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190 Things How To Do A Low Bun For Long Hair

Today's topic is How To Do A Low Bun For Long Hair. Obviously, you can find a great deal of how to do a low bun for long hair-related content online. The proliferation of online platforms has streamlined our access to information.

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How To Do A Low Bun For Long Hair

190 Things How To Do A Low Bun For Long Hair | how to do a low bun for thick hair

  1. 32. Bun for Thin Hair. Having thinner hair can make it difficult to create any spectacular hair look due to your hair falling out of the tie or it being too thin to do anything extravagant. However, there are many hairstyles that you could do even with very thin hair. For example, different low knots enable you to style your thin hair so that it looks thicker. Source: Internet
  2. As mentioned above, we start by deciding whether to comb our hair. Then we decide if we need any cosmetic help: mousse or spray. After these preparations, we strategically grab a hair band and tie the hair into a ponytail. Source: Internet
  3. Now comes the most asked question! Who can do messy bun hairstyles? Many of you may be afraid that the messy bun hairstyles are only suitable for ones with long hair. However, don’t worry as the messy bun hairstyles are actually suitable on all hair textures. Below are our suggestions on messy bun hairstyles for long hair, short hair, medium hair, thin hair and curly hair, which are the most typical hair textures for messy bun hairstyles. Source: Internet
  4. Use a mirror to check for loose ends, and if you find any, tuck them in. If you find it necessary to use extra bobby pins, go ahead and use them. Hairspray your new bun and other parts of your hair to avoid loosening. Source: Internet
  5. Now twist one section of the hair around the ponytail and tuck it underneath the ponytail base, making it curve round resembling a crescent moon. Use several bobby pins to pin the ends under. This will reveal the first part of your bun shape. Source: Internet
  6. 41. Twisted Nape Bun. A great option of bun hairstyles for brides and bridesmaids. With tendrils hanging around your face and neck, this style puts you in the mood of love and celebration. Pair with fresh flowers or floral pins for more creativity. Source: Internet
  7. The bewitching braid perfectly works with long hair and adds layers to your hairstyle. You can braid one side till you reach the back. Then add the rest of the hair and keep braiding to the end. Coil the braid till it forms a bun and secure it with pins. Source: Internet
  8. Editor’s tip: The loop bun’s bouncy silhouette can complement straight hair and curly strands alike. If you have waves or curls, grab a curl enhancer like the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle CURVE IT Elastic Curl Mousse. Use this mousse on damp hair, scrunch, and let your hair air dry — now you’re on your way to enjoying your easy loop bun with gorgeous wavy texture and volume. Source: Internet
  9. How to do a messy bun? For an even more sultry romantic look of messy bun tutorial, leave a few stray strands out to frame your face. How to do a messy bun? You can even skip the brush during messy bun tutorial for a relaxed look. How to do a messy bun? A few bumps here and there are fine, so you have done step 1 of messy bun tutorial. Source: Internet
  10. If you’re craving something minimal or trying to embody the social media trending clean girl aesthetic, you can’t beat the look of a sleek low bun. First, apply a hair serum, like the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths Frizz Killer Serum Leave-In, to help smooth your strands. Then pull your hair into a tight ponytail at the nape of your neck. Follow up by twisting your strands and wrapping them around the base of your ponytail, securing it with bobby pins to create a sleek low bun. Source: Internet
  11. Looking for some inspo for short hair? Then, you will love this double knot hairstyle that looks pretty on short hair. It’s easy and cute. Divide your hair in two and tie each section into tiny buns at the nape of your neck. Source: Internet
  12. 42. Easy Formal Bun with Tiny Twists. This bun is captivating and pleasing to the eye. Its secret is in the contrast of colors and textures. A great option for a wedding updo. Source: Internet
  13. 45. Feed-In Braid and Bun. Braided hairstyles might look intricate, but they are worth mastering. A bun combined with a braid always adds a touch of femininity and romance to the overall look. Learn the most popular braiding techniques, and you will add dozens of hairstyles to your beauty bank. Source: Internet
  14. You have heard of it, your friends wear it, it is all over your Instagram feed, and you, well, you are probably dying for a way to upgrade yours. You guessed right: we are talking about the messy bun. Join us in our quest for cutting-edge ways to style your hair with a bun that is everything but ordinary. Source: Internet
  15. This look is au naturel or so it seems. Be inspired by the high life in Paris and take your messiest bun to a formal event. Don’t forget to use your favorite hair fixator to be sure that your hair will stand through the day. Pair it with pearls and sunglasses to look effortlessly and Parisian chic. Source: Internet
  16. Bobby pins will help your bun stay in place. They offer excellent hold to ensure your hairstyle is secure and doesn’t come undone throughout the day. Whether you have long hair, short hair, straight or curly, bobby pins are a must for bun hairstyles. Source: Internet
  17. Late morning and no time to wash your hair? No worries. Just twist and tie your mane in this uber cool and sleek low bun that makes your hair look classy and elegant. An easy tip is to loosely twist your hair to give volume to your bun. Source: Internet
  18. And, as I’ve mentioned earlier, you can opt for a gold clam if you want an upscale version of a low clam bun. But for casual days, a plastic clam can get on with any outfit. I personally love wearing them with Korean-style outfits! Source: Internet
  19. Bun styles are a beautiful updo and just because you have short hair doesn't mean that you need to miss out on wearing a nice bun. We are often very busy on weekdays and are carried away socializing on weekends. We face hot temperatures often, and use lots of styling products, and we are always dedicated to looking fab every day. But sometimes we can't afford to spend much time on styling, and sometimes we are having a bad hair day and can't wear our hair down. This is why bun styles are the perfect hairstyle to incorporate into your beauty routine. Source: Internet
  20. Messy buns do look a bit “neglected” when you first look at them, but the truth is that if you pay attention to the small details (which often make the difference between a great hairstyle and an amateur one), you will see that there is actually an entire strategy behind the classic messy bun. This is a straightforward tutorial that will help you achieve that perfect messy bun in just three easy steps: the first step is to simply pull your hair into a loose and relaxed ponytail, then to carefully separate the different sections of your hair and the final step is teasing the sections that lack volume. Once you are done, you need to bring all of these sections together and to carefully wrap them into a messy but incredibly beautiful bun that will last for hours. Add a touch of hairspray to make sure everything stays in place and you are good to go! Source: Internet
  21. Curling your hair is optional, but is definitely a plus. It adds texture and volume to the overall hairstyle. If that’s your thing, go ahead and curl your hair. Avoiding the heat? You can do overnight waves instead. This works by using non-heat materials and/or fabric that naturally add waves to your hair when applied overnight. Source: Internet
  22. How to do a messy bun? Okay, so this is the most important step in messy bun tutorial. How to do a messy bun? First thing in step 2 of messy bun tutorial, once you have done your ponytail how you like, twist your strands until they’re taut. How to do a messy bun? Then, in messy bun tutorial, for the looser, messier look, grab the tip of your ponytail and pull out small strands of hair along the ponytail to make your hair look looser and more voluminous. How to do a messy bun? After that in messy bun tutorial, wrap this long twist around the base of your ponytail. How to do a messy bun? During messy bun tutorial, feel free to wrap as tight or loose as you want. Source: Internet
  23. TikTok has been my favorite place to find hair hacks, especially ones for ponytails and buns. That's how I found the messy low-bun hack for fine hair posted by Breauna McEwen. In the video, the creator used a single hair tie to secure her hair in an easy updo hairstyle that took all of 20 seconds to achieve. Considering that's about my threshold for how long I'll spend styling my hair, I immediately wanted to try it. Source: Internet
  24. Family reunions and meeting the in-laws will be much easier with this twist bun with braid. It requires some maintenance, so you might want to invite a friend over for hairstyling reinforcement. Closer to the end line you will not regret it, as you will feel ready for meeting and greeting through the next 24 hours. Source: Internet
  25. This fancy look adds a boost of volume to the hair without overdoing it. A bouffant instantly lifts the messy bun look from casual to formal. Highlights are always a beautiful bonus when you work with styles where you twist and wrap your hair. Source: Internet
