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136 About Hairstyles For Long Hair Formal

This time, we're going to talk about Hairstyles For Long Hair Formal. There is a lot of information about Easy Prom Hairstyles For Long Hair on the internet, of course. Social media are getting better and better quickly, which makes it easier for us to learn new things.

Formal Office Hairstyles For Long Hair and 10 Stunning Formal Hairstyles for Long Hair are also linked to information about hairstyles for long hair prom. As for other things that need to be looked up, they are about hairstyles for long hair formal and have something to do with Prom Hairstyles For Long Straight Hair Down.

Hairstyles For Long Hair Formal

136 About Hairstyles For Long Hair Formal | Easy Elegant Hairstyles For Long Hair

  1. No occasion is more befitting of big curled hair than a ball, so treat yourself to a power blowdry. Or, if you are feeling adventurous, read our tips on how to get a curly blowdry at home. Trust us, it’s easier than you think! Source: Internet
  2. This classic prom hairstyle is not only currently the swag style but has a timeless quality attached to it as well. Using a variety of braids and creating a side bun, center piece or top knot bun, the options of styling it is enormous. Accessorizing it with flowers, embellishments or decorative bobby pins can take these braided buns to a whole new level. Compatible with any type of gown, heels and woman of any shape and facial features, the style is bound to leave others positively astounded .Few worth mentioning super easy and popular ones are boho chic braid, lace braid updo, star burst braid bun hairstyle etc are just a few worth mentioning. Source: Internet
  3. Man braid hairstyles are a very stylish option for men who have a lot of hair. A typical man braid will require at least three to five inches of thick hair. However, if you want to sport a man braid with short hair, you can braid the top of your hair to rock a fade or undercut style. Source: Internet
  4. If you love braided hairstyles then you have to try out this waterfall braid prom hairstyle for long hair down. Though this hairstyle looks intricate, it is actually quiet easy to do. Once you are done with the waterfall braid, add some waves to the ends of your hair to enhance the hairstyle further. Source: Internet
  5. The man ponytail rose to popularity in the 1980s, as more and more men began to grow out their hair. Hair bands and punk rockers alike were sporting longer hairstyles, and these gave birth to ponytail hairstyles for men. If you are looking for simple updos for long hair, you can not go wrong with the ponytail! Source: Internet
  6. With such a flamboyant hair color as auburn, you have no other option but to sport hairstyles that allow you to show it off. A men top knot is obviously one of such hairstyles. To balance out the look and make it more masculine, pair your hairdo with a full, coarse beard. Source: Internet
  7. We know that proms are usually a formal affair and a messy bun would probably be the last hairstyle on your mind. However, we assure you that a messy bun is one of the most trending prom updo for long hair. Just ensure that your messy bun is not too shabby! Source: Internet
  8. You might think that there isn't much that you can do to your hair for a formal occasion, but that's not the case. If you think that you can't do much to your hair while dressing up for a formal occasion, we can prove you wrong. Here are 7 quick and easy hairstyles for long hair that aren't too complex to create but do take your look up a notch. Check these out here! Source: Internet
  9. Got a stray hair or two that won't behave? No problem. Grab a section of hair around the temple, twist it around your fingers a few times, and secure it with a hairpin or barrette. Tousle the rest of your hair or twist it into a messy bun. You can also take equal sections on both sides and secure them behind the crown of the head for a half-up hairstyle, perfect for days when you don't have time for hair in your face. Source: Internet
  10. Tying scarves is one of the dependable ways black women use to tame their hair and there is no reason why you cannot wear one to prom. Just pack your hair into an updo, tease the tips, and then use a beautiful scarf to tie it all up in a stylish manner. You can choose silk or satin scarves for your prom. You can also select a scarf that either matches the color of your dress or complements it. Source: Internet
  11. As mens undercut hairstyles are becoming more and more mainstream, ponytails with undercut hair are also now very much in demand. This ponytail with a side undercut is a great option for those who want to portray an edgier vibe. Ask for an undercut and then comb the top of your hair into a neat ponytail on one side. If you want to look even bolder, get a cool head tattoo along with your edgy undercut. Source: Internet
  12. This style is quite easy to pull off but you do need to take care of your hair, live-in conditioning for a glossy look. When you have done this, loosely gather the top part of your hair and roll it into a secured bun. Then leave the lower part of your hair flowing out for all to appreciate its full glory. Ensure that your dress and make-up game are top-notch. Source: Internet
  13. Girls with length know how to pull hair into a ponytail and a bun in seconds flat, so combining the two moves will give you a whole new angle on your go-to hair move. Pull hair into a ponytail, then twist the base a couple of times as if you're going to twist it into a bun. Pull the ends through the middle of the bun and secure it for a knotted ponytail with a twirled base with loose, free-flowing ends. Done and done. Source: Internet
  14. If you are looking for cool half updos for long hair, try a Samurai top knot. This is a take on the traditional Japanese Samurai hair with half of the hair drawn from the front of the head into a top knot. It looks great with stubble or a fully-grown beard and is one of the hippest updo hairstyles for long hair for men today. Source: Internet
  15. One of the easiest ways to style short hair for work is to add volume. If you have length on top, a few carefully placed curls and a touch of spray can really change the game. Turn on the curling iron or place some rollers at the crown while you brush your teeth. When you're done, release, spray, and enjoy. Source: Internet
