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52 Facts Garden Design Ideas Uk 2022

Today's topic is Garden Design Ideas Uk 2022. Obviously, you can find a great deal of Garden Trends Summer 2022-related content online. The proliferation of online platforms has streamlined our access to information.

There is a connection between the Gardening Trends and New garden designs for you to try in 2022 information. more searching has to be done for Gardening Trends, which will also be related to garden design ideas uk 2022.

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52 Facts Garden Design Ideas Uk 2022 | Paving Trends 2022

  1. Try hanging a cool and contemporary print to lift a garden wall. Exotic Jungle Metal Print from Wallsauce (opens in new tab) (Image credit: wallsauce.com) Source: Internet
  2. Making the most of your outdoor space has never been more important. Switching it up for longer seasonal use is the current trend and that goes hand in hand with keeping visual interest going through the seasons. Successional planting that keeps the color and interest coming throughout the year is one of the big garden trends to look out for. Source: Internet
  3. There will be an increased trend for natural and recycled materials as 2022 will see the introduction of a new plastic packaging tax that will be enforced on all packaging with less than 30% recycled content. You may have noticed the introduction of taupe coloured pots aat garden centres. These are recyclable, unlike the old black pots that recycling machinery could not recognise. Source: Internet
  4. We spent more time at home than ever before last year, so it’s little wonder we’ve turned our attention outside. No longer reserved for a couple of summer barbecues, our gardens have become extensions of our homes, offering a green space in which we can relax, play, cook, dine and even work. So, with a renewed appreciation for the humble garden, let’s look ahead and see what 2022 has in store for yours. Whether you’ve got acres or a balcony, click or scroll on to discover the latest garden trends... Source: Internet
  5. Planting is key. The current trend in sustainable gardens is very much for natural unstructured swathes, otherwise known as prairie style planting, of nectar-rich plants, and rewilding lawns. The idea is to just let things relax a little and seed around the place. This will encourage a sanctuary for wildlife. If you plant the right flowers then bees, butterflies and birds will make your garden their home. Source: Internet
  6. You can go the extra mile to upgrade small outdoor spaces. For example, the addition of different traditional flowers, surprise planters, and vertical garden walls with little furniture can bring life to the gloomy areas of your home. The green hue with a blend of bright colours planting can make the whole space lovely and joyous. Source: Internet
  7. 'There has been a huge uptick in sales of bird feeders, bee hotels, wild flower turf and seeds as well as natural perennial planting. This is easily achieved in any size of garden and has huge stress-busting benefits. Watching nature unfold around us is an antidote to the difficult times we find ourselves living in.' Source: Internet
  8. Climate change and the environment is a growing concern that many are starting to pay attention to within their everyday lives. Considering planting that doesn’t require as much water, or plants that will attract nature such as wildflowers is a trend that we can fully get behind. There is a lot more to environmentally-friendly gardening than just a few bee-friendly flowers though. The RHS has a great guide on planet-friendly gardening that we recommend reading if you want to find out more about sustainable gardening. Source: Internet
  9. Vegetable and herb gardens have seen increasing popularity over the past two years, following a return to simple living and a desire to nurture ourselves and our spaces. The time spent cooped up with no escape but our own gardens – be they full scale or balcony – saw many of us turn to projects from which we would reap rewards. And so, veggie and herb gardens have been the go! The beauty of a simple vegetable or herb garden is its versatility – in size, in produce and in layout. Whether a full-scale plot with raised garden beds or a lush balcony creation, our love of homegrown produce and its many uses isn't likely to budge. Source: Internet
  10. Styles will come and go, but a garden that has a natural feel to it will always be on-trend. While in the past people may have incorporated more man-made materials and an element of formality into their outdoor spaces, we think that there will be a growing desire for organic shapes or what some might see as a classic cottage style garden. Wilding is also a growing search term, which may or may not be partly due to Jeremy Clarkson’s interesting efforts! Furthermore, this again has benefits for the environment and can be much lower maintenance. If you choose plants that like to ramble or creep, you won’t have to be trimming them every week during the summer. Source: Internet
  11. Anna Sanchez-Martin has seen a growing trend for what she calls ‘the boutique hotel syndrome’: “We are finding that more of our clients are asking for elements they would usually enjoy on holidays,” she says. “We have seen a marked increase of people requesting swimming pools, outdoor kitchens, firepits and outdoor heaters and lighting,” she adds. However, Anna does caution that some of these can have a detrimental effect on the environment, which people don’t always realise, so discussing this with your garden designer is very important. Source: Internet
  12. Pergolas and decking go together in perfect harmony, which is why we sell them together! No matter what size your garden is, adding a sheltered seating area is always a good idea. Our customer Mia has matched her furniture to her pergola and decking to create a relaxing and private area, which can be hard to find in new build homes. By placing a pergola at the end of your garden beside panelling it offers protection from all sides! Source: Internet
