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248 Things High Fade Short Hair On Top

This time around, we shall cover High Fade Short Hair On Top. Obviously, there is a great deal of information on Mid Fade Haircut on the Internet. The fast rise of social media facilitates our ability to acquire knowledge.

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High Fade Short Hair On Top

248 Things High Fade Short Hair On Top | 30 Ultra-Cool High Fade Haircuts for Men

  1. If you have short curly hair, you’re a lucky guy. Although curls can be a challenge, on the plus side, they provide texture and volume, opening up a world of options for short haircuts for men. Style choices include a fade to minimize volume, slick back, comb-over, or even a buzz cut. Source: Internet
  2. Short hair high fade haircut is quite similar to traditional high fade cut. It features a short back and sides and begins to fade just above the temples. The lower the cut goes, the shorter the length of the hair gradually gets. The style’s distinctive feature is that it fades to short hair on top, unlike other high fade styles that fade to longer hair on top. The haircut is one of the coolest styles to rock. Source: Internet
  3. The hi-top fade is a cool variation of the flattop fade haircut. As you see the sides are trimmed very short, the curly top is left quite long and has the flat geometric shape. Looks very interesting! Source: Internet
  4. Types of fade haircuts for men: Choose from high, medium, or low fade haircuts; each has a distinctive aesthetic. In essence, you have more coverage because of the lower fade. Therefore, a low fade will gradually taper down your head, with the shortest cut occurring just above your ears, but a high fade leaves you with a mop-top and little else. the medium? It naturally falls somewhere in the middle. Which fade haircut is the greatest for you, then? Let's see without further ado. Source: Internet
  5. For all you dudes out there with shorter hair, spikes aren’t totally out of reach. Take Douglas Booth as an example; he’s pulling off this shorter cut with a low maintenance take on the spiky trend. The shorter the hair, the easier it is to style. If you’re someone who likes a nice head of hair but doesn’t want to shell out the necessary time in the morning to fix it up, go shorter. Source: Internet
  6. Guys, hear us out: braids aren’t just for ladies–you can rock them, too. As pictured here, braided hair can be worn with a high top undercut fade for a fresh, punk rock style. The best part? You won’t have to worry about styling the longer section every day. Source: Internet
  7. The modern version of the undercut is the faded undercut, not leaving the hair as heavily disconnected as it has been in the past. The faded undercut will probably be seen most often with slightly higher fades, mid to high. How you style will all depend on how much shine you like to your hair, but for a more versatile look use a paste like the Regal Gentleman Texture Paste. Source: Internet
  8. So, it is better to use a good gel or pomade for a glossy, high-sheen look. Conditioner is essential for short hair to keep it moisturized and well-hydrated. Using a matte product and working it through the hair on top will give you a nicely tousled and stylish look. Source: Internet
  9. This military-style cut often features a side part, making it top of the most suitable short haircuts for men on a mission. The trim features longer hair on the top with faded or shaved sides. To make this look full-on, Officer and a Gentleman, pair it with a clean-shaven face. It works for straight and curly hair. Source: Internet
  10. As one of the boldest men’s haircuts, a clean high fade with design can make a difference. Not only does the style look great on all men regardless of age, but it creates noticeable effects when dyed with bright hair color, as seen in this example. It is an amazing style for those seeking a bold statement haircut that will showcase their personal style. Source: Internet
  11. The crew cut and buzz cut are the top two trending best short haircuts for men. Next, check out the pompadour, quiff, fade, slick back and comb-over. If you’re looking for more versatility, though, opt for an undercut with a longer top, as this will give you more styling options. Source: Internet
  12. No matter your ethnicity, sleek and stylish high fade haircuts will look incredibly awesome on you. In case you’re still wondering which high fade haircut to opt for, here’s a list of cuts that’ll look stunning on you. We’ve covered all the latest high fade hairstyles to ensure that you get a wide range of options to choose from. Source: Internet
  13. A taper fade haircut sees the hair gradually get shorter and shorter as you move toward the ears, before blending in with the skin. It’s possibly the best fade hairstyle for all guys, as it works with all hair types and any style you wish to have on top. It can also work wonders for all face shapes too, as the taper can be modified to suit. Source: Internet
  14. Brush it forward, and you are on your way! Not everyone is ready to wear longer hair due to maintenance and styling commitment. Enter an extra short cut, inspired by your favorite high and tight but allow for some texture up top. Easy to maintain, and it makes you look like you have a lot of hair. Great for men who are thinking about growing their hair out from the traditional buzz cut. Source: Internet
  15. Oh, la la! Europeans have a reputation for exuding effortless, classy style, and the French crop is no exception. Ask your barber to complement the short hair around your head with a fringe section. The French crop is just one of the short haircuts for men suitable for both straight and curly hair, adding attractive definition and texture. Source: Internet
  16. Another significant benefit of hair spiking is that the hair volume adds extra inches of height, which is usually an advantage for guys. This brushed up look is basic, so don’t be afraid of trying to make it yourself. Or ask your barber to teach you. Source: Internet
  17. In the hip hop community throughout the mid-1980s, young African Americans leaned towards Jheri curls or simple haircuts without tapers or fades of any sort. In 1986, rappers like Schoolly D and Doug E. Fresh had the first, somewhat developed, styles of the hi-top fade in hip hop. However, their hairstyles lacked the geometric precision that characterized the more modern hi-top fade styles. Source: Internet
  18. The side parting is a classic that most gents have experimented with. For a softer look wear with a low to mid fade, but if you want something a little harsher then it can easily be paired with a high skin fade too. This is a versatile haircut that can be worn with any length on the back and sides. To style use a medium to high shine pomade like the Regal Gentleman Pomade. Source: Internet
  19. A textured crop is one of the best haircuts for men striving for that sexy and disheveled just-rolled-out-of-bed appearance. This style gives the impression its wearer is artsy, laidback, and effortlessly cool. If this sounds like the message you’re trying to convey, then ask your barber for 2-3-in long textured layers with some weight snipped out. Source: Internet
  20. Colin Farrell, Ryan Reynolds. and 007, what do these three hot men have in common? They all have a side part and rock short haircuts for men. This timeless look entails classically cutting the top and sides to create a sophisticated style. It works best with thick hair, but you can still achieve this dapper ‘do’ with fine hair. Source: Internet
  21. This eye-catching style pulls all two inches of hair length straight up into a vertical quiff. Hair behind plays a supporting role a bald fade makes a clean finish. Also note the salt-and-pepper hair, even combined with some white in the beard, do not make this gentleman look old. It’s more about the style than the color. Source: Internet
  22. The pompadour is a classic style that has been very popular in the 1950s. The main characteristic of the style is a volume on the top of the head with the hair swept back and up. At the same time reducing the volume from the front of the hairline, usually with product. Source: Internet
  23. In the mid- to late 1980s the haircut was often credited to Larry Blackmon the lead singer of the band Cameo. Blackmon had a hairstyle in the mid 1980s that was the forerunner to the hi-top Fade, with the tall square flat top but with slightly longer sides and back. There are numerous examples of rappers referring to the hairstyle as a "cameo cut" between 1987 and 1990, the most notable being in the Ultramagnetic MCs song "Give The Drummer Some" from 1988 where Ced Gee, who had a hi-top fade at the time, says "... 'cause I'm a real pro, with a cameo, and not an afro".[5] Source: Internet
  24. While there are many different haircuts out there, it can be hard to figure out which one is best for you. To help narrow down your choices, take into consideration what hair type you have. If you set your mind on a fade haircut you won’t go wrong if you pick taper fade haircut. Source: Internet
  25. From ancient Rome to the red carpet, the Caesar cut is timeless. It features short hair on the sides, top, and back with the top brushed forward to highlight the fringe. It’s ideal for anyone with thinning hair on top and is one of the best short haircuts for men with an oval, diamond, or square face shape. Source: Internet
  26. We've seen a lot of definitions of taper vs fade, but the way we see most barbers describe a taper is when it's a fade around the neckline or sideburns. This should be a small subtle fade that is the lowest and least harsh of all of the fade types. It is often worn to fade out a beard into the hairline or with longer hair on the sides to add something different! Source: Internet
  27. When styling the taper fade style, the barber cuts the hair at the sides short. As a result, the hair at the top is long, and the strands fall on one side of the head. The hair at the back is also cut short but not faded. To create the best style, use hair cream. Source: Internet
  28. If you’re looking for a high fade haircut that fits curly hair, add a taper cut to your style to give it the best look. This haircut offers curls some structure, and minimal time will be required for styling the curls. It specifically suits men with oblong shape, oval, or square shape face types. To update your overall appearance, you can groom your beard to a long or medium length. Source: Internet
  29. This Twilight star (who will gladly roll his eyes at any mention of the young adult fiction adaptation that skyrocketed his career) lives, breathes and sleeps big hair. Volume isn’t just a thing for your girlfriend to fawn over—just look at Rob and that picture perfect mane of his. If this is the type of hair, you’ve got, and you want to duplicate this bold look, start blow-drying with a high-hold sculpting wax to keep your strands out of place. Source: Internet