  16. Another great dreadlocks men hairstyle is the half up/half down ponytail. This look is very casual and is a great way to rock your dreadlocks. Dreads are perfect for half updos for long hair. Source: Internet
  17. Given the latest formal hairstyles for long hair, hope you have found the choice which will suit you the most. These are among the easiest to do without any help and are easy to manage as well. Hence try them out and tell us which your favourite one out of all is! Source: Internet
  18. Weddings are one of those occasions where you do need to make a special effort to style your hair. Wedding hairstyles require a very sleek and sophisticated look that needs to be polished and flawless at all times. However, prom hairstyles, while still required to be somewhat neat and tidy, have a bit more room for individuality and more relaxed styles. Source: Internet
  19. For any high school girl, the prom night, the culminating event of student life is one of the most dreamed about and anticipated nights of her life. All stones are turned to make it as perfect as possible- be it the silken gowns or the perfect make up and of course, the hairstyle. If the girl boasts a thick lustrous mane of long hair, getting those perfect, romantic, classic yet trendy hairstyles is vital for the overall immaculately glamorous prom look! Source: Internet
  20. There are certain hairstyle looks which can be apt and stylish in whatsoever manner you manage to do it. This is one of them. This long curly formal hairstyle is a bun in different tucked in form and looks quite edgy and stylish without fail. Those who love to have a bun in heavy and stylish form should not miss this out. However, this takes little time and patience to finish, but the result is gorgeous as you see it!this is also a good formal party hairstyle for long hair. Source: Internet
  21. If you don’t have the money to spend on fancy shampoos and setting sprays, then the half-up twist will do for your curly hair. Divide hair horizontally into two sections with the lower larger. At the front section, twist each side and secure in the middle. Leave the lower section free. Source: Internet
  22. What is a man’s ponytail called? A mens updo that consists of a high pony tied so that it forms a bundle is known as a man bun. How should men wear their hair up? There are many cool mens updo hairstyles to go for. You are free to choose from a men bun, a top knot, a ponytail, a half up half down male updo, all kinds of braids and dreads and any combination of these mens updos. How do guys put long hair up? Follow these steps to get a men updo hairstyle: Source: Internet
  23. This runway-ready style looks incredibly chic, and it's surprisingly easy to recreate. Secure a low ponytail with one end of a silk scarf (you can use a hair elastic underneath for extra security, especially if your hair is particularly slippery). Split the ponytail into two sections on either side of the scarf's remaining tail and start braiding the scarf with the two sections of hair until you reach the bottom. When about 1 to 2 inches of scarf remains, tie it around the hair that's left. You can leave the braid hanging loose or twist the scarf braid around itself to secure it in a low bun. Source: Internet
  24. The high bun hairstyle is the high ponytail’s more sophisticated cousin. This classic is probably the look that comes to mind first when you think “formal hairstyle.” Source: Internet
  25. The Dutch braid is suitable for those with thick long hair as well as those that have oblong, heart, or round-shaped faces. It also works best for formal occasions meaning that if you meet the first two criteria, then you can certainly wear it to prom. All you need do is to brush your hair back and divide it into three sections. Braid the three together with the left and right sections coming under the middle rather than above. At the nape, stop braiding and then pack it in a tight bun. Source: Internet
  26. This look cannot be achieved at home but will require you to spend some hours at the salon getting the perm and curls. Copious amounts of products such as hair gel and hair spray are also needed to achieve that high, wild and curly look. There is, therefore, a need to factor in some time for doing this style before your big prom night. Source: Internet
  27. For a more contemporary prom hairdo, forget the neatness and elegance and try on something daring. This unique hairstyle utilizes either natural or artificial curls. Run your fingers through the curls to loosen them and gently shake your hair to have it bounce. Pack as desired and use setting spray and similar products to maintain the volume of the hair. Source: Internet
  28. If you have curly hair, then there is no need for your updo to ever be bland. Style the lengthy top into bouncy ringlets to create a tasteful finish. Give the curls a bit of bold color using ombre and you will have yourself a show-stopping hairdo for prom night. Source: Internet
  29. 7. Smooth out any sticking out hairs with your hands. How do men style long hair formal events? For a professional ambiance, updos for long hair should look neat and elegant. So, here are the most appropriate formal male updos: Source: Internet
  30. Instead, tie hair back into a top knot using a fabric scrunchie made with, you guessed it, silk or satin. This will give your hair a break from the friction. You’ll be less likely to wake up with a visible “dent” in your hair where you pulled it back, so you’ll save valuable styling time in the morning. Source: Internet
  31. Top knot buns are the latest fashion, so why not do it the ballerina style. Extremely easy prom hairstyle for long hair, this simple, sweet yet chic bun can enhance any outfit and enhance the femininity and glamour quotient of any young lady. Add a satin bow to complete the stunning look. However, do not forget the spray mist, for the bun to remain clean while you dance the night away. Source: Internet
  32. If you are looking for dreadlocks styles for men, look no further. This updo with dreads is one of the coolest dreadlocks styles right now. Dreads and updos are a great combination for anyone who wants to rock the dreadlocks hairstyle. Source: Internet