  13. Accessories play a key role too. They add the tasteful touches that really help to establish that indoor-outdoor feel. 'When it comes to patterns and materials in the garden, 2022 will see a surge in ceramics, coloured glass, practical plastics, textiles, raffia and granite,' says the Flower Council. 'It’s all about materials that can be natural, artisan and practical at the same time.' Source: Internet
  14. As Jilayne Rickards points out using pre-owned furniture or ornamentation gives a garden automatic character and, even within a contemporary setting, something aged acting as a counterbalance is wonderful to see. Jilayne says her approach to garden design is to do as little as possible with the site rather than remove everything and replace with new: “Try and work with existing soil rather than replacing it, use existing plants that are healthy and useful and plant to support the existing wildlife whilst trying to increase biodiversity,” she advises. “All this can make it beautiful too!” Ben Chandler agrees saying: “Using reclaimed materials sourced from the local area can create a truly sustainable, vernacular as well as a bespoke and unique garden.” Source: Internet
  15. There’s nothing like a paint project for releasing your creativity but remember preparation is everything. The general rule for most garden wood is to clean it thoroughly with warm soapy water and a stiff brush, then rinse and let the surfaces dry completely. Then sand away any rough or chipped areas so you leave a smooth surface ready for painting with the best exterior wood paint. Source: Internet
  16. “In 2022 we will see gardens with a strong underlying structure which allows for a wilder planting scheme. Although native planting will be at the forefront next year, the actual layout of the planting will follow those large drifts of contrasting colours and textures, we have seen coming through at the garden shows recently. We will be looking more to nature for inspiration, learning to embrace the seasons and celebrate them more. Winter gardens will be particularly dominant next year with designers embracing the simplicity of the skeletal shape of deciduous trees and the bareness of soil awaiting the wonders of spring.” Source: Internet
  17. Brits are known for their love of a BBQ no matter the weather and as we start to socialise more again and catch up with people we haven’t seen in years, having a decent space to cook and eat outdoors is a must-have for many of us. We expect a dedicated alfresco kitchen area in gardens to be a popular choice for many. For those limited on space, they may go for a pizza oven or even a built-in fire pit for a more back to basics approach. Source: Internet
  18. Wild and untamed gardens will continue to grace us with their low-maintenance presence in the new year. This trend is all about loosening up and embracing nature as it is. According to Asher Cole, the best way to achieve this is by creating "textured and layered gardens that are sustainable and feel authentic." Continuing the theme of "wilding" our outdoor spaces, meadows and wildflowers were a hot topic at the Chelsea Flower Show – dahlias, grasses, honeysuckle, paper daisies, and marigold being some favourites. So, instead of reaching for the secateurs or the lawnmower, take a break and see where your garden takes you. Source: Internet
  19. Finally, something that will no doubt please a lot of us is the trend in experimenting with colour and creating a planting palette for a new garden is one of the most exciting challenges in gardening. Ann-Marie says that its always about bold, exciting colour: “I have a penchant for acid yellow mixed with warm oranges and deep blue-purples right now.” Source: Internet
  20. Due to Covid and the popularity of people working from home, this trend is here to stay. Because moving home is expensive, homeowners can maximise their outside space by building a bespoke home office in their garden. Garden gyms and yoga rooms are also likely to be in demand. Alternatively, create additional room in your home by relocating storage items to a custom-built shed in your garden. We recommend making your garden building flexible so that it has multiple uses. Source: Internet
  21. Following in the thread of connection, we will continue to turn to our gardens for an escape from chaos – and instead of hosting our friends and family in the dining room, we will likely be doing it alfresco. Fire pits, inbuilt seating, decks , you name it – anything that encourages rest, respite, relaxation, or conversation is the best way to jump on this trend. But it doesn't have to look the same in every home, so long as it brings you joy, "whether this means getting your hands dirty or having an inviting spot to read a book in silence," says Asher Cole. Pergolas were also one of the top trends to take centre stage at the recent 2021 Chelsea Flower Show. Add vertical climbing plants – such as grape vines or wisteria – and an outdoor table setting. Source: Internet
  22. This trend truly speaks to Australian lifestyle, but it's also a big one to come out of the Chelsea Flower Show, making it a universal cultural want. A great pairing with a veggie or herb garden, an outdoor kitchen gives you a space to both entertain and cook fresh, summer meals. Surround your seating with citrus trees for added convenience and aesthetic, and use your fresh produce to create zesty cocktails. Source: Internet
  23. Be gone, box hedge! We've already seen organic shapes slowly making more of an appearance in our interiors, and this trend is set to carry itself outdoors, too. Harsh, architectural lines and over-structured, disciplined gardens will be replaced with more natural forms and designs "Box hedges are becoming old school, and the 'order' they create is being ditched in preference for clipped cloud forms and balls," says Michael Bates. And according to Richard Unsworth, the same can be said for the materials we use, "Manufactured wood, glass pool fences, laser cut screens, besser blocks, and formal gardens [are on their way out]." Source: Internet
  24. The colder months are a perfect time to start planning a new garden design. It gives you the chance to consider what space you have, the style you want to achieve and also to even get planting. So let’s take a look at some of the trends we expect to see in garden and landscape design in 2022. Source: Internet
