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173 Things Half Up Half Down Curly Short Hair

This time, we're going to talk about Half Up Half Down Curly Short Hair. There is a lot of information about half up half down updos for short hair on the internet, of course. Social media are getting better and better quickly, which makes it easier for us to learn new things.

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Half Up Half Down Curly Short Hair

173 Things Half Up Half Down Curly Short Hair | half up half down bun short curly hair

  1. How to style: Quickly wrap your hair around a curling iron strand by strand. Then attach a weave and repeat if necessary. Tie a high ponytail and take a strand from underneath to wrap around the elastic band. Source: Internet
  2. How to style: Use some product to define the curls and make them shiny. Tie a high ponytail to create a half updo. Use bobby pins to hold in place strands of hair that you want to fall over the forehead. Source: Internet
  3. Want to go full-out natural? Embrace your natural afro-textured hair wholeheartedly with a hairstyle like this. Aside from the admirable updo part, we also like the puffed-up bangs in the front. We recommend it for a modern-retro look. Source: Internet
  4. Half updos are the best of both worlds – feminine updos and lively playful downdos. Braids, twists, knots, headbands and their variations work amazing in half up half down styles. Do not miss a chance to master a new lovely hairstyle to dress your gorgeous locks in a new way! Source: Internet
  5. Both are beautiful styles—and included below!—but after they see this story, I think they’ll be inspired to play with their curls much more often; there are so many styling possibilities my family hasn’t tried. Perhaps all they—and maybe you—need is a little inspiration and wise advice from a few pro hairstylists. Read on: Source: Internet
  6. Short hairstyles look young, vibrant, and refreshing. They can be managed well, and they also help women look groomed all the time. Short hairstyles are considered modern, and many women are keeping their hair short irrespective of age. Source: Internet
  7. Time and time again Rihanna proves that she is a veritable hair queen. She always slays, whether we see her with traditional African hairstyles or short and spikey cuts. She opted for a lavish pompadour in this photo to flatter her shorter locks. Source: Internet
  8. When you have a romantic mood, use your long curly hair to make it clear to everyone. With dramatic highlights, these curls look so soft and alluring. And, sure, the main recommendation for such a gorgeous look is keeping your locks healthy and periodically trim the ends. To give the curls bounce and such a magnificent glow, use moisturizers and jam for curls. Source: Internet
  9. Yet another trendy updo for afro-textured hair is the 90s-inspired space buns. They are also referred to as double puffs, and they’re guaranteed to bring out your inner geek girl. The results are sweet, chic, and irresistible. Source: Internet
  10. No doubt, the first association that comes with curly hair styles for black women is “sexy”. And this feature will pop up even in the most traditional and classic hairstyles for curly hair. Keep everything simple and just enjoy your female energy. Source: Internet
  11. Big hair can be great; however, sometimes you end up looking more Dolly Parton and less a cool, fashion-forward girl. Fortunately, embracing curls and a slimmer silhouette is not always mutually exclusive. This do is half modern, half girly, but 100 percent wearable. Source: Internet
  12. Perfectly chopped bob is everything you will need this summer. It is easy to style, especially if you like your hair to be messy. Just swipe some hair at one side, and you are ready to go. Source: Internet
  13. Another way you can wear a pixie haircut is with a rebellious undercut. You don’t necessarily have to shave the bottom part entirely. You can leave a bit of hair and even dye it a darker color than your base one. Source: Internet
  14. This pretty hairstyle is as easy as 1, 2, and 3, not to mention that it works for hair of all lengths. Simply take a few strands on each side and twist them in a crisscross manner, pinning them in the center. You will be radiant! Source: Internet
  15. Twists are a great option for naturalistas of all textures and curl patterns. They’re quicker and easier to complete than braids, but most importantly, they're a fantastic option for protecting your natural hair with minimum tension while maintaining moisture. These are our favorites. Source: Internet
  16. Attention beauty buffs: pretty half updos are no longer created within the confines of a simple half up ponytail. To add some range to your collection of ladylike coiffures, try pinning back two side strands of your hair for an option that is equally polished. Take this look to the next level by adding some large ringlets into the mix. Source: Internet
  17. When you have that fabulous Afro-American hair, your curls are both a blessing and a real struggle. To minimize all possible problems with Afro hair, get a layered hairstyle with bangs. To maintain the beauty of every curly lock, deeply moisturize the hair regularly. Source: Internet
  18. Straight strands can be a pain because they easily fall out of ponytails and for many, won’t hold a curl. So, dress up your locks with braids, a failsafe for any hair texture. Bring two fishtails together at the back of your head and pin them down for a modern style that stays in place all day. Source: Internet
  19. Length doesn’t matter when it comes to glamorous hairstyles. In fact, very short hairstyles are absolutely enchanting. This ravishing pixie haircut is just what you need to rock short curls with confidence. Source: Internet
  20. This next style has a top knot in brown and blond color. The golden blond looks really sweet with a shaggy messy look. This style is quite easy to redo as its a bit like you just got out of bed. Fluff your hair and knot the bun at the top. ShopSimiliar looking weave hair. Source: Internet
  21. Braids on one side are one of the most popular options among updos for short hair. In this case, an ample plait was braided loosely to one side of a long bob. It’s a terrific hairstyle for girls who sport side parts. Source: Internet