  33. For those on the lookout of simple yet elegant long hairstyle for prom, nothing beats the elegant prom half updo hairstyle (Also known as Prom hairstyles down). Those having curly hairs absolutely adore updo hairstyles for prom, but ones with straight tresses can get the perfect curls in less than minutes. The hair remains loose to have its own dance, yet perfectly arranged to keep things hassle free for you. Soft locks on the front, high heels and a stylish evening gown and whoa! You are ready to steal all attention. Give it further oomph with slim and long danglers. Source: Internet
  34. If your schedule allows, try to wash your hair at an hour when it has plenty of time to air dry before you head to bed. Don’t forget to end your showers with a blast of colder water to help seal moisture into your hair. You may also want to blow dry your hair completely right before bed and use one of the styling suggestions below to keep your blowout fresh and your mane tangle-free. Source: Internet
  35. The morning before prom is one of the most stressful days of your high school experience. You've got to fit exfoliating, shaving, skincare, a manicure, pedicure, glam, and an extravagant hairdo into the teeny tiny window of time you get before you have to meet your friends for pictures. Yeah, it's a lot. But trust me, when you show up to prom looking like an 11/10, all that prep will be 100% worth it. Source: Internet
  36. One of the greatest ironies of life may be that it takes quite some time to achieve a messy hair look. It is however one that is worth it and will serve quite well for your prom. Simply, pull your hair into a ponytail and use a crunchy to make a bun. Secure the bun but let some tendrils of hair escape to soften your face and add that wispy look. Source: Internet
  37. The loose, almost undone braid that merges in to a low, messy bun, looks achingly elegant. Make sure you use plenty of hairspray to keep this ‘do in place for when you hit the dance floor. Credit: @tonyastylist Source: Internet
  38. Just like the sleeked hair and the high ponytail, this hair shape is best suited for people with either diamond, oval, or round-shaped faces. To get this look, horizontally divide your hair into two equal parts. The lower part will be combed out or straightened out and left alone. Then for the top part, divide the hair horizontally into three parts with the first slightly larger. Pack each part into a tight bun and secure it properly. Source: Internet
  39. Obviously, one of the hottest looks of men’s updos for long hair is the long ponytail. It was popular back in the 80s with both rock and roll stars and those who practiced martial arts. Long ponytail styles are tightly secured on the back of the neck or higher with a few loose pieces on the sides or behind the ears. Source: Internet
  40. Undercut haircuts are making a huge splash with men of all ages. They are a great way to show off a top knot as well. Ask for a faded undercut and style the length of your hair into a top knot. This style looks great with various hair designs and even plaits which grant it more cultured and stylish look. Source: Internet
  41. Gone is the time when straight hair was what you needed to look formal. The classic waves can accentuate your formal look like no other. Easy to do and easy to manage, this hairstyle can be your go-to hairstyle for multiple occasions. It adds a little bit of fun to your formal look. For those of you who have natural waves, nothing like it and for those of you who don't, it will take just a few minutes to achieve this look. Source: Internet
  42. The way you style your hair can make a lot of difference to your look. And for those with long hair, there are various options to choose from. While long hair is stunning to look at, we understand that it can be really difficult to handle and style your hair. Source: Internet
  43. Editor’s tip: Let your headwear be the talking point with long and relaxed-looking hair. Just give your locks some sheen by investing in a hair serum (we heart the TIGI S-Factor Silky Smooth Moisture Serum) to tame flyaways. It’s guaranteed to help your hair stay frizz-free all night. Source: Internet
  44. Another of our favourite braid hairstyles is here. We quite love this kind of rope braid look, for dense and thick hair. The hair is braided from the crown area and is done in a side manner than the conventional way. It looks unique and trendy and can be further enhanced with hair accessories, depending on one’s choice. Streaks and highlighting the hair can be done for better effect. Source: Internet
  45. Gone are the days we think messy bun isn’t a formal style or doesn’t appeal well. If you are wondering so, worry not. Because this messy high bun is among one of our absolute favourites and we cannot wait but style this amazingly on several formal occasions. This easy formal updo for long hair is quite easy to do as well and is best done if you have the art of teasing your hair well. Source: Internet
  46. Although prom hairdos are supposed to be a modern and feminine look, here is one such funky and boho option if you wish so. This edgy and new age hairstyle for women in grey hair or any bold coloured hair can add volume and style without a doubt. It is twisted and braided prom hairstyles for long hair, in half up half down imitation. Source: Internet
  47. Can you resemble this puff hairstyle look to any of the fictional and cartoon characters you know? Well, got it! We are drooling over this Disney princess looks hairstyle. The gorgeous and neat waves, with a puffy look near the crown, is quite taking down the internet. If you want to achieve a similar look, all that you need to do is make similar curls and waves and add on a hair accessory near the crown. Make a puff at the side, and you are set to go! Source: Internet
  48. Man bun hair looks especially stylish on men with wavy or curly hair. Man bun styles are easy to style and maintain as you can wear them for several days at a time. If you have curly hair, you can pull it into a messy man bun on the top of your head. This look is perfect for those hot summer days. Source: Internet
  49. If you love ponytails but prefer some form of taming, then you can utilize the double braided ponytail. Divide your hair into two sections in a center parting. Then for each section, select the top hair and braid to the nape. Once you are through, pack everything together and you are ready to go. Source: Internet