  30. The slick back is a retro look, dating back to rocker styles of the 50s. Combine it with a drop fade, though, which tapers down the back of the head to the neckline, and it’s a whole new ball game. It’s one of the very best short haircuts for men to take you beyond 9-5. Source: Internet
  31. The fade shown here is a specific type of fade called a drop fade, which is when the hair doesn’t actually taper. Instead, it abruptly “drops” from long to short, and the rest of the sides are faded. This offers a more dramatic flair than a regular high fade, and it’s also just as versatile. Source: Internet
  32. A textured high and tight haircut is another way to make your hair look unique without cutting it too short. But, this look will require some hair gel and a little extra work in front of your mirror. If you plan to keep your hair looking stylish for a long, you must give it some attention. Source: Internet
  33. Another easy-to-style but gorgeous taper fade haircut is the buzzcut. The stylist shortens your hair at the top but leaves a fade on the side. The haircut suits better people with curly hair because the texture is admirable. You can make it more stylish by having a gradient line on either side of the fade. Feel free to dye your short hair any color. Source: Internet
  34. The comb over is a classic hairstyle that has been around for decades. It’s also one of the more popular haircuts for men. The comb over fade haircut is a combination of the two styles. The hair on top styled into a neat comb over. Then continuing down into a fade or undercut around the ears and neckline. Source: Internet
  35. Curly blowout is an effortlessly cool hairstyle for gentlemen looking for a classic, professional cut that can be worn on any occasion. Combining it with a high taper fade further compliment the style, focusing attention on the curls. The sleek and clean haircut is one of the best ways to style curly hair, giving it a sophisticated appearance. You can use good hair products like pomade and light hold cream to tame and shape the curls. Source: Internet
  36. A taper fade refers to hair blended from one length to another, but in a more gradual and subtle way than with a skin or bald fade. If you are a corporate man, pair your taper fade with a dapper slick back. It’s an immaculate hairstyle that will maintain your professional image. Short haircuts for men mean business! Source: Internet
  37. The faux hawk is the best short haircut for men who love the original Mohawk style but aren’t prepared to go all the way. The sides are clipped close to the head rather than shaved. Meanwhile, in subtle contrast, the top length is shorter than on a regular Mohawk. What’s more, this version requires less styling and maintenance. Source: Internet
  38. Next up in terms of height on the side of the head is the low fade. Let's use a skin fade haircut as an example - if you went down to skin, then the skin would be kept very low and the fade into longer length would start around a third of the way up your head. This is great for those gents that don't want a harsh haircut, but who still want to add some transition to the back & sides. Source: Internet
  39. Want to diversify your short taper fade? Add a quiff. It is very easy to style and will take just a few minutes. Brush your hair from the crown to the front, then comb the front hair upwards into a simple quiff. Spray on some styling product to keep the quiff stiff and make it stay in place and voila! Source: Internet
  40. Exactly the same as the faded undercut but this one is for the curly haired gents. The hair will often be worn down almost into a fringe and the sides taken to around a mid fade. To style use a salt spray like the Regal Gentleman Salt Spray in damp hair and then finish with a leave in conditioner or a product that locks in moisture to protect your curls. Source: Internet
  41. As with all of these it's pretty self explanatory. The fade will start around half way up the head and somewhere between a third to two thirds of the side of the head. This will often be just above eyebrow height and can frame the eyes nicely. It's also around the maximum height you want to go if you have a longer head, as a high fade can make the head appear even longer. Source: Internet
  42. Box fade is more suitable for men with very curly and kinky hair. At both sides it looks as a normal fade. The top of the head has a specific shape – either a flattop or more customed that follows the natural curvature of the skull. Source: Internet
  43. These spikes can catch just about anyone’s attention. Thanks to the long, fierce flip up on top, polished skin fade, perfect line up and flawless facial hairstyle, images like this give tons of inspiration for modern eclectic men’s hairstyles. The razor line breaking into the cut is the finishing touch to this statement style. Source: Internet
  44. This could have been a classic high and tight haircut if there was no texturizer. The high fade and all-around crew cut have a unique front hair texture. It takes about 5 minutes to style this haircut and it will last at least a week with proper care. No hassle, just brushing and hair gel. Source: Internet
  45. To get this look, your barber will straighten the hairline by using clippers to line up and shave straight lines and sharp, precise angles into the hairline, parting, or temples. This clean-cut will draw attention to the striking shapes it creates. Some short haircuts for men say a lot about your personality, so let yours do the talking. Source: Internet
  46. As the name suggests, the high fade uses a fade, which is the gradual tapering of hair. With a fade, the sides gradually go from shorter to longer. A high fade is a specific type of fade where the fade is moved up the head. Source: Internet
  47. The hi-top has made an appearance in the UK since the late 1980s. The hairstyle also received some airtime during the second inauguration of Barack Obama, as sported by Barack and Michelle Obama's nephew Avery Robinson.[10] Source: Internet
  48. The easiest hairstyle to maintain for most men? Cuts that are long on top and have a short back and sides. Not only are these styles versatile—working well for both formal occasions and casual outings—they are timeless and sophisticated. And while some of them are incredibly low-maintenance, others aren't necessarily for the faint of heart. "The shorter the haircut, the more maintenance it will require," notes Wayne Wildrick, regional barber manager at Fellow Barber in Los Angeles. Source: Internet
  49. This type of haircut was popular among teens in the 1980s. In recent years, it has been making a comeback. It has become popular with celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Leonardo DiCaprio and Harry Styles. Source: Internet
  50. Not a fan of hairstyles? Don't worry; even if you are unaware of it, you have most likely seen fade haircuts before. Men all around the world sport this slightly edgy yet utterly sophisticated haircut, which shot to fame in the 1950s. But what exactly does a "fade" mean? The definition of fade haircuts is uncomplicated: it simply designates a gradient of hair length that produces a fade look, sometimes fading to the skin and other times to very short hair. Source: Internet
  51. In addition to combining high skin fade with a buzz cut in this amazing style, it is elevated with a stylish design to give an elegant and tight finish. The cut offers plenty of contrast which beautifully accentuates the hairstyle on top. The style can also work well with medium-length hair. It is a popular hair trend for men which extends around the world. Source: Internet
  52. Combine scissor fade haircut with other styles like an undercut or an undercut with a disconnected beard. The uniqueness of this haircut is that the fade is slowly transitioned. If you’re not a fan of haircuts with experimenting then this cut would be what you’re looking for. Source: Internet
  53. One of the most universally flattering short haircuts for men, the high and tight, is clean and smart. This classic cut is popular within the military and combines skin-shaved sides with a length on top and is an excellent option for men with thinner hair. For celebrity inspiration, look no further than everyone’s man crush, David Beckham. Source: Internet
  54. A taper haircut is also called “razor cut hairline” or “taper fade haircut”. The length of the hair on top can vary from short to medium to long, depending on your preference. A taper haircut is often styled with a combover or slicked back, but you can also style it in other ways if you prefer something different. Source: Internet
  55. You can have the best of both worlds by pairing high temp fade with a mini afro style. High temp fade is a good choice for men with a mini afro. Framing the face with the fade cut makes the facial features look sharper. The haircut is quite popular, and interestingly, it perfectly fits all face types. Its maintenance is less challenging compared to the full afro style. Source: Internet
  56. With all the volume and texture allowed on top, there are endless possibilities of hairstyles you can easily create. Going to a business meeting? Slick those strands back or do a simple comb-over. Have plans for a night out? Brush it up into a faux hawk! Source: Internet
  57. In 1980 Grace Jones and then boyfriend Jean-Paul Goude collaborated on the cover and artwork for Warm Leatherette. It featured her signature flattop/hi-top hair.[4] Source: Internet
  58. Short spikes with a blended undercut and burst fade. This style does not require much product or any commitment at all. Perfect for the on-the-go man who wants to make his look a tad spicy! Source: Internet
  59. If you’re searching for a simple way to freshen up your short hairstyle, consider a hard part. A precise, thin line shaved down the side parting, a hard part, often separates two sections of the head that have different hair lengths. Think quiff, fade or a comb-over and undercut. Short haircuts for men rock, so go hard or go home! Source: Internet
  60. The same place that brought us the crop also keeps coming out with brand new looks. Here is the fade and longer textured top that defines the crop top. The shaved line, horizontal spikes, and hint of a faux hawk are all new. Source: Internet
  61. This style features upright hair on top with tapered short or shaved sides to make a box-like top. This retro-style made famous by celebs such as MC Rakim in the 80s is today, topping the short haircuts for men charts. If you want to flaunt your flat top, you’ll need to visit your barber for regular trims. Source: Internet
  62. The conventional hi-top began to fall out of fashion in the early 1990s and was changed by revolutionary R&B groups like Jodeci, who added slits and unique designs that are still imitated to this day. This style became the staple design set by the group who were the self-styled "bad boys of R&B". The turning point was between 1995 and 1997, when many people who had sported the hi-top fade started to move toward other men's styles. Source: Internet