  22. Women with wavy or curly hair will adore this hairstyle. Gently pull all of your strands to the side and pin them into a glamorous chignon. This hairstyle fits even the fanciest of events, from cocktail parties to weddings. Source: Internet
  23. A middle parting is a great and quick way to switch up your hairstyle without a haircut. This hairstyle will frame your face and highlight the area where the parting falls. Spice things up and try a middle part for your next date night. Source: Internet
  24. It doesn't matter if your hair is short or long, or what your hair type is, we believe you can find the ideal half-up, half-down style for you. To achieve this look, all you need is to comb the first half to the top and allow your natural curls to flow freely in the back. Remember to leave a few stray threads in front to create a face framing effect. Source: Internet
  25. Among the easy short curly hairstyles for busy girls is this effortless idea. All you have to do is take a scarf, fold it in half and wrap it around as a headband. In just a few minutes you’re all good to go. Source: Internet
  26. Sometimes, small touch can go a long way for your hairstyle. For example, ladies with long bangs can twist them for a fast and fantastic look. While it won’t require a lot of time, it will be remarkable for sure. Source: Internet
  27. A high ponytail is perfect for any occasion. Whether you need a formal updo or just wanna keep your long curly hair out of your face for an active day, a pony is a win-win effortless option. If you have troubles holding your ponytail into place, try using a medium-hold product for a flawless finish. Source: Internet
  28. The benefits of short curly hairstyles for a black girl are numerous. The thing is natural hair is prone to dryness, which cause breakage more often. Thus, it’s quite of a challenge to grow out luscious and healthy long hair. Source: Internet
  29. While this hairstyle isn’t technically an updo, it has a similar effect that ladies with extremely short hair will appreciate. The most significant “ingredient” is to slick your hair back entirely. After that, create a small and tight braid on one side. Source: Internet
  30. How to style: Use a curling iron to curl your hair if you have straight hair. Attach a long weave. Braid this horizontal braid and stretch it gently with your fingers. Pull the top part above the half updo to make it look less flat and more voluminous. Spray with hairspray. Source: Internet
  31. Lob hairstyles on redheads look even better. You can be sure people will comment on your hair. This look is natural, great for women who don’t like to spend their time hairstyling. Source: Internet
  32. A mohawk is a daring choice among short curly hairstyles. However, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be worn elegantly, like in the photo above. Keep the bangs long for a refined effect. Source: Internet
  33. Brace yourself, curly cues: this springy style gives Shirley Temple’s ringlets some stiff competition. While such playful coils may veer too youthful for some, a set of tight curls can add a cute touch to a blouse and flirty skirt combination. As an added bonus, this style is great for ladies with shoulder-length hair. Source: Internet
  34. Amber highlights will come in handy when a girl is looking for a new way to wear her old hairstyle. However, this color is suitable for black women with warm skin shade only. So, before blindly following the style in the picture, first make sure your hairstylist supports this choice. Source: Internet
  35. If you have short hair, this effortless look is ideal for you. You can style this short hairstyle in a variety of ways. In addition to being able to show off your personality, you will also show off your curl pattern (try our Wash + Go Styling Gel for gorgeous well-defined curls). It requires very little maintenance, just a leave-in conditioner and oil treatment to maintain moisture. Wrap your hair in a silk scarf when you go to bed to fully preserve the health of your fluffy afro. Source: Internet
  36. On hurried mornings, it’s hard to get out the door looking flawless. But if you’re in a time crunch, just pull the top quarter of your hair back into a messy knot. The coif radiates effortless style, but no one has to know how much time you actually put into your appearance that day. Source: Internet
  37. Chunky highlights work great with any hair color, whether you’re adding them to brunette strands or a fire engine red ‘do. You can either go to the salon or brave it out with a home highlight kit. Here’s a video tutorial to help get you started. Source: Internet
  38. Being elegant is not so hard anymore since we have pearly hair accessories. You can wear them at any time. But try this hairstyle. Pearls are used as artificial hair, and we couldn’t be more amazed by how it looks! Source: Internet
  39. Among many others cute hairstyles for short hair, this one is our definite favorite. Layers are perfect for women with thin hair. Swipe your hair at one side and voila! You have a hairstyle for day to night events. Source: Internet
  40. Chopped and short bob like this is one of the best hairstyles for short hair. It is both practical and chic. Perfect for all the occasions – from early morning business meetings to the late-night cocktails with the girls. Source: Internet
  41. Short Afro hair is very manageable for black curls. So, with such length, you can experiment with different types of curls. Gorgeous bouncy spirals with plenty of body flow freely and frame the face, creating a feminine, attractive look for any occasion. To add dimension, pair the spiral bob with longer spiral bangs. Source: Internet
  42. Keep half up half down hair simple with a style that won’t require a tutorial to complete. Curl your hair with an iron or hot rollers, and then gather a few crown locks to pull back. Secure with some hair pins and you are ready to take on the day. Source: Internet
  43. How to style: Use a curling iron to curl your hair. Part the hair in the middle and braid two braids on the top. Tie them with elastic bands and stretch them with your fingers. Shape these gorgeous fanned-out buns. Source: Internet
  44. It used to be the go-to hairstyle for school girls with curly hair in the 90s. Tight cornrows to take the messy curls away from the face, a touch of bold red underneath, and gorgeous soft curls tumbling down. The best thing is that it still woks for Afro girls of all ages. Source: Internet