  50. Ans: Yes, hairdryers can be used before styling hair regularly too. But in case you use very often, remember you are exposing too much heat on hair. Hence good hair care is also essential such as almond oil and argan oil. Source: Internet
  51. For a boss-lady look, the hairstyle you want to go for is a high bun. It accentuates your features and makes you look sassy, sensual and classy. So, if you want that powerful vibe oozing out of you, choose the classic high bun. Source: Internet
  52. Be you a Caucasian girl with luxuriant blonde hair or a black girl with naturally curly hair, the curly faux hawk can be fantastic for your prom night. It can also be done at home. Carve out a triangular portion of hair at the front of your head and leave it dripping down your face. Pin the sides of the remainder of your hair backward but stop at the nape and allow the rest of your hair to flow down. Source: Internet
  53. Therefore, as you can see, updos for long hair for men are incredibly versatile. You can choose anything from a top knot to a man bun or a ponytail. You can totally rock those dreads or man braids. Have fun playing around with different updos for men’s hair until you find the ones that work best for you. Source: Internet
  54. This look is all about keeping your tresses super sleek, with a subtle wave to add that glamorous vibe. If you look really closely, you’ll even notice a cute mini braid that frames the hair. Credit: @etienneortega Source: Internet
  55. Your favorite childhood hair accessory is still one of the fastest ways to achieve polish and control over your hair in mere seconds. Brush through hair, slip a headband over your strands back to your temples, and add a touch of hairspray if needed. Leave ends of hair loose, or secure with a hair elastic or large barrette in a low ponytail for a touch of classic chic. Source: Internet
  56. This is also another simple and inexpensive ponytail style for prom. All you need money for is a beautiful barrette that you can choose to secure the hair once you are through. To get started, comb your hair all back. Starting from the nape, roll the upper portion of it and then secure it with your barrette. As is usual with most pulled-back hairstyles, the rolled ponytail is especially good for ladies with round and diamond-shaped faces. Source: Internet
  57. The type of hairstyle that one should wear to prom will depend on a variety of factors, including face structure and style of dress. As pointed out above, sleeked back hair works best for oval and diamond-shaped faces but does not really flatter square-shaped faces. Therefore, if you have a square-shaped face, then you should choose a hairstyle that will frame your face. Other things that should be factored in when choosing your prom hairstyle include expenses, accessories, outfits, and even convenience. If you intend to dance all night, then you are better off with an updo rather than something that will spill down your back. Source: Internet
  58. We hope this article was helpful for you. Let us know which hairstyle you adorned. Do you have any other simple style up your sleeve? Share with our readers. They would love it like us! Source: Internet
  59. Men used to get a bad rap for having long hair. However, now men’s long hairstyles is very popular, as are the updos for long hair for men. So, what are the updos for men? Source: Internet
  60. If you are blessed with naturally curly black hair, I daresay that there is no need to spend extra bucks on a stylist. All you need is a beautiful hair clip and you can achieve a prom-worthy style. Arrange your hair in an all-back direction, select the top half from both sides and use your hair clip to secure at the middle. Leave the down part flowing to provide that dramatic and interesting finish to your looks. Source: Internet
  61. This is quite a simple style but it will have you looking like some social media or reality TV star. Simply divide your hair into two horizontal sections and leave the lower section flowing down. At the upper section, carve out a small part at the side and leave it free. Then pack the rest of the upper section into a high ponytail and tease out the pony. For this style to look good, the hair must be glossy and a hair spray can help in this regard. Source: Internet
  62. Want to look like a pop star for prom night, then this style will come in handy. First, carve out a square or rectangle-shaped portion at the very center of the front of your hair. Leave the sides and back cascading down. Tightly braid the carved-out portion and then secure it in a bun at the middle. Source: Internet
  63. Dreadlocks hairstyles for men have been around for hundreds of years and are not going away any time soon. They are ideal for men who want to live a Bohemian lifestyle and show off their free and independent nature. Locks or dreads as they are also called, are extremely versatile and are becoming popular with men all over the globe. Source: Internet
  64. Prom nights are the most exciting and extraordinary times of any girl’s life. They are filled with love, laughter, fun, and beauty. We all want everything to be perfect at these special moments, who doesn’t?! So here we are, with prom hairstyles for long hair. For anyone to look feminine and gorgeous, the hairstyle and haircut patterns matter a lot. If you have lengthy hair, you are among the luckiest girls around to be able to flaunt out the fashion in the right pinch. Source: Internet
  65. Another fun ponytail that is perfect for the formal setting is the low ponytail. This ponytail gives you a poised look. A Low ponytail is a hairstyle that adds an element of sass to your look. Source: Internet
  66. We love easy braided hairstyles for work. Here's a game-changing trick, especially if your bangs aren't quite cooperating: French braid or two-strand twist your hair from one temple to the other, then secure the end with a hairpin or small elastic near the ear on the other side. Use a touch of hairspray to hold the style in place and step out in style. Source: Internet
