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238 Best Hairstyles For Long Hair Easy To Do

This time, we're going to talk about Hairstyles For Long Hair Easy To Do. There is a lot of information about Easy Hairstyles For School on the internet, of course. Social media are getting better and better quickly, which makes it easier for us to learn new things.

20 Simple And Easy Hairstyles | Long Hairstyles For Work and Simple Hairstyles For Long Hair are also linked to information about How To Style Long Hair Male. As for other things that need to be looked up, they are about easy hairstyles for long hair to do yourself and have something to do with Long Hair Hairstyles Male.

Hairstyles For Long Hair Easy To Do

238 Best Hairstyles For Long Hair Easy To Do | 41 DIY Cool Easy Hairstyles That Real People Can Do at Home

  1. It’s hard to know where this beautiful hairstyle begins and where it ends. This hairdo is ideal for a wedding or a formal dinner. Make sure your hair is not freshly washed so the hairdo holds perfectly! Source: Internet
  2. This pretty and easy chignon is perfect for the women who would rather snooze than wake up early to do their hair. It looks well put together and charming. You only need a couple bobbypins, 2 minutes and it’s done! Source: Internet
  3. Bangs or fringes are amazing but they can limit you in what kind of hairdo you can wear. Updos always look great with bangs and this one is no exception! The braid finishes the look and gives a really soft look. This updo is great for spring and would look great worn with a flowy white shirt and jeans. Source: Internet
  4. This hairstyle is possibly one of the most simple ponytail hairstyles out there. The pattern that this sports in the back makes the hair look very voluminous. Well-Textured and well-maintained hair is something that almost everyone will prefer sporting. Source: Internet
  5. As the name suggests, this is a unique hairstyle that has two elements that differ, that is a waterfall style and cluster of curl. Though it has two different elements, it is the easiest to perform/do as it is not more complicated. Make your way to the saloon now and ask for this style. Source: Internet
  6. There are many easy hairstyles, once you learn them, you will be surprised how versatile your everyday look can be. Our primary goal is to help you make your life easier, that is why we have carried out a deep research and come up with a nice set of easy ideas to replicate. Whenever you feel like you are tired of the same old hairstyle you use day after day, you are welcome to use these cute ideas we have stored for you! Source: Internet
  7. While the top knots and crown ponies have got quite famous and popular in the last decade for young women out there, we have another variant in the same with its unique looks and features. Here it is, the top half bun looks with half hair down. It is not at all time consuming and makes anyone who tries this look cute and lovely, effortlessly. Here is how to do it. Source: Internet
  8. Are you in search of a perfect hairstyle to look chic, edgy, unique and sassy? This bold hairstyle look can quite require a lot of confidence on your part, and if you are ready, you are assured to rock in flaunting this look. The entire hair is coloured in ombre highlights of single/mono color. While we show you an example of women flaunting purple hair, you can go ahead with magenta red, pink, or yellow too. Source: Internet
  9. Simple and easy hairstyles are acceptable for all, and these are easy to carry everywhere. Most people choose these easy hairstyles instead to a heavy one that will require after-do maintenance. For offices, college, casual outings and parties, it is in trend among girls. Therefore, in this article, you have already read how to make simple hairstyles in 50 different ways for medium, short and long hairs. Choose your style for this summer and try making it daily and flaunt your different look anytime anywhere. Source: Internet
  10. Comb? What’s that? Messy hairstyles are all the rage right now! Get on board with it with this stunning and easy messy high ponytail. Gather all your hair with your fingers and hold in at the crown. Tie it with an elastic band and flare out your ponytail to finish off the look. Source: Internet
  11. Okay, this one needs to have the honorable mention. If you have long hair, you can simply wear your hair loose. Long, flowing hair always looks good! Unless you have a bad hair day, of course. Source: Internet
  12. This style is one of the most fancy ways to style long hair. The pattern that this straight hair sports in the rear portion of the head is the best feature of this look. This simple hairstyle is so powerful that it can make any woman look stylish. Source: Internet
  13. This style is given such a name because in this you make a hair braid with your braid and that is done on the crown of your head. You start braiding your hair from one side and take it over your crown and pin it on the other side. Let the rest of the hair hang loose or make a bun or a ponytail. Source: Internet
  14. Another simple hairstyle is here. It is quite an easy and evergreen style, giving a classic and chic look. All you need to do is make a puff hairstyle near the crown and pin half of the hair in the back. This is quite easy to do and looks very sexy and stylish. Tease hair a bit, and it can show a good volume of hair this way. Source: Internet
  15. This hairstyle is one of the best looking easy hairstyles for all women out there. The pattern that the hair sports on the sides (that braided pattern) is quite something and is probably that will easily impress all women out there. The blonde hair will be most suitable for this look. If you are looking for something new and exciting in the category of hairstyles, then this can be said to be something that will be suitable for you. Source: Internet
  16. You can achieve this look with a curling iron or velcro rollers. Rollers use minimum heat, which is great if you want to protect your hair from heat damage. Don’t forget to spritz on some hairspray after curling your locks to prevent them from unraveling throughout the day. Source: Internet
  17. If you search for an entirely bold, solid, trendy and heavy look, we have one for you. It may take patience to achieve this look, but those who want quite a massive and contemporary yet vintage style statement can instead prefer this one. Here is how to make this updo for long hair. Source: Internet
  18. If you are among the party freaks and want to look no less on any such occasion, here is the top-notch high-end hairstyle. The ombre hair highlights with marron and blonde, with a messy and puffy bun and statement jewellery, can make you look no less than a diva. It elevates the entire fashion sense to the next level and manages to keep you in the limelight. What do you think of this look? Source: Internet
  19. This is a simple enough hairstyle where all you have to do is tie a side braid on either side of your head and then end it up in a pony or a bun as desired. You can start the braid in a normal way from any one side or even from both. Don’t finish the braid. Once you cross the nape of your neck end it in a pony. Source: Internet
  20. Are hairstyles for work using trouble for you? Say destroy all the hard-to-create designs for your hair. Right here are 20 easy hairstyles for work with a step-by-step show you can perform in a short time. Feel to share our content easy hairstyles for long hair to do at home. Source: Internet
  21. Black women all over the world are embracing their natural hair. Many of them are sporting Black braided hairstyles that last for a good few weeks. To add style to your braided look, tie it in a half top knot. It is quick and looks great! Source: Internet
  22. We often spot this kind of conventional yet elegant wavy bun in celebrity’s hairstyles. If you are in awe as much as we are, and want to recreate the same look, it is quite easy. Make sure the hair is wavy in an excellent texture and go with rolled side bun with a dense texture. In case you don’t have very thick hair, do not hesitate to put on additional artificial hair rolls. Some statement jewellery and heavy looks can match this kind of sass! Source: Internet
  23. This look is just perfect for a casual day at school. You’ll surely look striking with this mermaid braid hairstyle. Click the link above for the walk through. Source: Internet
  24. If you have hair with natural waves, then this is something that you will find suitable for yourself. If you are willing to sport a wavy looking hairdo at a party, then this is something that will be very suitable for your hair quality and will go hand in hand with a cute face as well. It is one of those easy and simple hairstyles, which can sport very effectively with a chubby face. Source: Internet
  25. Bring in all the hair towards the back and take two sections of hair from both sides. Use elastic to tie up the two, and yet, do two sub-braids with both sections. Pull up the neat braids a bit to make it appear puffy. Roll backwards neatly and tuck it inside securely with the help of bobby pins. Source: Internet
  26. We've all been there: You woke up with absolutely zero time (opens in new tab) to even run a comb through your hair and you have to be somewhere in a flash. Or maybe you simply want no part of getting into a wrestling match with your hair. Don't sweat it—just try one of these crazy-fast (and chic!) hairstyles, and you'll be out the door in no time. (opens in new tab) Okay, if you haven't done them before, they might take a couple of minutes, but practice makes perfect, right? Below is a comprehensive list of YouTube tutorials for each style. Trust us, the results will save you so much time and energy. Source: Internet
  27. Have long hair and need some new ideas for cute easy hairstyles? Braid it! This stylish braid tutorial will give your hair an edgy but carefree look! For this step by step braiding tutorial and more, click the link above. I love this look for work or school, but you could pretty much sport it anywhere. Not just any braid, this pretty hair braiding tutorial gives you a full braid with lots of volume. Great for thin or thick har, you can be sporting this look in minutes. A great look for school, work or weekend outings, you are going to love this one. Source: Internet
  28. Slick hair is all the rage right now, and I am on board with it. Apply some lightweight hair gel and comb back your hair. Gather all your hair to the crown and wrap it in a bun. If you have thin hair but want it to look voluminous, use a bun maker to achieve this look. Source: Internet