  63. Nineties poster boy Leonardo DiCaprio elevated curtains to heartthrob level. If you have around 5-6-in of length to play with, this iconic short haircut for men could very well be your next look. To achieve the trademark floppy look, leave your center-parted long curtain fringe hitting around eye level and hang fire on using any hair products. Source: Internet
  64. For short yet thick hair, a disconnected pompadour is a great choice. A blunt break between the long hair on top and the shorter sides are two winning hairstyles that come together to create a cohesive yet dramatic look. It’s what fashion-forward short haircuts for men are all about. Elevate the look with a strong-hold wet finish hair product. Source: Internet
  65. A taper fade haircut is a type of hairstyle where the hair gradually gets shorter as it moves towards the back of the head. You can achieve this by using clippers with different attachments, or by using a razor to shave off hair in layers. Doesn’t matter if you have short or long hair on top you can still do the taper fade haircut, but it is more common with longer hair because it has more length to work with. There is a different name for this haircut which is an undercut, because it involves shaving off some of the top layer of hair and letting some grow out to blend in with the shorter layers at the back. Source: Internet
  66. Symbolizing a golden-era hip-hop haircut is the high top temp fade. The flat-top cut is a masculine and athletic style popular in the ’80s and ’90s. Combining it with a high temp fade takes the style from retro to modern. Men worldwide come back to the style year after year because it looks so smart and stylish. Source: Internet
  67. If you are in search of a brand new look, you must check out our list of the 100 best men's haircuts. Pick a look, mix and match styles, and show your barber some photos. Super easy. Source: Internet
  68. Pairing curly hair with a high top fade provides a modern and masculine appearance with a touch of flair. The stylish haircut allows men to trim their curly hair short or even leave some length. The visual contrast it creates beautifully emphasizes the style on top, and this has made the cut to be trendy in recent years. The haircut best suits those with oval, oblong, heart-shaped, or diamond-shaped faces. Source: Internet
  69. Everything just flows with this gorgeous face! First, it’s the maintained mustache flowing into the short lined-up beard. Then there’re the buzzed sides leading to the simple upward spike. This spiky hairstyle is both tasteful for work and play. Source: Internet
  70. Another take on the Caesar cut, the Edgar features a high skin fade blended into a short Caesar cut. There are some short haircuts for men you’ll either love or hate. It’s a bold style, whichever side of the fence you sit on. Short, manageable, and ideal for oblong, oval, and pointed face shapes. Source: Internet
  71. A fade doesn’t necessarily mean the hair on top has to be short either, just as long as the sides are faded, you have a fade haircut. This means you can also opt for a pompadour hairstyle for a vintage vibe. A classic pompadour calls for a high-shine, so a pomade will be your friend here. Reuzel Blue is the perfect product for proving a strong hold and a high sheen. Source: Internet
  72. If you seek to maintain a stylish appearance, this high skin fade-on colored hair may be excellent. While the high skin fade flatters the buzzed sides, the longer colored hair on top creates fullness and depth. The head can also be shaved up to a high point using a razor blade or number 0 clipper size. Source: Internet
  73. Not all fades are skin fades though - a fade is just transitioning from one hair length to another so it does not mean that you have to go down to skin to have a fade. A lot of people won't want to go down to a 0 so you can still ask for any guard length fade. The skin fade is the most defined fade however as it's very clear to see hair going from bald to say a 0.5 into a 2 at the top of the sides. Whereas when you start at a number 2 and work into a 3 it may not be as clear and obvious, depending on the colour and thickness of your hair. Source: Internet
  74. If you like really sharp neat lines, try a fade haircut like this one, with fading sides, a line up and a long top section. The latter can be styled in a pompadour. To achieve the same sleek effect you will possibly need to combine several hair products. For example, the barber who created this look, used hair serum and styling pomade. Source: Internet
  75. The Ivy League perfectly embodies the on-trend ‘old money’ aesthetic. Short sides paired with the subtle volume on top make this one of the best short haircuts for men looking for a preppy style. Play around with length to suit your tastes but keep the proportions in check to stay true to the original. Source: Internet
  76. Do you have an oval face and killer cheekbones? Then ask your barber for a No.3 on the back and sides with a cropped textured cut, leaving some length at the front. Brush and blow-dry the hair forward, sweep the fringe across the forehead, and achieve one of the edgiest Peaky Blinder haircuts for men. Source: Internet
  77. Here’s a classic high fade in action. The fade happens right at the middle of the temple and helps the hair on the sides blend into the top. The sides are trimmed with clippers with a setting starting at roughly #1 to #3 (for the shortest part of the fade), and going up to a #5 or higher. Source: Internet
  78. Scissor fade, as was told above, is chosen when a client wants to have a customed shape of the cut. It can be any type of the fade cut, but created using scissors, not clippers. What does a client get? Definitely longer hair at the sides, but the cut still has the tapered faded effect. Source: Internet
  79. The best short haircuts for men are timeless. Sexy yet fresh, the messy French crop will tick all the boxes. Here, the hair on top is layered. The hair is then blended with the back and sides and shorter than the top to showcase the contrasting cut. It’s a youthful look that will transition from work to play. Source: Internet
  80. Take the faux hawk one step further by asking your barber to incorporate a fringe and fade. A longer top section and fringe means plenty of hair to play with, so you can customize the look to match your style. The best short haircuts for men are versatile, so go messy and brooding like Zayn Malik or cool and sleek à la Cristiano Ronaldo. Source: Internet
  81. The skin fade haircut, a.k.a bald fades or zero fade cut, because it doesn’t involve any hair on top or around the sides. Source: Internet
  82. Did you know Rastafarians coined the term ‘dreadlocks‘ in the 50s? It referred to “living in dread of God.” You don’t need to be religious to choose this style, though. These days, dreadlocks can symbolize a natural, free spirit. Coil, braid, or twist; there is more than one way to achieve these meaningful short haircuts for men. Source: Internet
  83. Also referred to as temple fade, temp fade is an excellent haircut for smart men. With high temp fade, the fading reaches almost the crown of the head before getting longer on top. It gets its unique and stylish look by featuring a cool taper fade around the temples. The hairstyle is ideal for men who wish to incorporate a high fade into their appearance without dramatically thinning their hair. Though mostly combined with shape-up, the hairstyle now has many variations to select from. Source: Internet
  84. We can thank George Clooney for making a comb-over one of the most sought-after short haircuts for men. To rock this movie-star cut, part the hair to the side and comb across the head. The sides are short, while in comparison, the top is longer, making it perfect for anyone with early-onset hair thinning or balding. Source: Internet
  85. Here’s another short and simple style, this time modeled by handsome Freddy Rodriguez. This photo shows off what a great combination spiky hair and facial hair can make when worn together. Each on their own are okay, beards are cool and spiky hair is flattering, but put them together and you’ve got an unstoppable force to be reckoned with! Source: Internet
  86. Some short haircuts for men raise the bar, and a fringe with a taper fade is a confidence-boosting look. In addition, a fringe has an artistic flair, while a taper fade, with the help of a talented barber, is fuss-free. Better yet, there are lots of ways to style a fringe to enhance features and suit different face shapes. Source: Internet
  87. Assume all high fade haircut styles have the same appearance? Think again. Styles like this one push the limits of traditional styles, relying on a sky-high pompadour and precise line up to add drama. Use a strong hold gel for extra security. Source: Internet
  88. Yes, cutting your hair and beard at home saves money. Time too. But it won’t look like this. It is possible to give yourself a fade and line up a beard but it will take a lot of practice to get to this level. Get the best of both worlds by visiting the barber before occasions and maintain the cut in between. Source: Internet
  89. 21. Medium faux hawk fade An unruly head of hair on top, which you may faux-hawk or no-hawk as you please, balances off this understated haircut. 22. Mohawk fade The mohawk fade is similar to the medium fade but considerably more prominent, making it an excellent medium haircut. These low fade haircuts, which make a statement, manage to be simultaneously bold, stylish, and intelligent. Source: Internet
  90. It’s all about the length on top with this style. For the best results, blow-dry until damp, and then apply a product so the hair is not heavy. Finish blow-drying with a round brush until the hair holds straight up and voila. Who said growing up meant simple hairstyles anyway? Source: Internet
  91. It’s no surprise that military-style cuts are the easiest short haircuts for men to maintain. They suit most face shapes and are easy to style while still looking on-trend and masculine. A French crop is also a good option if you aren’t quite ready to sign up for this signature look. Source: Internet
  92. For instance, a high fade needs more time and effort than a low fade style. A pompadour will need to be styled with the right products. Hair waxes and clays can keep the pompadour dry and high, but it may cause too much product build-up over time. Source: Internet
  93. They say the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. This rule works awesomely for this fresh, spiked hair style. The precise line up from the forehead to temples and across the cheek to the corners of the lips is noteworthy. Top it off with spiky tips, and this male hairstyle is the new definition of trend-worthy. Source: Internet
