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63 Things Korean Hairstyle Female Long

This time around, we shall cover Korean Hairstyle Female Long. Obviously, there is a great deal of information on Korean Hairstyle Girl Long Hair on the Internet. The fast rise of social media facilitates our ability to acquire knowledge.

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Korean Hairstyle Female Long

63 Things Korean Hairstyle Female Long | Korean Hairstyle Girl Long Hair

  1. Ditch the neat and tidy coiffures for some major bedhead vibes. Soft yet effortless, this fuss-free hairstyle is perfect for the lazy girl who wants to go casual yet chic! For this look, use a flat iron and move down the hair shaft to create dents in your hair. You can even pair your look with a statement headband like Blackpink’s Jennie Kim! Source: Internet
  2. http://folkcostume.blogspot.com/2017/07/traditional-costumes-of-korean-people_26.html Source: Internet
  3. For crafting a classier look, you need to try this triple braid hairdo. However, you can not make it by yourself. Hire anyone for some short span so she can make you look perfect by making triple braids. This hairstyle will look a complete disaster with frizzy hair, so always use a good conditioner before making this hairstyle. Source: Internet
  4. Red Velvet’s Wendy can practically rock any Korean hairstyle for women that their hairstylist puts her in. If we need to pick our favourite, however, her short hairdo takes the win every time. It’s dubbed the “sharming” cut—a fusion of the “shag cut” and the word charming. However, this look is so popular amongst fans that they’ve come up with their own name and started calling it the “Wendy Cut” instead. Source: Internet
  5. The hippie or jelly perm is something you might like to try for wild and messy curls. Inspired by the hippie hairdo of the ‘60s and ‘70s, this Korean hairstyle for women gives a casual, retro touch that looks chic and effortless. IU sports a sweet and demure interpretation of the look with her loose, mermaid-esqued waves. Meanwhile, Blackpink’s Jisoo had fans fawning over her tight, springy curls featured in her W Korea photoshoot. Source: Internet
  6. The end of the decade may be approaching, but K-beauty inspired hairstyles are not going anywhere! From classic blue to the coveted bob, these korean hair trends screams evergreen, and looks cute yet chic on every Asian feature. Trust us, these hairstyles are a 10 out of 10 in our books. Here is Beauty Insider’s guide to the best Korean hair trends for that fresh do: Source: Internet
  7. It is official — short hair is coming in hot this 2020. If you are in a dire need for a fresh cut, consider chopping off your tresses and go for a sleek, blunt bob. Aside from adding a touch of sophistication to your look, the blunt bob brings out your jawline for a more flattering look. Plus, this sleek hairstyle is perfect for any occasion! Source: Internet
  8. Curtain bangs are one of the trendiest Korean female hairstyles in 2021. Whether worn straight or curled, this simple middle-parting exudes a timeless elegance that suits just about anyone. They immediately add dimension to any long layered haircut and fall nicely around the sides of your face, creating the illusion of bouncy, fuller locks. Source: Internet
  9. It’s a popular look among the gothic Lolita community and it’s also making a huge splash among Korean women, especially in K-pop. Draw inspiration from Twice’s Momo and Oh My Girl’s Mimi to learn how you can style your hime cut in many different ways. High ponytails, pigtail and side braids, soft waves, or simply left straight, there’s no limit to how creative you can get with this unique hairstyle. Source: Internet
  10. If you love to go to events but are tired of the long hair that moves around all over the place and becomes a reason of annoyance, tie it up like this one. The classic Korean hairstyle that this is, it will be a hit if you sport it, particularly since you will take everyone by surprise. The front is kept loose, so that it looks more casual, while the hair is braided very neatly. You can wear it with every western wear without looking too formal like the usual tied up braid. Source: Internet
  11. This is a hairstyle best suited for fine and straight hair. These are smart and have a sophisticated charm attached. You get your haircut in fine layers and then the hair is brushed and casually combed backwards in natural waves, without any parting. Source: Internet