  29. This is a new way to get a solid hanging low bun which would be a perfect look for a party or even a formal event. To get this simple hair style look start by tying your hair into a low pony and then with your finger make a loop just above the tie. Loop the pony twice, the second time going half and pinning it. The rest of the hair can be tied into a bun by rolling it back up. Source: Internet
  30. Long layers will add volume and style to naturally straight hair. It also makes thick hair less heavy and more manageable. So it’s one of the best haircut options for those with long hair. Source: Internet
  31. To get this look start by braiding your hair from both sides. Usually, the front few locks do the job but if you have short locks, take a lock from the two sides of the hair and then braid it. Once the braiding is done, make the left braid and pin it to the right of the head and do the same with the other. This style is one of the easy hairstyles for long hair with crossed braid. Source: Internet
  32. Remove all the tangles and knots in your hair and divide it vertically into four sections from the front hairline to the back hairline. Weave each section into a Dutch braid to finish off the look. You can also incorporate some colorful extensions into the braids to add a fun vibe to your look. Source: Internet
  33. Cheat your way into an even longer ponytail with this easy hairstyle trick. It looks very chic and will make your hair look thicker and healthy. If you have very straight hair, you may want to put some wave in your hair before you do this ponytail, but it’s just an extra. Source: Internet
  34. After combing in the hair well, take out an elastic hairband from the crown to the backside. Take sections of hair from all sides and roll it through tucking it across neatly. Once you finish it, bring all hair to a pony, after which you roll it across again to tuck inside. Continue similarly repeating the same and add on elastics in between. Make it puffy by pulling on the sides if necessary. Source: Internet
  35. This is another boho look that has been turning the world upside down. Part your hair from the front and all the way to the back to divide it into half. Weave each section into a waterfall braid. Merge the braids at the back and weave a fishtail braid. Source: Internet
  36. Another sassy and easy bun! Again this bun is perfect for hot weather, when you want your neck and shoulder to not be covered by your hair, or the beach, if you want your hair to stay dry when you go for a swim. It’s also very cute and easy to do. Prop it up really high on your head for a younger look or wear it down almost to your neck to look more distinguished. Source: Internet
  37. Win your looks game instantly by adding slight pink hair colour highlights, and you can be rest assured to stand out in the fashion industry. We love how a simple haircut can transform into such good looking and mesmerizing appearance by a striking highlight. Do you agree? Try it out during special occasions such as parties and gatherings! Source: Internet
  38. In case you are a woman with a busy schedule and want a simple and everyday kind of hairstyle for long hair to go in rush hours, this can be the best one. All you need to do is roll up the braid in a similar manner and you are good to go. It is the most comfortable yet convenient hairstyle to do for working women of ages. Yet, it manages to look lovely and top-notch. This hardly takes any of your time too, so why wait? Try it out! Source: Internet
  39. #9: Trendy Beach Waves for Longer Hair You can feel summer right at your hair tips. The ash blonde ombre hair loosely curled describes this season even more. This is one of the best easy hairstyles for long hair of medium thickness. Source: Internet
  40. #24: Easy Long Hair with Smooth Layers And Bangs Smooth layers and bangs work best on women with natural waves. The texture is what will add movement to smooth layered hair. When prepping your easy hairstyles for long hair, blow the locks out and use a brush for easy control. Feel free to touch up your wavy and curly hair or strands if your style needs more body. Source: Internet
  41. So a lot of girls wonder how to actually curl hair and not look like you’ve struggled for HOURS of doing it. So how do you do it? Click the link above to know. 🙂 Source: Internet
  42. #18: Sweet Low Ponytail for Long Hair Searching for a formal updo that takes a few minutes to create, but with a mesmerizing result? Here’s a sweet low ponytail to ginger up your long, blonde tresses. It’s one of the best and easy hairstyles for long thick hair. It’s a low-centered ponytail with a sleek style around the crown and voluminous in the mid-lengths. Secure your strands under the low pony using bobby pins, and finish it off with a dainty accessory. Source: Internet
  43. #15: Edgy Long Hairstyle Great For Work And Play Become a pro in wearing a hairstyle that’s great for work and play! This low updo is ideal for long, blonde tresses. It features three mini dutch braids for a touch of fun, which adds a dimension to the crown. The sleekness of straight locks is what makes it perfect for a business meeting, too! Source: Internet
  44. This hairstyle does not require too much care and maintenance as its name is messy mid-length hairstyle. You can leave this hair naturally without the use of flat iron or blow dryer. It automatically acquires its natural texture and shape and curls will appear if your hair are wavy. Its main benefit is hiding the foul angle of the face and can hide any hair fall issue. The women look divine and flawless after having this haircut. Source: Internet
  45. Comb all the towards the backward and take one side of the hair and secure it with a pin vertically as shown in the picture. Now pull the hairs downwards from the top and start making a twisted roll on the hair, as shown in the picture. And secure it with a band or pin. Now take leftover strands from the end of the hairs and roll it around the tail in both directions and secure it with a pin. Now your lower pony is ready with a French twisted vertical bun pony. Source: Internet
  46. Here is a simple hairstyle that will be totally fine for women with blonde hair. The hairstyle can very well be carried at events, which are quite special such as birthdays, family occasions, etc. The suitability of this cute hairstyle can also be found in places such as weddings. If you are looking for easy hairstyles for girls step by step that can be carried in the present days, then this can be the right one for you. Source: Internet
  47. A perfectly shaped bun which is sure to be the envy of all your girlfriends. This easy hairstyle for long hair would look great with a cute summer dress. Use a sock to help shape the bun and then spray it with hairspray to keep it nice and tight. Source: Internet
  48. The French braid is one of the most common and trendy easy hairstyles which can be done within seconds at home. The best part of this hairdo is the ease with which these quick hairstyles can be incorporated in both formal and informal events. The French braid is a classic choice and knowing it would definitely help you in those busy mornings. Source: Internet
  49. Amidst your busy schedules and the days when you are on the go, you can try out this quick and yet stylish top knot hairdo. Women in professional and office jobs can seamlessly elevate their appearance and bring out a glammed-up fashion quotient through this look. The hairstyle is super versatile and can be worked on any hair texture. Source: Internet
  50. #8: Easily Blow It Out In Style A blow-it-out in style looks gorgeous and is easy to copy. Your hair must be long and with medium-length layers to pull off this easy hairstyle for long hair. The blowout effect happens when you blow your hair dry and enhance the movement by adding a few soft curls. When styling, mist hairspray to retain your curls if need be while using your curling iron. Feel free to jazz it up by adding some bangs and painting your tresses with a beige blonde highlighted hue. Source: Internet
  51. Ideally, you have a thin hair stick for this updo. But a pencil will work just as well. And you need a certain hair length for this as well. The thicker your hair, the longer it needs to be for this. Source: Internet
  52. Well, while the internet is flooded with hundreds and thousands of looks for long hair, we understand it may be quite overwhelming to explore each one of them. That is why we enter! We have compiled the top 50 hair looks to suit those with long hair. These range from both ethnic and traditional to modern and elegant to funky hairstyles for long hair for women, ladies, and girls of different age groups. Keep reading to know our top favourites and also to find out a few easy steps by step tutorials for the same. Source: Internet
  53. Well, a hair bun is timelessly beautiful and effortlessly gorgeous. One can never compete with the elegance and classic looks attached to these hairdos. And forget not, one can never get bored of them too, given their intricate looks and texture. Here is another of our favourite hairdo looks among several such bun hairstyles for long hair trending around. Source: Internet
  54. Wearing a tight ponytail in your hair daily can cause headaches and tension in your neck. The band may also cause hair breakage and stress when it’s in tight. Therefore, it’s best to let your hair down or change the location of the ponytail from high and low as well as keep it loose when you can. Source: Internet
  55. If you love big hair, this look is for you. Go retro with this look! Spritz on lots of hairspray and backcomb it to your heart’s content. Pin the front of your hair in a pouf and wrap the rest of it in a bun, leaving out the ends. Source: Internet
  56. #10: Super Cute Bubble Ponytail A bubble ponytail is an easy, super cute, and modern hairstyle for long hair. This look is great for a fancy party or a fun night out. Use pearl or beaded scrunchies for added fashion and glam. Source: Internet
  57. Have you long hair? Simply rock this awesome hairstyle which is specifically intended for women with long hair. The hairstyle is so amazing that almost everyone out there will find this hairstyle suitable for them. If you are facing a lot of maintenance issues with your present long hair style, then simply switch to this one. Source: Internet
  58. Women who love creativity in their hairstyles and want art within them cannot be competed with. They have a contemporary and intricate taste in how the best style statements can look, with mesmerizing and lovely trims and rolls. Here is one such we found, trending on the internet these days. Source: Internet