  45. Want to find a versatile curly hairstyle for black women that will work for any occasion? Look no more: the half-up hairstyle is exactly what you need. This quirky style is a cool way to switch your look as well. Of course, you can stay safe with a classic single bun half-up… but why? If you can look so cute, charming, and gorgeous if rocking the wavy half up half down with double wrapped buns. Source: Internet
  46. How to style: Start by combing your hair so you get a smooth half updo. Then create this neat bow half updo. Take a curling iron and create nice defined locks. Source: Internet
  47. Dutch braids might seem complicated, but they are very quick to make. If your hair is done in the balayage technique, then this style would be much more interesting. Dark roots and blonde hair make braids appear more textured. Source: Internet
  48. This is truly a half up half down hair style that will wow the crowd. It works best on medium hair. Reason being, a little texture is necessary to pull off this impressive arrangement of twists, braids and gatherings. This is a style you’ll want to test drive ahead of time – or hire a professional. Source: Internet
  49. Sporting a head full of bouncy curls takes a lot of guts. If you don’t want an extremely voluminous style, do not tousle your curled locks, but leave them in spirals, flowing down your back. Balance the volume down with a bouffant. If you are blessed with naturally curly hair, simply add some hairspray and tie your hair half up half down. Source: Internet
  50. Hairstyles for naturally curly black hair lift up to an absolutely new level when black girls take a risk and go blonde. The main rule here is to choose the shade of blonde that suits your skin tone. In the photo, you can see, how perfectly these honey blonde curls complement the appearance of this Afro woman. Source: Internet
  51. Ladies with bob haircuts can easily rely on this kind of hairstyle for a speedy yet memorable look. All you need is a curling iron, a few bobby pins, and a generous amount of hairspray. Curl your tips, pin them one into the other and spray them in place. Source: Internet
  52. Have a penchant for braids? This option is perfect for you. Unless you’re a total master at all weaves and plaits, the transition from the twist to the tightly woven fishtail may not be easy, but we can bet that it’ll merit loads of Instagram likes. If you’re looking to copy this look, straighten your hair first to keep this busy ‘do polished. Source: Internet
  53. Hair is always more fun with more volume. A bevy of back-skimming bouncy curls ensures that this soft chocolate-and-caramel mane is ready for a night to remember. It’s unique and unexpected. Plus, half up half down hairstyles can often be more polished than free-falling curls. Source: Internet
  54. It’s an elegant and beautiful look regardless of the hair texture you have as it keeps your hair tidy and nicely taut. It will be adored even by brides who want to wear a veil. With afro hair, these types of buns always look spectacular. Source: Internet
  55. As you have most likely noticed, twisting is essential for styling short hair. In this example, you can see how four side twists were styled into an ultra-chic updo. Feel free to tease the top for added volume without much effort. Source: Internet
  56. As any hair guru knows, a top knot is one of the edgiest, low maintenance hairstyles at the moment. Combine this favorite with your silky half up half down hair, and you’ll get a mane that has “cool girl” written all over it. This one also boasts a quick inside-out braid, so it will look awesome with a simple T-shirt and jeans. Source: Internet
  57. Finding hairstyles with braids can be frustrating, as many just look too juvenile. This one, however, is really fun to wear and to observe. Combining thick, thin and medium braids into one memorable style, this ‘do will stay in place and keep you feeling lovely. Source: Internet
  58. Lastly, you can also mix the idea of a bow and a headband for short curly hairstyles. Take a piece of fabric or a headband in the form of a strip and wrap it around your head. Tie a bow to the side and enjoy the eye-catching look! Source: Internet
  59. Pump up the volume of your hair with a perfectly teased, half up coif. Use a thin braid as a barrette holding a waterfall of chic layers to bring a unique finish to this hairstyle. Let your long, caramel-tinted locks flow, instead of pinning them up into an updo. This hairdo is way more noteworthy. Source: Internet
  60. Bangs sound intimidating when you have natural hair. We agree. However, in the summertime, no one will notice your hair is not particularly styled. You can simply make a half updo with a bun and leave your bangs curly a bit. Source: Internet
  61. Blonde ombré looks win-win on curly black hair, it adds depth and extra grace to the style. So, it’s definitely something you need to try at least once. But be ready that going blondie also has some consequences: the hair quality is inevitably getting worse, so the risk to dry out the curls is increasing. This, the proper care that includes moisturizing and nutrition (which is a must for medium and long Afro hair) should be doubled after getting the ombré. Source: Internet
  62. Half-braided curly African American hairstyles are a cool way to switch up your usual black hairstyles with curls to something more unique, personalized, and outstanding. To achieve this look, twist in and out the strands in the front part of the head, and let the rest of the hair fall down as curls or continue twisting the locks till the ends. Thus, you’ll get not only a creative black hairstyle, but also a protective one. Source: Internet
  63. How to style: Use a curling iron to curl your hair. Part your hair in the middle. Take a wide section on each side of the parting and divide those sections in half, leaving the bangs loose. Braid each of the four sections. Bring them all together into a ponytail and take a section from underneath to wrap around the ponytail. Source: Internet
  64. One of the many beauties of braids is that they cater to all situations. While you can use them for an urban glam look, you can also incorporate them into any fancy hairstyle. Here you can see how to braid your way to the updo of your dreams. Source: Internet
  65. All you have to do is pull your hair into a sleek ponytail. Then, put small elastic bands all the way down until the end of your ponytail. Gently tug at the sides of each section until it creates a bubble. Source: Internet