  12. Doing your hair to perfection is not possible every time. That is why a messy pixie is one of the most fuss-free short Asian hairstyles to sport. Use products such as a mousse, gel or a hairspray to get you the messy look. Source: Internet
  13. Puffs are slightly different from the buns. While buns are usually fashioned at the nape of the neck, puffs are mostly centred towards the middle or upper-middle area, focusing on the puff at the crown. The aim is to add volume and give the illusion of a thinner and more angular face. This is also a popular Korean hairstyle, understated and gorgeous! Source: Internet
  14. This cute hairstyle with bangs for medium hair is so very cool and cosmo-looking. The bangs are like adding a cherry to the top of an ice-cream. Don’t forget to highlight your cheekbones and maybe hide a broad forehead. Source: Internet
  15. Razor sharp cut out streaks suit the small shaped porcelain Korean faces. They look more stunning when done in a varied texture and color format. It is a hit across borders as most A-list celebrities are spotted sporting this look. This is very cute korean hairstyle for girls with short hair that looks so awesome. Source: Internet
  16. Besides Yu Na-bi, Yang Hye-ji’s role as Oh Bit-na also stole the show with her bold two-block haircut, otherwise more famously known as the Hime cut. This hairstyle first originated from the Japanese imperial court during the Heian period. The Royals would grow their hair out but never let their fringe go past their eyebrows and had their sidelocks cut at cheek length. Source: Internet
  17. Be De Bon is on a mission to deliver the hairstyle of your dreams. A hybrid of a fashion store and a hair salon, Be De Bon puts a twist to conventional hairstyling experiences and delivers hairstyles that are anything but boring and dull. Whether you are a fan of daring locks or elusive curls, trust the highly experienced hairstylists to design a trendy do that is unique to you. Plus, the salon’s stylists have coiffed the tresses of celebrities including the likes of Ailee. So you can look forward to a hairstyle worthy of a K-drama. Source: Internet
  18. Lolita fashion is a trademark Korean style where girls dress up like dolls right from hair, make-up to even how they carry themselves. Their ponytails are extremely voluminous and are adorned with pretty ribbons and accessories. Add to that the latest braid revival and you get this stylish setting. It gathers together the bangs and fringes to give a neat and adorable style. Most of the girls like to flaunt this korean hairstyle for weddings also. Source: Internet
  19. Headbands are hugely popular in almost all cultures and Koreans are no exception. Adding a headband to any haircut or hairstyle can add a different spin and can even perk it up. These headband hairstyles are especially popular in Korea along with a leaf-style side bang. Tie the rest of the hair in a loose ponytail. Source: Internet
  20. The top 15 Korean hairstyles for girls have been put up and discussed here. Now, take your time and decide the ones that you want to keep on your wish list to try out. So try out these korean cute hairstyles for girls and add a dash of oriental to your look. Source: Internet
  21. Seoul, the glittering capital of South Korea. Home of K-Pop (hello, BTS), dalgona candy, Samsung and skincare as we know it today. It may come as no surprise that the trendsetting city is also ahead of the curve when it comes to hair, with salons constantly experimenting with different cuts and colors. Curious what styles our friends in SK are requesting these days? Pull up a chair and let’s look through the 10 hairstyles everyone in Seoul wants right now. Source: Internet
  22. Ladies, we all know that a good hairstyle plays a major role in highlighting your best facial features. And where better to take inspiration from than your favourite Korean celebrities? From the edgy hime cut to Han So-hee’s trendy see-through bangs, here are seven of the hottest Korean hairstyles for women to try right now. Make sure to bookmark this page for your next trip to the salon! Source: Internet
  23. Top knot, which is the hottest hair trend the world over is traditionally Korean since generations. The mix between the messy hair and top knot gives us this traditional korean girls hairstyle with a contemporary touch. It is low maintenance and gives this careless beauty demeanor that is very appealing. Source: Internet
  24. One of the most simple and quick Asian hairstyles is a low pony, wrapped in a bow. If you don't have hair quite this long, however, don't worry. You can fake it with hair extensions. Source: Internet