  94. The mid fade haircut presents itself as being a great all-rounder. It’s less ‘boring’ than a low fade, but doesn’t have quite the same impact as a high fade haircut. As its name suggests, the mid fade haircut starts further up the sides of your head, roughly in line with your temple. Source: Internet
  95. This type of skin fade haircut has been popular for quite some time now, but it seems like it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The reason for this popularity is that it’s one of those haircuts that you can style in many different ways which makes it unique. If a bald fade is a desired style, it can be a great match for someone in need of balance in the severity difference in beard to fade haircut styling. Source: Internet
  96. The slick back hairstyle is a timeless, classic style. And you can elevate the stylishness and sophistication of the look with a high fade. Use premium hair oil for men to maintain the slick back style. Source: Internet
  97. The crop top has been one of the most popular men’s haircuts for over year and counting. It’s a trendy look that works for all hair types. This version doesn’t need much length to showcase thick hair. The fade goes down to the skin to keep you cool and contrast with heavy texture on top. Source: Internet
  98. One of the greatest aspects of high and tight fades is that the options for what to wear on top of your head are virtually limitless. If you want something bold and showy, go with dreads. Secure your braids near the crown of your head with an elastic, shaping a cool man bun. Source: Internet
  99. If you're not sure start with a say a number 2 to be safe and ask your barber to work down if you want it shorter. It's better to start longer than go too short and not like it. Tell your barber beforehand though that you're not sure how short you want to go, then they can do a test area on your head so you can see. The last thing you want is to waste your barbers time, they finish the fade and you say "can we go shorter actually". Source: Internet
  100. There are so many braid options for men to choose from you’re guaranteed to find plenty of short haircuts for men to suit your vibe and style. However, there is something to keep in mind regarding braids, and that is you’ll need to take them out after 6-8 weeks. Doing this will give the roots some relief and help reduce the risk of unwanted hair loss. Source: Internet
  101. What’s great about this haircut is its simplicity and neat look. If you don’t like the spiky top, you can always go shorter without having to disrupt your entire cut. The front spiked hair is longer and strategically tapered to blend with the buzzed sides and back. Source: Internet
  102. A low fade haircut is a perfect entry point into the world of fades, as it doesn’t require too much of the hair on the sides of the head to be removed. Instead, your barber will only cut the hair just above your ears. You can choose to have a hard low fade haircut, which will see your hair go from a grade 0 or 1 to a 3 or 4, for example, or it can be blended more naturally, going from a 1 to a 2. Source: Internet
  103. The fringe hairstyle is another stunning style that can be rocked with a high skin fade. It helps to maintain the best of both worlds by keeping the locks long and closely shaved on the sides of the head. Fringe remains a timeless hairstyle as it always provides that extra stylish edge needed to make one stand out. It looks best on rectangular or oblong-shaped faces. Source: Internet
  104. Here’s a more typical quiff that’s fairly long and voluminous. This uses a fade type called a skin fade, where the fade starts at skin level (no hair) and transitions into the taper. (This means that the section right above your ears will have no hair.) Source: Internet
  105. For men with short hair, layers are a great look regardless of hair texture. It’s pretty easy to add volume to all sorts of short haircuts for men. To do this, keep the top the shortest length, the hairline longer, and the middle length cut to create a contrast between each section. Source: Internet
  106. Some people aren’t crazy about sticking their hair up in the air and that’s totally fine. Spiky hair isn’t for everyone. If you want a more low-key style that won’t attract as much attention, try out this slightly spiked ‘do from Max Lloyd-Jones. It works best on short hair and only needs spiking in the middle. Source: Internet
  107. Short haircuts for men are infinitely versatile, and a bald fade is a perfect partner to many styles. A bald fade will add a pinch of extra spice to quiffs, slick backs, pompadours, and more. A typical fade may take the hair down to a No. 2, while a bald fade blends to skin level. Source: Internet
  108. Despite being considered a non-professional cut for those with strict dress code rules at work, a high bald fade haircut incorporated into a braided hairstyle looks classy and often has a dazzling effect. The high skin fade provides a new and unique way to style braids while keeping them off the shoulders. Hence, transforming the style into a sculptural, modern hairstyle. Source: Internet
  109. Mullets are as much a part of the eighties as leg warmers, neon, and spandex. They are a style that proves retro short haircuts for men are a fun, attention-grabbing look for the guy who doesn’t take himself too seriously. The modern mullet brings a fresh take to the short in the front, long in the back cut with taper fade sides. Source: Internet
  110. These cool men’s hairstyles are about as long as short hair can be plus even shorter faded sides. This length is just as versatile as medium length hair but easier to care for and style. While hair can be worn in a signature look, you can also mix things up between a pompadour, fringe, textured spikes or a quiff. Source: Internet
  111. This haircut is popular among men who want to look professional and trendy at the same time. It comes in all lengths and hair types. The cut on top of the head can be short or long depending on personal preference. Source: Internet
  112. It’s not as simple as barking “short back and sides” at a barber, either. Doing so will likely result in an unremarkable snip rather than something that will turn heads. Instead, take time to understand the different hairstyles available to you, and have a conversation with a stylist about which might suit your face shape and overall look. Source: Internet
  113. If you’re into experiments, you may also like this textured and spiky cut. It’s easier to perform on thick hair, but guys with thin hair can also get this texture with a salt water spray or dry shampoo. Long spiky top heads up, while the fringe is borrowed from an ordinary Caesar cut. Source: Internet
  114. This wonderful high and tight crew cut is ideal for men with thick or thin hair. Only a small band of hair is left on top and brushed upwards. Due to the hair length, the bangs in front will stand out and create a stylish look. Add some styling gel and air dry to perfection. Source: Internet
  115. Here’s a slight tweak on the high fade. It’s barely noticeable, but the fade line curves in an arc. This is a great way to introduce a subtle curve into a style that consists of harsher lines. Source: Internet
  116. Shadow fade haircut is a softer version of a normal fade, it is subtle and creates more natural contrast between hair lengths. Sometimes you can read that this type of fade is for curly hair. Definitely yes, but men with straight hair can try it too. In general, it is a great fit for any guy, especially for those who have sensitive skin and want to skip weekly trimmers. Source: Internet
  117. A high fade cut with short hair on top is a simple haircut that is easy to cut and style. Interestingly, the buzz cut is one of those haircuts that will always make you look super elegant. By combining both high fade and buzz cut, the result is universally a sexy, trendy style. Also, the elegant-looking haircut is both easy to maintain and style. It looks best on those with oval, diamond, or square-shaped faces. Source: Internet
  118. The pompadour fade is a great one for those that want to leave quite a bit of length on top but like to keep the back and sides short. This will often be seen worn with taper, low and mid fades rather than anything too dramatic and high. Being a classic style with lots of length on top, you probably don't want to go too harsh with this one. And you may also want to leave it with a longer length fade as opposed to going down to skin. To style use a paste like the Regal Gentleman Texture Paste. Source: Internet
  119. In the hip-hop community, one of the first public appearances of the more modern hi-top fade hairstyles was in the "Tramp" video by Salt-N-Pepa, released early in 1987. In this video, the dancers could be seen with this hairstyle. They can be also seen dancing in a new jack swing style form based on their wardrobe and choreography, which was not seen in other hip hop and R&B videos at the time. Source: Internet
  120. Make waves with one of the most iconic short haircuts for men. Waves are a fresh, timeless way for black men to embrace and celebrate their natural hair texture. Better yet, it takes very little length to achieve this look. There are many different options, from 360s to 180s, so visiting a specialist barber is best for the most effective results. Source: Internet
  121. A side part is a hair style that is parted to one side of the head. You can wear it with a high, low or middle part. A side part fade is a hairstyle in which the hair on one side of the head cut very short. Typically is is the left side of the head. Then it gradually becomes longer as it reaches the other side. Source: Internet
  122. In the 60s and 80s, the bowl cut was one of the most cutting-edge men’s hairstyles. Today’s modern version, though, is way cooler. It’s edgy, messy, and masculine, with an even-cut fringe sitting mid-forehead and a textured top with buzzcut sides. An evolving style, it is one of the best short haircuts for men. Source: Internet
  123. A side part fade created using a razor or clipper to remove all hair from one side of the head. Then using scissors to trim it down to any desired length. The hair on the other side of the head styled in a way that complements this look. Making it longer and curling it over to cover up any bald spots from shaving off all of the hair on one side. Source: Internet
  124. Spiky hair is great, but you may not be willing to wear it like that every day; that’s why you absolutely shouldn’t allow your stylist to cut your hair in a way that only works with spiky styles. In this picture, Michael rocks the spikes with a style that could just as easily be worn right out of the shower. This technique requires a little more hold for the extra thickness and length, but a nice matte pomade paste will do the trick. Source: Internet
  125. Sexy and smooth, this style makes a statement. Keep it short, and taper the hair into the skin to create contrast. A bald fade with a short Mohawk is more workplace-friendly than a high or mid fade. But any form of Mohawk is up there on the list of stand-out short haircuts for men. Source: Internet