  59. Despite having frizzy and messy hair, you can still own and flaunt out a fantastic loose hair look, and here is how. Just work on stealing tricks to manage the frizzy hair, comb it straight and thoroughly, and remove any sought of tangles in between the strands. Add on hair serum to bring in a bright and smooth texture as well as the look, and leave hair towards one side. That is it; you are good to go with this curly hairstyle for long hair. Such an easy and quick tip isn’t it? Source: Internet
  60. A very easy hairstyle. Just need a elastic, fabric headband. Curl your hair with a 1″ curling iron or flat iron and you are ready go head out the door. Source: Internet
  61. Q3. My hair is medium length, but I love making a bun in summers. Suggest me some simple and easy bun style to make at home? Source: Internet
  62. This is among our favourite and best haircut for females with long hair. The look is intricate and stylish, and you must have a double side braid with a ponytail look. The style is perfect for younger women and teenage girls, delivering a cute and sweet style statement. How do you like it? Try it out on your casual days, and you can spice up a simple look effortlessly! Source: Internet
  63. The long maxi dress is the best fit here. Perfect Occasion: Weddings are the right occasion to flaunt this look. Both brides and bridesmaids can try this wedding hairstyle for long hair. Source: Internet
  64. Comb in the hair very well and part into two sections. With one section, do three rolls of the hair and bring it to the side. Mix it with the rest of the hair and tie a pony. That is it; you are good to go! Source: Internet
  65. #14: Simple Braided Bun A simple braided bun is a great way to style long hair for day-to-night events. Easy braided hairstyles for long hair can instantly glam up your hair for any event. The loose braid will softly flow into a textured bun which has a boho feel to the style and allows your long hair to stay in place all day. Source: Internet
  66. Gather all your hair in a low ponytail and tie it with an elastic band. Topsy-tail the ponytail twice or thrice to create this look. It is a really simple but pretty hairstyle. Perfect for college! Source: Internet
  67. Another hairstyle that would let you be fancy looking without being to formal is this half-up hairstyle from mussysue.com. You’ll absolutely love it! Source: Internet
  68. “Yeah but who has time?” Hey, we aren’t talking about celebrity-like-17-hour-hair-updos-by-27-hairstylist here. We are talking about the best, easiest, near to effortless and even painless hairstyles you can pull-off in a snap! Your hair is your best accessory. It is your only accessory that comes in handy everyday. Add it some style, you’ll surely look fascinating! Here, let us help you do just that. Source: Internet
  69. Asian women and girls are popular for their cleanly skin, gorgeous wavy hair and beautiful features. However, if you want to replicate their inspired hairdo, here is one easy look. Be it even if you have thin hair, this wavy side fringe haircut for long thin hair can look gorgeous. You are rest assured to look youthful and beautiful effortlessly in this Asian hairstyle. All you need to do is get similar waves and add on a hair accessory near the crown. Source: Internet
  70. Start by back brushing your hair and smoothening it out. This style is an everyday ponytail look but this time with a beautiful variation that would add fun to the look. Start from one side of the head and diagonally start French braiding the hair. Once you have reached midway take the hair into a pony and tie it. Source: Internet
  71. #4: Butterfly Hair Try butterfly hair and you’ll feel like you’re in the garden of Eden. This long shape is perfect for curly heads who would like an organic style. When getting your haircut, ask for minimal layers to keep your curly hair weighed down and less puffy. Definitely apply lots of products such as a leave-in conditioner and even some oil and let dry easily for beautiful hair. Source: Internet
  72. When the heat is on, no one wants long hair make them hotter. Get ten summertime styles that get hair out of your face and off your neck. Read More Source: Internet
  73. Modern and new-day women love to style and experiment with unique and latest fashion senses. Here is one such experimental idea, which is taken very well among the stylists. The bright and funky hair highlights at the ends and edges are among ongoing trends which are receiving wide popularity. If you love hair colours, you can go ahead with this style, and the colour choice remains yours. These shades such as magenta, bright pink, purple, red and yellow, are among the most popular looks. Source: Internet
  74. To get the classic 3-strand-braid all you need to do is to part your hair into three even parts. Then keep putting the outer parts over the middle part. Alternately from the left and then the right. That’s it. Easy as pie. Source: Internet
  75. You never know who you’ll run into while getting your exercise in. Get three cool easy hairstyles for long hair that are great for the gym. Read More Source: Internet
  76. A quick and easy hairstyle you can do for the summer is a top knot bun. It is a super simple look that goes a long way. Just one quick step, a few bobby pins, and voila you got yourself a perfect ballerina bun. Use your natural hair for this effortless look or one of our clip in bun extensions. Check out this stunning before and after below! Source: Internet
  77. While hair buns sometimes can be tricky to do and maintain all along, if you are searching for some easy, quick and formal hairstyle for long hair, this can be the ideal one for your requirements. This hair bun with a twist is very easy to do, especially if you have a hair comb tool to roll it around in the desired manner. Once you do the same, just tuck it well and make sure it is secured with bobby pins. You can do a similar one with jurat. Source: Internet
  78. Who doesn’t love to have a hairstyle that can be done in a jiffy and yet give a diva feel?! We definitely do! This boho braids hairstyle is among our top favourites that can instantly lift your fashion quotient. Women in any age group can try this beautiful look and work on any hair texture. What do you think?! Source: Internet
  79. #21: Long Beautiful Locks Achieve the look by styling your long beautiful locks with coiled curls. Comb your hair, and that should create loose wavy curls. Lift your tresses to where you like to position the ponytail, then secure it with an elastic. Spread your wavy hair out and use a mousse to scrunch the strands, adding natural texture and expansion. The payoff is more dramatic when you have brown hair with medium density. Source: Internet
  80. Here comes the boldest and most confident funky hairstyle we have come across in recent times. Women, who have frizzy hair, or love bold looks and edgy styles, but do not want to compromise with regular and standard style statements, here is something for you. With an ombre and colourful hair highlights with sub braids, the messy look can totally paid attention to you. Why wait? If you are ready for a bold and strong look, this is something for you. Source: Internet
  81. Hairbands were one of the favourite kid’s hairs accessories. However, the modern style and fashion era have witnessed the alterations of such fashion choices, and we often spot even young women flaunting such looks boldly in public spaces. Here is one such funny and cute wavy hairstyle for long hair. If you love such looks, you must not hesitate to try them on, and spot them on – you are sure to look confident, youthful, and bold with lovely and mesmerizing looks. Source: Internet
  82. Braids are a popular solution among long hair wearers. They are comfortable to wear and protect one’s locks effectively if they need protection. However, braids can be different, too. Source: Internet
  83. You can try another high ponytail with this simple braided hairstyle. It is the ultimate hot girl walk look. Use our Luminous Shine Hair Oil for any pesky flyaways. Source: Internet
  84. Messy is a new style. One cannot hide from this latest and most contemporary and sought hairstyle, all the young women out there often are spotted this to have as their signature hairstyle. Among the several variants within this one, this simple messy bun is what we have to show you today. It is quite easy to do and the bun is what makes it appear outstanding with its messy look. Try it out and add on your favourite hair accessories too, if you love to go a bit overbold! Source: Internet
  85. #3: Elegant Twisted Bun Idea for a Wedding An elegant twisted bun idea for a wedding is the perfect look. Not only is it simple, but it’s sophisticated. This chic style stays in better if your hair is slightly dirty, and don’t forget to wear a button-down shirt so you can safely get dressed without messing up your do. Source: Internet
  86. A ribbon on a girls hair generally means fennese. And if this is your personality, this hairstyle tutorial will help you show the crowd just so. 🙂 Source: Internet
  87. #23: Magical Long Hair With A Deep Side Part The style—long with a deep side part—works on dark, straight hair like magic. Soft, imperfect curls from the mid-lengths to the ends bring out a more sophisticated vibe. And what suits a deep part? Side-swept bangs in the front, of course! Source: Internet
  88. Section out a portion of hair on top. Braid a French braid, leaving half of the hair loose. Make sure it is not too tight. Fasten the hair with a rubber band near your head Wrap the loose end around the band into a top knot. Fix it in place with a U shaped hair pin. Source: Internet
  89. The high bun is a perfect rescue for the scorching summers when the sweating won’t stop and sporting free hair seems impossible. Gather all your hair at the back and tie it with a transparent tie. Now start twisting the pony and as you go roll the hair into a bun at the top of your head. Secure the bun with another tie and fan it for volume. No doubt this type of simple hairstyles are very alluring with smartness. Source: Internet
  90. Ans: In summers, most people plan for holidays at the hill stations, beaches, and other exotic locations. Moreover, they dress in such a way that they do not need to pay attention to their hairstyles. Means, open, single tied hair, half pony, messy bun, and other simple hairstyles will suit them. If you are planning to get colour your locks, then it will suit your style. Source: Internet
