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43 Most Garden Wedding Ideas Philippines

This time around, we shall cover Garden Wedding Ideas Philippines. Obviously, there is a great deal of information on garden wedding priest in the philippines on the Internet. The rapid rise of social media facilitates our ability to acquire knowledge.

information about Garden Wedding Reception Ideas is also related to garden wedding ideas philippines and garden wedding ideas budget philippines. As for further searchable items pertaining to Garden Wedding Venues Quezon City, they will likewise have anything to do with best garden wedding in the philippines.

Garden Wedding Ideas Philippines

43 Most Garden Wedding Ideas Philippines | Small Intimate Wedding Venues Philippines

  1. I have to say a huge thank you to WWW readers Adrian and Ava for such lovely words about WWW, how special it is to hear that the blog helped them to create their dream wedding day! Adrian and Ava were married on the 8th March 2020 in a Catholic ceremony followed by an industrial vibe reception at Seda Vertis North in the Philippines. Their focus was on incorporating their families and traditions that were important to them both. I just adore all of their wedding day styling; the grey and blue colour palette is so chic and teamed with wood, metal and concrete it works so well. They also added in more romantic touches such as wild natural blooms and flowing fabric to add contrast. Look out for gorgeous stationery, pretty florals and a striking cake too. Source: Internet
  2. Today’s wedding is very simple and elegant but it’s definitely a wow statement. That’s what I love about weddings like this! It shows that you don’t have to be over the top to have an amazing wedding. Sometimes understated is so much more dramatic. They used a mix of flowers and light to wow their guests and give the feeling of relaxation and tranquility. Love it! What do you think? Source: Internet
  3. This includes the wedding dress, the suit, and what everyone on your wedding entourage list will wear, including hair and makeup. A complete wedding entourage rental package can cost around ₱25,000 to ₱50,000. The price can go up if you rent tuxedos for the men. Source: Internet
  4. Esel and Gelo had imagined the perfect wedding day long before they were engaged. They dreamed of a handcrafted, intimate event filled with personal touches and decor details, and it was every bit as wonderful as they’d hoped when that dream did come true! The couple exchanged vows in a traditional Catholic ceremony at a beautiful chapel, surrounded by their wedding party in flowing goddess gowns for the ladies and traditional Filipino attire for the men. The reception that followed was filled with rustic decor details including succulents, burlap, and natural wood; and included family performances and a deeply meaningful lantern ceremony. Enjoy Esel’s account of their wedding day, with lovely images to illustrate provided by Jeff and Lisa Photography! Source: Internet
  5. A famous destination for beach weddings, Boracay boasts of crystal clear waters and powder-fine sand that have been the setting for several beautiful unions. Celebrities have flocked here for their special day, and there are definitely going to be more. There are countless of venues to choose from that offer specially arranged wedding packages.Need the help of a Boracay wedding event coordinator? Contact Boracay Weddings by Amanda Tirol Source: Internet
  6. We chose close friends and one of Adrian’s nephews for the readings during our Catholic ceremony. We chose special family members to serve as secondary sponsors to put on our secondary veil, light our unity candle, and put our handmade unity cord on us. Composing playlists for our wedding was something we really took seriously because we wanted to play music that we actually listen to on a regular basis. We both like the band Snow Patrol but we weren’t quite sure how to incorporate their songs into our playlists without raising some eyebrows. Exactly four months before our wedding, Snow Patrol released their Reworked album featuring soft covers of their hit songs and it was an unbelievable stroke of good luck for us! We were able to have our first dance to their Reworked version of Chocolate (one of Adrian’s favorite songs) and play their songs during our reception. Source: Internet
  7. There are plenty of caterers that offer sumptuous dishes that can fit your budget. Josiah’s Catering, for example, offers catering packages that start at ₱150,000 for 150 guests. Passion Cooks Catering has catering packages starting at ₱160,000. Queensland Catering has packages worth ₱50,000 for 150 guests. Also, take note that the wedding cake is still not included. Source: Internet
  8. The Moments: Our wedding had a lot of funny moments that were so memorable! My dad, in his nervous state, mistakenly lifted my veil to the likes of “you may now kiss the bride” which brought laughter throughout the chapel. My wedding march was marked with smiles, giggles and even boisterous laughter, and I wouldn’t have wanted any other way. W also loved that both our families were feeling gutsy that night, and serenaded us with original compositions (by Gelo’s dad and mom) and artsy dance videos (by my entire clan). It was a nice feeling of family and togetherness. Source: Internet
  9. Most churches charge a fee from about ₱7,000 to ₱25,000 for weddings. Special discounts are provided if you’re a parishioner, or if you decide to hold the wedding on a weekday. Air-conditioned churches will also charge extra to cover electricity and other operational costs. Source: Internet