  66. As great as the half updo is for everyday wear, it’s not always the most appropriate for formal events. But, as a mix of a spiral twist and a French braid along the top, this one could look smashing when paired with a luxe evening gown. And if some of your roots are starting to show more, this style makes your hair’s different tones look totally hypnotic instead of harsh. Source: Internet
  67. A half up half down hairstyle is for those who love to experiment with their looks. If you need something that is so universal, different & playful – this is it! This hair idea will suit formal and informal gatherings. The key when it comes to its styling is for you to: Source: Internet
  68. Black headband made of velvet instantly brings back memories of childhood. Every girl was wearing this accessory. Nowadays, it is trendy again, so don’t hesitate to try it on your short hairstyle. Source: Internet
  69. Sometimes, it is best to go for simple accessories that will enhance your short and medium hairstyles. This plastic pin is everything you will need to make a half-up style. Polished hair like this is great for elegant wear. Source: Internet
  70. Hairstyles that are half up half down are wonderful for multiple reasons. One of the main ones is that they can be used equally for short, medium, or long hair. For shorter hair, braid two strands on each side and connect them in the middle. Source: Internet
  71. You can style your hair with long lace front weave to get a more romantic look. This look is stunning and neatly done without any flay always. This hairstyle has sleek edges with baby hair. Source: Internet
  72. Honey blonde is one of the most popular shades. It is beautiful, though, a gorgeous blend of brown and blonde hues. If dyeing your hair isn’t enough, then make sure to cut your strands into a lob. Source: Internet
  73. Loose curls are not a typical texture for black women, and it makes this style especially incredible. Of course, it takes time and effort to get this size of curls on natural curly black hair, but it’s definitely worth it. Let them fall down the shoulders or tie in a high disconnected ponytail with bangs like in the picture above. Source: Internet
  74. Speaking of refined hairdos, we couldn’t have possibly tackled updos for short hair without considering short bridal hairstyles. If you want to tie the knot fabulously, think about adding some delicate accessories to your hair. A few white roses are always an excellent way to start. Source: Internet
  75. If you haven’t heard of Game of Thrones by now, there are fair chances that you have been living under a rock. All jokes aside, one of the most unforgettable characters in the series is Daenerys Targaryen, the Khaleesi. Her braided hairstyle has inspired this charming look. Source: Internet
  76. Faux locs are an attractive way to wear twists, but with a little boho touch. Best of all, it looks gorgeous in all lengths, from short to super long. This style is perfect for all of you who want to protect your natural hair while retaining length and growth. Source: Internet
  77. This semi-advanced style requires mini elastics, a sectioning comb and a kid-friendly edge control. After the hair has been washed and stylers applied, make one large part from one ear to the other. Clip the bottom half of the hair out of the way and work on the top half. Determine how many vertical sections are needed and create small ponytails that are pulled vertically into the next. Use edge control to smooth any flyaways. Source: Internet
  78. A curly pixie cut will forever be one of the favorites. It allows for multiple styling options but make them easier due to the short hair length. You can wear it with defined tight curls or make it straight, add some bright color, and experiment with design on the shaved sides and back. Source: Internet
  79. You know those lazy days when it’s just hard to find the energy to do your hair? Well, we think we have found a solution. This is a low-manipulation style perfect for work, the gym, and formal occasions. You can even cover the hairline with a colorful wrap. It’s simple and chic, but at the same time it protects your delicate edges. Source: Internet
  80. How to style: Use a flat iron to straighten the hair around the roots and curl the rest into big curls. Then tie a very high, sleek ponytail to get a half up half down hairstyle. Use some product to make the hair at the front and on the sides even slicker and you are good to go. Source: Internet
  81. Short hair doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t style it. And it doesn’t mean it has to be wrapped up in a bun. This half up half down hairstyle is simple and chic. You will need a colorful or printed scrunchie and just a few minutes of your time to make it right. Source: Internet
  82. We have put together a list of hairstyles that proves no matter your age, hair texture or length this style will work for you. The style helps to showcase your beautiful face as you pull the hair up from your face. The loose hair at the bottom cretes a definition and a playful look. Source: Internet
  83. The beauty of half up curly hairstyles is that it can look glamorous without being too dressy and simple without losing the sexy touch. You can curl or twist parts of your hair temporarily, tie them up or pull them all to one side. Or you can braid your hair up, or put some hair into a braided bun while the rest is free down your back. Shorter hair can also sport multiple curls and twists on top with only some tresses while the rest remain simple and free. Source: Internet
  84. Letting the hair flourish in its natural state is a beautiful site. Afro’s are versatile and can be styled in a variety of ways. Fluffing out the hair with an Afro pick can add additional volume. Source: Internet
  85. In most beauty spheres, knotty hair is a total faux pas. But here, the exaggerated kinks are more sophisticated than sloppy. This option comprises a lazy ponytail with loose knots along the ends. The idea is suitable for a wide range of lengths; however, it’s particularly edgy on longer locks. Source: Internet
  86. This hairstyle form a top knot at the top center of the head. Curly hair half up half down hair for black girls. The style is cute and appropriate for school and parties. You will love this style if you have curly hair it is easy all you need is something to keep your hair smooth and reduce frizziness. I recommend this product here. Source: Internet