  91. These are probably one of the simplest ways of styling hair. It comes with good patterns done on it. It looks cool with all the awesome patterns done on it. If you are looking for a cute and easy hairstyle, then this is something that you will find suitable for yourself. Source: Internet
  92. Ever wanted princess-like hair? This Bridgerton inspired romantic braid will do the trick. A charming hairdo that will ensure the picture perfect look for your special summer occasion. The best part is it only takes a few minutes to do! You can style this with straight or curly hair. Source: Internet
  93. #16: Cute Rope Braid Ponytail for Straight Hair Try a cute rope braid ponytail for straight hair to add an edge to your up-styling. Braiding your hair can be tricky and takes practice, while a rope braid consists of only two sections to wrap your hair around. Adapt the rope braid to your level of braiding to get super easy hairstyles for long straight hair. Source: Internet
  94. If you’ve seen Midsummer Night’s Dream, you know that this hairstyle fits in that movie perfectly. In fact, Michelle Pfeiffer sports a similar look in that movie. Part your hair down the middle and roll the front of your hair in small sections, Pin the rolled hair at the back of your head and curl the rest of your hair to finish off this look. Source: Internet
  95. Now this chignon might look hard to do, but it really isn’t. The key is to have a firm hold on your hair and have your bobby pin ready to finish the chignon after the second pass. Finish the look with flowers or a bow. Source: Internet
  96. This is the perfect cute hairstyles look for long hair. This top-notch and edgy chic hairstyle will take your simple and natural looks to the next level. The look is simple to achieve, and the double hairdo bun with loose hair gives it a quirky and vibrant contemporary vibe. This is a very good option for long hairstyles for a young woman! Source: Internet
  97. We’ve all seen this over the internet and on Pinterest. Now if you are dying to get this hairstyle, you do not need to look anywhere anymore as we have it here for you! Full tutorial through link above. This is one of those hairstyles you would never have thought of yourself, but once you learn how to do this braid, you will wear this hair style all the time. Source: Internet
  98. In this case, the hair is shifted to one side, and the ponytail is formed by doing braids. The hairstyle is something that will be suitable for all women out there. If you are looking for decent easy hairstyles for long hair to do at home, then this is something that will be totally fine for you. The pattern that this hairstyle sports on one side is the primary allure of this hairstyle. Source: Internet
  99. With this purple dreadlock ponytail look, you can take the existing dreadlocks hairstyle look to a top-notch level. The hairstyle is a perfect choice to elevate your style statement and seamlessly give you a diva inspired appearance. The purple hair gives a striking and mesmerizing appearance and instantly delivers you with a high-end inspired fashion quotient appearance. Source: Internet
  100. Once again this easy hairstyle starts with a simple pony. If you already know how to tie a fishtail braid this should be a piece of cake for you. If not start by parting your hair into two parts. Now simply take hair from the outer side and then attach it to the end of the other side. Source: Internet
  101. This hair gem stamper from the 90s is going viral on Tiktok. Easily add a bit of 'bling' to your hair with this easy to use device for a fun night out or to your favourite summer festivals. Would you buy this blinger? Source: Internet
  102. Here are our most sought after and trending feminine and girly hairstyle looks for long hair to end with a bang. They are easy to do and yet manage to appear super intricate, beautiful and impressive. Do not settle girls; here are some challenging looks! Source: Internet
  103. Although the intricate hairstyle can seem complicated, we have cracked easy tips for you. Comb on hair thoroughly and take a tiny section of hair near the crown. Make in puffy ponytails with the help of black elastics as shown in the picture. Now begin to take hair from both sections again, and tuck them inside the pony to bring to another side. Do the same for the remaining portions, and that is it, you are good to go! Source: Internet
  104. The double-side ponytail is among the most ancient look which has been coming across for generations and yet manages to keep its popularity with it. This lovely look can be recreated even for young women; here is an example. Those who prefer youthful, cute and beautiful looks can prefer this, it is quick to do and easy to manage. All you need to do is mid-part hair and go ahead with a ponytail on both sides of the crown. Source: Internet
  105. Girls with spectacles already are quite adorable, and they will look even more beautiful if they style their hair in this way. This style is considered one of the best simple and easy hairstyles for short hair. If you are willing to look cute and attractive alongside keeping your hair short, then this is the right look for you. Source: Internet
  106. If you are a sucker for feminine and beautiful looks, yet quick in the time to do, here is one such gorgeous look we have found recently. It is quite an intricate and lovely style we cannot wait to share with you, and for all girls who are in search of a perfect every day, it is not very simple and not very bold. Here is how to do this side ponytail hairstyle for school girls with long hair! Source: Internet
  107. If you have medium or long-length hair, this is another simple hairstyle. While bangs are quite well known to everyone, these are side-parted bangs for long hair. You do not need to tie hair here all you need to do is brush them thoroughly and leave it on the side. The haircut should be neat, and a version of the emo cut with bangs on the forehead. Source: Internet
  108. This has to be one of the most Grecian and stunning hairstyles of all times! Part your hair in two sections from the front to the back. Using the waterfall braiding method, weave braids on both sides. Wrap the tails of the braids around your head to create the full crown effect. Source: Internet
  109. The skill of braiding can be really important at times when the normal boring hair fails. Here we start by braiding one side of the hair, the front lock to be exact. Braid the hair, normal way and go all the way down. Secure it with a pin and then start with a second braid just behind the first one, once the two braids are over pin them behind with the rest of the hair. This style is one of the simple hairstyles for summer with long hair. Source: Internet
  110. Long hair has always been captivating. You can try so many looks with it. Hairstyles like this tribal boho braided look work only with long hair, and they sure do look beautiful. This hairstyle has a lot of braids and curls. Source: Internet
  111. This is the kind of hairstyle boho wedding dreams are made of. The voluminous hair, messy flyaways, and leafy hair accessory come together to create this stunningly romantic updo. Go to a professional to get this hairstyle done. Source: Internet
  112. Divide your hair with a center parting. Braid Dutch braids, adding hair only to the outward side of the braid. Fasten each braid with a band on the end. Gather the hair into a high ponytail and tie it with an elastic. Source: Internet
  113. Have you ever come across the dutch braiding style? You must not miss such an intricate and beautiful braiding style around the globe. The speciality of the dutch braid is that it begins right from the crown area by taking sections of hair from all sides, and goes down to the tail. It looks a bit puffier and is among the most elegant look we have come across. Women who love feminine, girly and classic looks should not forgo this look. The long hair women, you are lucky to be having to try this out. Source: Internet
  114. A flawless and classy hairdo! We all love it but we hate to have to go to the hairstylist to get it. Hopefully, we’ve found an amazing and quick tutorial which will help you create a sleek vixen hairdo. There’s also a makeup look which goes really well with the hairdo on the same page. Source: Internet
  115. Here is the one for you for women who like only bold, heavy, and statement fashion looks. This wavy bun attached with hair accessories is among the most sighted look for edgy events; however, you must be shocked to know it is not very difficult to create it. Why wait? Pick up your favourite hair bands, and accessories with pearls and stones, and add them along with the dense hair bun to look like a million bucks. Source: Internet
  116. Comb hair without any tangles, neatly. Take two sections of your hair from both sides, and divide them into four sub-sections. Braid it in those sections and tie it after you reach half. Leave the rest of the hair backside and comb it finally to have a neat look. That is it; you are good to go with this long haircut! Source: Internet
  117. Here is a very adorable simple hairstyle for all women out there. This style is a ponytail hairstyle that can sport at parties. The hairstyle can also be used as a wedding hairstyle and is probably one of the stylish ways to do a ponytail. If you are willing to make yourself look stylish and simple at the same time and still catch all the attention, then this is one of the best simple and easy hairstyles for you out there. Source: Internet
  118. For those smart women of elegance who love style as well as class, try this high braided bun out. This is among the most popular feminine bun looks we have come across, looks classic, contemporary as well as gorgeous for anyone who tries this out. All you need to do is side sub-braid and roll it up to make a high bun. It is quite easy to do, takes no time, and yet looks no less intricate and beautiful. You can add on gajra too for this hairstyle to look no less than gorgeous. Source: Internet
  119. Curls are not the only bit of spice that you can add to a regular ponytail. A couple of thin braids done close to the scalp make the style look more romantic and interesting. It is one of those cute girls hairstyles that look equally pretty on adult women and little girls. Source: Internet
  120. If you want a creative twist to your regular ponytail, the bubble ponytail is the hairstyle for you. It is perfect for the busy bee who doesn’t have a lot of time. This look is super simple yet so stylish. Source: Internet