  25. As we look to make the most of our space, a great way to do this is by growing vertically. This can be whether you have a balcony garden or even if you have a large lawn. There are a number of benefits of growing up – you can help protect your plants from certain animals, you maximise your growing area and also you can access the right kind of light you need. Some great examples of what you can grow vertically are herbs, living walls of strawberry plants or even some grapevines. Source: Internet
  26. Creative and skillful landscape gardening is booming these days. The blend of curves and straight lines around the beds, garden pathways, walls, and borders are primarily used for the soft and organic look. The curvey planters and shapely seatings can also enhance the layout to the next level. Source: Internet
  27. One of the things I look forward to each January is the Society of Garden Designers (SGD) outline of trends for the coming year. With the continued drive for sustainability as the overriding theme, below you will find the plants, materials and design styles that the SGD expect to see in our gardens this year. Enjoy. Source: Internet
  28. Adding dividers in your garden can make areas feel closed off but not if you make it work to your advantage. A decking kit with rope handrails creates a separate environment in your garden that can be designated for seating and relaxation, which is particularly useful in busy gardens like those used by children and animals. Using planters as a separator can also add much-needed greenery in a perhaps smaller garden and makes the division flow naturally. Source: Internet
  29. The use of pastel mixed fire tone colored flowers and succulents of epic variety can make your outdoor area more charming. And this easy-peasy garden idea is still appreciated in 2022. Adding colourful succulents grown in statement pots can freshen your entire outdoor living spot. So why not try this cool setup this year? Source: Internet
  30. Our want for a greater connection to nature extends to the younger generation, and as such, gardens that appeal to kids and teens are coming into favour. "[People are] also asking for breakout spaces in the garden built close to the home that are inviting for kids and teens. The idea is to get them off their screens and observe nature up close." Consider including spaces that are all-inclusive – get them involved in the fruit and veggie planting or create a space for your older teens to gather with friends (which you can then use as the night goes on!). Source: Internet
  31. The pandemic has seen more people ‘staycationing’ and as a result, the focus has turned to having the luxuries that you might ordinarily go away to enjoy, incorporated into your garden. This might include pools, hot tubs, fire pits, outdoor kitchen areas and elements such as lighting to create the feeling of an ‘outdoor room’. Outdoor heaters have seen big increases in sales although we are not big advocates of these, given their environmental footprint. Source: Internet
  32. Creating somewhere to enjoy moments of stillness in the garden is also important to boost mindfulness and mental wellbeing. For many of us, our gardens are a pocket of peace and quiet, a place where we can find refuge in a ‘wellness bubble’ and escape our hectic days. It’s the ultimate stress relief. Source: Internet
  33. So what's trending? Well, with everyone spending more time at home the search for style inspiration for outdoor living has never been greater. We've rounded up all the key looks you need to know about to make your garden design ideas work even harder. Your outdoor space is now multi-purpose, often including zones for entertaining, relaxing and exercising. So you need to know how to kit out each spot in style. Source: Internet
  34. Ana Sanchez-Martin also explains that she would love to design and plant a ‘tapestry lawn’ as an alternative to normal grass. Ana says that they are created using a combination of many different mowing-tolerant plant species: “Like meadow lawns, they are low in maintenance and of higher ornamental and environmental value. The need to mow a tapestry lawn can be reduced by up to two thirds compared to a regular grass lawn and, as a consequence, a greater number of both plant and insect species are able to inhabit the lawn. In small urban gardens, meadow lawns are not usually very practical, but a tapestry lawn could be a great solution for city gardens,” says Ana. Source: Internet
  35. View your garden as a space for socialising. Your patio or courtyard is an extra room, even if it’s small, if you dress it up right. The quickest way to create a sociable garden is to choose the best garden furniture to suit your space and layout needs. A comfortable L-shaped seating area around a table is a brilliant way to create a sociable focal point on your patio or deck. Source: Internet
  36. The latest garden trends idea is lush ‘forest pockets’, which are made from repurposed industrial bulk containers. They are inexpensive, readily available and can easily be customized to suit your space. They are also an excellent screen for more privacy if you live in an apartment block or are overlooked by neighbours. Source: Internet
  37. Even if your garden is tiny there's so much you can do. Patios and balconies are having a moment so make sure they look good. 'Because so many people are now working from home, there is more emphasis on styling up and furnishing our outdoor spaces,' say the experts at the Flower Council (opens in new tab) in their 2022 garden trends report. Source: Internet
  38. Creating a vibrant patio or garden where wildlife flourishes, birds chirp and play offers you a sense of fulfilment and contentment. So for making your outdoors such a joyful spot, all you need is to add such plants and accessories to your garden that can attract wildlife. For example, birdbaths (where birds come to drink water) are the best source that you can go for. Source: Internet
  39. There's so much new stuff to obsess over too. There are ideas for getting that indoor-outdoor feel, and we've covered color trends as well as the materials that are going to be popular. Garden trends in 2022 are also big on wellbeing and creating a space to connect with nature, while sustainable and organic gardening have never been more important. Source: Internet
