale appeal with a straighter style that allows the layers to shine. Learn how to achieve the “Wendy Cut” with the video below. Source: Internet
  21. Fringe and layers are two hair elements of mens hairstyles that will never hurt your image, whatever it is. On top of that, if they come together, your style will simply move to a new level. Layers can add some movement to your fringe and thus let it blend with the rest of the hair. Keep the bang heavy so that mid fade can make the contrast big. Source: Internet
  22. This is another edgy hairstyle which gives a soft, tousled look. This can be worn with formals as well as casuals. Add thick and short bangs on the sides to give it a better look. Wear the rest of the hair in a loose ponytail. Source: Internet
  23. Asymmetrical hairstyles are unique and peppy. An easy way to give a fun twist to any hairstyle is to create asymmetry. Use a blow dryer to give your hair a lift at roots and brush them down. The lifted hair at the top gives height to a round face. A Warm chestnut hair hue adds a glow to your pale skin color. Source: Internet
  24. Han So-hee kick-started a new TikTok hair trend with her character as Yu Na-bi in one of 2021’s hottest K-dramas: Nevertheless. Her subtle layered waves and wispy see-through bangs give the elegant actress a more youthful appearance befitting a typical university student. You can achieve this Korean female hairstyle with a flat iron, curling inwards or outwards accordingly for a windswept effect. Or show your go-to hairstylist the video below to professionally recreate the look. Don’t forget to ask for styling tips while you’re at it! Source: Internet
  25. In the hierarchy of runway-ready hairstyles, the lies solidly at the top. A sleek, is très chic and also très flattering as it highlights your jawline while the full fringe adds polish and mystery. One girl who really knows how to rock the sexy-sophisticated bob-and-bangs pairing? Blackpink’s Lisa. Source: Internet
  26. The hippie or jelly perm is something you might like to try for wild and messy curls. Inspired by the hippie hairdo of the ‘60s and ‘70s, this Korean hairstyle for women gives a casual, retro touch that looks chic and effortless. IU sports a sweet and demure interpretation of the look with her loose, mermaid-esqued waves. Meanwhile, Blackpink’s Jisoo had fans fawning over her tight, springy curls featured in her W Korea photoshoot. Source: Internet
  27. The wildness and freedom of texture is a detail that can turn classic ideas into special, contemporary mens hairstyles. Unlike many popular variations, this quiff gives a more carefree mood while still keeping up with its volumetric purpose. Don’t forget about good defining gel to achieve a loose texture. Source: Internet
  28. Ahh, this one is common, but the easiest one. All you have to do is straighten your hair and brush it into sleek ends and then take half of your and pin it backwards in a half up-do. Want to add a more traditional Korean touch to the look? Add a red lipstick. This hairstyle works best if you have straight hair. Source: Internet
  29. No hair, to troubles. Obviously, you won’t find a more low-maintenance hairstyle than this shaved perfection. Today men with bald heads are considered to have a very smart and sexy appearance. Even those who don’t suffer from receding hairline go for the look. Besides, with a mighty beard, the idea gets simply priceless. Source: Internet
  30. The hairstyles require you to get a perfect haircut from a seasoned hairstylist and then flaunt your favorite look in style. There are many that won’t even need much styling and still give you a gorgeous everyday look. Try out now! Source: Internet
  31. When it comes to an elegant, sophisticated image, there are no better hairstyles for men than perfectly sleek and side-parted. A sharp parting line, immaculately styled top, and smooth length transition. Together, these three features prove that it’s not a hairstyle. It’s art. Source: Internet
  32. Mamamoo’s Solar has experimented with many types of looks. From the pink and black two-toned hair colour in their ‘Hip’ music video to wearing a bald cap for her solo album teasers. But if sleek and sexy is what you’re aiming for, then this Korean female hairstyle is for you. Her short blunt bob does an excellent job at bringing out her magnetic charisma, especially when it’s styled straight. Source: Internet
  33. K-Pop has made pastel hair colors a trend that has become popular globally. This short bob hair is inspired by the same trend. We see various shades of red, orange, green, and even white, creating a beautiful rainbow effect. Make your statement with this bold hairstyle. Source: Internet