  10. Are you going for a rustic theme? Inspired by backyard weddings? You might want to consider going for The Mango Farm in Antipolo City. A 2.5-hectare property with several mango trees in the area, its relaxing atmosphere sets everyone in an intimate and serene mood. The place is even more magical at night as trees are brought to life with several capiz drop lights. Source: Internet
  11. Another charming garden wedding venue south of Manila is Hillcreek Gardens Tagaytay. This 3.2 hectare property offers a very relaxing and magnificent venue for specials events. It is just a 90-minute drive from Metro Manila and a perfect choice for soon-to-weds who are seeking a very private yet luxurious destination wedding setting. Source: Internet
  12. This place may be remembered for the tarsiers and Chocolate Hills, but you’re definitely in for more when you visit this gem of a province. Its tranquil vibe will surely set a serene atmosphere for your wedding. Couples can get married at one of their many old churches like Dauis and Baclayon. Want a unique kind of reception? The jovial celebration can be held at the Source: Internet
  13. Our event stylist, Dave Sandoval, did a fantastic job in transforming our reception venue into a beautiful luxurious garden set-up. They even started setting up the venue as early as 1am (our reception started at 6pm)! The venue was just full of flowers and greenery, just like how we wanted it to be. After all, nature has always been part of our story as a couple. From our travels, proposal in Iceland, stormy engagement shoot in Batanes, it was then befitting to be surrounded by nature on our special day. Source: Internet
  14. This is the most important document that you need to secure before getting married, otherwise, you will not be allowed to hold a church or civil wedding anywhere in the country. It only cost ₱100 and must be applied personally both by the groom and the bride 120 days or less before the planned marriage. However, the documentary requirements might cost as much as ₱3,000 to ₱5,000 collectively for both parties. Source: Internet
  15. A venue rich in remnants of history, this is a perfect location if you want to transport yourselves to a timeless era by having a Filipiniana-themed wedding (imagine the fun you’ll all have while doing dramatic poses for photo shoots). Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is a mix of Spanish and Filipino ambience and is the only heritage resort by sea. Another equally stunning venue is Nuestra SeƱora del Pilar. Ceremonies are usually held at the Our Lady of the Pillar Parish, while their receptions take place by the courtyard. Source: Internet
  16. Considered as one of the wedding destination capitals in the Philippines, Tagaytay sets the ultimate romantic atmosphere with its cool breeze all year round (yes, even during summer), lush panoramic views, and magnificent landscapes. Get married by the Taal Lake and see the Taal Volcano in all its glory. There are several locations to choose from such as the Casablanca Private Mansion located right at the center of Tagaytay which offers a magnificent view. Click here to see more choices. Source: Internet
  17. From the Bride, Renell: We have been living apart for three years, and it was such a roller coaster ride since Laurence worked in Saudi Arabia. Without any doubt, we both believed that we can surpass the challenge of long-distance relationships and hopefully, we would get wed someday through our own means. So, our December 30th wedding was indeed a dream come true and seemed like a great ending to what we have envisioned back when Laurence left the Philippines as well as a commencement of building more dreams together. Source: Internet
  18. Our wedding ceremony was held at Santuario de San Jose (Sanctuary of Saint Joseph). It was built in the 60s and it’s a bright, modern, and cozy church with beautiful stained glass windows that stands inside a private subdivision. We were able to have a solemn Catholic ceremony officiated by a priest who is also a family friend. Source: Internet
  19. Haciendas De Naga is a choice wedding venue in Naga City. Haciendas De Naga offers couples who are planning their wedding unparalleled versatility. Couples can choose to hold their wedding ceremony, wedding reception, or both the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception at Haciendas De Naga. Indoor weddings and outdoor weddings are also both possible. Source: Internet
  20. It was not an easy ride; however, especially I could not visit him in Saudi Arabia because of certain legal restrictions by the government (such as visit visa can only be granted to family members, wife, etc.). However, thanks to technology, we kept in touch consistently, and we would always have vacation in other countries to spend time together. Many Filipino couples in Saudi Arabia also experience the same challenge, so our wedding day can serve as a proof and a message that love can survive even in challenging situations. Source: Internet
  21. There are a few local wedding blogs here and I did read them from time to time but they only feature very specific kinds of weddings – usually very young and attractive couples choosing countryside rustic outdoor venues with pretty pastel colors or glamorous high-profile celebrity weddings featuring luxury designer labels and it was starting to feel like we couldn’t have a beautiful wedding unless we fit those very specific categories. I spent some time looking online for more original ideas and WWW was one of the first blogs I encountered that really encouraged me to eschew what’s trendy and embrace what feels authentic to us. Seeing so many gorgeous real weddings with different styles really validated the importance of making this day our own and celebrating the unique aspects of our relationship. Source: Internet