  121. Split your locks into five equal sections. Braid each section individually using a standard three strand braid technique. Pull out the hair from the braids slightly to make them ampler. Wrap each braid into a bun and secure it with a bobby pin. Source: Internet
  122. This is a school girl hairstyle which does feature in all the lists for easy hairstyles for long hair. Here you will have to take hair from somewhere on the side and then start braiding it and then pass it through the middle of some more hair like that. This is one of the simple hairstyles for long hair and is perfectly suitable for girls. Source: Internet
  123. Well, we all love to look on our terms, but as well also want to look beautiful and gorgeous with unique looks. If you are such a sucker for intricate hairstyles, which are done in the easiest manner, not time-consuming, this one can fit apt for your requirements. Here is how you can get this look. Source: Internet
  124. We can never get over the elegance and charm of a ponytail hairstyle. How about this simple yet perfect and stylish ponytail idea for women? If you have thick and wavy hair texture, you are blessed and can try out this beautiful look instantly. You can try this simple hairstyle to do yourself with just an easy step by step routine. Take all your hair together and leave the edge tresses to make a knot around it. That is it! Source: Internet
  125. The braid pony kind of hairdo has gained the utmost importance over the last two decades, thanks to our favourite celebrities flaunting it across fashion events over the globe. It has been a signature hairstyle for many divas all across the world. If you are a sucker for the latest fashion and want to wake up the inner fashionista within you, try this one out. It is the easiest, yet bold and lovely look to try. All you need to do is a tight high pony and braid it across till ends! Source: Internet
  126. This style is a bun hairstyle with twists on the side that lead to the back of the head. Asian women, mostly Indian mostly do it. It is easy to be done and can be maintained with much trouble, and it is also considered as one of the most popular and easy hairstyles of all time. Source: Internet
  127. If you are among those people who love the front braids but lack time for maintaining it, I advise you to give this style a try. The main secret here is to pull up all your hair on the top of the head. Then use the hair of the end as bangs. See how to achieve this, please. Source: Internet
  128. This hairstyle is perfect for college, school, or a workout session. Divide your hair into half from front to back. Wrap each section into a bun at the top of your head. Source: Internet
  129. One of the most popular styles for long hair is the ponytail. As a rule, it is made smooth and rather dull at that. Prepare to discover how to make it much more interesting with the help of simple and quick tips. Source: Internet
  130. Messy buns are my favorite hairstyle, the perfect combination of cute and comfortable, yet this french braid bun is a notch up. If you are aiming for a messy bun look but with a bit more effort, check out this super easy step-by-step tutorial on how to make it yourself. If you want to further tie your look together you can also a piece of handmade jewelry:) Source: Internet
  131. Running late with no time to mess with your hair? Think again. Get the instructions for five super easy hairstyles. Read More Source: Internet
  132. If you want to put some messy touch-ups to your blonde hair, then this will be a pretty good way to do that. This particular easy hairstyle comes with many hair tresses adjusted quite beautifully to the hair. It is quite adorable and messy at the same time and will be perfect for the blonde girls to be sported at schools. Source: Internet
  133. #20: Easy Long Hair Down Style This casual long hair down style is perfect for a blonde layered cut. By doing a blowout, layers will pop and add more movement to your straight mane. Both the style and chop are crucial so that your hair doesn’t seem so flat. You’ll love this easy long hairstyle. Source: Internet
  134. #5: Long Rapunzel Hair A look that always turns heads is rapunzel hair. The long, flowy style is great for thick, healthy hair. It may seem counterintuitive, but to grow your hair long and healthy you’ll need frequent haircut appointments to be sure you’re trimming your split ends as soon as they start. Source: Internet
  135. This style may be the last easy hairstyles to do yourself in this article, but it is acceptable among girls everywhere. It is not just a bun but also a comfort that every girl carries. It is a simple style and easily manageable with any clothes. Why is it a comfortable hairstyle? Because high bun at the top of the head gives your face, a charming look while giving the volume to your hair, and it makes a face look slim and long. Also, it will provide great relief from summer’s heat and sweat. Source: Internet
  136. The covered ponytail is the way you go stylish without showing up. You’re attempting hard to remain in what’s present. If you want to maintain your ponytail in place considerably longer, this is probably the most suitable hairstyle you could have. Source: Internet
  137. Women with thin quality hair can try this awesome look. It is possibly one of the finest and easy hairstyles of all time. The hair comes with an excellent texture and might look like a layered look from a distance but it is just a simple hairstyle for the thin quality hair, and it will make any woman look attractive. Source: Internet
  138. The length of this pixie hairstyle is shorter than usual length of hair, but it seems to be the best hairstyle this summer because there is no chance it will touch your neck. If your hair is short, then it is a suitable hairstyle for you. It will give you sweet, innocent and cute look when you will bring a twisted pair of hair from the front to the end and secure it with a pin. Use of headband, pins, and use of other hair accessories are easy in this hairstyle. Source: Internet
  139. #17: The 5 Minute Easy Sock Bun for Thick Hair Try the 5-minute easy sock bun for thick hair types to get a neat easy updo that will stay all day. Thick long hair needs a little more stability when it’s put into an up style. The sock bun allows your hair to be rolled around the sock giving an easy neat bun that stays all day. Try adding a side braid. Leave some hair out of the bun to braid around the edges of the bun for a little extra style. Source: Internet
  140. If you want to take your ponytail hair game to the next level, you should try this bold ponytail look. It is sleek and high to the sky. To add even more oomph put in your Luxy Hair ponytail extensions. You will definitely be receiving some compliments on the street. Source: Internet
  141. Image: instagram.com, @southcarolinahairextensions, @velvet_brush, @joy.makeup_artist (modified by author) Source: Internet
  142. The low ponytail is a great way to dress up the classic ponytail. Add some weaving to the low ponytail and you get a very pretty and care-free pony. Make sure your hair is not freshly washed: it will make the weaving hold better and longer. Source: Internet
  143. If you have curly hair texture, you can take advantage of your curls by working on this lovely look. This is among the easy hairstyles to do yourself without taking up much time. Add on slight braid twists on the sides and leave out the rest curls, and you can instantly look fascinating with a plush appearance. Add on some good curl cream or serum to enhance the curls. Source: Internet
  144. A low ponytail becomes unusual and gorgeous if you add some twisting! It is one of those easy hairstyles that look so deceivingly complicated but turn out to be so easy to make. Five or six twists – and here it is. The longer your locks are, the more twists you can make and the more stunning it will look. Choose transparent elastic bands that are hard to notice. Source: Internet
  145. You have often hoped that one day you would get that long sleeked pony that you see in those glossy magazines and finally, it’s your time to shine with your dream hairstyle. Start by sectioning your hair into two. Tie the upper half in a pony and then ruffle it up. Now take the lower end and again pony it up. Make sure your hair is in curls and waves to hide the illusion. Source: Internet
  146. This hairstyle is not for everyone as well as quiet. Frankly, it takes lots of guts to wear it; however, we also need to admit this is one of the most straightforward hairstyles you can sports activity. And it is not dull! Source: Internet
  147. If you want to leap into the world of boho hairstyles, this is one of the easiest ones you can try. Gather hair from the top and weave it into a fishtail braid. Pick up a little hair from one side and weave it into a regular braid. Repeat the same on the other side. Pancake all three braids to add to the boho vibe. Source: Internet
  148. Oh how cool is a fishtail braid? Super cool isn’t it? Feel your best-est with this gorgeous hairstyle! I think learning how to fishtail braid is a skill all girls should have. It is fun to do, and easier than a regular braid or french braid. The hair gets pulled tighter, too, so mine stays put and is less messy throughout the day, too. Full tutorial through the link above. Source: Internet
  149. Earlier we had incorporated the side braid into a pony or a bun but this time use the free braid technique so that you can keep your hair open without having your locks bother you. Start by braiding your hair from the side and fanning it. Now go all the way back underneath the locks and pin it. Free braid is one of the finest simple hairstyles for long hair which is perfectly suitable for long face shapes. Source: Internet
  150. The elegance related to pattu cheera and poola Jada will never go out of trend. This has been an essence of south Indian culture for generations and will be timeless beauty forever. If you are a sucker for such traditional and ethnic looks and want to look like million bucks, you must attempt this look. The long hair is braided well and attached with flowers and hair accessories. We can vouch that you will look super charming, and all the attention will fall on you! Source: Internet
  151. Now, this is a simple back braid hair style, but the trick lies in the simple French roll on the top, above the braid. Start by twisting your hair into a French twist and then tie the rest in a tie. Continue the rest of the hair into a free braid and then fan it. The French twist in the front adds a soft oomph to the look while the fanned out braid adds a soft look. Source: Internet