  26. 2. Lightly tease each pigtail and then wrap into a bun and secure with bobby pins. I like to twist the hair as I wrap it into a bun, but that’s completely optional. Source: Internet
  27. As you may know already, there are two different types of messy buns you can opt for: the high bun, which is a great choice for classy women who aim for a more formal and professional look, and the low messy bun which has a more casual look to it. This is an amazing hair tutorial that only lasts for 6 minutes and that will show you how to make simple but appealing Dutch braids, and how to combine them into a cute little low messy bun. This tutorial is perfect for a casual night out with your friends, although it can easily be work during the day as well, as it is quite volatile and it can be easily matched with just about any type of airy and loose summer clothing. Also, although this hair tutorial is done on a light haired woman, it goes perfectly for women with slightly darker shades as well, so feel free to give it a try! Source: Internet
  28. This hairdo takes the cake when it comes to both high style and minimal effort. Perfectly coiffed without slicking hair down severely, this style works best with long hair that is thin or medium textured. Wear the bun during the day or fancy it up with jewelry and darker makeup when it’s time to enjoy the nightlife. Source: Internet
  29. 24. Low Messy Bun with a Braid. Do you know what else pairs well with hair buns? Braids. French braids, fishbone braids, or Dutch braids add a daintily cute flair to even the simplest hair buns. A side braid gives a fun, flirty edge to this low messy bun. Source: Internet
  30. Finally having a date night? Instead of leaving your hair open, go for this fabulous and simple nape-tuck bun. Just tuck the bun inward before tying it. And don't fret about the strands that don’t reach the bun, it just adds to the charm. Source: Internet
  31. Another variation of the neat low bun is the wet hair look with styled baby hairs/edges. This style can be seen in celebrities like Zendaya, Kylie Jenner, and even classic icons like Josephine Baker, who apparently started this trend. If you can’t get rid of your baby hairs, there’s no need to hide them! Styling your edges can add variation and accent to your minimalist dress or complement a heavily embellished dress. Source: Internet
  32. 17. Wavy Bouffant Bun. This is for you if you’re trying to figure out how to make a hair bun on your shorter thin hair. Create a bouffant and position your bun right at the crown. A messy bun with face-framing pieces is done. Source: Internet
  33. 33. Flat Knot Bun. All bun hairstyles don’t have to follow the conventional ball-like look. You can keep yours as distinct as you want it. This flat-twisted bun hairstyle is unique and classy. Source: Internet
  34. Like all chignons, the messy bun reveals your face and with it any imperfections. There are so many variations to choose from that there's no doubt you'll find a style to suit you. High foreheads can be covered up with seemingly unruly pieces of hair, which you let slip out of the bun. Source: Internet
  35. Uptight and messy are not as incompatible as your boss wants you to believe. This bun will give you the best of both worlds, especially if you have curly hair. You will need to learn how to do a messy bun and turn it less messy as you go. The final result is credible enough for a board meeting. Source: Internet
  36. This is one of the hairstyles that look effortless but is far from actually being effortless. To achieve this look, the hair must be teased, hair sprayed, curled, and pinned. Curling is not a must, but this adds extra volume to your hair, especially if it is naturally fine/thin. Source: Internet
  37. The combination of curly hair and a messy fashionable bun is really worth trying. Such voluminous curly hair of American-African girls are especially perfect for this style of bun. The most recommended style to try is a high bun which will make you look super active and individual in curly hair. In addition, adding more accessories like the silk hair tie is a good idea for making a highlight! Source: Internet
  38. The big bun combines with a braid perfectly. When you style the look, you can make a braid first and then pin up a full bun. Finally, round the bun by the braid. Source: Internet
  39. You might think the next step is to create a bun with the ponytail you just made. But here’s the hack: you don’t. Before twisting your ponytail and finishing off, split the ponytail into two sections and separately twist them. When you’re done, combine them in one twist and finish off your bun. Source: Internet
  40. If that’s something impossible for you to do, you can do a messy variation of this low bun style. Leave a couple of strands down, tease your hair a little, and make uneven waves. You can leave the pearl accent as is. Source: Internet
  41. Buns that are a bit messy always have their own attractiveness. Nowadays, so many girls choose messy bun hairstyles for daily style or casual occasions. Many people think that messy bun hairstyles is only for girls with long straight hair, but in fact, there are a wide range of messy bun hairstyles for you to choose from. Below are the lists of all messy bun hairstyles and all hair textures suitable for messy bun hairstyles. They are definitely the reasons for your love for trying styling messy bun hairstyles! Source: Internet
  42. 43. Simple Low Knot Bun. Need easy bun hairstyles for every day and special events? This low knot is simple and elegant, and very suitable for all occasions. From work to play, you just can’t ever look out of place with this type of hairstyle. Source: Internet
  43. Did your hair become messy and greasy, yet you simply do not feel like washing it just yet? If so, then you certainly know that you need to wrap it up in a bun or a tight updo, as wearing it loose will only look bad, if it is all oily and messy. The good news is that with several elastic hair bands, you can achieve a simple but very chic messy hair updo, in seven easy steps. After you have thoroughly combed your hair, all you need to do is to catch it in a loose ponytail, then grab the end of the ponytail and carefully wrap it towards the base of your head – once you have done so, the final step is to secure your messy hair updo with another elastic band. You should consider wrapping the band two or three times around the updo, just to make sure that your updo stays there for the entire day. Source: Internet
  44. 6. Curly Hair Bun. If you’re looking for something quick and easy to tame your curls, a curly high bun is the way forward. It’s simple but suitable for all settings, be it a poolside party or the queen’s reception. Source: Internet
  45. 9. Buns for Shoulder-Length Hair. Buns made at the nape of your neck are adorable. They are great for elegant or everyday occasions. The best part is that thanks to this tutorial, such a bun only takes minutes to do, so even if you’re in a rush, this hairstyle will work perfectly. Source: Internet
  46. Holding your ponytail up straight, fold it in half, and cinch it to form a small-looped bun. Use the second ponytail to secure your bun. This will leave the ends of your bun sticking out close to the nape of your neck. Source: Internet
  47. Two buns make a playful pair! This two-bun hairdo adds a youthful glow to your beach look without much fuss, no matter the activity. Plus, it doesn’t have to be neat or even. If you’re looking for fun and quirky low bun hairstyles for long hair, add this look to your list! Source: Internet
  48. 5. Messy Bun with Accessories. Adding accessories to your low bun will instantly upgrade the whole look. Moreover, there are so many accessories to choose from nowadays, starting from clips, flowers, and headbands, and ending with different ribbons and silk scarves. Source: Internet
  49. 11. Easy Bun Hairstyle. This is an easy bun that even a beginner will recreate! Whether you’re looking for something simple to do in the morning, or something loose to wear for an event, opt for it and be sure that you look stunning! Source: Internet
  50. 8. Chignon Bun. A tucked chignon can be styled formally or informally. You may decide to arrange your hair loosely for a casual updo or make your look more polished for a wedding, prom, or any ‘black-tie’ event. Source: Internet
  51. The more texture your hair is, the better the messy bun will be. That is to say, if you turn out to have a bone straight hairstyle, there are still ways to make your messy bun look awesome. Simply use some texture spray to create body and extra volume for your hair. Source: Internet
  52. If there is anything better than a perfect updo, that is a messy bun updo: fast and effortless at the same time, this messy side bun updo is actually so versatile that it can be easily work during special occasions and events as well. On the other hand, if you are the chic type of lady who always dresses to impress and who wants to look flawless at any time of the day, then this messy side bun will say “I like to look good and I love to try out different styles”. Overall, the messy side bun updo is a great choice for teenagers and young adults, but it would also compliment ladies in their early 30s as well. In the end, everything comes down to your attitude – this bun updo does require a bit of temper! Source: Internet