  87. Hairstyles don’t need to be super complicated, and if your hair is past your shoulders, this will look beautiful on you. Simply secure the upper section of your hair into a thick crown braid along the back of your head, just above the ear line. Add in an embellishment or two as you feel inspired. Curly hair looks great with this one, too! Source: Internet
  88. Finally, we’ll end our list on a glam note with pin-up updos for short hair. We admire the versatility of this hairstyle, as it can be applied to any hair texture. The voluminous, curly bangs in the front are truly the cherry on top to leave a marvelous impression. Source: Internet
  89. Frame loose curls with even looser braids, for a perfect ladylike look. Roll the ends of your braids and pin them up to create a textured bun. This particular style works wonderfully with straight hair, because the kink-free tresses easily achieve that beautiful drape. Source: Internet
  90. Braided black female hairstyles simplify the life of Afro women letting them not deal with those curls for a while. The braids, especially, long ones, make you look younger, more careless, and wild. To maximize this effect, try shaving one side and sweep all the braids to another side. Source: Internet
  91. Well, this fiery curly bob for a black woman is all about breaking rules, turning heads, and literally burning any place she goes to. The deep side part plays a key role in building the shape of this cut. If you’re a girl who was blessed with naturally curly hair, try this kind of parting at least once in a lifetime. Source: Internet
  92. If you don’t know how to style short hair, buns can be a perfect choice. Buns are great even if you have really short hair. You can make a half up half down style and wrap hair at the back in a messy bun. This is a great way to style your hair for home wear or Sundays with your friends. Source: Internet
  93. Looking for that perfect half up half down bun or ponytail? Are you someone who enjoys cute hair yet a subtle change? Well, if you’re someone who needs that stylish and gorgeous hairstyle you will appreciate this article. Luckily, there are loads of different options that you can rock on a daily basis, or for formal gatherings. Keep on reading and find your go-to down below while browsing through these 30 hair ideas! Source: Internet
  94. Long hair provides an opportunity to try out a wide variety of hairstyles including the half up curly hairstyles – a rage with the young and adult alike. Once you get the hang of it they are easy to do and you get an elegant and sensuous look with little time and effort. And what’s more they suit all kinds of occasion from a casual day out to a formal ball without requiring constant touch and repair. Source: Internet
  95. If your hair is naturally curly, updo hairstyles are exactly what you are looking for. They require very little maintenance and won’t complicate your morning routine. Best of all, you can wear this look all year round, even when you’re doing errands or going to an event. For a bold look, add some earrings and you’re ready. Source: Internet
  96. Long hair is gorgeous, but how to keep it out of the way when you’re out and about? Down hairstyles are notorious for having a mind of their own, so why not try a partial updo. It’s a step up from a basic ponytail and can help keep those locks settled. Braids mixed with a loosened twist pinned across the back of the head will enhance the beauty of your lush locks. Source: Internet
  97. A wavy hairstyle for black women is not a common thing. No wonder, since you’ll probably need a hairstylist to achieve those luscious waves. Choose these black hair waves for the day when you wanna look especially magnificent. Source: Internet
  98. You will usually see pull-through braids on very long hair. You don’t need to worry, though; you can adapt them for your neck-length locks. While you might not be able to have numerous knots throughout the braid, you can rock at least two flawlessly. Source: Internet
  99. Long to medium length hair will look lovely with this double water fall braid. For younger wearers – or those feeling exceptionally mischievous – add in some flowers to cascade down the center braid. This look is versatile enough to be worn by different ages and with different hair textures. It definitely fits the bill. Source: Internet
  100. Cursed with pin-straight hair that never seems to hold a curl? Fear not, there are still zesty, half up half down hairstyles to test out. This one, for example, offers a cute and thoughtful twist to your favorite fuss-free style. Simply create a half hair crown by weaving two French braids on each side of your head and bring them together with a neutral elastic. Source: Internet
  101. Release your inner boho chick! Another half-up, half-down updo for you is this spectacular fishtail braid idea. Instead of braiding all of your hair with the fishtail technique, use it just for two large chunks of hair on the sides. Don’t forget the flowers! Source: Internet
  102. Parents already have plenty of responsibilities with their kids so any way they can save time is a win. Having a little hair inspiration can shave down a few minutes of preparation in the morning. Check out these 15 kid friendly hairstyles that will give your little girls variety. Source: Internet
  103. Low ponytails look so chic and elegant. It is one of those perfect hairstyles that you can wear from 8 am to 8 pm without wondering if it is boring or inappropriate. Pick some interesting elastic or scrunchie to make this look even more fashionable. Source: Internet
  104. This 10-minute hairstyle is secure enough to withstand a day at school. And the baubles keep it looking cute. The best part is you don't need skills any more advanced than a classic 3-strand braid. Source: Internet
  105. Get Hair Tips to Your Inbox We will send an email from time to time. Not too often. You will get ideas with inspirational haircuts and hairstyles, suggestions on choosing hair colors, as well as hair care tips, and advice on how to deal with hair problems. Source: Internet
  106. This example is an ideal prom hairstyle. If you have short hair and you lack ideas for this big night, then use this as an inspo. Don’t forget to accessorize your hair. Source: Internet