  152. The classic updo style is quick and easy to do at the last minute. Get eleven of the best no fuss updo hairstyles. Read More Source: Internet
  153. Start by teasing your hair from the back so that a bouffant at the crown is formed. Now take the teased hair and smooth it down. Now take locks from the front and then tie your hair into a small pony. Tie a ribbon over the tie to add zeal to the look. Source: Internet
  154. This hairstyle for long hair is quick to do, doesn’t fall apart easily and distributes the weight of the hair nicely. Pros even match their hair stick color to their outfits. I am not at that level yet, but a girl can dream. Source: Internet
  155. Truly, long hair can sometimes be a curse or blessing depending on how you treat it. A person with long hair takes much time to style it compared to one with medium or short hair. But with this article, I assure you, it will be very easy to make your long hair more beautiful and attractive as well. Source: Internet
  156. If you’re looking to challenge yourself a little bit this summer try this cool braid out! The triple braid hairstyle is a mix of three braids: French braid, fishtail braid, and the regular three strand braid. Although it looks complicated, we promise it’s a lot easier than it seems. It’s also super fun to create. This style is a versatile look that can be worn for a simple everyday look or a fancy occasion. It’s your choice of dressing it up or down. Source: Internet
  157. This style is among our favourite and top simple, easy updos for long hair. It is quite intricate, filled with designs and patterns. You need to work on this style with a stylist or assistant as you cannot do this all by yourself. In case you have special events coming up, then this is a perfect fit for you. Here is how you can achieve this fishtail hairstyle for long hair. Source: Internet
  158. Before you panic at the intricacy of this hairstyle, let me tell you that it is to achieve. Curl all your hair in perfect ringlets. Roll and pin the curls at the top of your head to create the mohawk look. Then, wrap all your hair in a bun and pin it in place. Source: Internet
  159. This one is for all the babes with long luscious locks. Beach waves are the perfect undone summer hairstyle for you! It definitely screams effortless and chic at the same time. Achieve this look with a curling wand or if you are looking for a heatless method, these hair rollers will do the trick. Source: Internet
  160. How can we end this list of cute and simple tutorials for long hairstyles for you lovely girls without mentioning the most classic and timeless look? The basic and all-time simple ponytail. If you miss this one out, it is never complete. Be it the case of busy schedules, or simple and lighter essential looks; the simple ponytail is timeless and classic forever. It is here to stay in the fashion style look across generations. All you need to do here is comb in hair once and gather it for tying a simple pony. Source: Internet
  161. This is a great modern twist to the French twist. It is a classy hairstyle that is perfect for work. This updo is comprised of a bouffant and a rolled bun. Make sure you use a wide-toothed comb to get those defined lines on the bouffant. Source: Internet
  162. This is yet another effortless hairstyle for long hair. It is quite easy to do than how it looks. All you need to do is tie up your hair with the pony and leave some hair back at rest. Do soft curls gently to get this vintage vibe and classic look. You can do it all by yourself without help and takes no time to makeover into this style. Source: Internet
  163. For those who love and adore braids this is yet another simple style. All you need to do is take some hair up and do a simple braid to mix it with the rest of the hair and tie it up. It will not take any of your time and yet give you a very classy and trendy look. This can be done all by yourself as well. Be it formal or informal events, this is a perfect match. Source: Internet
  164. Gone are the days of one fancy traditional or vintage look for weddings. Today, given several looks and options for one’s trousseau, young women are opting for something unique, edgy, elegant, and classic. Here is one such option – the twisted braid. The hair twisted all along to make an edgy braid, attached with white flowers looking sassy and classic. The latest and modern age hairstyles opted heavily to stand alone in a unique look and smarter style statement. Source: Internet
  165. Not only does more length mean more time spent on washing, blow-drying, straightening, etc. but it also often means more effort trying to figure out what on earth to do with it; there's just so. much. hair. Source: Internet
  166. The classic ponytail is one of the easiest and most versatile hairstyles for long hair: it can be transformed into a very slick, classy hairdo or someting more care-free and casual. This fancy, party ready hairstyle is loved by A-listers and fashionistas alike. It is easily done in five steps and will look great with any party outfit. Source: Internet
  167. Looking for easy ways to style your hair a little differently than the quick messy knot you are always sporting? Recently, I’ve been trying out lots of the step-by-step hair tutorials on Pinterest and have been pleasantly surprised to find that some are actually as easy as they look in the photos. I have been known to spend an hour on my makeup, so I am not sure why doing my own hair was much more daunting to me. Whether you have short, medium or long hair, you should be able to enjoy some of these cute hairstyles, too. Just check out the step-by-step tutorials complete with gorgeous photos and instructions, and you should be set. Source: Internet
  168. It looks complex but is actually one of the easiest ways of sporting a good hairstyle. This quick and easy hairstyle will make you look like the most adorable American doll. Celebrity looks have inspired the hairstyle, and that is why it is something that can be sported by all women out there with braids done to the side. Source: Internet
  169. There’s something very alluring about long hair. But it can be a hassle to style every morning, especially on those days when you are running late. All that ends today with our handpicked list of surreal hairstyles for long hair. Source: Internet
  170. Ans: In this article, you will find the simple and easy bun style that will suit the medium length hair. If the volume of your hair is less for the bun, then try making a messy bun or use bun accessories for it. It will give the definite amount of volume to the hairs. Source: Internet
  171. Traditionally comb your hairs and keep it at back Now take a small portion of hair from the front like you make puff at the top of the forehead Pull puff hair and comb it in reverse direction so that hairs will accumulate at one place and give the volume to your puff. Secure this puff with a bobby pin at the top of the head Now take a small portion of hairs from the left and right side of the face and pull it upwards near the puff is secured with pins. Secure both strands by keeping it in cross-section over the pins and again secure it with a bobby pin. Your puff hairstyle is ready. Source: Internet
  172. Even though it looks complex, this is quite an easy hairstyle to complete within a few simple minutes. Start by putting your hair into a ponytail but don’t forget to leave a chunk of the front lock. Now pick up hair from the ponytail and from the front lock too and start braiding your hair. Soon you will realise that your hair has taken a bun shape. Source: Internet
  173. The trick is to keep our look to the minimum, and while we do so, keep an eye on the time. We know how busy times can be when you are running around trying to perfect your look. At this time, an easy hairstyle would be the right choice for all. Source: Internet
  174. To get the perfect French roll, start by pinning your hair from one side to the back of the hair. Make sure every lock is individually pinned at the back of your head. Now once the hair is pinned, take the rest of the hair and roll it to a perfect twist. Gather the rest of the free hair and tie it in a braid or a pony as desired. Source: Internet
  175. This no tie mini braid look is super cute and has been worn by stars like Olivia Rodrigo for a laidback summer vibe. You can use our best-selling Application Kit which comes with alligator hair clips and a rat tail comb to make this hair tutorial a breeze. You can also add some hair wefts to keep your hair looking full and lush. Source: Internet
  176. These looks will instantly make you feel lighter and more relaxed during the summertime. Your hair will be away from your face and body, while still looking super cute. That’s definitely a double win. Read on to find your go-to summer hairstyle! Source: Internet
  177. It’s a very simple hairstyle for all the style-seekers out there. It comes with beautiful bangs on the quite voluminous front. It can be said to be one of the most beautiful looking fringe cut hairstyles for time eternal. If you are willing to rock your whole day in style, then this cute hairstyle is something that will help you with that. Source: Internet
  178. This style is one of those famous and also simple hairstyles that you see on the movies and always dream one day you would do it. Remember the Gatsby woman and her awesome blond hair tucked into a bun. The same method is used here where a headband or head rag can tie across the hair. Now start wrapping your hair around the band until you get the desired result. Source: Internet
  179. What’s great about long hair is that it is so versatile. You can pretty much do whatever you want with it, create any style for any occasion! However, when you don’t have inspiration or are in a hurry, it’s easy to fall back on the old ponytail. If you are sometimes wondering what to do with your hair, we’ve put together a list of cute and easy hairstyles for long hair. Enjoy! Source: Internet
  180. In just a few simple steps, you can quickly transform your limp, frizzy, or bedhead hair into a non-basic beauty look. From various takes on a topknot to a super easy crown braid, the effortless style options are endless. Ahead, watch these these beginner-friendly style, suitable for every hair texture and length, that'll be sure to make you look put-together even when your hair decides to wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Welcome to your week of really great hair days. Source: Internet