  40. Society of Garden Designers Vice Chair Andrew Duff MSGD sums up by saying: “The overarching trend for 2022 is that good design does not have to cost the earth both in terms of budget and the environment. For me the line on the piece of paper is very important and how this translates into a garden can be quite flexible. It can be the difference between recycled York stone or permeable gravel, yet the line remains. Upcycling and rewilding can be misleading in terms of aesthetics and for most clients a garden’s aesthetic is a priority. Source: Internet
  41. This trend aims to create a landscaped garden that feels natural to the space. Like the wilding trend, here you can simplify the design process by pulling cues from what you already have to work with, saving you from totally reinventing the wheel or bringing in too much heavy machinery to rework the landscape. "Nothing feels more authentic than a garden that feels like it has always existed. [We want] to recreate what nature does seamlessly by creating layers and depth to a garden," says Asher Cole. Source: Internet
  42. According to Pinterest 2021 saw a 206% increase in searches for ‘wild garden’ and we predict in 2022 that people will start to embrace more of the natural world rather than removing it. When we ask clients about their wishes and desires for their garden, we start by sending them a questionnaire that helps us to get a complete picture of what they want from their garden. Very often people click the option of ‘doing our bit to support wildlife’. Source: Internet
  43. Filippo Dester MSGD from Garden Club London, thinks we will begin to see many gardens designed following a wabi-sabi philosophy, meaning people will embrace a less perfect aesthetic: “I think the deeper meaning to wabi-sabi will be seen in the approach to garden design,” he says. “We will begin to accept the beauty of the imperfect and the ever-changing nature of materials such as stone and wood and the plants themselves, veering away from the sleek, immaculate look that often characterises urban gardens.” Source: Internet
  44. Since the start of the pandemic, our gardens have truly become our sanctuaries. With more time spent at home and the restrictions placed on indoor gatherings, people increasingly looked to gardens, parks and countryside as places to meet and connect with others as well as provide them with a source of comfort in uncertain times. As a consequence of more working from home, we have spent more time spent in front of screens – interacting with the world via Zoom, social media and Netflix. Gardens offer us space to rest and recuperate; as an antidote to our technology-focussed modern life and a way to come back to the fundamentals of life. When we are surrounded by plants we feel cocooned and, in some way, insulated a little from some of the man-made troubles of the World. Source: Internet
  45. In a nod of respect to our unique landscape, indigenous and native planting has seen a surge in popularity. This trend is a double act: it creates a thriving, gorgeous, robust garden and also conserves biodiversity by encouraging native wildlife such as insects, lizards, possums, butterflies, birds and bees. Richard Unsworth says that you can combine indigenous plants with other exotics that perform similarly for interest and a varied palette. "I'm excited about composing schemes that also incorporate tough exotic species that thrive in our climate, like euphorbias, aloes and various grasses." Source: Internet
  46. For help bringing your garden bank up to date for 2022, the Society of Garden Designers provides access to designers right across the UK, offering a complete garden design service. For more information and to find a designer in your area visit: www.sgd.org.uk Source: Internet
  47. Try creating a tiny urban forest to green up a small space and help biodiversity by including some vertical garden ideas in your space. They will naturally purify the air as well as attract wildlife. Living wall systems are often sold as kits, and can be scaled up or down to suit your space and budget. Incredibly easy to construct, you can get them up and running in a weekend. Source: Internet
  48. The latest decorative metal panels and aluminium prints can be hung outdoors and come in a range of sizes and finishes to suit all spaces. Designs include on-trend botanical leaf prints. They are a great choice for styling up balcony and terrace gardens for a smooth segue from indoor to outdoor living. Source: Internet
  49. During the lockdowns there was a boom in the sales of gazebos and shelters and there were market shortages of garden furniture. Outdoor mixing was the norm for a while and we think that the desire to dwell more outside will continue with people wanting to extend the time they can spend in their gardens and expand their use. This might include repurposing an unloved wall into a makeshift cinema screen or transforming a summerhouse into a chill out lounge. Source: Internet
  50. The use of a white colour scheme for dressing up your patio or garden is one of the top this year. The combination of white planting with rattan furniture is a good way to go. Whatever the option you pick, white is a perfect fit for any theme of the green garden. Moreover, spicing up the patio with decorative lights such as string lights and led lights can accompany the whole setup. Source: Internet
  51. Ferns, grasses and evergreens were really popular at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2021. Green tends to symbolise renewal, rebirth and stability and we expect that calming and lush green planting will be popular among gardeners looking to create a soothing oasis. This planting style tends to be lower maintenance and will make sense as people head back to the office and may have less time to look after some of the more showy, demanding plants. Source: Internet
  52. The purple/yellow colour combination is something that designer Oliver Bond is excited about too. “It is a fantastic colour scheme to bring bees into gardens,” he says, “and it creates a vibrant blend that stands proud against a cascade of green foliage.” Source: Internet