  107. If want to show off voluminous curls this hairstyle can do that without taking away from your beautiful face. Sometimes when you have thick hair you struggle with getting it smooth or out your face. This hairstyle will do this for, its big, loud but still not too much, right? Source: Internet
  108. Another incredibly elegant hairstyle is the French twist. While it works the best with straight hair, it can also be tailored for wavy or curly locks too. Believe us, ladies – you can’t go wrong with this one for black tie events. Source: Internet
  109. Using a scarf as a headband is a great way to upgrade your short natural hair styles. Use bright colors for summer and wear them while at the beach or the pool. Complement this look with gold jewelry. Source: Internet
  110. Fishtail braids have made our list again, this time with a one-sided approach. If you want a hairstyle with more chances of making heads turn, you might want to go with this one. The fishtail braid is wide, thick, and definitely an original approach to hairstyling. Source: Internet
  111. Just when you thought balayage couldn’t get any prettier, this half up hair proves it can. The chunky braid beautifully blends all the hues of the blonde dye job and puts them on display. Whimsical curls and blunt ends pull the look together with a clean finish. Source: Internet
  112. For shorter hair, a stacked bob can help with the ideal silhouette. This is the shorter version of an angled long bob, well-defined by layers for a flawless contour. It frames your face beautifully and enhances your natural features. Source: Internet
  113. Sure to be one of the most adorable styles, baby Afro puffs give Minnie Mouse vibes to any child. This can be done on day old hair by parting the hair down the center, then creating to high ponytails on each side. Use a pick to fluff out each ponytail. Source: Internet
  114. Women with round faces know that it can be a bit tricky to find the hairstyle to frame their features well. No need to look any further – this angled bob is ideal for curly hair. It helps shape your face and highlight your best features. Source: Internet
  115. If you’re in the market for prom hairstyles, then be sure to consider a style with lots of volume and drama. Opt for whimsical curls and a half up braid to tie together the look with different textures and lengths. Neat and hair-to-hair updos aren’t everything; and this perfectly curly coif is the proof. Source: Internet
  116. If you tend to prefer a more traditional half down style, but want to crank up the drama just a smidge, give this alternative a whirl. From the front, this style is just your average, polished coif. But from the back? The textured bun packs a slight punch. To copy this look, create a small ponytail with the top layer of your hair, twist the end, wrap loosely and secure the twisted tail in place. Source: Internet
  117. Beautiful short pixie hairstyle is probably one of the best hairstyles for short hair. You will need a bit of courage to cut your hair this short, but once you do it, you won’t regret it. Make it textured and style it to be messy. Source: Internet
  118. Lavender hair is one of the newest trends in the hairstyle industry. It is shockingly beautiful and chic. You can combine shades of steel or platinum with lavender for even better results. Source: Internet
  119. You don’t have to make jumbo fabric bows to achieve a sweet girly style. Just use a hair bow for a hairstyle that’s just as cute, but 100 times more impressive. When paired with curls, the total package is a charming choice for a semi formal. Source: Internet
  120. Even if you don’t like to wear your hair this short, we would recommend trying this kind of a hairstyle. It looks great on women with oval and long face shapes. Don’t hesitate to style it with curls and make it look a bit messy. Source: Internet
  121. Half up Half down hairstyles are relatively easy to do. The style is versatile enough to be able to wore to any occasion. These looks usually go from school. gym to formal events. Source: Internet
  122. Another way to adorn a curly long bob is to have it cut in an angle. This haircut is also regarded as an A-line bob, and it’s definitely one of the most beloved ways of rocking this hairstyle. It adds shape, dynamism and a feminine took to the whole look. Source: Internet
  123. Get crazy with braids, working hair into a cute, one-of-a-kind style. No one will identically replicate this look, which is all about your personal expression – as well as lots of braids. You’ll be glad you didn’t give in to the temptation of short hair. Source: Internet
  124. Mohawk is a style that is not typical for women. However, brave ones know how to wear it and look fantastic. You can go for a colorful blend and curl the ends of your hair. Source: Internet
  125. If you are brave enough for this look, we can only say to go for it. It might seem a little bit over-the-line, but such short hairstyles always look fabulous. Different textures of bobby pins will make your short hair look more appealing. Source: Internet
  126. Hairstyles for natural curly hair can be healthy, and happy, and hippie – all in one! Just switch on your creativity. Here, we have a combination of a relaxed wavy afro in a hippie manner with two tight-twisted locks that frame the face incredibly. And to keep the healthy look of your wavy black hair, make sure it’s moisturized all day. Source: Internet
  127. This is a very easy-to-do short messy haircut. There is nothing sweeter than a short and low ponytail on your bob hairstyle. Leave the front hair out, and make sure to make it a bit messy. Source: Internet
  128. Blunt bobs are trendy in the summer. Hair is short, and you don’t have to worry about styling it too much. Ombre is a loved technique of dyeing hair, and we adore it as many other women around the world. Source: Internet
  129. It’s easy to understand why messy and classy are now almost the same concept. A few loose strands and a teased top can go a long way for any updos for short hair. Moreover, you can adapt them for fancy and casual occasions all the same. Source: Internet
  130. How many times have you heard that curly-haired girls can’t get bangs? Countless times, but is that really true? Of course not! If you’re hesitant, you can always start cutting them very long (to your cheekbones at a minimum). If you like it, you can go even shorter. When it comes to hair styling there are no limits. Trust us - you can absolutely rock this look! Source: Internet