  181. Unfortunately, those with thin hair cannot go for this hairstyle. You only need to have very thick hair and if you have none, I advise you to add extensions to increase the volume. Certainly, braid the hair and make it safe by securing it in a bun shape. To better this hairstyle, it is better to visit hair professional around. Source: Internet
  182. This is a classic pin up hairdo where all you need is some bobby pins and a hair brush to settle in your hair. Start by combing your hair down and then take one lock each from each side and bring them all the way to the back and pin them on the other side. Alternate between the left and right to get the best results. Use the next layer to hide the pins. Source: Internet
  183. Start to tie the hair in a low pony but don’t forget to leave loose strands on the foreground before you do so. Once the pony is made, take parts of your front lock and twist and pin them to the back. Before pinning them roll it around the pony tie and wrap it. Source: Internet
  184. Once your hair is tangle free, tie it in the back with two elastics – one in the middle and the other on the end. Do not forget to leave out two strands on each side near your face. Twist the hair inward and stick pins into it so the bun stays put. Wrap the strands from the front of your head around the bun and hide the ends underneath. Source: Internet
  185. This is yet another perfect contemporary long hairstyle look for women. Women across the age groups can try this dreadlocks hairstyle for girls and women. While the look has been in trend for quite some years, it does not seem to budge away, given the classic and non-negotiable style statement it can deliver. Do you agree with us? Source: Internet
  186. Put an elastic head band on. Push it upward to make the top voluminous. Tuck the hair into the band so it creates a sideways twist. Attach a hair accessory of your choice. Source: Internet
  187. Velcro rollers are the easiest way to achieve these bodacious curls. Ruffle the curls with your fingers to make them look more natural. This kind of curls look especially great on layered haircuts. If you are using a curling iron for this style, wrap your hair in big sections around the barrel to get those stunning big curls. Source: Internet
  188. Just because time is short doesn’t mean you can’t get a sleek look. See twenty great styles for long hair that can be done in less than a minute. Read More Source: Internet
  189. Last but definitely not least, the braided Bohemian hairstyle. This braided updo elevates your overall look and pairs well with any summer outfit. It’s the perfect hairstyle for music festivals, weddings, and any outdoor parties. Source: Internet
  190. Brush the hair and divide it into two sections. Twist the right section inward along the hairline. Tie the remaining hair into a pigtail. Wrap the pigtail around the hair tie and secure it with a pin. Repeat steps 1-4 for the left side. Source: Internet
  191. If you have extremely curly hair, then you can try this one out. The voluminous hair further enhances the beauty and can look good. The curly hair looks gorgeous here, isn’t it?! They are pretty and charming. One can rock every haircut with curls and long hair. You can wear this type of hairstyle for parties or any occasion. Source: Internet
  192. Wondering what this new style is all about? This native African conventional hairstyle is taking rounds and going viral all around the internet for obvious reasons. Have you ever seen such a unique style? Here is an example. The puffy pony look, which is done with long hair and working on several bubble pony looks through elastics in between, is quite lovely and unique. Add on some traditional hair accessories to elevate its look! Source: Internet
  193. Working on this bun is easier than you may think. Make a net ponytail (low level) after combing hair well. Take two sections of the ponytail, and tuck them inside the first section, as shown in the picture. With the other part, comb across and roll it around on the top. Pin it well with bobby pins and elastics. Source: Internet
  194. Curl the lower half of your hair. Gather all your hair in a high ponytail and push it up to create a pouf. If you have bangs or slightly layered hair in the front, allow it to hang loose. Tie the high ponytail with an elastic and accessorize with sparkly barrettes and hair combs. Source: Internet
  195. Are you looking for the best hairstyles for the wedding? This style is the best and perfect for the wedding or in any event in which you would wish to keep the hair up, beautiful, and attractive. Though this style is similar to the fishtail braid, it stands out as the best hairstyle for the wedding. Try it now! Source: Internet
  196. Pixie haircut has got quite a lot of demand in the recent generation of girls. It looks super sassy, funky, and elegant at the same time. Those who do not want to miss out on this stylish cut, yet want a long hairstyle can go with the pixie bun. Make sure you go to a professional hairstylist for the extended pixie cut and do the typical high bun as usual. That is it; you are rest assured to look like a diva! Source: Internet
  197. If you are blessed with straight hair, then these simple hairstyles for long straight hair are the perfect fit for you. This is quite simple and feminine too. It will enhance your features and make you look pretty and stylish too. This trendy style is forever evergreen, and you can go for several options to accessorise as well. Leaving it free will leave you looking gorgeous and stylish totally! Source: Internet
  198. If you have long hair, then this can be one of the best looks for you. If the colour of your hair is further black, then you will look like an ideal diva. Nothing makes a woman look more beautiful than a beautifully styled back brushed and well adjusted into a bun black long hair. Source: Internet
  199. The best part about this hairstyle is that you can achieve it without having long hair. Use hair extensions to add volume and length to your locks. There are three types of Black protective twists hairstyles that you can try out: Senegalese twists, Marley twists, and Havana twists. Source: Internet
  200. Start with making the puff at the top of the head leaving the 3 inches of hair from the front of the head Now comb the puff hair reverse direction so that hair will get a little volume and secure it with a bobby pin at the pack of the head. Now take the left strands from the front and pull it backwards secure it again with the pin. Then repeat the process with another right strand and pull it at the back of the head and secure it with the pin. Take the ribbon and tie the hairs secured with bobby pin and your hairstyle is ready now. Source: Internet
  201. Part your hair from the front to the nape of your neck to divide it in two sections. Flip your hair over and braid each section into a Dutch braid until you reach your crown. Then, wrap both the sections in space buns and pin them in place. Source: Internet
  202. Just rolling your hair a bit and twisting can also make you get a new look. Tweaking and playing with hairstyles is in trend now and this style is quite simple for those who have long wavy hair. All you need to do is take little hair from one side and twist it a bit and pin it securely. It is one of the easy hairstyles for long hair, and it looks charming too. Let the other side hang loose. Source: Internet
  203. To get this look start by segmenting your hair into three layers. Now pony up the hair into three layers so that now you have three ponies one after the other. Now start looping the front pony and then continue the same with the second but this time take the first pony in. continue and a braid will form. Source: Internet
  204. There are two ways to achieve this look without using heat. One is to dampen your hair and weave the lower half of your hair into a braid, leaving it that way overnight. Untie the braid the next morning, apply some mousse, and scrunch up your hair. You can also use rollers without the heat to achieve these curls. Source: Internet
  205. In case you want to go a bit looser, fun variant and yet simple, this latest look can suit you best. Here the braid is done in a very loose format, and it, in fact, begins after leaving the right section of hair in the beginning. Do a side parting and add on a sleek sub-braid near the crown to increase the style statement. Of course, besides the look, you can customize a little more as you choose, such as adding accessories or bands. These braids’ look for long hair is among the most unique and yet modern sleek braid look for long hair women this decade has witnessed! Source: Internet
  206. Although you may have pretty silky and smooth hair, your dream to have dense curls, beach curls or wavy curls can be true today. All thanks to the latest technology. Among the several styling tools, this new wave curler has been doing rounds in the market thanks to this look. It gives such chic and edgy pressed curls in no time, and you can look like million bucks effortlessly. All you need to do is get a similar tool available in the market. Source: Internet
  207. Oh, we just love messy buns don’t we? Good or bad, the messy bun is by far my most worn hairstyle. For a cute, easy hairstyle idea, the messy bun just can’t be beat. But how do we really whip up a perfect messy bun and rock it? Click the link above to know! I thought this hairstyle was going to take a lot longer than it did, you will be surprised, too! Elegant enough to wear out or to work, this look is pretty for a casual look, too, especially if you want to dress up the Tshirt and jeans. Source: Internet
  208. This style is as simple as a blonde hairstyle can get. Maintaining the hairstyle is possibly one of the hardest things about this look. If you are willing to make yourself look the best with the help of a hairstyle, then this can be said to be something that will be totally suitable for you. The pattern that this hairstyle sports on the end of the ponytail are something that makes this simple one look so special. Source: Internet
  209. This hairstyle is one of the unique ways to style short hair. You will need a suitable hair straightener to make the hair look this way. The grey colour of the hair is something that will make on look adorable. The way of styling the hair is worth mentioning and will be preferred by almost all women with such hair length. Source: Internet
  210. Make your long hair looks smart and attractive by giving beachy waves a try. This style is good and great for the second-day hair. Why wait and waste an opportunity! Grab some hairspray and curling iron to start making it and enjoy your life as people admire your hairstyle. Source: Internet