  34. It’s a popular look among the gothic Lolita community and it’s also making a huge splash among Korean women, especially in K-pop. Draw inspiration from Twice’s Momo and Oh My Girl’s Mimi to learn how you can style your hime cut in many different ways. High ponytails, pigtail and side braids, soft waves, or simply left straight, there’s no limit to how creative you can get with this unique hairstyle. Source: Internet
  35. Besides Yu Na-bi, Yang Hye-ji’s role as Oh Bit-na also stole the show with her bold two-block haircut, otherwise more famously known as the Hime cut. This hairstyle first originated from the Japanese imperial court during the Heian period. The Royals would grow their hair out but never let their fringe go past their eyebrows and had their sidelocks cut at cheek length. Source: Internet
  36. A short cheek-length bob hairstyle is styled with blunt ends. Face framing locks are flicked inwards to cover the cheeks. They take away width from a round face and give a sender look. Brush over the short layers at the top of your forehead to create short windblown fringes. Source: Internet
  37. Blunt bangs are timeless and get straight to the point. They will look good even as they grow and won’t distort your hairstyle. Dark hair colors with blunt bangs look sophisticated and classic. Easy to create and effortless, you can add highlights or opt for pastel colors. Source: Internet
  38. Fill your with layers and choppy ends to create a messy hairstyle perfect for a night out. Part your hair a little off the center to create a difference in volume among the two sections giving a further push a messy appearance. The grayish-blue hair matches the winter mood. Source: Internet
  39. And there you have it! The hottest, most sought-after Korean hairstyles for women that are inspired by our favourite K-celebs! Now you have plenty of hair inspo material to show your hairstylist when you go for your next haircut. Keen on adding bangs to your look? Read up on this handy fringe guide for every face shape. As for oppa-inspired hairdos, take your pick from these Korean male hairstyles! Source: Internet
  40. The cut can nicely adapt to any image and will go well with any facial hairstyles. In other words, getting a buzz means to invest in a cut that you can customize in any way you want. Plus, this type of very short hairstyles for men is absolutely low-maintenance. Source: Internet
  41. For a hairstyle that’s full of swag, why not try the Korean Quiff with Disconnected Undercut? Those with wavy hair types can totally rock this look. The top hair is styled upwards while the short disconnected undercut features faded short sides. The draw of this style is the contrast between the quiff and undercut – a very sharp look indeed! Lock in this look with GATSBY Moving Rubber Extreme Mat to give your quiff the texture and longer-lasting lift it needs. Source: Internet
  42. With its straight fringe and short sides, a chestnut hairstyle is so-named because it’s shaped like a chestnut! Also known as a short bowl cut or the Itaewon Class cut after the hit K-drama, this style has an innocent charm. If you’re a no-frills kind of guy, this short haircut is for you. Simply comb your bangs forward and you’re good to go! Source: Internet
  43. Headbands are hugely popular in almost all cultures and Koreans are no exception. Adding a headband to any haircut or hairstyle can add a different spin and can even perk it up. These headband hairstyles are especially popular in Korea along with a leaf-style side bang. Tie the rest of the hair in a loose ponytail. Source: Internet
  44. It’s not that easy to keep up with the iconic hair trend brought by Elvis and his followers. However, it really pays off: there’s nothing like a bulky sexy hairstyle paired with a modern image of a beardo. Speaking of which, a beard will turn this hipster look more virile, and that’s good news for men who want to keep that rugged feel and look hip at once. Source: Internet
  45. Mohawk mens hairstyles are statement-making hairdos that only daring men can pull off. Well, 2022 can be officially renamed to ‘the year of bold guys’ as such styles have become extremely popular. And this afro variation is a real piece of art! The bald fade gradually builds the hawk portion, creating that awesome strip of hair. Source: Internet
  46. A spiky quiff hairstyle. Why not? The endless spiky trend we’ve been spotting on popular football players can be different. Just pay attention to the hair gradient. The bold mid fade and precise facial hairstyle form such a balanced and harmonic look. Source: Internet