  25. These are super cute buns that look like panda ears on your head. Inspired by the anime Sailor Moon this is a roaring hit amongst anime loving Koreans. It is essentially two coiled up buns on either side of your hair. This style is cute as a button. This is one of the latest and most popular korean hairstyles for girls and women with long hair. Source: Internet
  26. This Asian hairstyle is incredibly spunky. If you're looking to spice up your look – we'd say go for it. Plus, it'll make styling your locks easier and quicker than ever, especially with a product like Fat Boy Perfect Putty. Source: Internet
  27. This hairstyle is a simpler one where the length of the hair can be flaunted best. Usually most Koreans have fringes or bangs. This style just collects the front middle portion of the bangs or fringes and sweeps it back into a pretty hair clip. This korean hair style with long hair opens up the face and is a borderline Lolita inspired hair style. Source: Internet
  28. Korean Hairstyles are a major indicator in the Korean society. While a simple braid signifies a single woman, a bun signifies a married woman. There are various fashion clans that follow various dressing styles and do their hair in a special way. While there are others who infuse the latest fashions, there are others who are trendsetters in hairstyles all over the world. Here is a look at the very best korean hairstyles. Source: Internet
  29. The young girls prefer such half-up styles. Also, they think that these are the most comfortable among all. Moreover, it causes a dazzling and much classier look. Take a look at the following short and long hairstyles. Source: Internet
  30. The ribbon bun is a very traditional Korean hairstyle. It basically involves pinning up hair in a bun and making pretty patterns with it. Finally add pretty bow shaped accessories and clips to give it a touch of color. The grander version is made with a pile up of multiple bouffant with very traditional and elaborate accessories. Source: Internet
  31. If you have curly hair, there is a fun Korean spin that can give you hair in the form of this style. The best part about this hairstyle is that you do not need to bring about any change in your haircut. You just have to take your curly hair and pin it using bobby pins in an upward direction. This gives gorgeous volume to the hair and a tender look to the face. Source: Internet
  32. The Hershey Bob cut is a hip hairstyle that looks good on square faces. It is a hairstyle that adds more layers to your hair, compared to a normal layered haircut. So, this hairstyle is perfect for those with thin hair as it gives volume to the back of your hair. It also complements most outfits and many Korean celebrities have sported this look before too! Source: Internet
  33. Now this one is quite a traditional Korean hairstyle. Go for it only if you are super confident that you would be able to pull if off. This is a chic, smart and neat look with straight fringes at the front and the rest of the hair cut in a manner that it offers a circular effect to the face and hair. Source: Internet
  34. Since Asia extends across such a vast area, the region enjoys a genuinely complex fashion history. Asian hairstyles for women cover literally thousands of different hairdos today. These pages include some of the most spectacular examples. Source: Internet
  35. Mamamoo’s Solar has experimented with many types of looks. From the pink and black two-toned hair colour in their ‘Hip’ music video to wearing a bald cap for her solo album teasers. But if sleek and sexy is what you’re aiming for, then this Korean female hairstyle is for you. Her short blunt bob does an excellent job at bringing out her magnetic charisma, especially when it’s styled straight. Source: Internet
  36. These are like rope-twists in the shape of a wheel. Therefore, they are known as pinwheel hair buns. Also, you will need a couple of pins to assemble them correctly. This is the easiest summer hairstyle. Source: Internet
  37. Women nowadays consider dutch hairdo as an ideal one among all the styles. You look purely trendy by making such a hairdo. Also, this is an extraordinary and most convenient style among other braid styles. Let’s dress up your self with this fantastic hairstyle. Source: Internet