  211. We have heard enough about feather haircuts for long hair, especially for Indian women following fashion trends in the last two decades. While this look has received quite a lot of popularity, here is a mix of the retro look and this haircut. Instead, women who do not prefer a statement look and prefer vintage and classic ideas can go ahead with this look, for it rests assured to make you appear classy and smart. This hair idea is still among the most voted and ongoing trends, especially for special theme events. Source: Internet
  212. Are you a huge fan and follower of Disney princess movies? Well, we understand you, and the urge to look no less than a princess is quite natural. Here we come with an optional custom made for your dreams. Turn your long hair into a middle-parted double braid and you are good to go. If you love to go a bit funkier, you can add a hair colour of your choice too! This is among the timeless look, which will be in trend forever! For all you Disney girl fans, don’t miss this braided long hairstyle out! Source: Internet
  213. We will look at the classics first and then I’ll show you my go-to long hair updos that can be done in a few seconds. Yes, with step by step instructions. Let’s dive in! Source: Internet
  214. This double-side bun hairstyle for women takes it all simple yet sassy. If you have long-length hair, this is an easy and best long hairstyle option to do at home. The look is quick to achieve yet gives you glammed-up and peppy youthful vibes. Try it out on your casual outings or dinners, and you can look all edgy and decked up! Source: Internet
  215. This style is an effortless and quick hairstyle often sported by the Asians. The hairstyle is so awesome that it will be fine for all women with long hair out there. If you are an Asian woman, then you will be able to rock this look more effective as it is explicitly intended for you. Source: Internet
  216. First, you need to divide your hair in half. Secure the right part with a hair tie. Divide the left half into three more sections – top, medium and bottom. Twist each section alone and tie them together with the right half. Source: Internet
  217. Who does not love the age-old braiding style? This simple hairstyle for long hair is quite a in trend forever and is still followed widely and religiously by many. If you have long hair you are blessed to try out several kinds of braids as per your mood, be it simple braids or fishtail braids of waterfall braids. Braids are beautiful and keep your hair under control. This braided hairstyle for long hair is effortless and comfortable to wear and looks so beautiful. Source: Internet
  218. Prom nights and dance occasions are among the most awaited events for several college going girls and young women. Getting decked up, looking fancy and having the fun of life is a big deal. On such special occasions, one should make the best effort to look as grand and elegant as possible, and why not, it is almost like a fashion and style exhibition going along with the event. On such a momentous occasion, the high puffy bun with hair accessories can be quite a match to deal with such a level of grandeur. Source: Internet
  219. With these lovely and evergreen classic hairstyles for long hair, we hope you found the perfect fits and likings as per your tastes. Despite any occasion, event, preference, or theme, you have the latest and most sought hairstyles in this guide, and make sure to try them out for the best of your looks. Be rest assured that you will receive a whole lot of compliments on special occasions. Source: Internet
  220. Comb your hair down with some hair gel and tie it in a low ponytail with an elastic band. Pick up a little hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the band to hide it from view. Tuck the ends of the hair within the band or pin it under the ponytail. Source: Internet
  221. If you have long hair, one of the best looks you can sport is a dimensional color blend. Color your long hair in multiple shades of your natural hair color. This will give your locks depth and dimension. “Make sure not to curl the ends to keep that textured look,” recommends Dawna Jarvis, a licensed cosmetologist. Source: Internet
  222. Normal ponies are too mainstream these days, and therefore the best thing to do is to stick to the new trend-setting ponytails which comes with a bouffant. The hair here needs to be teased correctly or at least needs to be put under a hair buffer or bump it to add the additional fluff. You can even opt for a front pin up., tie the rest in a simple ponytail. This style is one of the easy hairstyles for short hair with a ponytail which makes your beauty more alluring. Source: Internet
  223. The essence and elegance associated with the braided hairstyle can indeed come out with its most perfect matching outfit – the sarees! The hidden women’s charm and most versatile style statement can be explored only with these traditional looks, and here is one such look we have brought for you. With the semi-messy loose hair braid look and floral accessories attached, you can look not just ethnic and beautiful, but also sleek and classic. The floral attachments can be of your choice, ranging from artificial ones to real mullapoo’s and gajras. We are in love with this hairstyle on saree for long hair! Source: Internet
  224. Take two partitions of hair horizontally and make two ponytails as shown in the figure. First, make it near the top of the head and another one, make it near the just above the neck. This style will make your pony look longer in medium hairs and give it crowned and bouncy look. Source: Internet
  225. Curl your hair with a curling iron and spritz on some hairspray. Gather all your hair, allowing some strays to fall loose. Wrap your hair in a loose low bun, allowing the ends to hang loose over the bun. Accessorize your bun with some golden barrettes if you have an event to attend. Source: Internet
  226. This simple hairstyle forms a bow pattern at the back, and that is the prime attraction of this look. You will need good quality hair to make this style a successful one. The way of taking the hair from the sides and attaching them on the back is something that all men will find cute about girls. Source: Internet
  227. Floral trends and flower hairstyles can never go out of trend. The reasons are obvious – they look lovely, mesmerizing, timeless, classic, and elegant. If you are among such ladies and young girls who love to flaunt in beautiful medium length haircuts, try this style out. The floral tiara kind of hair accessories are available in different markets, just hang them on with loose hair and be rest assured to look no less than a princess. Source: Internet
  228. Pick up some hair from the front and backcomb it. Gently comb it down neatly and pin it at the crown to create a pouf. Comb down the rest of your hair, and you are ready to leave. Quick and easy! Source: Internet
  229. This is one of the easiest hairstyles for women with smart braids. Free hair has always been your favourite but it’s time that your everyday hair needs a break from the same old monotonous look. The hipster look is in this season, and if you want to be trend savvy why not simply braid your hair in two three sequences and achieve your desired look? Start by tying a braid on the front and then bring your hair all the way to the back and then braid it once more. Source: Internet
  230. Buns are hairstyles that have been there for a long time and are yet trendy and evergreen. These simple hairstyles for long straight hair are a perfect fit. If you are in a hurry and have no time and want to look still pretty, make a simple bun and secure it well. You can further enhance the look by accessorising the hair as you wish. Then you can accessorise it with a scarf or some hairpins to enhance the look. Source: Internet
  231. The twisted side bun is another undo that you can work during the summer months. It only has two quick steps, and voila a perfect hairstyle for you to rock. All you need is two hair elastics and some bobby pins to secure your bun. Source: Internet
  232. This is a quick and easy way to jazz up your everyday bun. Gather hair from the front on one side and weave it in a fishtail braid. Repeat the same on the other side. Gather the rest of your hair and wrap it in a bun. Wrap the braids around the bun and pin them in place. Source: Internet
  233. What is your go-to summer hairstyle, we’d love to know! If you do not have one, this is the perfect opportunity to try some new hairstyles out for the hot summer weather. Share your recreations on Instagram with #luxyhair. We would love to see and share your gorgeous pictures! Source: Internet
  234. This kind of hairstyle is good for those people who want to liven up their plain old ponytail. , If you don’t have a topsy tail, you can always use a bobby pin or just stick your fingers through the ponytail and pull the strand through. One has to use a low pony before using elastics to develop sections that are gently loosened. Source: Internet
  235. There are so many variation on the classic braid that give endless styles. Discover 38 quick and easy braided hairstyles that anyone can master. Read More Source: Internet
  236. Comb your hair and make three partitions of hair two small strands in front and rest, make a ponytail near your neck. Now pull those small strands from the front and pull it near the pony as shown in the picture. Now as per your choice again make partitions in your strands, twist it and tuck it under the pony. Repeat the process on another side strand and again cross it over the first twisted strand and secure it with pin under the pony. Again user the leftover strands and repeat the process, make sure the twisted strands should look clear—so put it in a cross manner. Source: Internet
  237. The easiest way to deal with unruly locks is to twist and roll them up so that the entire summer noon can be spent feeling light and free instead of sweaty and stuck. To get this look part your hair to one side and then use three individual hair rolls to the back. Pin them properly. This style is one of the most simple hairstyles for long hair with straightness. Source: Internet
  238. Hair loss is a big problem with which a lot of women are having a battle. A lot of them lost their confidence. Happily today even this can be resolved with the help of the hair systems built especially for this purpose. Websites such as lordhair.com are providing some ideal solutions for women having trouble with this. Source: Internet

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