  67. The bonus of haircuts for long hair? The styling options are endless. You can wear them pulled into a ponytail, bundled into buns, braided, twisted or left loose. Whether you're busy and want it all off your face or have a little extra time to experiment, long hair gives you the ability to play with styles in a way that short hair simply doesn't. Source: Internet
  68. This is a big one. If you tend to toss and turn in bed, your hair is rubbing against the thread fibers in your pillow each time you move. This can stress your hair and lead to frizz. Ultimately, it can even cause breakage. Source: Internet
  69. Celebrities such as Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have all rocked this look at one point or the other. There is therefore no reason why you can’t rock it to prom if the vision is to look vintage. This style requires sleek hair that is parted at the side. It is combed down and at the end given an outward flip. The style is normally reserved for oval and diamond faces but given that this is side parting, it can also suffice even for square faces Source: Internet
  70. This work look for medium hair only appears difficult. Part your hair down the middle and braid both sides of your hair (low braids, French braids, doesn't matter). Next, place the ends together and twist them into a bun at the nape of your neck. Secure the bun at the base with a hair elastic. Source: Internet
  71. From playing with accessories to ponytails with a twist, keep scrolling for our favorite easy hairstyles for long hair. Trust us—you don't need to be a professional to re-create these. But just in case, we asked several expert stylists for their advice. Read on for 30 expert-approved easy hairstyles for long hair. Source: Internet
  72. Natural hair styles are a great way to show off man braids. Braided hairstyles for natural hair do not require a lot of maintenance. These natural hair braids are styled with the snazzy undercut fade and a cool hair design. Source: Internet
  73. 09 of 15 Puff with Bangs Cosmopolitan Curly-haired girls, this cute and fun style is for you. Even if you don't have bangs, you can go faux with this style. Get the tutorial here from Cosmopolitan. Source: Internet
  74. Firstly braid hair neatly after combing well. Make sure braid is polished in the same manner. Braid till half of the hair and fold it similarly as shown above. Make sure the bun is on top and braid is hidden. You are good to go now! Source: Internet
  75. Updos are the perfect everyday style for men as they are a great way to keep your hair out of your face and off your back and neck. They are perfect for hot summer days and windy or rainy weather. If you are still unsure if an updo for long hair is right for you, check out our helpful guide for men with long hair. Source: Internet
  76. Guys who have a naturally wavy mane and do not want their hairstyle to hide it can flaunt a bun too. You just need to switch a regular men bun to a half up one. In this way, you will kill two birds with one stone: get a trendy hairstyle and still be able to show off your intricate hair texture. Source: Internet
  77. In case you have good thick hair, well there is no looking back to do a nice tight bun. There is nothing like elegance and smartness a tight bun can add to it. It looks quite edgy and appealing at the same time. Further, this is quite easy to do as well and hence no worries on how to go about for even urgent meetings at your hand! Here is how to nail this formal hairstyle for long thin hair. Source: Internet
  78. Are you planning to heat up the dance floor in the course of prom night or just don’t want your hair making you hot, then this braid and buns will be perfect for you. Divide your hair into two equal halves. On each side of the hair closest to the center, take out small portions and braid. Pack everything together into a firm bun and accessorize as desired. You can also use the edge control gel to do some magnificent styling in front of your hair. Source: Internet
  79. Every man wants his hair to make him look masculine and stylish. Now, we are modern enough to acclaim that a bun is totally universal. If you see a man with long hair bundled together on top of his head, yes, it’s the man bun style. These guys who don’t like to wake up early in the morning to get their hair done, congratulations: this is officially the easiest hairstyle ever. Everything you need is a proper hair length. Source: Internet
  80. To get this look, you will need to pull your hair back at the nape of your neck, twist to the right, and lay it against your head with the ends facing up. Then, smooth the hair by spreading it from the bottom of the twist to the top to cover it and make it look polished. Finally, wrap the ends into a bun and pin them into place. Source: Internet
  81. To nail this long hair prom style, we suggest you take the help of a professional. The braided florette updo looks beautiful as well as classy. We are sure that this hairstyle would ensure second and third glances from your friends at the prom party. Source: Internet
  82. Consider adding another kind of brushing to your bedtime regimen. By brushing out tangles or snarls from your hair before you go to bed, you’re being proactive about frizz and matted hair. You don’t have to take a long time to do it. Depending on your hair type, a simple paddle brush or a wide-toothed comb will work to brush out your hair before your style it for the night and go to sleep. Source: Internet
  83. Top knot hair is very popular among men’s long hairstyles. To style top knot men, gather your hair and tie it as though you are making a man bun, but keep it on the top of your head and make it a tight knot as opposed to the fuller man bun. Top knots are a great choice for half updos for long hair. Source: Internet
  84. First create plenty of volume in the roots, then create some height with your ponytail. Finally add plenty of texture and movement to the lengths of your hair, for added glamour. Simple and beautiful – ideal for minimalistic babes! Credit: @marianna_hewitt Source: Internet
  85. The fact that you have curly long hair doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the half-up style. You can also join the trend by securing the top half of your curls with a nice barrette while you leave the remaining buzzing around. Even if you have chosen a simple outfit for your prom night, you can be sure that this style will dial up your looks by more than a notch. Source: Internet