  53. Come on, let’s do the twist. Conquer any dance floor with this bun updo full of twists, rolls and depth. If you have contrasting highlights like in the picture, your hair will look not only rhythmic but also tasty – and we are talking ice-cream swirl tasty here. Source: Internet
  54. First of all, we will now show you all the top best messy bun hairstyles. They are all attractive and trendy messy bun hairstyles of all time and will never go out of fashion. Top 4 messy bun hairstyles we are going to introduce are high messy bun hairstyles, low messy bun hairstyles, messy bun hairstyles with bangs and messy bun hairstyles with braid. Source: Internet
  55. 19. Messy Donut Bun with a Bow. A cute bun hairstyle ideal for a dream wedding. Step into your “together happily ever after” with this flirty and romantic bun. The contrast between blonde hair and dark roots is eye-catching. Source: Internet
  56. The loop bun proves to be an excellent update for the classic low bun, offering modern style with volume and bounce that takes seconds. When it’s time to create your bun, pull your hair into a low ponytail, next grab another hair tie and pull your hair into a ponytail but don’t pull the loop all the way through. The finished look should resemble a bouncy, half ponytail that loops into a bun. Source: Internet
  57. We present you with a look suitable even for short hair. Depending on the length, you will be able to accomplish a more or less detailed hair roll. Don’t be afraid to follow the pretzel look, it is trending in formal hairstyle catalogues all over the industry, and it will not compromise your look. Source: Internet
  58. We hope that our post has helped you with your messy bun and your hair routine overall become much easier. And while you’re at it, check out our post on Ways To Make Your Braids Cooler: Who Said Braids Are Basic? (2021 Edition) and How To Style Your Ponytail: From Basic To Badass (2021 Edition). These are other amazing ways that you can style your hair quite effortlessly but will give you a more charismatic hairstyle, so read and get inspired! Source: Internet
  59. 3. Double Bun Hairstyle. This 2-bun hairstyle is pretty and playful. You can wear it every day or even make it your wedding hairstyle. Suitable for straight and wavy hair, this easy updo will brighten your mood. Source: Internet
  60. 14. Loop Bun with a Ribbon. A low ponytail bun gives the elegant effect you might be looking for. A wedding hairstyle of the future, what do you think? Do you prefer complicated formal bridal hairstyles or boho-chic undone hairdos? Source: Internet
  61. This hairstyle adds a cute and fun twist to your hair, literally. Divide your hair in two. Take one side and start twisting it. Then take the twisted hair and coil them around till they form a bun and pin it. Do it on the other side as well and you’re done. Source: Internet
  62. 21. Easy Low Bun Hairstyle. You actually don’t need long hair to rock beautiful bun hairstyles. This simple and chic twisted bun is easy to create even on shorter lengths. Those waterdrop crystals are a perfect embellishment for her sleek hair. Source: Internet
  63. Chanel your inner child with this fairytale hairstyle that will make heads turn as you go. The white flower hairpin is perfect to enhance the color, and a little bit of green is the perfect combo to the purple. The thin braid will make you ready for springtime all year round. Source: Internet
  64. Are you struggling with new hairstyle ideas that are easy, adaptable, and suit your hair type? Stylish bun styles are just that. In case you need even more bun hairstyles and other hair ideas, we have collected more photos for your inspiration. Check out our galleries and Q&A section, and your hair routine will become easier and more pleasant. Source: Internet
  65. If you’re wondering how in the world to make your messy bun more voluminous with short hair, we have just the video for you. Watch how she creates a gorgeous messy bun that makes it look like you have tons of hair! She uses products like the Kristin Ess Dry Finish Working Texture Spray, as well as silk hair ties (great if you experience breakage!). She gives you an awesome hack for this bun hairstyle, making your bun look as voluminous as possible. Source: Internet
  66. To achieve this look, do your first ponytail (resting on the rest of your hair) and thread the ponytail backward to hide the tie. Then, do a couple more twists on each side of the head and join them with the threaded ponytail using a pin. Split the remaining strands into three sections, make a bun of the middle section, and twist the remaining two. Use these two twists to cross the bun and hide any visible signs of pins or ties. Source: Internet
  67. Take a little section of hair from your pony and curl it under the bun elastic. Secure the ends that won't stay using a bobby pin. Keep picking little sections of your pony and pinning them under until you have pinned all your hair and you have a messy bun. Then make sure all the ends are secured tight. Source: Internet
  68. You think it is hard for short hair to style messy bun hairstyles? Then you should look at the picture below to see that the buns are totally possible! The tip is that for short hair, you are recommended to style a low bun or messy top knot bun, so that the bun will be more fixed and comfortable. If your hair is long enough for a high bun, then it is okay. But if your hair is too short and you still style the high one, the hair can easily fall down and create a real messy hairstyle! Source: Internet
  69. There are no hair ties, pins, or clips to be seen. It’s neat, without looking like a straightforward ballerina bun. It’s a boring bun with character! I would make this low bun with minimal and smart-casual fits. Source: Internet
  70. High messy bun hairstyles are is extremely suitable for girls and women with long hair. Styling long messy bun hairstyles will enable you to create more messy effects and make the messy bun hairstyles look more natural. This is also the most popular messy bun hairstyles of bun among girls. In fact, this messy bun hairstyles are quite neat and suitable for all daily activities like going to school, casually hanging out with friends or so on. Source: Internet
  71. The first step is to comb and smooth your hair (using a flat iron for example). On both sides, take a medium-sized section of hair from the front and carefully tie the remaining hair into a low ponytail in the back of your head. This should be just above the nape of the neck. Source: Internet
  72. 36. Bright Bun Hairstyles. Don’t be shy to style your colored hair into bun hairstyles. The color gives your hairdos a glitzy edge that is very fashionable. Check out this fascinating burnt orange bun hair. Source: Internet
  73. 40. Half Up, Half Down Bun with a Retro Vibe. What about tying half of your hair in a bouffant bun and leaving the rest flowing down? The classic Bardot bangs will complement the look perfectly! Source: Internet
  74. 46. Cozy Bun Hairstyle for Home. Hair buns are a popular choice for wearing at home. The easiest way to make one is to use a scrunchie or a claw clip. One twist – and your perfectly imperfect claw clip updo is ready. Source: Internet
  75. To create a ponytail specially made for a messy low bun, make a ponytail and leave two thin sections of hair in the front. The ponytail should be thick enough to be tied and twisted. It’s important not to do this too tightly so it doesn’t look like a ballerina’s bun. Source: Internet
  76. 7. Top Bun Hairstyle. The top bun hairstyle is one of the trendiest updos at the moment. This style is best for medium and long-length hair. Add a ribbon and you will get a cute bun hairstyle for any occasion. Source: Internet
  77. Messy buns aren’t just for young women – any age can rock this hairstyle. If your hair is more mature, try a low bun styled without a brush, only with your fingers. Don’t stress out about making it perfect – the entire goal is to show off your free spirit. Source: Internet
  78. 28. Textured Low Bun Hairstyle. This textured and tousled cute bun hairstyle is quick and easy to recreate. A good bun hairstyle to copy if you’re looking for bridesmaid hair ideas or prom hairstyles. It doesn’t require any elaborate brushing or flawless finishing. Source: Internet
  79. Simple, relaxed and chic - this half up, half down space buns is everything you need to look stylish. Divide your hair into two sides. Then take half of the hair on each side and tie them into a bun. You can also style your hair in beach waves to add some texture. Source: Internet
  80. 29. Feminine French Braid Bun. A perfect hair bun for a weekend groove, whether a wedding party or a dinner date. Accessories like her drop earrings go well with such nape hair bun styles. They nicely draw focus to her slender neck and highlight the elaborate bun resting on it. Source: Internet
  81. Editor’s tip: Taming flyaways and baby hairs is a must to complement your sleek low bun. For flyaways, use a clean toothbrush and hairspray, like the L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold, Light Hairspray Unscented to brush them in place. Use an edge brush and hair gel like the L’Oréal Paris Studio Line Mega Gel to lay your edges. Source: Internet
  82. The messy bun was all the rage about two years ago. However, it's still very much in fashion and has since seen its own alternative version, the samurai bun. This hairstyle looks like it's been done by hand and although it's the most common choice for the home, a lot of girls also opt for it for outdoors too. The problem with this hairstyle is that it's not always 'perfect'. Usually, when we're trying to make this messy chignon look good and ready to show the world, things start to go wrong... Source: Internet