  38. Ahh, this one is common, but the easiest one. All you have to do is straighten your hair and brush it into sleek ends and then take half of your and pin it backwards in a half up-do. Want to add a more traditional Korean touch to the look? Add a red lipstick. This hairstyle works best if you have straight hair. Source: Internet
  39. This is simultaneously the cutest as well as the hottest hairstyle amongst Korean hairstyle women with long hair. The heavy fringe and the curls at the lower end add a touch of romantic fervor. Best kept open, this hairstyle is perfect for streaking and accessorizing. Source: Internet
  40. If you have fine and frizzy hair, a textured pixie is one of the hottest short Asian hairstyles for you. Make sure you don’t grow the pixie too long in the back, as you leave long strands in the front. This messy hairstyle is cute and easy to maintain and gives you a young and spunky look. Source: Internet
  41. This is another edgy hairstyle which gives a soft, tousled look. This can be worn with formals as well as casuals. Add thick and short bangs on the sides to give it a better look. Wear the rest of the hair in a loose ponytail. Source: Internet
  42. Han So-hee kick-started a new TikTok hair trend with her character as Yu Na-bi in one of 2021’s hottest K-dramas: Nevertheless. Her subtle layered waves and wispy see-through bangs give the elegant actress a more youthful appearance befitting a typical university student. You can achieve this Korean female hairstyle with a flat iron, curling inwards or outwards accordingly for a windswept effect. Or show your go-to hairstylist the video below to professionally recreate the look. Don’t forget to ask for styling tips while you’re at it! Source: Internet
  43. The long haircut is perfect for layered hairstyles. Therefore, the girls who want to tame their long hair look for a layered hairstyle. The layered cut has an edging look that lowers the volume of your hair. Also, it makes your hair look healthier. For lush hairs, try effective hair oils for hair growth. Source: Internet
  44. Absolutely. But only if you don’t go too extreme with your new Asian hairstyle color. When it comes to the blonde, you’ll definitely need bleach because of the thicker cuticle and an innermost layer that's rich in dark pigment. However, there are a lot of less expressive but “safer” colors that don’t require bleach on your thin hair. Source: Internet
  45. The K-wave has officially invaded the world : from K-dramas to K-pop, Korean idols have skyrocketed to fame throughout the entertainment industry. And, with commercial hits like Descendants of the Sun, comes adoring fans who want their idol’s Korean hairstyles. But, before you decide to get Song Hye-Kyo’s beloved C-curl perm, these are just 10 things you need to know. Source: Internet
  46. And there you have it! The hottest, most sought-after Korean hairstyles for women that are inspired by our favourite K-celebs! Now you have plenty of hair inspo material to show your hairstylist when you go for your next haircut. Keen on adding bangs to your look? Read up on this handy fringe guide for every face shape. As for oppa-inspired hairdos, take your pick from these Korean male hairstyles! Source: Internet
  47. Classic Asian straight hair offers a brand new vibe when you create a couple of braided pigtails. This Asian hairstyle for women is made by braiding Dutch braids from forehead to the nape and creating fishtail braids down the length to get that pigtails effect. Long braided hair is a beautiful and convenient solution. Source: Internet
  48. The best thing about this Korean female hairstyle is how versatile it is. It can look delicate and feminine with soft, flicked-out waves. Or it can also have a tougher, femme fatale appeal with a straighter style that allows the layers to shine. Learn how to achieve the “Wendy Cut” with the video below. Source: Internet
  49. Pixies are quite loved in Korea and one of the most common hairstyles. But there is a new spin every time you spot one. This side-swept pixie is no different. This one involves layers that are swept off to one side to add more volume at the forehead. Source: Internet
  50. Stoutness is not a sin if you have such a chubby face. We have some adorable hairstyles for you as well, so do not get upset. Let’s check out the fantastic curls. They are excellent for people who have a slightly chubby face. Source: Internet
  51. This is one of the trendiest short Asian hairstyles. It is a straight haircut which has got short bangs. Suits slim girls and looks fab with the right fashion accessories like danglers in the ear, and choker in the neck. Source: Internet