  86. If you are one of those who has sadly left her prom hairstyle till the last minute then this would definitely be the easiest hairstyles for long hair for prom. Just bring out your curling iron and give you long locks some heavy curls, gather all your hair and let the curls cascade down on side of your shoulder. You could add some hair accessories like a flower or a hair brooch. Source: Internet
  87. For those men who have long flowing hair, you can totally rock a half up man bun hairstyle! A man bun is a more relaxed version of the top knot and looks especially good on men with long, wavy or curly manes. Style your hair in a looser top knot, or man bun, and then spray the rest of it with sea salt spray to add it volume and texture. Half updos for long hair are very popular for men with long hair. Source: Internet
  88. Now get the latest and best looks for this year to rock your office looks on day to day basis. Be it normal day at work, simple meetings, or heavy corporate parties, we got you all covered. Continue reading to find out interesting and unique best formal hairstyles for long hair. We promise you will not be disappointed! Source: Internet
  89. Another ponytail style that you can use to evoke the 80s for prom night is the whale sprout. You let out your bangs in front and comb the rest of the hair backward. Carve out the topmost part of this backward section and use a scrunchie to secure it on top. Leave the rest of your hair flowing down and you are good to go. Source: Internet
  90. This hairstyle can add some edginess to the normally curly princessy look. Divide your hair into three vertical sections with the middle slightly larger than the two sides. Dutch braid the middle section and end it in a bun atop your head. Leave the two sides and the back falling down. You can also use a curling wand to give the curls more definition. Source: Internet
  91. Mens straight hairstyles do not have to be boring. A sleek, tight man bun with a twist is a simple but stylish mens hairstyles for straight hair. Put some gel in your hair and style it straight and sleek, pulling it back into a tight chignon man bun. Source: Internet
  92. Comb hair well without tangles. Put the headband on combed hair. To the band, tuck in hair from both ends. Make sure all strands are neatly tucked. That it is, you are good to go. Source: Internet
  93. A staple for many, half updo is easy to achieve and can work on any outfit that you might wear. This is one hairstyle that can be notched up or down very easily. Curling the hair in loose waves before styling your hair can enhance this hairstyle quite a bit. Source: Internet
  94. Secure your braid at the bottom using a small scrunchie instead of an elastic. If you want to give your hair extra protection, you can arrange the braid as a top knot on your head or simply wrap the braid and secure it to your head, away from the nape of your neck. This will keep your hair free from sweat, moisture, and friction. Source: Internet
  95. One of the reasons natural girls love their hair is the ease of a wash and go. A good co-wash combined with a touch of product post-shower makes things so much easier! And to be quite honest, this doesn't even require full shower time. A spray bottle with a touch of conditioner in it might be all you need to refresh and hydrate your curls. Add a light oil, a touch of curl crème, and a bit of edge control gel. Then step out in style. Source: Internet
  96. This cute hairstyle is pretty easy, combining a side braid and a bun. You just need to add these pretty pearl hair pins from Amazon for the extra sparkle. (You could also add the pearls to any other hairstyle on this list.) This one is a total stunner for all of those glamorous vibes. Source: Internet
  97. The low ponytail is quite similar to the side ponytail but with a marked difference. Rather than creating a side parting, you create a center parting by dividing the hair into two equal sections. Then, comb back and secure at the nape with a band. To have yourself looking out of the ordinary, curl the ponytail into waves. This type of ponytail is amenable to virtually all types of face structures. Source: Internet
  98. It is for these reasons that most young people want to get things right for that special night. They stress over what clothes to wear, what shoes to rock, make-up, and even hair-do. For those with long luxuriant hair, it can be quite stressful figuring out the best way to style it so here are the best prom hairstyles for long hair styled to impress. Source: Internet
  99. The best leave-in conditioner will vary depending on your hair type. Hair that’s prone to drying out will thrive with a leave-in conditioner that hydrates. Hair that tends to be oily might benefit from a leave-in that’s a lighter formula with botanical extracts and not a lot of other extras. Formulas that come in a spray bottle and are meant to be applied to dry hair are your best bet. Source: Internet
  100. A pillowcase with silk or satin fibers may reduce the amount of friction on your hair as you sleep. As an added bonus, these types of pillowcases may reduce the stretch and stress of your skin while you sleep, helping to stave off wrinkles caused by aging. Satin and silk are hypoallergenic and cooling fibers, as opposed to cotton. Source: Internet
  101. The power of a sleek look–particularly on a hot day–cannot be denied. Wet hair, add gel, and then brush it up to the crown or back to the nape of the neck. Secure with a gentle elastic, smooth down your edges, and head outside to conquer the day. Source: Internet
  102. This style is suitable for those that have long hair as well as bangs. Comb out the bangs and then pack the rest of your hair backward in a high ponytail. Just as the name suggests, the ponytail should not be placed at the center of the head but to the side, whichever best flatters your looks. Source: Internet
  103. Cornrows are not only culturally significant for black women but also aesthetically pleasing. There is no reason why you can’t carry one for prom. To twice things up, you can divide your hair into a side part and French braid both sides. Stop just immediately after your ears and then pack everything together. Your thick natural hair will then spill out at the back. Source: Internet