  83. 49. Bun Hairstyle for Weddings. Weddings are extraordinary events in our lives, and we do need a great outfit and matching hair to feel special. Make one of the trendy flower buns and show your femininity. Source: Internet
  84. If you want a low bun that’s simple but out-of-the-ordinary, this hairstyle is for you. Just a heads up – this hairstyle requires thick and super straight hair. Feel free to straighten your hair and add extensions as you wish. Source: Internet
  85. 22. Pompadour Mohawk-Like Bun. For a delightful bun hairstyle that would make jaws drop in awwnnns, implement the dramatic madame pompadour style of the 60’s into your hair bun. Very convenient too, if layers in your hair don’t permit a sleek bun. Source: Internet
  86. And gentlemen? In ancient India, a bun on top of the head meant a wise man. This is because, according to Indian Ayurvedic philosophy, hair is part of the body's energy system. By tying it up in a knot, the chignon was designed to help absorb this energy from nature. Source: Internet
  87. 27. Bun Updo with a Veil. You can create elaborate, showstopping hair bun styles with medium-length hair. Copy this modern version of a beehive bun for a truly elegant wedding hairdo. Accessorize with floral pins for a merry flair. Source: Internet
  88. Finally, there's the option for women who like to accessorise their hair. We've already talked about the possibilities of wide, colourful hair bands. You can also incorporate a scarf or bandana into your hairstyle. Source: Internet
  89. 35. Mohawk Hairstyle with a Low Bun. A braided Mohawk with a low bun works perfectly as a twist to a common low bun. It can add more interest to your look and allows you to stand out from the crowd. Source: Internet
  90. You have two options for this hairstyle: 1) you hair is really long; 2) you are okay with using hair extensions. It is all about length here. You need enough hair for a thick inverted braid staring from the bottom of your head, and then even more hair for an epic messy bun on the top. Source: Internet
  91. Before we head on to the actual bun, there are some things you have to get ready. The foundation of the bun relies on the stability and the resiliency of your hair. Whatever you’re prepping your hair for, keeping it in place is crucial – so you don’t have to keep retouching every time the wind blows in your face. Source: Internet
  92. This messy bun tutorial is very special, given the fact that it is dedicated not only to women with a very long hair, but also to those who have a relatively short hair. That is right – the tutorial will benefit every woman, even those with very thin hair. If you have thin hair and you want to add extra volume, then grab a small comb and a hair spray and start teasing your hair before you pull it up and secure it in a messy high bun. On the other hand, if Mother Nature has been more than generous with you and your hair is so rich that you often have a hard time taming it down, then you might want to straighten your hair first, before you catch it in a bun. Either way, this tutorial will actually offer you plenty of useful tips and tricks that you can use, next time you feel adventurous with your hair! Source: Internet
  93. 30. Bun Hairstyles for Fine Hair. Medium or long fine hair can be styled to look thick and full in a bun hairstyle. Backcomb your hair to create a pouf at the crown before wrapping it into a messy, lacy bun. Source: Internet
  94. Medium hair is just in the middle of long hair and short hair. Therefore, you are free to create any styles of messy fashionable buns you like. You can try a high bun, low bun, top knot or half up half down bun, etc. The combination of bun and color is also a good idea to make your bun look more creative and attractive. Source: Internet
  95. The same applied in China, where loose hair was no longer acceptable from the age of 15. An entire hairdo ceremony was then performed. The hair pinned up on top of the head signified that the girl was ready for marriage. Source: Internet
  96. Flip that mane upside down and French braid from the base of your neck up to the crown of the head. Twist hair around an elastic and spray with a light setting spray. Cute messy buns can be simple or intricate – all are beautiful in their own way. Source: Internet
  97. This pretty low bun is the easiest, most gorgeous little updo around. It’s perfect for second or third day hair so don’t fret if you feel like your hair is too greasy. She starts the process by running a curling iron through her hair, then uses both dry shampoo and texture spray to give it texture and hold. She also uses the Kenra Volume Spray for even better styling. Source: Internet
  98. 15. Messy Hair Bun. If you’re looking for something feminine but carefree, opt for a trendy messy bun. Keep it simple. Leave a few sections of your hair hanging loose, make a ponytail bun, wrap the rest of the hair around the hair tie, and don’t forget to pull some strands at the crown to make the updo fluffier. Source: Internet
  99. 12. Blonde Low Bun. A low knot is a very practical bun hairstyle for those moments when you need your hair out of the way, like during workouts or while doing some household chores. Super-fabulous too, when styled appropriately as in this picture. Meghan even wore it for her royal wedding. Source: Internet
  100. 31. Bun Hairstyle with Bangs. You can complement your cute donut bun with bangs. As you pull your hair off your face, your thick curtain bangs will softly frame your face. Just look how pretty blonde balayage highlights look in updos! Source: Internet
  101. This is the ultimate and the coolest of all the messy bun hairstyles depicted in this article. Why do we love it so much? Because it is true to its roots and all it does is magnifying the effects of the original, more tamed style. Though, we do admit that the amazing chalk color game seen here scored some extra points. Source: Internet
  102. If you’re looking for a fancier bun hairstyle, this tutorial has you covered. This rolled bun is perfect for work, a date night or a more formal event. It’s super quick and easy and all you need is a tangle teaser to give your hair a soft, romantic look, plus a hair elastic and bobby pins. Source: Internet
  103. This article compiles a list of trendy and stylish bun hairstyles for all occasions imaginable. Regardless of your hair type and length, you will find a perfect hair bun. Some of them are easy to style every day, others may be a great addition to your wedding or ‘red-carpet’ look. Choose what suits your needs – the selection is really cool and useful. Source: Internet
  104. Feel tangled up in buns with this messy bun for long hair. French maids inspired, this take on the famous braid is fresher and more relaxed than ever. In rainy days, this bun is great if you are constantly using a hood. No need to worry about small hair out of place: it is all part of the look. Source: Internet
  105. The messy bun can be quite the look on its own, especially low messy bun, but by adding some simple accessories such as a nice scrunchie or a colorful ribbon, you’ll step up your low messy bun into a whole other level. It can be fun and carefree, or elegant and romantic depending on what you pair low messy bun with. Play around with your messy hair bun and find out what style works best for you. Source: Internet
  106. The technique is knowing how much hairspray to apply. Too much can make your hair look stiff, but too little can allow little hairs to appear all over the place. Finish off with statement earrings to add character to your overall fit. Source: Internet
  107. Hair color serves many purposes, but none is as fun as making a bold fashion statement. When you’re ready to express yourself in a whole new way, color the lower section of your hair a bright hue while leaving the roots natural. When you pull your locks into a high bun, twist accordingly to show off the color. Source: Internet
  108. The messy bun is a hairstyle that, until recently, women only wore at home. But now the messy bun has made its way to the streets! This hairstyle suits every hair style and type. No matter if your hair is fine or thick, straight or curly, the messy bun always looks great as the messy bun can be tied at the top, middle or side of the head. Most importantly, it takes no longer than a few minutes to create. Source: Internet
  109. A messy hair bun can be said to be the amazing savior for ones with thin hair! The bounciness of the bun will make the hair look much fuller and thicker. Moreover, styling a messy hair bun usually causes no pressure on your head, so it is good for your scalp and thin hair. Depending on the length of your hair, you can choose one of the styles mentioned above to best suit you. Source: Internet
  110. This hair may look intimidating, but it is actually composed of simple twists here and there. Practically, you wouldn’t want to use pins to hold this hairstyle at the beach. A sturdy, seamless hair tie will do. Source: Internet