  22. A first-class city in Mindanao, Davao has so much to offer. Whatever kind of wedding venue you’re aiming for—hotel, beach, venue rental, or garden—this beautiful city has it all. Want one that’s luxurious and classy? Go for Source: Internet
  23. Taking out loans isn’t unheard of, and there are a few ways to go about getting a personal loan to help cover wedding costs. However, this is a decision to make with your partner, as it will affect the financial decisions you’ll have to make on your marriage later on. Another option to consider would be to apply for an online cash loan with easy application and fast approval that can help cover any unexpected cost on the wedding day itself. Source: Internet
  24. We have a lot of older relatives who flew in for the wedding so it was important to have a comfortable place where they can stay and it was definitely an advantage to have them be an elevator ride away from the reception venue. Seda Vertis North Hotel was an obvious choice for our wedding reception because not only does it provide excellent accommodations for our guests, it was also built specifically to be a canvas to showcase modern Filipino artwork and they have a spacious and modern ballroom. They feature a lot of functional art pieces that fit with our urban industrial theme. We drew inspiration from the mesh-like metal sculptures, cool colors, and geometric paintings and photographs throughout the venue. Source: Internet
  25. Laurence & Renell: Every detail of our wedding speaks of our love story, just how we wanted it to be. Together with our wedding planner (Jac Oebanda of The Wedding Project Philippines), we ensured that each detail captures a part of our story as individuals and as a couple: from the music played in the church and reception, food served, videos played, etc. We did not want to follow what was trendy, what we wanted was to make each detail serve its purpose of celebrating our love story that day. Source: Internet
  26. Also known as the “Queen City of the South,” couples can opt for two kinds of weddings here: one held in the city at fancy hotels like Radisson Blu, Marriott, Waterfront, and Marco Polo Plaza among many. Or by pristine beaches such as Malapascua and Bantayan. For fun, you can also serve mangoes (even the dried ones) at your wedding since Cebu is famous for this fruit. Source: Internet
  27. Lastly, we have seen a lot of couples focusing and worrying too much about how they’d look in their wedding videos and photos. We didn’t have this problem because from the very beginning (proposal and engagement shoot), we have always captured our moments candidly. We have chosen the photographer and videographer based on how well they can tell our story using candid shots. They really did so well. Viewing our wedding pictures and video reminds us of the emotions we felt at that day, not how worried on the poses that we should do. Source: Internet
  28. It’s very easy to lose track of your budget, especially when wedding planning hits fever pitch. Your original ₱300,000 budget can balloon to a million if you’re not careful. If you do your research and plan your wedding early, you can avail of early bird discounts and special packages. Source: Internet
  29. The Design: We had a Catholic wedding ceremony at a small rustic chapel, San Antonio de Padua, and our reception was held in the outdoor garden at Hacienda Isabella. We didn’t choose a definitive color palette; we just used anything that fit the look we wanted – rustic. A lot of our decor was either DIY or curated antiques from Hacienda Isabella. We preferred subdued tints as an accent to the overall earthy, wooden look of the venue. Source: Internet
  30. Pro tip! Some wedding reception venues also offer catering services and are included in their package. Most of the time, it’s a wiser choice to help you save money. Unless they’re unable to personalize your food and venue to your liking, choosing a venue that provides their own caterer is like hitting two birds in one stone. Source: Internet
  31. Spanish for “port of the galleons,” this is one of the country’s top dive destinations. Its astounding beauty of vast blue waters and lush mountains make Puerto Galera one of the most breathtaking and developed beach resort communities in the Philippines. Some of the places that offer wedding packages are The Manor and Coco Beach Island Resort. Source: Internet
  32. We simply adore the warm atmosphere of their outdoor lunch reception, decorated with lush greenery, wildflowers, and chandeliers. The two-tier wedding cake also caught our eyes thanks to its sugar flower icing in pastel colors. The whole wedding celebration was, as photographer Polk Studios said, "One of the most beautiful and tasteful weddings I've had the pleasure of witnessing." Source: Internet
  33. Up for a tropical wedding? Imagine getting married by the beach in a laid-back, solemn ceremony while everyone is decked out in breezy, casual outfits. The “Philippine’s Last Frontier,” known for its vivid scenery and turquoise waters, Palawan is considered a glorious, unspoilt paradise by many. Just take your pick from famous places like El Nido, Coron, and Puerto Princesa. Plus, you can have your honeymoon here and wake up to sights that you probably could have only imagined. View this wedding package from Club Paradise Palawan, one of their premier locations. Source: Internet