  104. One of the most elegant prom hairstyles for long hair is the French twist Updo. This easy-to-do prom hairstyles updo would be perfect to show off your neckline or your backless design. Take a look at the tutorial below to ace this style. Source: Internet
  105. If you are tired of your long hair hanging down your back and causing you all manner of discomfort, then this style will serve as a breath of fresh air for your prom night. Just secure your hair into a top knot in the usual fashion but leave out some small strands. Braid the strands into one single medium size braid and then pull it to the back and secure it into the topknot as well. To successfully pull off this look, ensure that your makeup is sleek and sharp. Source: Internet
  106. When I want to wear my hair down, one of my go-to fancy event hairstyles is voluminous, side-swept curls. They make your hair look girly, but also elegant. Just add a simple barrette to keep your hair out of your face on one side and you have the perfect simple hairstyle that makes a statement. Source: Internet
  107. One reason women opt for short hair is to cut down on the time it takes to get ready each day. Use that low-maintenance length to your advantage by going for the wet look. Dampen hair and slick it down, back, and behind the ears. A touch of gel will lock things in place. Source: Internet
  108. Elastic hairbands are the typical go-to when you’re securing your hair for the evening. But these elastics can actually put stress on your hair and scalp as they pull your hair back. This friction causes frizz and breakage. You might as well be sleeping with a rubber band in your hair. Source: Internet
  109. Why are formal hairstyles for long hair required? Well if you are wondering about the same, forget not, the first impression is the best impression. Your appearance, attitude, and look matters, especially if you are working women in office spaces. Be it a neat bun or messy bun or good high pony, all that requires is precision and formal look to get you all attention you deserve. Source: Internet
  110. One other thing that I love most about picking out hairstyles for fancier events is you can also add some beautiful accessories to your hair. (I’ll feature some hairstyles that include those, too.) Source: Internet
  111. The high rope braid is ideal for people with really long and thick hair. However, if you do not meet these requirements but still want the look, then you can always supplement by attaching hair extensions to your hair. To get this style, you need to pack your hair into a high ponytail and braid the pony into one giant magnificent braid. To look sleek, you can use gel to smoothen the front part of your hair. If using hair extensions, you can choose a bold color that contrasts with your natural hair color. Source: Internet
  112. In case you are looking for a more comfortable and feminine look, with classic vibes around, this flower hairstyle trend variant can be quite a deal. Curl your hair very well to get the vintage looks, and work on the curls to make the gorgeous flowers. Add on the best of hair accessories you love, and that is it; you are set to rock and sizzle the carpet in your prom events! This is also good and suitable prom hairstyles option for long blonde hair. Source: Internet
  113. Want to look like a good old-fashioned socialite or sorority girl during prom, then you need to hunt down hot rollers. When you get the big rollers, use them to roll back every inch of your hair. Remove the rollers after some time and tease out the hair. Apply hair spray as well. Source: Internet
  114. This look is done through hair highlighting into the maroonish red shade. Women who love to handle new experiments in style and want to give the edgy formal look should not miss this one out. All you need is after hair colouring, just braid hair in the tiny, sleek way from two sides in two different layers. That is it, leave rest of your hair and you are good to go! This is a good formal hairstyle for long curly hair. Source: Internet
  115. Here is an open hair look for prom events. If you are running out in a hurry and yet not done with your makeover, this can be easy to go yet magnificent messy hairstyle. If you have further straight or thin long hair, you can go ahead and add curls or waves to add drama to this prom hairstyles option. It is a quite effortless, vibrant and classic hairstyle, which can never go wrong! Source: Internet
  116. Sometimes all you need is 10 seconds to refresh your look, and this quick and easy work look for curly hair is a perfect example. Gather hair to one side, braid loosely, secure the ends. Add a touch of gel if the weather looks like frizz is a possibility and step out into the day. Source: Internet
  117. If you have a face like Keira Knightley, then this particular style is for you. All you need do is create a center parting, pull back your hair, and pack it a bit higher. Make sure to leave some front hair out on both sides. This hair will be shorter than the rest and will frame your face in such a manner as to provide balance and soften the angular jawline. Source: Internet
  118. Lightweight hair serum can help tame frizz while you are sleeping, as can a hair mask that’s safe for overnight use. Keep in mind that you’re not looking to make your hair damp or swell the follicles of your hair with any product that you use overnight. You’re simply looking to add and seal in moisture, without adding weight or friction to your hair. Source: Internet
  119. Just because your hair should be dry when you sleep, doesn’t mean it should be drying out and dehydrated when you wake up. If you wake up often with hair that’s frizzy and hard to tame, a leave-in conditioner may be the answer. Before styling and securing your hair for the night, a spritz or two of leave-in conditioner with protein or keratin may actually strengthen your strands while you snooze. Source: Internet
  120. The low texture messy form of the bun is no wonder among the most wanted style by young women who wants to flaunt in their style. If you are someone who loves to hang in there and experiment with different kinds of the bun, do not miss this one out. It is quite easy to do and can be best done by all the hair types. Try this formal hairstyle for long thick hair out, and you will surely not be disappointed with the way it appears. Source: Internet