  126. A butch cut is up there with the best short haircuts for men whose mission is not to spend too much time styling their hair. The hair is cut very short, military-style, and looks good paired with an undercut or fade on the back and sides. What’s more, it’s easy to achieve the style at home using clippers. Source: Internet
  127. Check out Matthew Atkinson and his messy spikes. It almost looks as if he has just rolled out of bed and stepped out with a perfect, wearable bedhead. We all know that’s not actually possible, so how did this hunk achieve the style? Simple: take some light hair wax and run your fingers through your hair. It’s really that easy on condition that you’ve got a nice razored cut. Source: Internet
  128. Long hair fade means that your sides will be extremely short (oftentimes trimmed to 0) and the top section will be super-long. To tame your locks wear them in a bun, ponytail or half pony. It`d be a good idea to hone your braiding skills too. Source: Internet
  129. The high and tight is traditionally cut by military men, especially the Marines. Here’s a really short variation with a high fade and tight top. This haircut goes short all the way down to the skin and is a very comfortable haircut for any season. What’s even more special is that you don’t need to do any maintenance, none at all! Source: Internet
  130. When you’re sitting in the barber’s chair, you can’t simply ask for a fade haircut. Instead, you must tell your barber exactly what kind of fade haircut you want. The more precise you are, the more accurate they will be at delivering your wishes. The fade haircut can actually be broken down into various styles: low-fade, mid-fade, high-fade and taper-fade to name a few, but other slightly more obscure options include the undercut fade, pompadour fade and the skin fade haircut. Source: Internet
  131. The modern day buzz cut is often worn with a fade on the back and sides and a slightly longer length on top as opposed to the more traditional one length all over. This adds an element of style to the cut to show that you have visited a barber and not done it yourself at home. The fade will normally be worn quite high in a mid to high fade and will commonly be seen with an ultra short skin or #0 fade on the back and sides, with anywhere from a #1 to a #5 on top. This will need no styling at all, just get up and go! Source: Internet
  132. There’s no shame in a receding hairline; just ask Matthew McConaughey and Henry Cavil. Likewise, there’s no need to hide your hairline or shave it away when there are short haircuts for men that will help flatter your hair. Opt for styles with a longer top and short sides; think modern comb-over or faux hawk. Source: Internet
  133. Both a low fade, as well a high fade are good haircuts. The style you choose depends on your personal preference. If you want a bold and edgy look, opt for a high fade, whereas if you want something less intense, go in for a low fade. Source: Internet
  134. Different substyles emerged around the same time, such as the "gumby" (slanted hi-top that had a shape similar to the Gumby cartoon character) or reagan (similar to the gumby but with more "parts" and designs). Many of the teenage cast members on the films Lean On Me (1989) with Morgan Freeman and Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing (1989) could be seen wearing these Gumby-shaped hairstyles. Recording artists such as Bobby Brown, TKA and Coro also wore the hi-top fade. Source: Internet
  135. The best short haircuts for men often get paired with a beard style. When combining your cut with facial hair, there are a few things to consider, such as hair type and the natural ability to grow a beard. From a big bushy beard to a petite goatee, chat to your barber about the best style to suit your face shape. Source: Internet
  136. Spiky hair looks great especially when the hair length is short. A high and tight fade is a nice addition to this spiky haircut and does not need that much care. But if you want to make it look different and impressive, add some hair gel to damp hair and brush up as many spikes as you wish. Source: Internet
  137. Not all short haircuts for men are high maintenance, and a short fringe is hassle-free. Style it out by sweeping it to the side, spike it up for an edgy vibe, or brush it forward. Messy, angular, blunt, and more, there are lots of banging options. Better yet, a short fringe will always be on-trend. Source: Internet
  138. Are you a low-maintenance guy who doesn’t want to spend much time grooming? Then check out the crew cut. This short haircut for men is minimalistic and timeless. To achieve the look, closely trim the hair at the back and sides but keep more hair on top, leaving strands longer at the front of the head for a graduated finish. Source: Internet
  139. It’s official; textured hair is trending. And this is never more so than the textured crop, one of the hottest short haircuts for men. Waves work well for guys of all ages with wavy, curly, or straight hair. The cut features cropped sides with layered and texture hair on top. Source: Internet
  140. Adding a line-up to a more stylized version of the original buzz cut creates a modern, fashion-forward finish. Sharp, solid edges will frame and draw attention to the face, so this trim is worn best by confident men who like to stand out. A buzz cut is one of the few short haircuts for men that need little or no grooming. Source: Internet
  141. When it comes to dramatic fades, the closer the top to the sky, the better. And while this particular style seems almost impossible to re-create, don’t fear the big heights. Just be sure to master hair-drying with a round brush and stock up on gels and hairsprays beforehand. Source: Internet
  142. A few cool ways to get the look this year are with a cool buzz cut, modern spikes and longer, but still short, hair on top. That’s not all, though. Another popular look is the crop fade, which can fit into all of these categories. Source: Internet
  143. This style toes the line between a mid fade and a high fade. The fade happens around the temple line. When combined with the drop fade, the sides are fuller than they would be with a regular high fade. Source: Internet
  144. Ranking among today’s most popular men’s hairstyles is the high bald fade haircut. It features wholly cropped sides and back that reduce right down to the skin level with a longer length on top. This brings about a smooth transition between the various lengths with plenty of contrast. The style has various options to choose from; thus, one is advised to go for a version that suits his taste and face type. Source: Internet
  145. The fade hairstyle is the more generic brother of the undercut hairstyle. In fact, undercut hairstyle is a variation of fade haircuts, and there are many types of fades: high fade, low fade, regular fade etc. In essence, a fade haircut is a hairstyle with hair on the sides and the back of your head gradually tapered in length until the hair is completely shaven (or not, depending on your fade style.) The top part is where you can have fun – curly, straight, messy, wavy, spiky… you name it. Source: Internet
  146. When combined with a high fade, Taper cut oozes a sophisticated look loved by gents seeking to make a statement with their haircut. Amazingly, the cut is versatile as it works with various styles on top. The haircut here is perfect for men with medium to long hair. It looks cool and retains a masculine look at the same time. The tapered cut keeps the hair sleek and stylish. Source: Internet
  147. In the late 1990s, it became popular among African American males. Influenced by the association with hip-hop culture and underground music scenes. In the 2000s, it became more mainstream and even women started wearing this hairstyle. Source: Internet
  148. The style began to slowly reemerge in popularity in the early to late 2000s, as a new generation of black musicians, athletes, and actors began to embrace this hairstyle.[7] A prominent example is former Cleveland Cavaliers guard/forward Iman Shumpert. The hairstyle even surfaced again in 2012 with the late 1980s–early 1990s style returning. NBA players such as Nerlens Noel, Jaylen Brown and Norris Cole have sported hi-top fades.[8][9] Source: Internet
  149. The most popular fade haircut is a bald fade, which starts at 100% hair on top and transitions to 0% hair at the nape. There are two ways to make bald fade. With or without a hard line, a.k.a an undercut. Source: Internet
  150. High fade haircuts are one of the boldest men’s hairstyle trends. It has various fade cuts to choose from that can instantly update your overall appearance. Not only do the hairstyles give that much-needed extra edge, but they rank as low maintenance cuts that hardly require barber visits for upkeep. Source: Internet
  151. It isn’t even just about your looks. Different hair types, hair growth patterns, etc. all play a part in every haircut. So, the fade haircut in the picture may not even be possible because of your hair anyway. Source: Internet
  152. The Mohawk hairstyle was a big, bold symbol of anarchism during the punk era. These days, they are one of the less extreme short haircuts for men and far more mainstream. If you have a rebellious side, ask your barber to leave a long strip of hair down the center of your head and fade the sides. Source: Internet
  153. Tyler Hilton, the actor and singer who stole the hearts of teen girls everywhere on One Tree Hill, has a rep to uphold as Dreamy Musician. The dude takes his hair seriously, all right? You can tell by this photo. Short and neat, but styled carefully with some spikiness and volume. This is the perfect prom look for all you high schoolers out there in desperate need of haircut inspiration. Source: Internet
  154. When shaving your hair, let the barber leave the top strands longer and give you a side cut. However, you can have a high side with shaved sides and back. Then, use gel and a comb to style the hair at the top. This style is easy to achieve and maintain. Source: Internet
  155. A high and tight fade haircut fade is practical, fashionable and easy to cut. The main feature of this men’s haircut is the soft transition on the sides and back— from long to short hair. Inspired by military hairstyles from centuries ago, the hairstyle is a classic approach to men’s hair. Even though it’s versatile, it is also a low-maintenance haircut. Source: Internet
  156. The high fade haircut is a contemporary classic in men’s hair. It’s a simple yet stylish cut that has a ton of cool variations. Basically, the high fade haircut is all about what happens on the sides. Source: Internet
  157. This haircut is perfect for men with medium length hair and no desire for a military look. The hairstyle can easily be created with the help of some hair pomade and natural waves. The top hair is cut to an average length of about 2 inches, and the sides cut down to a low fade. Source: Internet