  131. Women with thick hair will love this hairstyle. An oversized braid is a perfect addition to your short haircut. You can wear styled hair like this for different occasions, both casual and elegant. Source: Internet
  132. Velvet bows are not reserved for the dresses anymore. You can find them as a hair accessory as well. They are utterly romantic and vintage. Bows can accessorize cute hairstyles for short hair. Source: Internet
  133. Before getting tempted to give the short hair trend a go, ask yourself if it is the right hairstyle you’re choosing. Take into account how this new haircut fits into your lifestyle, does it fit your face shape. And, most importantly, will you be able to manage it on your own daily? Source: Internet
  134. To lay your natural hair edges, you can really get your hair smooth using the right edge controls here. This style will look good in jumbo braids as well as locs. This look gives some eccentric vibes that we can all appreciate. Source: Internet
  135. They say, only bright distinctive colors work for black women hair. This unicorn-inspired pastel mix of colors in the photo just shuts down that opinion. To make your curled black hair more dynamic and fun, combine up to six shades of pastel randomly all over your hair. Source: Internet
  136. Get creative with a gorgeous accessory that’s as long as your hair. This style is accentuated with a beaded wrapped hair scarf. Keep it in place by draping a loose, romantic French braid on top. Source: Internet
  137. Not just any bobby pin. This one makes a statement. Plastic pin with animal print on it – what else can you add? You can make waves on your short hair and wear this look for both day and night events. Source: Internet
  138. Just like headbands and tiaras, headwraps are delightful accessories for updos for short hair. If you don’t have a headwrap, you can also use a scarf for a similar effect. Make sure you leave plenty of loose strands in the front. Source: Internet
  139. The versatility of natural black hair is the epitome of Black Girl Magic. So, whether you are already on a long journey of embracing your natural hair or you are a new team member, we’ve assembled a plethora of options to switch it up and have a fresh new look. Regardless of the type and structure of your hair, or how defined your curls are, here are 30+ natural hair styles for black women that you can use as inspiration for your next style. Source: Internet
  140. Get creative with your half updos. Mix regular braids with fishtails for a look with intrigue and texture, in equal measure. Playing with proportions, this hairstyle is a work of art. Upgrade your locks with loose curls to enhance their enchanting allure. Source: Internet
  141. A sleek hairstyle for short hair is perfect for weddings and parties alike. It will upgrade your daily bob look and make it sophisticated. Crown braid is an excellent choice. Source: Internet
  142. You don’t have to have long, flowy locks to take advantage of the pretty half up hairstyles. In fact, many women step into a hair rut because they believe they need to make way for those fortunate enough to have perfect hair. The truth of the matter is, almost anyone can pull off a half up style, no matter how short your hair is. Source: Internet
  143. For Afro women, beach hair can hardly mean loose and careless curls. If left loose, black hair will dry out significantly, lose its shine and become super coarse. Eventually, it can lead to breakages. That’s why The Afro variant of beach hair means protecting the locks by making braids and twists. In the photo, you can see a very cool idea of beach hair for black girls with beads. Source: Internet
  144. Dutch braids are great for styling your short hair. If you have dark roots and blonde hair ends, even better. Your hair will be textured, appear more voluminous, and after all, so stylish. Source: Internet
  145. Wear your half-up hairdo to the side with a bow (or a piece of cute fabric) for a quirky finish to your coif. Its geek chic is the perfect compliment to side-swept bangs and oversized glasses. Easy to recreate at home, the style is a simple way to change up your look, whether your hair is short or long. Source: Internet
  146. These exquisite curls are marvelously complemented by two key elements in this hairstyle. First of all, the lose braid to the side. Secondly, the delicate pearly pin that holds the braid in place. What could you want more? Source: Internet
  147. The shorter the black woman curly hair is, the more effortless in styling and care it is. This rule explains why so many black girls tend to choose bob haircuts. Even with a rather short length, they won’t look too modest or minimalistic Source: Internet
  148. Natural hair styles for black women are incredibly popular these days. And these intense highlighted curls in the photo are a great example of how gorgeous healthy natural hair can be. Swept to one side, the whole look gets a brand new vibe. To accentuate your curls and keep them in place, use an ethnic hair product. Source: Internet
  149. This style is a head-turner. Pink fuchsia on your hair can cause nothing but a stir wherever you pass. Blend two shades and enjoy this eccentric hairstyle all day long. Source: Internet
  150. The straight cut lob is one of the best hairstyles for short hair. It is so popular among superstars as well. No surprise there! It is easy to style and versatile. Dye your hair in the lovely warm orange shade for a head-turner style. Source: Internet
  151. While tightly styled updos are eye-catching, loose hairstyles have their own unique charm. In addition to this, they stand out against other fancy hairstyles through the lack of rules. Feel free to style your hair loosely as you please! Source: Internet
  152. How to style: Use a flat iron to Curl the hair gently. Part the hair in the middle and braid a simple wide braid on each side of the part. Tie the braids with an elastic band and wrap the rest into a samurai bun. Source: Internet
  153. Retro hairdos are almost synonymous with fine tastes. Although this category of updos for short hair requires a bit more time, patience, and expertise for styling, the results will be worth it. The graceful inward curls are the key to success. Source: Internet