  47. Ladies, we all know that a good hairstyle plays a major role in highlighting your best facial features. And where better to take inspiration from than your favourite Korean celebrities? From the edgy hime cut to Han So-hee’s trendy see-through bangs, here are seven of the hottest Korean hairstyles for women to try right now. Make sure to bookmark this page for your next trip to the salon! Source: Internet
  48. You should not shy away from a quiff hairstyle. Depending on the way you style it, you can make it look ultimately trendy and hot. For instance, you can push your quiff up and dishevel it a little for a carefree and relaxed look. For an added boldness, dye the front section of your hair in blonde, which will instantly make the quiff to pop against your natural hair color. Source: Internet
  49. Curtain Hair involves styling your long fringe so that it parts neatly at the center towards the sides of your face. Also called the middle part hairstyle, you’ve probably seen this look on BTS member Jimin and K-drama leads like Nam Joo Hyuk or Song Kang. This boyish aesthetic works well if you have slightly wavy hair. For a sleek center part, a combination gel-wax product can give your curtain bangs that strong hold and airy volume. Source: Internet
  50. In contrast to buzz mens hairstyles, this idea requires a special approach. To turn it real, you’ll need to use a blow dryer, alongside with texturizing and smoothing gel. It may take some time, yet, a staggering look like this is worth it. Source: Internet
  51. No matter what kind of a hairstyle you are sporting, a hard part is always a great way to spruce it up. In a blink of an eye, it makes your look more defined and stylish. It is also extremely versatile, as it goes perfectly with both casual and elegant cuts. Source: Internet
  52. Medium length mens hairstyles are so versatile that they can change just like the weather. But there’s something that will only make things better, whatever hairstyle you’re going to rock. We’re talking about a taper fade, of course. Source: Internet
  53. Short hairstyles are really just as versatile as long hair. Short hair can be cute, modern, edgy, and can give you a really defined look. Trying out the short hair style is definitely a choice that takes some confidence, but once you first feel the freedom that comes from having a shorter hairdo, you’ll never want to go long again! The short haircut is very popular in Asian, especially in Japan and Koran! Source: Internet
  54. The rockabilly male hairstyles you’re used to seeing on Elvis don’t stand still and go on evolving. Here’s a sleek and attention-grabbing modern version of the pompadour. The drop fade gives a pleasant shadow of cascading length, enhancing the full, evenly styled top. Source: Internet
  55. Just like the good-old undercut, the quiff haircut is a men’s trend that has been around for years now. It’s actually similar to undercut mens hairstyles, yet it comes without a razored part.(1) Style your hair upright, making the texture as voluminous as possible to get the look. Here, the quiff is finished with a high fade that nicely outlines the lively flow on hair. Source: Internet
  56. Pixies are quite loved in Korea and one of the most common hairstyles. But there is a new spin every time you spot one. This side-swept pixie is no different. This one involves layers that are swept off to one side to add more volume at the forehead. Source: Internet
  57. Side part men hairstyles stand among the most requested ideas of now. The look above is smart, striking, and, most importantly, easy-to-get. Work a bit of shiny product into your hair and part it with a comb. To keep volume in place, finish the style with a blow dryer. Source: Internet
  58. The man bun is that crazy men hairstyle that got viral, becoming a number-one reason for men to start growing out their manes. Also, it just so happens that this simple but so masculine hairdo goes well with beards. Should we mention its versatility? Source: Internet
  59. No wonder so many African American guys find sponge curls to be the best hairstyles for men with curly natural hair. Nicely trimmed sides that smoothly blend with those funky curls are the reason for being obsessed with the idea. By the way, sponge curls are super comfy to wear. Source: Internet
  60. Thick hair tends to live its own life most of its styling time. That’s why barbers invented layers and high fade mens hairstyles. Together, they can lighten up your mane, making it behave. As a result, you can turn your hair into a chic, outlined pompadour with clean faded sides. Source: Internet
  61. Adding some messiness is a splendid way to give a modern feel to undercut mens hairstyles. And if your hair is thick, it will also give the so much needed light feel to your mane. Ask your barber to feather the ends so that you can achieve that messy effect when styling. Source: Internet
