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20 X 40 Floor Plans 2 Bedroom

20 X 40 Floor Plans 2 Bedroom

2 Bedroom House Plan Examples

You will often see 2 bedroom homes like:

Starter homes, allowing singles or couples to enter the housing market with a lower initial down payment

Holiday cabins, chalets or bungalows

Secondary suites (UDA) on large properties

Starting houses

For a single person just entering the housing market, one option to consider is a 2 bedroom house plan configured with two master bedrooms. Another typical 2 bedroom house plan configuration is a larger master bedroom with an attached bathroom, plus a smaller second bedroom. Holiday cabins

Two-bedroom house plans are ideal for vacation cabins, ski lodges, or beach bungalows. Here are some potential configurations:

Adults can have the master bedroom and children or another couple can share the other bedroom. Ideally provide more beds than the children in your family, as as they grow they may want to bring a friend or two; possibly two sets of bunk beds so that four children or teenagers can share the room. If you have room for a 2-bedroom ADU (rather than a smaller bedroom), your in-laws will definitely appreciate the 2nd bedroom to use as an office, craft room, or even additional storage. Best tips

As you think about the features you want in your 2 bedroom house plan, here are some tips:

Two-bedroom house plans are often configured as a single story.

Narrow Lot House Plans

If you have a small or narrow lot, we have just the house plans for you. We offer plans from small 1 and 2 story homes to large luxury 3 story home plans.

Double Wide Floor Plans

Very popular with first-time buyers, park owners, empty nesters and people looking for second homes, they can range from 946 square feet to 2,187 square feet.

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