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14 Things You Should Know About Outdoor Kitchen Worktop Ideas Uk

Today's topic is Outdoor Kitchen Worktop Ideas Uk. Obviously, you can find a great deal of Ikea Outdoor Countertops-related content online. The proliferation of online platforms has streamlined our access to information.

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Outdoor Kitchen Worktop Ideas Uk Diy Outdoor Countertop Ideas Save

14 Things You Should Know About Outdoor Kitchen Worktop Ideas Uk | Outdoor Kitchen Worktop Uk

  1. If you’re a seasoned outdoor chef and aren’t heavily restricted by budget, then consider a bespoke outdoor kitchen. While pricier, opting for a bespoke build means that you can tailor the design to suit your set-up. You get to specify the materials and select all the various elements you require, from worktops and sinks to cooking equipment and appliances, all of which make organizing your kitchen space easier. Source: Internet
  2. The location you choose for an outdoor kitchen idea will also need to take into account any utilities required, such as water, electricity and gas. Pipes can usually be run underground, but it will be less pricey to run utilities a shorter distance. And professional installation is always advised, so extra costs will need to be factored in for this too. Source: Internet
  3. Stainless steel is a practical and ever-popular option that will resist corrosion, erosion and staining. Simply read up on how to clean stainless steel to ensure your outdoor sink stays in tip-top condition. Alternatively, consider natural materials, like stone and granite with sleek integrated worktops in the same material. Seamless surfaces are easier to keep clean as they won’t harbor dirt and germs in gaps or crevices. Source: Internet
  4. "It depends on where you live," says Simon. "Mostly, you don’t need planning permission, as long as the outdoor kitchen is on the ground floor, which they usually are! They must follow the usual planning rules of being at least 1 metre away from the neighbour’s boundary." Source: Internet
  5. A basic DIY charcoal BBQ kit with full instructions (not including bricks) starts at around $37.92 by Woodside at Amazon (opens in new tab) or £39.99 (UK -only) at Landmann (opens in new tab). Or consider a pre-built masonry and brick barbecue, from upwards of £900 (UK-only) at Wilko (opens in new tab) or $1,200 by Callow at Amazon (opens in new tab). Just add sturdy countertops alongside your barbecue build to create a rustic, open-style outdoor kitchen. Source: Internet
  6. Plan your ‘work triangle’ as you would with a regular indoor kitchen so that the key features of the grill, sink and fridge (or prep space) are all within easy reach. Galley-style units along one wall, plus a central island, is a practical configuration that works well. Or if you have more space, consider L or U-shaped layouts. Source: Internet
  7. "When planning your outdoor kitchen space, really sit down and have a good think both about how you plan to use the space," says Simon Burvill. "How many cooks will tell you how much worktop space to factor in, and a good cruise around your indoor kitchen will help you make a thorough shopping list of the things you will want. Some are objects: a warming oven, or drinks fridge, and some are more notional, like a Bluetooth sound system, and good speakers, for example. Think about how much lighting will you want: a good lighting design will extend both the hours and seasons that the kitchen can be used for." Source: Internet
  8. "Attention to detail and years of making furniture and watching materials perform outdoors has given us the know-how to create luxury outdoor kitchens that last,’" says Simon Burvill at Gaze Burvill (opens in new tab). "Our units are designed to accommodate all weathers and avoid any moisture traps. We use oak that has been quarter-sawn which gives an exquisite pattern but also ensures the wood won’t warp or distort out of shape." Source: Internet
  9. "Depending on where you live, the orientation of the kitchen, or at least its position vis à vis the prevailing wind, and shelter should also be considered," adds Simon. "We all love Cornwall, but positioning your kitchen - and dining area - in the lee of a garden wall or even hedge will be helpful, so a blustery Cornish evening doesn’t send you scuttling indoors at dusk." Source: Internet
  10. Pre-formed modular kitchen systems are a popular choice that can work out less pricey than fully bespoke built-in options. WWOO’s (opens in new tab)outdoor kitchens are made of super-hardwearing concrete and come in 1.5m wide sections, allowing you to start small to begin with, allowing you to later extend the set-up with extra segments. Add-ons include barbecues, sinks, ovens and corner sections. You can even add a kitchen splashback idea to perk up your exterior walls and emulate your indoor set-up. Source: Internet
  11. As a result, KönigOut­door was devel­oped to pro­vide a com­plete out­door kitchen range of qual­i­ty; styl­ish enough to be indoor yet tough enough to with­stand the ele­ments out­door. Stone work­tops, doors and cladding pan­els com­bine with weath­er­proof cup­boards, struc­ture and fin­ish­ings. Mar­ket-lead­ing spe­cialised appli­ances and occa­sion­al inte­gra­tion of nat­ur­al cedar wood give a tru­ly sophis­ti­cat­ed solu­tion for mod­ern out­door living. Source: Internet
  12. Where you set up your outdoor kitchen will most likely be dictated by the size and layout of your garden or outdoor space. The surface needs to be dry, level and stable – such as on a decked area or paved patio. This could mean that some prep work will need to be done in advance to ensure the plot is ready to build on. Source: Internet
  13. In agreement is Oliver Webb, Director at Cullifords (opens in new tab), "The key to durability outside when it comes to material and surface choice, particularly for outdoor kitchens, is something that can withstand UV," he said. "A good majority of granites are suitable for this, and any stones that are not heavily resined are suitable. Generally, surface resined quartzite materials, schists and soft dark granites will fade in color over time in strong UV light so aren’t advisable." Source: Internet
  14. "Find a nice spot in your outdoor space where you have enough room," advises Hege Lundh, at Lundhs Real Stone (opens in new tab). "The outdoor kitchen should not be fully exposed to sunlight, and if possible find the least windy spot." Source: Internet

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Outdoor Kitchen Worktop Ideas Uk Ikea Outdoor Countertops Save

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Outdoor Kitchen Worktop Ideas Uk Build Your Own Outdoor Kitchen Uk Save

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