  158. With faded hairstyles, there are too many looks to choose from. One of the most-seen is a forward-combed, short cut crop, with ends above the forehead flipped up. This adds a certain amount of edge to an otherwise clean and simple cut. Source: Internet
  159. The hard part is a common styling technique where the barber or stylist shaves a line into your hair to create a part. Normally, you’d just brush your hair to create the part, but the hard part gives an edgy flair that you can’t get with a regular part. And, of course, it’s nicely complemented by a high fade. Source: Internet
  160. Yes. You can always get a classic high and tight style when you go for a high fade haircut. This will add elegance to your haircut while retaining a masculine appeal. The shaved line makes the buzzed sides appear cool and bold. To get the hair on top looking more dapper and tight, you may opt for good hair styling products. Source: Internet
  161. A faux hawk is less rebellious than a Mohawk making it more office-friendly. No need to buzz or shave the sides of the head. Instead, your barber will create a taper fade on the sides with longer hair on top. Short haircuts for men are popular with celebs, and this look is one of Zac Efron’s favorites. Source: Internet
  162. If you want a high and tight haircut, but have doubts about what to do with your top hair, then try a subtle quiff. This hairstyle will make a statement as it looks like an undercut. Don’t forget that even though you will look unique, you will also need to spend time keeping your hair looking dapper. Maintainance is a must for this style. Source: Internet
  163. The Burst Fade haircut is a type of haircut that has been around for a while. It is a way to maintain a longer length on top. Then gradually cut the hair shorter towards the back and sides. This haircut is popular among men with thicker hair. Source: Internet
  164. If you want a low-maintenance style, try the sassy short lifted haircut. Wearing the cut alone makes it boring, so a better way to style it is to add a fade. The style is straightforward to achieve and common among hairstylists. The stylist will tease your hair at the crown and push it back to look like a pompadour. Source: Internet
  165. Need inspiration for work-friendly short haircuts for men? Keeping your hair professional needn’t be boring. Try pairing a mid fade with brushed-back hair for a style that looks expensive and sophisticated. The secret to holding the style in place is to brush it back and apply pomade while the hair is still damp. Source: Internet
  166. When talking about the fade, the skin fade haircut is often mentioned. A skin fade once again does what it says on the tin. It means that the side of the hair is taken down to the skin to bald. This is normally done with a foil shaver (or even sometimes a straight razor) as opposed to a clipper to really get that ultra close shave. A skin fade haircut though can still be split up into the four categories above, so it's up to you and your barber whether you go for a taper, low, mid or high skin fade. Source: Internet
  167. Some high and tight haircuts can have an Ivy League look. If you want that look while also ridding yourself of any maintenance hassles, then try a short high and tight fade. Leave your hair very short by the sides and back and make a neat spike on top. This is a good hairstyle for any age and easy to manage too. Just add some hair product to damp hair and air dry before brushing. Source: Internet
  168. A high and tight fade cut is sometimes considered a military haircut for its sharp and clean look. However, the hairstyle looks particularly polished on straight hair, thanks to the natural straight strands that enhance the look. This haircut is an excellent option for those whose locks are free from waves, kinks, and curls, as it will give a dapper look. Source: Internet
  169. For a long time, a woman’s beauty was associated with her hair length, and it was taboo in some societies for women to cut their hair. Besides, most women like their hair, making it hard for them to try short hairstyles. Others are also afraid to try the taper fade haircut because of their face shapes. Source: Internet
  170. The description the pompadour mid fade haircut as follows: short cut on top and longer hair at the back, a.k.a an undercut pompadour or faux hawk. Source: Internet
  171. But did you know that there are many short hairstyles for women? Most young and older women like short haircuts because short hair is easier to style and maintain. Besides, it requires little to no hair products, making it cheap. The advantage of having your hair is that you don’t bother about the hairstyle to do during corporate meetings. If you want to be adventurous with your hair and try taper fade short haircuts, here are some styles to try. Source: Internet
  172. A high taper fade mixed with a sky-high faux hawk is the definition of sexy hair, mainly due to its variety. Whereas the top of the hair is wild, the sides are shaved and more serious. This spiky hair fade is a perfect cut for a hip young man. Source: Internet
  173. Again, if you have curly hair, try this haircut. The faux red hawk with a bunch of tight coils on top looks gorgeous on any head. You can make people turn and draw attention by dyeing it a bright red. When going out for a girls’ night out, use hair spray to hold up the curls. You can make the taper fade haircut more gorgeous by creating intricate lines on both fade sides. Source: Internet
  174. If you are looking for a haircut that gives the coolest looks to all types of curls, then you should opt for high fade styles when next you visit a barbershop. The sharp and classy cut creates a soft fade down the neck and a shorter length on the side that smoothly fades into the textured curly hair on top. This can be achieved with high taper fade, high skin fade, high top fade, or high bald fade. Source: Internet
  175. If you have kinky afro hair, you might be tired of managing it and could be looking for a way out. A simple high and tight haircut is a great choice for your hair type. Leave some hair on top to make the haircut look even more special and fade the sides and back to the skin. All you need is a hairbrush to keep this style looking good always. Source: Internet
  176. As for maintenance, you need less of everything except time in the barbers. You can get away with shampooing less frequently (once every three to four days with suffice) and you’ll require less product than medium-length hairstyles like the quiff. However, the style will visibly grow out faster, so aim to rebook every few weeks — and browse some of the best short haircuts for men to take with you, below. Source: Internet
  177. It takes a good barber to achieve these styles, because sometimes they go from a low to a very high gradient and you need very good technique to achieve it. But it certainly is a fresh, new style that looks good on any hair type. So don't hesitate to add a low cut, pompadour or the classic curly locks to your style. Source: Internet
  178. A better way to create curls in straight afro hair is by making it into knots. These are made by twisting your hair strands and covering them to sleep. Once you remove the twists in the morning, you will have beautiful curls. You can then pair the kinky knots with a fade and make two parallel lines on the fade to make it more stylish. Source: Internet
  179. One of the gorgeous taper fade haircuts to style with long hair is a big top bun with a faded back. However, you must be willing to cut the back strands of your long hair. You can then tie the long strands into a bun for the back to be visible. If you attend office meetings, let your strands lose to hide the faded back. Source: Internet
  180. This sexy and fashionable pompadour offers a stylish way to rock a high fade haircut. The hairstyle garnered popularity in the 1950s and 1960s. It has recently seen a resurgence as it’s been given a modern and sophisticated look with sharp, high fade lines. The classic look breathes new life to hair of medium or long length while showcasing the fantastic texture and volume of the hair. Source: Internet
  181. Temple fade cut is the best choice if you want to try fades but are afraid of major changes in your appearance. In temp fades only the sideburns are shaved off (partly or completely). Sometimes a small area by the ears is also trimmed. Source: Internet
  182. In this picture, good old Colin Farrell has a haircut that’s longer on the top and shorter on the sides. This long and modern take on the high-and-tight is the key to achieving a proper spiky ‘do. The shorter sides are unassuming and unnoticeable without having to be slicked down while the top is ready for styling fresh from the shower. Source: Internet
  183. The attention to strands of color is what this image displays. Applying a strong hold product allows for the dimension of the highlighted strands to shine through, while the spikes remain elevated and perfectly defined at the tips. With the sides and back shaved shorter, this look lifts men’s spiky hairstyles to the stylish levels they have never been before. Source: Internet
  184. Short haircuts for men are trending, and it’s time to go head to head with the mid-fade pompadour. Made famous by Elvis, the pompadour remains popular today, thanks to its old-school, classy appearance. For best results, you’ll need around 4-in of length on top so that the strands are long enough to sit flat when brushed back. Source: Internet
  185. Medium spiked hair in a messy upswept undercut with tapered sides that fade down dramatically is a totally novel look. But if you add some ash blonde color on top of that, the final result can exceed the expectation. This trick works especially well for men with naturally dark hair. Source: Internet
  186. Since then, men have perfected the look, trading in their dollar store hair gel for something a little lighter, allowing for a softer take on the classic style. If you want to rock the spikes but aren’t sure how, read on. We’ve got twenty different and unique takes to guide you through it. By the end, you should know exactly which will suit you best. Source: Internet
  187. The scissor fade haircut is the most popular type of haircut in the world. It is a classic style. It stood the test of time and continues to be popular with men and women. Source: Internet
  188. Spiky hairstyles for men are so nineties—except that they are totally not. While the spiky hair movement did reach the high point of its popularity during the time when The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was on TV and everyone wore their baggy pants too low, it never faded away like all the other fads. In fact, it only got better with time! Source: Internet
  189. This is the classical military buzz with a twist. The buzz cut has a way of making men look severe, but this look is softened with a high and tight fade. This haircut is very easy to manage because there is absolutely no maintenance required. Source: Internet