  52. In 2021, the Thai series Girl from Nowhere was a Netflix sensation! The main character Nanno, was also quite impressionable on the internet with many loving her character. So, it is no wonder that her hairstyle is becoming one of the popular Korean hair trends of 2022. Nanno sports medium-length short hair with bangs that seemed to be a bowled cut, Jennie and Winter seem to pull this look off quite well! So you might want to look to them for pointers. Source: Internet
  53. When you want cute Korean hairstyles to make you look like the diva that you are, this hairstyle is a different approach to the classic short hairstyle with a twist. Although there are layers on the hair, they are not anywhere on the face. This makes it easier to accentuate your facial structure. If you have a round face though, this hairstyle won’t quite suit you since it will make you appear rounder. On the other hand, if you have a broad forehead and an egg shaped face, no one else is a better candidate for this haircut than you. Source: Internet
  54. 3. The lob hairstyle is a safe bet as it flatters every face shape and a number of hair textures. Which is why it is a popular hairstyle choice. Source: Internet
  55. This Asian haircut is hugely popular among Korean celebs. The bangs add a great feminine touch – softening the facial features and elongating the face. Light and wispy, these bangs look great on ladies with a thick head of hair. You can call this one of the best thick Asian hairstyles. Source: Internet
  56. Talk of hair and Asian women are naturally gifted with beautiful and silky black strands. This is why Asian hairstyles have a glamorous appeal naturally. Since most of the hottest hairstyles (I will add the word ‘bold’ too) have come from Asian beauties, scroll below to be in-the-know of the choicest Asian hairstyles young chicks to office babes should try out during their next salon visit. Source: Internet
  57. Smokey colors of gray and charcoal look gorgeous with Asian hairstyles. It's one of the hottest trends and looks absolutely stunning with big, beachy curls. To replicate this, use a 1-inch curling wand and spray with Kenra Light Hair Spray for a strong, but light hold. Source: Internet
  58. Soft curls are a hairstyle that will never go out of style. This is a Korean hair trend that is loved by many and easy to pull off! Subtle waves are one way to style them and IU does a great job at it. Just a few soft bends with your straightening iron or curling wand and you’ll be done! It gives off a relaxed attitude and makes you look dreamy as well. Source: Internet
  59. The best Asian hairstyles for women are the ones with tiny but sassy details: side parts and fades work magic thanks to the drastic contrast between the skin and dark hair. The best short Asian haircuts are pixie cuts and bobs with Asian bangs. Longer popular Asian hairstyles feature either wispy layers or subtle highlights that intensify the thickness of fine hair. Source: Internet
  60. Not just bangs, this Asian hairstyle for medium-length hair has layers too. Terrifically cool this is. Wear it for weekends and parties too. Source: Internet
  61. The look combines long, straight hair with sharp, cheek-length layers and a fringe, so it fits in perfectly with the mullet revival we’re currently seeing. Also known as the ‘Princess cut’, it origins lie in the Imperial court during the Heian Period of Japanese history, when noble women would grow out their hair for their whole lives. The hairstyle became popular in the ’70s thanks to Japanese popstar Megumi Asaoka and more recently, K-pop stars like Momo from Twice and Hyeri from Girl’s Day have been seen repping the style. Source: Internet
  62. Since women’s Asian hairstyles are on top now, many girls wanna try them out. If your hair is similar to Asian texture (soft and straight), it won’t be a challenge. As for the other textures, they might require a dedicated amount of proper extra styling. Source: Internet
  63. This is another simplest korean hairstyle for girls with straight medium length hair. One can rock the day with this style of korean. Do be get late try this look on your hair to join in the fashion trend. Source: Internet

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15 Korean Hairstyles for Women That Turn Heads [2022] - Asian Hairstyle Female Long

Korean Hairstyle Female Long - Asian Hairstyle Male 1 Save

Korean Haircut Names Female - korean haircut female long

Korean Hairstyle Female Long - Asian Haircut Female 2 Save

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