  121. Sleeping with your hair wrapped works best if you prefer to wake up with a smooth, straight hairstyle. Adding long bobby pins to your wrapped hair will make it extra secure and enhance the straightening effect. Brush your hair after you wake up and you’ll be good to go in the morning. Source: Internet
  122. Now, when it comes to picking the perfect prom hairstyle, people with long hair need a little extra help – because we all know how long it takes to tame the mane. The trick is to find an elevated, but simple look that will compliment your dress, not take away from it. A towering top knot, loose waves, a trailing ponytail with an accent clip – all perfect options for long hair that will serve glamour all night long. Right up ahead, see that and more genius prom hair ideas. Source: Internet
  123. The movies and celebrities have spoiled us in wanting to have a fancy and feminine look. Who does not dream of having that fairy tale vibe and catching the attention of the crowd? This is one such option if you desire so. This prom hairstyle for long curly hair is ultimately amazing, and leave anyone in awe. It looks luxurious and gives a plush look for anyone who tries it out. We are in love with this look! Source: Internet
  124. We hope you liked this guide and overall style gallery of these prom hairstyles for long hair. These are special, extraordinary and most sought after looks for girls and women who love to appear unique during special events and occasions. What are your thoughts? Which is your favourite look? Do let us know! Source: Internet
  125. Just like the twisted updo, this style is for people with long curly hair. It is also good for those trying to create a mermaid theme for their appearance. This style requires a single fish braid from front to back. The whole hair will then be secured into a classic chignon at the base of the neck with the fishtail wrapped around the chignon. Source: Internet
  126. If you go to sleep with even a small bit of moisture in your hair, it may be contributing to hair breakage or matted hair in the morning. Your hair strands are at their weakest when they contain moisture. Even the soundest sleeper will move their head a bit during the course of a night’s slumber, and that movement is more likely to tangle wet tresses. Source: Internet
  127. Buns can come in several variants. It is up to you on what bun and style you feel comfortable the best in! This easy semi formal hairstyles for long hair is among easiest bun one can ever think of. It does not look quite formal, fits in the perfect bracket of informal, and has the sophisticated and edgy look. Women who love to have the twisty and rolled in kind of bun can quite like this style. In case you are wondering this can be challenging to do, well you are wrong as this is quite easy as well and will quickly give you the best look. Source: Internet
  128. Avoid anything with an acidic component (like citric acid or apple cider vinegar), as those are not safe to keep on your hair for more than 6 hours. Also, avoid heavy protein additives like egg, which can weigh down your hair and make breakage more likely. Stick with light botanicals (like peppermint oil or aloe vera) that can seal in shine, stimulate your scalp, and make detangling easier in the morning. Source: Internet
  129. This look was popularized by popular 80s actresses such as Farrah Fawcett. It featured center-parted bangs with layers curled back and made rock steady with hair spray. If looking vintage for prom is your theme, then this particular style will suffice. It also helps that it is suitable for all types of face structures. Source: Internet
  130. Curly girls know this ultimate, quick-and-easy hairstyle: Pile all your curls right on top of your head and secure them with a gentle hair tie or a pretty scarf. Not only is this the queen of all easy curly hairstyles, but it's also the fastest. Flip your head upside down, gather, secure, and go! Source: Internet
  131. All of us love vintage. The vibe and style it gives and delivers are different altogether into another level. This long wavy formal hairstyle which is in vintage form is stylish and elegant, no doubt you will love it. The puffy look is among most loved further, and this puffy up pony can be among best style if you are lover and sucker of fashion and trends. Source: Internet
  132. As shown above, there are several updo hairstyles that you can utilize for prom night. Some of them are high bun with braids, the classy low chignon, the twisted updo, the fishtail braided updo, the messy bun, and the classic French twist with a bun on top. You can also utilize a scarf to put up your hair for prom. These styles are not only beautiful but convenient as your hair won’t get in your face or make you sweat. Updos can also come in handy if you will like to show off your long neck or even beautiful accessories such as necklaces and earrings. Source: Internet
  133. If it’s understated hairstyles for prom for long hair that you’re after, consider a simple ponytail. Before you protest that it’s too basic, let us tell you… there’s a lot going on here. This is not just a ponytail! Source: Internet
  134. We all already know about the casual high pony hairstyle. But did you ever think you can add such drama to this simple look? Here comes the high puffy and dense pony for thick long hair. It looks super gorgeous and yet stylish; one cannot just take it for granted and label it as a usual and straightforward look. You can go ahead and highlight your hair and still manage to look very fancy here. Source: Internet
  135. This particular style takes just minutes meaning that you can devote more time to your make-up, dressing up, etc. First, brush your hair free of tangles and then divide it into two unequal sections to achieve a side part. Gather the hair from the larger section and sweep it into a low ponytail on the other side. Secure with a portion of your hair or hairband as desired. You can also straighten out the ends for a sharper look. Source: Internet
  136. If you want a more simple hairstyle for your next fancy event, a low bun is always a great choice. (If it’s good enough for the Duchess of Sussex on her wedding day, it’s good enough for us.) Source: Internet

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