  190. One of the amazing things about high and tight fade haircuts is that it works well for all hair types. You can add a positive vibe and excitement to the sharp style by incorporating a hard part to your cut. Even if your hair is not long enough to give a charming appearance, the shaved line will give the illusion of a stylish side part. The style suits almost all face types. Source: Internet
  191. If it’s good enough for George Clooney, it has to be one of the best short haircuts for men. There are two ways to create a soft part. For a professional look, make the parting using a comb. Alternatively, if you’re happy with a more relaxed vibe, separate the hair using your fingers. Either way, this is a red carpet look for aspirational guys. Source: Internet
  192. A buzz cut is undoubtedly one of the best haircuts for men with oval or oblong face shapes hoping to balance proportions. What’s more, a buzz cut is one of the few styles that you can achieve at home. So grab some good-quality clippers, set them to a No.1 or 2, and shave evenly all over the head. Source: Internet
  193. Tie your 5 or 6 inches long dreadlocks at the center of your head using a hairband. You should also style them into a bun using the loose dreadlocks. The side cut with a fade will be visible with your dreadlocks tied up. Source: Internet
  194. Feel free to experiment with your natural curls by defining them with a smart side part added to the high fade cut. Interestingly, the style works with all hair lengths and textures. To create a more appealing look, you can add a shape up along the hairline to create sharp, crisp lines. The haircut suits all face types. Source: Internet
  195. Fade haircuts are popular among men because they are low maintenance, look great on most face shapes, and styled easily. They also have a very masculine edge to them which makes them appealing to many men. These haircuts are a type of haircut that is short on the sides and long on the top. These styles are popular because they look great with a variety of face shapes and hair textures. They styled in a number of different ways, but the most popular way is to style them so that they have a natural finish or to style them with a pompadour. Source: Internet
  196. Combining a modern high top fade haircut with a hard part is the way to the top as it provides an extra edge when it comes to style. The trendy cut is professional and will provide an instant update to your appearance by breathing new life into your hair. The cut is ideal for those with medium-length hair and all face types, though men with round, oval, or oblong-shaped faces are considered the best fit. Source: Internet
  197. In the 1950s, the undercut was a popular hairstyle for men and women. It was a clean and neat haircut that styled with a comb or brush. The undercut fade is an updated version of this classic cut that is still popular today. Source: Internet
  198. There are many reasons why people get this kind of haircut. One reason is because it helps them look more professional when they go for interviews or work in an office environment. Other reasons are because people think that they look better with this kind of cut, or because it just in style. Source: Internet
  199. Here’s a longer buzz style with a shape up at the hairline and blur at the neckline. In between, you can see the arch behind the ear that is the hallmark of a taper fade. The fade into a defined beard Source: Internet
  200. 1) How high do you want to go with the fade? Low, mid, high or taper. Talk to your barber to see what they think for your face shape, the style you're going for and your lifestyle. Different fade heights will work with different face shapes and different styles too. Source: Internet
  201. For the younger men out there, Brett Davern’s style may be a little more up your alley. His spikes are uniform and controlled, all leaning towards the right in perfect consistency. It can be tough to avoid awkward pieciness when aiming for this more advanced look, but we’ve got your back, bro. Wait until your hair is semi-dry to apply your strong-hold pomade and use a comb to make the front stand straight up. Source: Internet
  202. If you have a receding hairline, a high and tight haircut is an excellent choice. This hairstyle will make you look a lot younger than you actually are and will attempt to cover up any bald areas. Simply brush your well-trimmed hair forward and you are set to go! Source: Internet
  203. Spiky hair with skin fade is a good option for people with a round face shape. Short sides spiky top visually elongate the face making the look more balanced. Another detail you can add if you like is a beard – beards also suit guys with round faces. Source: Internet
  204. Taper fade haircuts provide a combination of the taper haircut and the fade haircut. These two styles on their own are often mistaken for one another, but there is actually much to separate them. A taper fade haircut doesn’t exhibit as much of a drastic change between hair lengths but sees the hair taper inwards as it reaches the ear. It also only tends to concern the hair just over the ears and at the neckline (although, you’ll find there are still many different types of taper fade). Source: Internet
  205. The high and tight fade haircut is simply a type of high fade style that creates a remarkable bold contrast between the back, the top, and the sides of the head. The style quickly transitions from longer hair on top to very short sides and back. It is considered a simple hairstyle and doesn’t necessarily need a styling product for maintenance. As such, the haircut is a great option for men who are busy and don’t have enough time to spend on styling their hair. Source: Internet
  206. High fade paired with crew cut can be a great bet if you’re someone with short hair. It is popular with footballers, and here, former football player Sergio Aguero dons this classy look. You, too, can look equally cool if you get it shaped the right way. Style your short hair with this charming high fade cut, and it’ll appear as if you were born with this cool style. Source: Internet
  207. If you are not totally ready for a high and tight cut, you can still look great with the help of a taper cut. Your hair can be cut into a taper fade, but not a skin fade. Apply enough hair products to your hair and style with your hands to create a wet and well-planned disheveled look. Source: Internet
  208. The best short haircuts for men with thin hair will make it appear thicker. These include a buzz cut, textured French crop, crew cut, and side part. Avoid hair products that may clump the hair, and opt for hair wax instead. Remember, a barber is your best friend when you have fine hair. Source: Internet
  209. The original spikes styled with hair gel were defined like bristles. This modern version is a softer look that is more texture than spike. Try a hair wax to get this look for thick hair. Source: Internet
  210. Fade haircuts have evolved from classic tapers. But nowadays, the trend has become more diverse than ever, with men rocking longer (even curly) hair on the top of the head with contrasting shaved sides. In other words, the style can be worn in a multitude of different ways. Source: Internet
  211. If you want a more daring, textured hairstyle, you could opt for a burst fade on the side and back. As it seems unusual & intricate itself, you can style the hair on the top of your head quite modest. Also, If you prefer a textured and dimensional look, you are welcome to add some definition. Source: Internet
  212. Unlike a drop fade, the burst fade focuses on the hairline’s edge and behind the ear. The great thing about this fresh style is that it works for curly and straight hair. It also couples well with lots of hairstyles. What’s more, it’s on the list of short haircuts for men that work well for all ethnicities. Source: Internet
  213. Full high bald fade paired with taper cut is usually edgy and looks good on most young men. The high taper fade on the sides creates a much-desired contrast to give the haircut a classic and stylish appearance. For a masculine finish, you can add a full beard to enhance the cut. Those who prefer to leave longer hair on top can make their hair thicker by styling it with matte products. Source: Internet
  214. Who says you can’t do brush-back hair in style? Well, you can always do so with the high taper fade cut meant for men of all ages with textured hair. The haircut seamlessly blends with a voluminous hairstyle on top like brush back, a pompadour, or mohawk. However, it requires styling products for neat maintenance. The style creates a classic yet incredibly sexy look. Source: Internet
  215. It’s not new that high temp fade gives textured hair a fresh new look. So if you are looking for a cool high fade cut that will make you look sharp and stylish, this haircut has the answer. It adds a polished twist to your natural locks while sensationally showcasing the texture and volume of your hair. The haircut normally creates a sleek appearance. Source: Internet
  216. 4) Take a picture. If this all sounds too much then just find a picture of what you want. By far the easiest way to get what you want and not worry about any of this is to show a picture or even better a few different pictures. This makes sure you and your barber are on the same page, rather than asking for a high skin fade and not really knowing what this is or what it will look like. Source: Internet
  217. High fade haircuts are classified into different groups depending on the additional styles given to them. They include high-top fade haircuts, high skin fade haircuts, short hair high fade haircuts, high bald fade haircuts, high and tight fade haircuts, high taper fade haircuts, high fade haircuts for curly hair, and high temp fade haircuts. These haircuts are worth trying out and will make you look your best any time, any day. Source: Internet
  218. A high fade is one of the boldest haircuts for smart men, featuring a cut that starts to fade into the skin just above the temples. It has a short back and sides, and the length of hair gets gradually shorter as it fades. Also, the top of the haircut can be styled with other lovely cuts such as buzz cut, a pompadour, crew cut, mohawk, and french crop. As a result, there exists a variety of high fade haircuts that look very cute and fit almost all face types. Source: Internet
  219. This is one well-groomed, stylish male look. The combination of the trimmed beard and mustache, thick eyebrows, shaved sides, and spiked hair is something to stop and admire. With some workable styling clay, his dark hair is styled into a perfectly imperfect texture – 100% envious style, indeed! Source: Internet