  154. Another way to spice up your short hairstyle is with larger hair accessories. For instance, you can get a metal headband with flower decorations in your favorite color. If you really want to leave an impression, go for a vivid shade like red. Source: Internet
  155. How effortless these long loose waves look! But how skilled you have to be to achieve this lightweight effect on natural Afro curls. They are the perfect example of a professional curly hairstyle that makes you turn around. From casual to formal, this magnificent wavy hairstyle with balayage literally looks appropriate for any occasion and can be paired with any outfit. Source: Internet
  156. Spice up your look with this double bun hairstyle. Ever just want something playful and trendy well these buns from the 90’s are back today. This hairstyle is simple to do and we have lots of other fun ways to style your curly hair right here. Source: Internet
  157. Another braiding technique you can look into is the crown braid. Also known as a tiara or halo braid, this hairstyle involves creating a French braid across the crown of your head. Alternatively, braid all the way around to create a halo effect. Source: Internet
  158. One of the most popular takes on the butterfly clip trend is to use hair clips that look like real-life butterflies. Regardless of which clips you choose, just make sure you remove them carefully. Yanking on them can cause breakage, particularly if you have dry or fragile strands. Source: Internet
  159. How to style: Use a curling iron to curl the ends of your hair. Take a section of hair from the top and braid it loosely. Twist it into a nice flower bun half updo. You can leave the bangs loose or make them a part of the half updo. Spray the curls and the flower bun with hair spray. Source: Internet
  160. Fine hair can prove to be tricky from time to time when styling is in a discussion. If you want to create the illusion that your hair is thicker or more voluminous, bouffant hairstyles are just what you need. Tease it up, ladies! Source: Internet
  161. I’m Latina, and I’ve been lucky to be surrounded by women with curly hair my entire life. My curly-haired relatives have lots of pride in their textures, but when I was growing up, there were only two distinct hairstyles I saw my mom, grandma, and aunt wear. They loved rocking their natural hair texture and letting their curls loose after a wash day (my mom called it a good curly hair day), and then, when their 3A to 3C curls lost definition or became frizzy, they’d pull them back into a ponytail or bun. Source: Internet
  162. Jumbo twists are usually created to protect your afro-textured hair from the air, heat and all the environmental stressors it is exposed to on a daily basis. They are so striking and look really cool. Try adding hair accessories as well, it will be a very nice touch. Source: Internet
  163. Another way to define curls, especially loose ones, is balayage coloring. It provides a harmonious blend from one natural hair color to the other. The result is an all-around luminous tone, with accents in all the right places. Source: Internet
  164. Step 3: Choose the right product for your updo. If you want a slick half updo, add some hair wax to the front section. If you want a looser half updo, use a product that will add more volume. Source: Internet
  165. Forget French and boxer braids: a loose lace braid can be the highlight of your half up half down hairstyle. Not only is this choice totally ladylike, but your locks will inherit a soft wave once you’ve undone that pretty plait. While this option is great with all hair colors, it’s especially striking when enhanced with some highlights. Source: Internet
  166. With layers, you’ll get more volume throughout your entire hair. As a result, your hair will look so airy, almost weightless. Curly bangs will add a more flirty vibe to the image. And again, the more hydrated your curls are, the better the whole look is. So, try applying a lightweight oil for soft and moisturized curls in this style. Source: Internet
  167. A pony and tousled tresses really make this style perfect for her. We can count on this actress to get some of the best hairstyles inspiration. If you straighten your hair this style will fall in place just add some jumbo curls to the back so it doesn’t lay dead. Source: Internet
  168. Naturally, the shorter your hair is, the harder it will be to use hair ties or other similar accessories. Nonetheless, one hair accessory that should be part of your staple pieces is the metallic headband. Applying one to your pixie cut can create the superb illusion of an updo. Source: Internet
  169. Tapering is another way you can obtain a super smooth curly pixie haircut. In a nutshell, in involves leaving more hair on top and having the sides and back tapered. It’s less risky than fully shaving, while still being classy. Source: Internet
  170. If you have a playful personality, you should look for short curly hairstyles that express it. This sweet haircut allows your curls to bounce freely all around. A warm hair color like blonde helps with the final impact too. Source: Internet
  171. Having short hair doesn't mean you'll be short on styling options, especially if you have curls. Whether you have 2A or 4C curls, the choices are endless. From emphasizing your natural texture to slicked-back styles and all types of updos, curly hair allows you to switch up your look any way you want, all depending on how you're feeling that day. Source: Internet
  172. 50.9K Likes, 195 Comments. TikTok video from dominique (@contentbydom): "this my go-to hairstyle even though it makes me look like a child 😅 but it's perfect for that awkward length #hairstylesforblackgirls #hairstylesforshorthair #naturalhairstyles #halfuphalfdown #shortnaturalhair #shortcurlyhair #naturalhairtok #easyhairstylesforshorthair #ecostylergelandwater #fyp". original sound. Source: Internet
  173. This is yet another inspiring hairstyle for women with bob haircuts. It follows the same principle of twisting, pinning, and spraying. Like the updo style we mentioned above, you shouldn’t be afraid to leave a few stray strands in front. Source: Internet

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30 + Natural Hairstyles For Black Women - Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

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Half Up Half Down Bob Hairstyles - 60 Cute Short Hairstyles to Rock In 2022

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