  34. It may be the smallest province in Northern Mindanao, yet Camiguin has so much to offer. Couples are surely in for a blissful retreat when they visit awe-inspiring landscapes or go for a dip in their hot spring. The White Island is a stretch of paradise where intimate weddings can take place. Paras Beach Resort offers this kind of package. See more details here. Source: Internet
  35. They say that perfect should never be a goal, and perfection only happens if you let it. Athena and Ariel proved that perfection can happen when you enjoy the company of those closest to you. Their wedding ceremony was done in such a serene and heartwarming way. Athena had on a pastel pink wedding gown and was accompanied by her adorable bridesmaids in matching floral maxi skirts. Source: Internet
  36. We were determined to be as hands-on as possible despite our busy work schedules and family responsibilities. We decided to take a project management approach and Adrian created a Gantt chart to make sure we listed down all tasks and completed them according to a defined schedule. A budget sheet and detailed breakdown helped us keep track of all supplier payment deadlines and stay within our set budget. Spreadsheets don’t sound very romantic but they were invaluable in making sure my partner and I were updated on the wedding preparation! Our wedding coordinator was also kind enough to send us reminders and materials that helped us figure out other details we may have missed. Source: Internet
  37. Don’t be afraid to be yourselves and make your wedding your own. Analyze trends and traditions well to make sure you follow the ones that truly represent you. Your wedding day is a celebration of your relationship, try to focus on your partner and your commitment to one another rather than having a Pinterest-worthy party. Strive for authenticity and trust your wedding suppliers! Source: Internet
  38. From the Bride, Renell: Since Laurence was based overseas, we wanted to hire a full-time wedding planner (Jac Oebanda of The Wedding Project Philippines). It was more than a year of planning, but we really enjoyed everything. We were both hands-on so the planning process actually helped us get to know each other better. We discussed even the minute details and luckily, we were most of the time at the same page and taste. Source: Internet
  39. Our florist and stylist was so instrumental in making our wedding unique. She asked me if I had any special requests and I only had two: I asked for a bouquet that looks a little bit wild and not too “bridal” and that there should be no pink flowers used anywhere. I loved my bouquet so much that I had the flowers pressed and framed so I can keep it forever. Source: Internet
  40. I wanted to break away from the usual white or light colored sheer flowy bridal robe. This doesn’t really fit my personal style and the theme of our wedding. I also wanted something that I could wear again in the future. I found a dark blue gown from Apartment 8 with puffed sleeves (I’ve always loved puffed sleeves!) and a full structured skirt that twirls nicely. It was very comfortable and I love how the color pops in photos and isn’t too “bridal”. Source: Internet
  41. There’s a common superstition here that it’s bad luck for the bride and groom to see each other before the ceremony because then the wedding won’t push through. We decided to completely ignore that and had breakfast together before getting ready for the day. It really gave us the chance to relax together, feel normal, and eat a lot before we had to face everything that we had to do that day. Source: Internet
  42. Creative couple Laurence & Renell left no detail unturned when planning their special day filled with rich colors, luxe floral, picture-perfect scenes, and the best part of all, endless smiles and tears of joy. As much as we adore all the gorgeousness of their wedding day, what touched us the most is actually their authentic story. From the couple’s Iceland proposal to Batanes engagement shoot in the middle of two typhoons, their wedding journey, just like their long distance relationship, really proves that love knows no distance. Read on as we share this beautiful wedding story that will truly make you believe in fairytales. Source: Internet
  43. If you’re planning to have a wedding setting that’s intimate and romantic (think of the sunset as your backdrop), then the Philippines is definitely a location you should be considering. We’ve made your jobs easier by doing all the necessary research needed to help you pick among these picture-perfect locations to say your “I dos.” Source: Internet

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# Video | Garden Wedding Ideas Philippines

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# Images | Garden Wedding Ideas Philippines - Affordable Garden Wedding Venues In Manila

Garden Wedding In Tagaytay - Garden Wedding Reception Ideas

Garden Wedding Ideas Philippines - best garden wedding in the philippines 1 Save

Garden Wedding In Tagaytay - Garden Wedding Reception Ideas

Garden Wedding Ideas Philippines - Garden Wedding Venues In Philippines 2 Save

Methods for creating aesthetically pleasing and informative displays of garden wedding in the philippines information. They can be utilized in business and marketing environments to convey messages regarding Simple Wedding Reception Design In Philippines. Consequently, we additionally supply photographs regarding Simple Wedding Reception Design In Philippines.

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