Following are some suggestions on where to begin your search for data on 9 garden trends we’ll be hedging our bets on in 2022: You should try to find Paving Trends 2022-related information from reputable places. Libraries, online resources, and even paid journalists all fall under this category.

It's crucial to be aware of the many electronic media sources available when researching Gardening Trends, such as Google and YouTube. You may also get info about Paving Trends 2022 on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

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It's crucial to read to examine the authenticity of each source in order to acquire the greatest information regarding Garden Design Styles. You'll learn more about Garden trends 2022: stunning new looks for your outdoor space after watching the films included in this post, which come from a variety of different sources. Information on a wide range of topics may be easily accessed via the internet.

Notable features of Paving Trends 2022 include:

  • Garden Design Ideas Uk 2022
  • Outdoor Living Trends 2022
  • Garden Trends Report 2022
  • Gardening Statistics 2022
  • Gardening Trends
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Because there are so many websites and forums that provide information about Garden Trends Report 2022, it should not be difficult for you to locate the data that you want. The majority of individuals are accustomed to taking a completely different approach when it comes to obtaining information regarding Garden Trends Summer 2022. This makes it possible to take a more in-depth look at the information that is available about Paving Trends 2022 and how it might be utilized.

Garden Design Ideas Uk 2022 2022 Trends For Your Garden Save

methods for producing information displays about Garden Design Trends 2022 that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. In commercial and marketing settings, as well as for the purpose of conveying information on Paving Trends 2022, they are useful tools to have. Because of this, we also supply some photographs relating to Gardening Statistics 2022.

In summing up, I'd like to say that this article offers a general summary of Gardening Statistics 2022. Also covered are Small Garden Ideas: 25 Inspirational Designs for 2022 and garden design ideas uk 2022, which serve as a benchmark for evaluating the depth of your understanding of Garden trends 2022: stunning new looks for your outdoor space.


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