  111. The French word “Bouffant” actually refers to that extreme volume many girls like in their hair – if you have very thin and frail hair and you feel that it looks dull and it lacks volume, then this amazing hair tutorial on how to get yourself a lovely and natural bouffant bun is the best one for you. Most of the girls can easily just pull their hair into a bun and get away with it, but if your hair is not as “rich” and you feel that it constantly sticks to your head (especially during those ridiculously hot summer days), then the bouffant bun is the right choice. It will keep your bun airy and loose, and it will also add a classy and distinctive touch to your general appearance. Besides, with several bobby pins you can adjust the bun anyway you want, so that it perfectly matches your business or casual attire! Source: Internet
  112. P.S. If today’s hair tutorial looks familiar its because there was a surprise sneak peek a couple of weeks ago when I shared the sunny striped DIY nails tutorial. Source: Internet
  113. Last but not least, messy bun hairstyles with braid are what you should try for a perfect messy bun hairstyles. Actually, messy bun hairstyles with braid are the style that enables you to be the most creative on your hair. You can style the braids along with the messy bun hairstyles, or you can also style the braid for your curtain bangs or side hair, etc. Just be creative and you’ll have the most special messy bun hairstyles. Source: Internet
  114. How to do a messy bun? The base of messy bun tutorial starts with a ponytail. Firstly, in messy bun tutorial, depending on how high or low you want your messy bun to be, you’ll start making a ponytail in messy bun tutorial. How to do a messy bun? Next step in messy bun tutorial, gather up all your hair away from your face and neck and hold it up. For the ultimate messy bun tutorial, flip your head down and tie your hair. How to do a messy bun? Lastly, in messy bun tutorial, that way when you tie it up and flip it back, everything will look extra loose and effortlessly messy without falling all over the place. Source: Internet
  115. 26. Bun with Leave-Outs. Step out for any event or even for work looking pretty and professional with a low-key sultry vibe. Pairing your bun with loose tresses on both sides of your face adds a sweet, romantic feel to your look. Source: Internet
  116. If you have never tried a messy bun before and you are feeling clueless, then Marie Claire will certainly come to your rescue with this complete and highly detailed tutorial on how to create a lovely messy bun, from beginning until the end. Marie Claire is one of the most-read women’s fashion and lifestyle magazines, and it has an entire section dedicated to beauty – this messy bun is a great choice if you are a fan of loose clothing and you love to play with different styles. If you like to combine different clothing elements and to add your own personal touch to them, then this hairstyle will certainly be on the same wavelength, as it will add style and personality to your attire. Source: Internet
  117. There’s nothing wrong with a neat ballerina bun if you know how to style it! If you like the classic look of a ballerina bun but don’t want how flat it looks on you, all you need is a little tease. Adding volume to the back of your head makes your hair look fuller and your face smaller. Finish off with a silk ribbon. Source: Internet
  118. Yes, one can make a messy bun without bobby pins. Bobby pins are usually used to keep the hair strands from falling off and hide the ponytail. That is why making a messy bun hairstyle can be done without bobby pins but will appear more cluttered. The ideal length of the hair when doing a messy bun without bobby pins is the long and medium hair. They can make a messy bun using only a ponytail as they can tuck the excess hair into the ponytail. Source: Internet
  119. Sometimes you don’t think that you are going to wear a cascading long hair as ever, right? Here we offer you 15 ways to arrange your long hair. Whether your hair is sleek or not, you will find one of the pretty buns from the topic. You can find the easiest way to style your long hair in a side bun, a top bun, a low bun and a braided bun. Source: Internet
  120. Double the bun, double the fun. ofia Richie andhave long been acquainted with the messy bun and the top knot, so it was only a matter of time, really, until they got bored. While the type of bun you wear on the regular says a lot about you , it actually says more when you're willing to step out of your comfort zone with a rad, new style. Source: Internet
  121. This elegant look is not only quick but elevates your party bun hairstyle for saree. Just pull back your hair at the nape of your neck and fasten it as you would for a ponytail. Now, instead of pulling all your hair out of the hair tie, leave half of it in and wrap the rest over the hair tie and fix it with a pin under your bun. Source: Internet
  122. This one is 50% braid and 50% bun; not all messy buns can boast that. Just start a waterfall braid as you always do, keep it lower and looser, and once you are half way through it, roll it all in a messy knot. Remember the hairband will be showing so you might want to match or contrast it with your outfit. Source: Internet
  123. Long hair is definitely the first hair texture to mention for styling messy bun hairstyles, especially messy bun for long hair. With long hair, you can style all kinds of messy bun hairstyles like messy bun for long hair, high messy, low messy bun hairstyles with braids, half bun or so on. Long hair is a plus point which enables you to adjust and reach the right messy level you want for your messy bun for long hair. In addition, messy bun hairstyles are also useful for making your messy bun for long hair neater and more convenient for working. Source: Internet
  124. Thanks to the women of Ancient Greece, the originally named “Greek knot” was invented. The women of ancient Greece wore low buns with jewelry to signify wealth and power. That’s why it’s not surprising to find low buns in girl boss styles, formal events, and weddings. Low bun hairstyles have main character energy built with them. Source: Internet
  125. 47. Voluminous Bun for Thick Hair. It may be easier to simply put thick hair in a ponytail or leave it hanging down. But what if you want a feminine top bun? Yes, you will need some patience pulling your thick locks back, but an elegant neat bun style with thick hair is a reality. Source: Internet
  126. Again, if your hair is thin or not too long, try this variation of the top knot. Brush hair straight back into a pony, leaving a few front sections out to braid. Pull the braids back and gather them with the rest of the hair into a loose knot. Source: Internet
  127. Turn the back of your head into a flourishing vase with this messy bun. It all starts with a low ponytail, small locks of hair looped, and several bobby pins. Then hair fixators join the party, so your hair can blossom from day to night. Source: Internet
  128. This is another easy bun which is perfect for busy girls. Gather your hair at the top and tie it in a bun. Then kick things up a notch by wrapping a hair scarf around the bun and you’re ready to roll! Source: Internet
  129. 25. Fancy High Bun with Bangs. Bun and bangs are a match made in heaven. This hairstyle with a bouffant introduces a fanciful twist to the regular top knot hairstyles. Our model’s bun with a gorgeous side fringe truly gives her a sophisticated, queenly appearance. Source: Internet
  130. How to do a messy bun? After preparing all the things needed, now let’s dig into messy bun tutorial. All the steps of messy bun tutorial are prepared for you. How to do a messy bun? The steps of messy bun tutorial we are going to introduce are for high bun which is the most popular and basic like a foundation style. How to do a messy bun? These 3 steps of messy bun tutorial are super simple and easy to apply. How to do a messy bun? Let’s see what messy bun tutorial is. Source: Internet
  131. How to do a messy bun? Once you have wrapped all your hair up into a bun in messy bun tutorial, tie a hair tie or elastic around it to keep everything in place. How to do a messy bun? How to do a messy bun? Next step of messy bun tutorial, using bobby pins to pin down any stray hairs. During messy bun tutorial, adjust and keep pinning until you’ve achieved the look that you like. Source: Internet
  132. The same goes for your ears. Do you prefer to cover them up? No problem, let a few small strands fall to the side and you're all set. After all, our bun is just meant to be messy, right? Source: Internet
  133. If you’re a bride with a satin-made dress made with minimal to no embellishments, this neat low bun is perfect. The pearls stuck to the bun and the back makes a sleek accent to the whole look. Her two-toned hair also added to the charm of this hairstyle. The unevenly shaped pearls, especially the chunky ones, will certainly make good back view photos! Source: Internet
  134. The big fat Indian wedding comes with hundreds of pre-wedding festivities and as the bride-to-be, you have to look fab in them all. The fishtail detailing is perfect for Indian bun hairstyles for saree. Start from the centre and create a fishtail braid. Then wrap it at the nape of your neck and pin it. Source: Internet
  135. 4. Elegant Looped Bun. This bun is a power-bomb. And it looks more complicated than it really is. Two undone ponytails aka loop buns plus a glamorous accessory – and your super-elegant bun is ready. Source: Internet
  136. The high updo appeared in Europe during the Italian Renaissance in the 15th century. This bun was worn by ballerinas, practitioners of the art which became popular at the time. They still do it today. Source: Internet