  62. Short Korean Hairstyle: Lee Sung Kyung's Bob Lee Sung Kyung's role as the adorable Kim Bok Joo had us wanting to try out her hairstyle ASAP. It's a blunt bob with bangs, which is easy enough to replicate. If we can't eat her dad's Bok Chicken, we can at least have the same 'do as hers! ADVERTISMENT - CONTINUE READING BELOW ↓ Source: Internet
  63. No tapers. No fades. Only the endless majesty of long, naturally flowing men's hairstyles. Sometimes trimming the sides slightly is enough to give your style the right finish, especially if a long top is a highlight. To emphasize it, don’t forget about long-lasting pomade. Source: Internet
  64. The greatest thing about the short-sides-long-top men's hairstyles is their styling flexibility.(3) As you can see, it’s another variation of the contrastive trend. Yet, it’s performed differently. The clean high fade highlights the top, putting its texture in the spotlight. And that’s only the beginning. Source: Internet
  65. However, it brings a totally different look due to the strictness and precise definition achieved by the shorter length. This idea will also go brilliant with fades, beards, and tapers. Needless to say, it can nicely deal with the unmanageable texture of thick manes. So if you look for stylish simplicity in mens short hairstyles for thick hair, that’s it. Source: Internet
  66. Short doesn’t mean limitations. And if you think that you need to grow Tarzan's mane to get yourself some framing, you’re wrong, man. Guys with broad foreheads can go for a short crop mens hairstyles with thick, faded out fringe that will create the right balance to the whole look. This pic is key! Source: Internet
  67. How do you like this fresh take at familiar undercut mens hairstyles? Long bangs that seamlessly blend with the top are another way to diversify the classic cut. Besides an attention-grabbing fringe, it also features a precise bald fade finished with minimalist hair design. Classy! Source: Internet
  68. As new seasons enter men’s fashion, they bring a plethora of new men’s haircuts that modern gents can choose from. Across America and Europe, many hairstyles for men have made their mark recently, and some of these are expected to be popular for years, if not turn into worldwide classics. The textured finish has always been the primary style and seems to remain so, be it for short hair or long hair. However, that’s only the beginning of how variously you can customize your hair look with the latest hair-cutting trends. Source: Internet
  69. True virility is in the details. There’s no need to go for complicated hairstyles. Instead, you can ask your barber to focus on such details as the texture on top and blend between your fade and facial hair. Source: Internet
  70. With the right hair products, all mens hairstyles will reveal their full potential. Here, a medium undercut transforms into a textured quiff that is full of movement and volume. Imagine how many awesome styles you will create with the help of waxes, pomades, gels, and oils! Don’t hesitate to play around with styling products. Source: Internet
  71. Nothing can tame these easy-going curls, so you’d better yield to their spectacular chaos. Believe it or not, such naturally messy mens hairstyles don’t require loads of styling products applied. Just spritz salt spray on your damp hair and towel dry it. Voila! Source: Internet
  72. If you have curly hair, there is a fun Korean spin that can give you hair in the form of this style. The best part about this hairstyle is that you do not need to bring about any change in your haircut. You just have to take your curly hair and pin it using bobby pins in an upward direction. This gives gorgeous volume to the hair and a tender look to the face. Source: Internet
  73. Puffs are slightly different from the buns. While buns are usually fashioned at the nape of the neck, puffs are mostly centred towards the middle or upper-middle area, focusing on the puff at the crown. The aim is to add volume and give the illusion of a thinner and more angular face. This is also a popular Korean hairstyle, understated and gorgeous! Source: Internet
  74. Apart from giving a sharp appearance to today’s guy hairstyles, a hard part has something more to offer. To be more precise, it separates the top off the sides so that it will keep its shape steady. Yep, undercuts never cease to surprise, too. Source: Internet

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Asian Short Hair Cut - Asian Short Haircut Female

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Best Korean Short Hairstyles For Round Faces In 2022 - Best Korean Short Hairstyles For Round Faces In 2022

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