  220. The most common types of fade haircuts are the high, low, bald, and skin fade. The high fade is when the hair on the top of the head is cut short while the hair on the sides and back are left long to create a contrast in length. The low fade is when all the hair on the head is cut short but there is no contrast in lengths. A bald fade starts at ear level with no hair left behind and gradually fades into nothingness at about jaw level. Source: Internet
  221. A classic side-parted quiff is all about proportions, so maintain some length around the back and sides. Short haircuts for men are not always about creating a stark contrast. To channel Don Draper’s Mad Men-style, use a high shine product to hold the quiff in place and create that sought-after, glossy 50s finish. Source: Internet
  222. Dyed blonde hair on a man with dark facial hair is sexy. Make the contrast stand out by embracing the latest trick in the spiky hair trend – the very front of the hair combed straight up. The color gives dimension to this modern style. Source: Internet
  223. This is one of the coolest and most trending high fade hairstyles for men. It has a high and tight look that can be sported by any face type and still give a classic yet effortlessly stylish look. The haircut isn’t difficult to pull off and can work well with bead or head design. Team it up with your classic apparel to look like a perfect gentleman. Source: Internet
  224. Short spiky hair was the most popular short haircut for men in the 90s. That doesn’t mean this style isn’t current; ask Adam Levine. For the full effect, you’ll need to style your hair after washing with matte-effect products. Reach for a styling paste or clay and separate strands into textured spikes. Source: Internet
  225. Our careers keep our style decisions in check, and so it goes for hair. In regards to spiky haircuts for guys, this is a safe and simple cut that is suitable for the office. With a clean part and side spikes, this look can be accomplished straight out of the shower with a comb and styling paste. Source: Internet
  226. The hi-top fade is commonly called a crew cut, due to the great likeness of the two styles. In fact, the hi-top fade could qualify as a variation on the flattop.[2] Source: Internet
  227. One of the most stylish ways to wear short hair is with spikes. It’s a modern look that beefs up fine hair or takes care of thick locks. In addition to a fade, add some texture, unexpected angles or even a shaved line. Source: Internet
  228. You can give your style a great boost with a high temp fade paired with a fauxhawk, as seen in this example rocked by Maroon 5 member Adam Levine, who offers a more dramatic take on the fade cut. Fauxhawk, which is a more subtle version of a mohawk, works well with a nice taper. Thus, making the style an eye-catching and awesome hairstyle for gents. It looks best on those with oval, square, or oblong-shaped face types. Source: Internet
  229. Combining taper cut with high fade often looks elegant, thanks to its clean lines—the gorgeous style results in a high contrast tight look. The cut starts near the top of the head and slowly tapers down the sides. The high fade cut usually blends the hair on top easily, and this can be achieved with a number 0, 1, 2, or 3 clipper size. The classy haircut is versatile and instantly recognizable as it typically features a gradual fade to the skin from almost the top of the head. Source: Internet
  230. With that in mind, it is wise if you are getting a fade for the first time to go longer to start. If you think it looks good as it is, you’re all set. Write it down and ask for it next time. Source: Internet
  231. Feel free to showcase the versatility of a high fade cut by opting for this amazing haircut that perfectly compliments the hairstyle. As French crop often involves taper fade alongside a sharp, high fade, the style usually draws admirers. You can even pair the impressive fade art with a hipster beard to complete the freshest look! Source: Internet
  232. If you are looking for something that’ll back up your coolness, this high top fade combined with dreadlocks can be the perfect option. You can also achieve this look with a low fade or mid-fade cut. However, incorporating high fade to dreadlock style provides that extra stylish edge for the timeless hairstyle. It perfectly fits those with oblong, oval, or rectangular face types. Source: Internet
  233. High skin fade haircuts are interchangeable with high bald fade haircuts as they have an almost similar look. Ordinary skin fade cut starts almost right down to the skin at the back of the neck and then gradually tapers to the longer hair on top as the clipper works up the head. Then, on the contrary, high skin fade haircuts almost get to the crown of the head before it tapers to the longer hair. This smart yet striking style results in a lot of skin getting exposed. Source: Internet
  234. For men seeking to look and feel cool, this neat and sharp cut provides the answer. The high top fade hairstyle looks best on black boys and men with long or medium-length hair. It also results in a great style for those having thick hair textures and fits all face shapes. You can frequently brush the mini afro haircut on top for more sassiness while maintaining it with good hair products. Source: Internet
  235. How you wish to wear the hair on top of your head plays a key role in deciding which high and tight fade hairstyle to go for. For an easy and simple option, you can create a flat top look. The length should be just enough to show off the natural texture of your hair and the practical short sides as well. The amazing combination is easily manageable and has a sleek appearance. Source: Internet
  236. There are so many different variations on this cut, for example its length or texture. Some styles also depend on different face types or physical features. A picture worth a thousand words: take snaps and talk with your barber about what to expect before you make an appointment. If I just say that I want a fade, that doesn’t necessarily mean I know what result i’m getting. Read on to understand how to do this short, clipper cut and what it entails. Source: Internet
  237. The edgiest haircut among fades is the disconnected fade. The definition is simple. “Disconnected” can be called any haircut that has dramatic length changes in the hair. See the example below. Source: Internet
  238. The buzz cut is a top trend right now. Not necessarily the military cut but a high fashion version. A blurry fade adds style to the utilitarian look whether it is cut as close to the scalp as possible or a little longer. Add some texture and/or a defined line up for maximum impact with minimum hair length. Or trade that fade for a taper. Source: Internet
  239. This is the latest modern variant of the popular high skin fade haircut. Team up your undercut high fade hairstyle with a slicked-back look for a cute and laid-back appearance. This style is specifically meant for younger boys and men. The simple, understated style is professional while remaining on-trend. It suits those with oblong face type, square face, and oval face shapes. Source: Internet
  240. Another way to wear a distinctive pompadour is to leave the top part spiky. This haircut is perfect for special occasions, and may not make a great hairstyle for everyday wear. It will need a lot of hair gel and regular maintenance; so be prepared. A special pompadour like this will make you stand out from any crowd. Source: Internet
  241. Mid fade haircuts are trendy these days. There’s a reason why the medium fade haircut is so popular; it’s the perfect middle ground between two very different styles. The list of long top cuts, like the pompadour, means you can experiment without losing your favorite look. We also offer a concise and less dramatic hair cut than the high fade and less sleepy than a low one. Source: Internet
  242. The high top haircut is a gem of the 1980s and the early 1990s. A notable symbol of the golden hip-hop era, the cut is now given a modern look with a sleek high fade along the sides and back of the head. It’s highly recommended for men that wish to stand out from the crowd. It normally comes in great options like having a flat top, braided top, dread, or pompadour style. The hairstyle looks very neat and clean and allows the unruly locks of dread to be kept in place. Source: Internet
  243. One of the easiest ways to get a mohawk look is with a high taper fade. Not only does the cut act as a subtle frame for your face, but it also gives an intense effect. As one of the most traditional cuts for men, mohawk has a classic and timeless appeal. It looks sharper when paired with a high taper fade. Source: Internet
  244. Fade haircut is a popular men`s cut in which the length of the hair reduces gradually from the parietal ridge towards the temples and nape. High fade is one of its trendiest variations. Highly popular among Asian, African-American and Caucasian men, high fade cuts transcend ethnicity and age. They’re inherently cool — high fades were spotted on Old Hollywood stars back in the day, and now they are rocked by young, hip men. Source: Internet
  245. We all know that styling curly hair can be somewhat challenging, but giving the hair a high skin fade cut makes the curls easier to style and work with. High skin fade curly haircuts with a shape-up hairline are usually classy, professional, and flattering. The high fade cut accentuates the curls on top, creating an edgy hairstyle with tons of visual contrast. Source: Internet
  246. A high fade haircut is a type of men’s haircut that involves cutting hair short at the sides and back of the head. Other names are: high skin fade, high bald fade or taper cut. High fade is all about the contrast which typically results in low maintenance and upkeep. It’s particularly popular for men who care less about their hairstyle and want to preserve their hairstyle over a long period of time. There are plenty of different ways to experiment with looks, even with a high top fade. Source: Internet
  247. High bald fade haircut is an awesome style for men. The haircut is easily identified by a smooth range of hair around the scalp. It is fresh and clean-cut, often trimmed super short by the sides to get a stunning look. You can further show off your sense of creativity by grooming your beard to show off your jawline in a stylish manner. The style best fits those with oblong or oval face types. Source: Internet
  248. The undercut fade haircut combines both the undercut haircut and a fade haircut, to create an incredibly modern hairstyle for men. The undercut haircut by definition already exhibits incredibly short hair contrasted with longer hair on top of the head, with no real in-between phase. Adding a fade into the mix helps to soften this hard contrast, by incorporating faded sides as opposed to having one length of hair. Source: Internet

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10 Best High Fade Haircuts for Men - High Fade Medium Hair

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High Fade Medium Hair - 25 Men's Haircuts With Short Sides and a Long Top

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