  137. Yes, short hair can make a messy bun hairstyle. Short hair can make use of the half-bun hairstyle and the whole messy bun with the help of bobby pins and hairstyling sprays. It likely depends on whether one wants to try the entire messy bun or the half-bun. The messy bun hairstyle needs a bobby pin and sprays to secure the bun that does not easily pull off. The half-bun hairstyle does not need anything, just a ponytail. Source: Internet
  138. Right from the braid at the back to the twisted high bun, this hairstyle is simply enchanting. Take a section of hair at the back and braid them backwards till you reach the top. Then gather the rest of your hair and bun it. Source: Internet
  139. If you deal with unruly locks that you love to wear long despite the drama, try this hairstyle on for size. Starting with a side braid, head it around to the back of the head and twist remaining hair into a low bun. Secure with a hair elastic and bobby pins. The best part of this style? You can allow select tendrils and natural strands to flow freely. Source: Internet
  140. This hairdo is a bit more on the playful side than most, but it’s also super functional because it’s really secure. Which means you could wear it for a casual day with friends or something more active, like running errands, exercising, or playing double dutch. 🙂 Source: Internet
  141. The next step is to take the remaining hair strands at the front to finish the look. Smooth each strand individually and pull it back into the low chignon. Starting at the top of the chignon, twist a strand of hair in the opposite direction. Once you've wrapped your hair, tuck it underneath to make the seam as inconspicuous as possible. Source: Internet
  142. 48. Flower Hair Buns. Whether you have a wedding, a job interview, or an important meeting with a manager, a floral bun is a great option to show your style. Just choose how much gloss you need for your meeting or event and opt for 1 to 5 flower buns. For formal events, add details and delicate tendrils. Source: Internet
  143. This is another very fast and effortless hair bun tutorial that has a slightly messy touch to it – one that makes it stand out, and that goes perfectly with any casual attire! That being said, this messy top know can be easily achieved with a few bobby pins or with an elastic band, as all you need to do is to carefully pull all your hair together and to tie it up securely on top of your head. In addition to that, make sure to leave two small sections on the sides of your face – you can either straighten them or even curl them, if you aim for a more chiseled look. Either way, the messy top knot can look amazing on any woman, regardless of her age, her hair length or her hair color, so you should definitely give it a try next time you want to give your hair a different style! Source: Internet
  144. 10. Low Twisted Bun. Combine two trendy elements – the bun and the twist – in your hairstyle, and make a perfect formal bun. Now you have a great idea of a hairstyle for all birthdays, parties, and work occasions up your sleeve. Source: Internet
  145. There is always something elvish in messy buns like this. The combination of neon colors and boho hair jewelry in leather and metal takes us to another dimension. Not an everyday hairstyle, you should save this for special occasions. And yes, an urgent need to show off how your rings go with your hair is special enough for us. Source: Internet
  146. The messy bun is a dishevelled chignon, tangled up neatly with a hairband. This messy bun is one of the trendiest hairstyles and is nonchalant and very comfortable. How to do a messy bun? Source: Internet
  147. 38. Very Low Bun. Complicated bun hairstyles are not for wearing them with hats. A cool idea will be to make a very low, relaxed bun aka ‘knot’ at the lower half of your braid. It will look messy, carefree, and extremely pretty. Source: Internet
  148. Check out this collection of 10 different bun hairstyles you can do with short hair, from a Dutch braided ponytail bun to a twisted messy bun to a doughnut bun and more. She uses products like the Bumble and Bumble Bb Brilliantine, mini doughnut buns and a good texturizing spray to get these 10 looks. Who said you can’t get creative with short hair? Source: Internet
  149. It’s really hard not to fall in love with the ease and versatility of a low bun. This classic updo is chic in appearance, quick to achieve, and able to flatter all types of hair for any occasion. Keep reading to see our list of 11 gorgeous low bun hairstyles and tips for how to achieve them. Source: Internet
  150. 16. Ponytail Bun. This bun can be easily assembled from a ponytail. Make an undone ponytail by stopping halfway, don’t pull it to the end, and simply wrap the rest of the hair around the hair tie. It looks great with light summer clothes. Source: Internet
  151. I've been doing my low, messy bun the same way since high school. There's really no rhyme or reason to it - I just throw my hair up by wrapping it around my hairband a few times and call it a day. However, over the last few years, I've become more interested in trying new hairstyles for my fine, medium-length hair. Source: Internet
  152. 50. Hair Bun with Glasses. The most professional-looking bun in this selection. Perfect for work and play, dates, a lunch with your friends, and a job interview. How to make it look more playful? Add a scrunchie for a pop of color. Source: Internet
  153. A braided bun is a gorgeous, statement-making hairstyle. Check out this bohemian braid bun that’s super fast and easy, and perfect for busy mornings. No heat or pre-styling is required for this look – all you have to do is follow her step by step instructions! It’s ideal for the days when you don’t want your hair in your face and all you need is a brush, texture spray and clear hair elastics. Source: Internet
  154. 20. Buns for Fine Hair. When you have fine hair, it may be challenging to know what to do with it. However, it can be styled effectively if you have highlighted dimension in your hair and good styling products. A small bun like in this picture is really achievable, the before-after photo is the proof. Source: Internet
  155. This low bun is super sleek and sophisticated, and guess what, it’s easy too! She starts by spraying her hair with some dry shampoo as this hairstyle tends to work best with slightly unwashed hair. She also uses a dry texturizing spray and a clear brow gel to tame her flyaways. Follow her step by step guide as she takes you through this simple yet stunning look. Source: Internet
  156. Low buns are perfect for classy events, office meetings or any formal occasion. This one adds volume to your hair and makes it appear longer. Tie your bun at the nape of your neck and pull out a few strands in front to frame your face. Source: Internet
  157. The messy bun for long hair can be quite a perfect hairstyle for lazy girls, as messy bun for long hair does not require freshly washed and brushed hair as a start. In fact, the messy bun for long hair works best with second-day hair (or third, or even fourth). Thanks to messy bun for long hair nature, you won’t have to worry if your messy bun for long hair looks a little bit greasy or unkempt. The messy bun for long hair will hide it all. Source: Internet
  158. Believe it or not, this is one of the easiest hairstyles that you can make! This is not exactly a low bun, but a semi-bun made with two twisted sections on either side of the hair. These sections are then crossed over a low ponytail, which looks like the ‘tail’ of this hairstyle. Ideally, you would want to curl your hair for this look to make it bouncy. Source: Internet
  159. 34. Braid and Low Bun. This type of bun represents how to put hair in a bun and have it super-cute as well as protective. A French braid on a side is one of the popular options. Source: Internet
  160. If your hair is just starting to look medium sized, you can tease it a little after tying it up. Then roll up your hair in separate strands and secure with a hair band. Remember that a hair band can also be part of your hairstyle. Wide, coloured or patterned hair bands are best for this purpose. These accessories are made of different materials. Source: Internet
  161. In total, it took about 30 seconds from start to finish for me to do this bun hack on my hair. The final look was very casual, so while it's not something I'd do for a special occasion, it's perfect for a low-key work-from-home day or running errands. If you have fine or thin hair and find it hard to do a lot of trendy hairstyles, I'd recommend giving this messy low-bun hack a try. It requires absolutely no prior styling skills. Watch the video of me trying it below. Source: Internet
  162. Braids and buns have been around for quite a long time now; this hairstyle draws inspiration from back in the day where a tutorial was nowhere to be found. It’s actually way simpler than it looks, if you keep in mind that the strand for the braid is merely decorative and should be the last thing you do. Before finishing just tuck the tip of the braid inside the low bun you have done previously. Source: Internet
  163. The main star of this bun is the textured hair. Start off by curling your hair into beach waves. Once done, then simply wrap your hair in a low, twisted bun and you’re good to go! Source: Internet
  164. 13. Bun with Bandana. Incorporating a bandana or a scarf into your buns is a great way to accessorize your look. They add color and that so much-needed zest to your style. Source: Internet
  165. From the loose French braid detailing in the front, to the cute twisted double buns at the back, this bridal bun hairstyle is simply stunning. Divide your hair and French braid each side. Then coil each side into a low bun and pin them. Source: Internet
  166. Hair twists are a great way to go because you can easily adapt them to your own hair length and texture. Comb hair out and twist either large or small sections into a ponytail. Wrap the remaining hair into a bun and secure with hair pins. Spray with a high quality setting spray to keep your hair in place all day. Source: Internet
  167. Take you side braid to the next level with this messy bun for long hair. We know it is hard to believe that a braid and a bun can get along so well, but this hairstyle is proof. Anyone with highlights or different color shades must try it at least once. Source: Internet
  168. Forget your sock bun. This hairstyle needs neither much support nor filling because your hair will be doing all the work. If your hair is thick, you have an advantage when the time to tangle locks and branches comes. For those with thinner hair, there are some products in the market that can be helpful. Source: Internet
  169. The easiest way to create any kind of chignon, including our messy bun, is to wrap your hair around the ponytail and secure the end with a pin. For medium-length hair, secure the bun with another hair band. Finally, the gathered hair needs to be lightly brushed to make the bun look as untidy as possible. Source: Internet
  170. Top knots are a girl’s best friend! It’s an easy updo that doesn’t require much effort. The best part about this? The messier, the better! Gather your hair with your fingers and tie it on top. And that’s why we don’t see this hairstyle losing its charm anytime soon! Source: Internet
  171. This is not the type of bun that you would like to wear on a daily basis, but it is certainly a great choice for those special events or occasions where you would like to save some money and actually do your hair all by yourself. For this simple fancy bun tutorial, all you need is a hair curler that you will use to carefully curl all the sections of your hair, some gentle hair balm or oil that will add extra shine and smoothness to your hair and ultimately some elastic bands and bobby pins that will help you create the fancy updo bun and keep it all in one place. This is a very sophisticated hairdo that will probably resemble those beautiful Victorian-era hairstyles, and they are the perfect choice for elegant and stylish ladies who fancy couture/vintage clothing. Source: Internet
  172. The next step is a sort of reconstruction of the ponytail. Twist the remaining hair in the ponytail and wrap it around the ponytail band. The ends of the hair are then secured with bobby pins, which are placed at an angle to make them less visible. If you want to strengthen the chignon, use crosswise placed bobby pins. This ensures that they won't slip out. Source: Internet
  173. Check out this tutorial for a quick messy bun on medium length hair. It’s super easy and the end result is gorgeous. You don’t need much for this look – just some bobby pins and 2 hair elastics and she recommends using a dry shampoo to start to give your hair some texture. Source: Internet
  174. Perfect for days when you feel you need to make a statement, a bold one. Just use this easy side bun hairstyle to put yourself out there. You will look fierce enough to pass as a celebrity. Dare to go for the shades of silver, blue and purple, and invitations to star in music videos and movies will rain. Source: Internet
  175. You might think that creating a messy bun is a pretty simple and straightforward process, regardless of whether you have a shoulder-long hair or a waist-long hair, when the truth is that the longer the hair, the more difficult it is to pull it up in a bun that will last throughout the whole day. However, if you have shoulder-long hair, then you should get away with a lovely bun within minutes, and this tutorial will show you how to do just that. It is extremely important to make sure that you use the right elastic bands, those that are specifically designed for hairstyles – using the conventional, commercial elastic bands will only damage your hair, therefore you must be very careful! Source: Internet
  176. Using one hand, I pulled the end of my hair that was sticking out of the ponytail through the center of the looped bun. Once that step was complete, I zhuzhed the bun a bit by pulling some pieces out and loosening the base of the ponytail to give it a more relaxed look. In the front, I left some pieces of hair out to frame my face. Source: Internet
  177. Divide hair into three sections, using just your fingers. Twist and pin each section in a variety of spots, ending with a sloppy bun shifted to one side. What a perfect mess! Source: Internet
  178. Bangs are always in style, and if you’re fortunate enough to have long medium to thick hair, you can easily pull off this style. To get the perfect messy bun, finger comb hair into place instead of using a brush or a comb. Add a ribbon, headband or bandana to finish the look. Source: Internet
  179. Wearing your hair in a stylish bun will always make you look classy and chic. Bun hairstyles are easy to do and they make it look like you’ve put a ton of effort into your hair, when really your ‘do took minutes. With so many versatile options, this easy-to-achieve hairstyle can take you from the office to a date night with ease. No matter what length your hair is, check out this collection of 25 gorgeous bun hairstyles! Source: Internet
  180. Like most hairstyles, bun hairstyles work best with second or third day hair. With that in mind, a dry shampoo is key to keeping your hair refreshed. Since unwashed hair can become oily, dry shampoo will help revitalize your hair and remove excess grease so your bun hairstyles are as chic as can be. Source: Internet
  181. Prom is all about cherishing youth and dressing your best. So if possible, try to avoid anything that’s too neat or any hairstyles that can make you look mature. If you want a simple look, the best you can do is something like this: a semi-messy ‘babka’ bun. I call it a ‘babka bun’ because the twist reminds me of the way you braid babka dough. Source: Internet
  182. Greasy hair and still want to rule the world? Well, this sleek and twisted hairstyle is just what you need. Just divide your hair in two and tie them together into a knot. Then coil one section around the base, followed by the other section and pin them. That’s it! Source: Internet
  183. This one rates high on our cute messy buns ranking. After all, it is a power combo: donut meets messy meets fringes, and it is as easy to make as it looks. All you need to do is to slightly curl and twist small locks of hair with your fingers as you go. Works with short bangs as well. Source: Internet
  184. If you spend your days at the office, you’ll need a go-to style that isn’t too complicated and yet still exudes class and professionalism. Enter this high bun style that’s achieved through a high ponytail that is then wrapped around itself. Leave some loose strands in the back and on the sides to avoid looking too severe. Source: Internet
  185. These low bun hairstyles are extremely elegant and perfect for special occasions. They’re simply stunning and you can easily wear them to a wedding or for a special date night. Follow her step by step guides for each bun hairstyle so you can do them yourself at home. All you need is bobby pins, a rattail comb and a medium hold hairspray. Source: Internet
  186. Here’s a hairstyle that demands more improvisation than technical skills. Among all messy bun hairstyles this is the one that lets imagination blossom. You can use real flowers attached to bobby pins (you will need lots of them) or look around for hairpins with different flowers; think of it as a garden. Source: Internet
  187. You have probably seen the famous ponytails and buns of the Japanese samurai. They are the origin of the mandatory hairstyle for sumo (Japanese wrestling) athletes. When a sumo player finishes his sports career, he cuts his hair off in a ceremonial ceremony. As you can see the messy bun has a remarkable history! Source: Internet
  188. Starting with a French braid running down the back of the head, this hairstyle ends with the lower half of the braid twisted and secured into a low bun. What makes it exciting? The messy feel and the bold and dramatic color contrast, like vibrant purple against jet black. Many color combinations look awesome – the only way to discover your favorite is to try. Source: Internet
  189. If you’re growing out your hair, you understand the frustration of not having enough reasonable style options. Low buns can save the day if your hair is at least chin length. If layers or select strands fall out, no worries – it just adds to the overall stylish, messy look you’re going for. Source: Internet
  190. Summer is already here, and we all know what that means – this is the music festival season! No matter how beautiful and feminine long hair is, it can sometimes become extremely difficult to manage during the hot summer days, as you tend to sweat and your hair can get all tangled up. If cutting your hair is not an option during the summer, then rest assured – there is always a solution for just about any hair problem. In this case, the solution comes in the form of a perfect messy bun that is great for hippies and other cool women who love a good outdoor music festival – and not only! The truth is that everybody can rock this awesome messy bun, without any effort. Source: Internet

Following are some suggestions for where to begin your search for data on 32+ Low Bun Hairstyles That Are Easy & Sleek: You should try to find How To Make A Bun With Short Hair-related information from reputable places. Libraries, online resources, and even paid journalists all fall under this category. - It's crucial to be aware of the various electronic media sources available when researching Low Bun Tutorial, such as Google and YouTube. You may also get info about 32+ Low Bun Hairstyles That Are Easy & Sleek on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

It's crucial to read to examine the authenticity of each source in order to acquire the greatest information regarding Messy Bun Long Hair.

# Video | How To Do A Low Bun For Long Hair

You'll learn more about Low Bun Wedding after watching the films included in this post, which come from a variety of different sources. Information on a wide range of topics can be easily accessed via the internet.

Notable features of 32+ Low Bun Hairstyles That Are Easy & Sleek include:

  • how to do a low bun for long hair
  • how to make two low buns with long hair
  • how to make a low bun for long hair
  • how to do a low messy bun for long hair
  • how to do low space buns for long hair

With the abundance of A Guide To 25 Bun Hairstyles For Every Length & Occasion-related resources available online, it's easy to find what you're looking for.

This is not how most people would expect to learn more about 40 Messy Bun Hairstyles to Refresh Your Casual Look, so be prepared for some shock value. It paves the way for a closer examination of the Low Bun Short Hair information's actual substance and its potential applications.

# Images | How To Do A Low Bun For Long Hair - Messy Bun Long Hair

Classy and Chic: 25 Easy and Stylish Bun Hairstyles for All Hair Lengths - how to do a low messy bun for long hair

How To Do A Low Bun For Long Hair - Low Bun Tutorial Short Hair 1 Save

A Guide To 25 Bun Hairstyles For Every Length & Occasion - Sleek Low Bun

How To Do A Low Bun For Long Hair - Low Bun Short Hair 2 Save

techniques for making Low Bun Wedding data visualizations that are both aesthetically pleasing and practically applicable. They can spread the word about how to do a low bun for short hair in professional and promotional settings. For this reason, we also include Easy Low Messy Bun For Medium Hair-related pictures.

At last, this article sums up key points about Low Bun Tutorial Easy. There is also a comparison of your Easy Messy Bun for long hair in 3 minutes knowledge to that of Messy Bun Long Hair, as well as a discussion on How To Make A Bun With Short Hair and Low Bun Tutorial Medium Hair.


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