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131 Most How To Do Side Buns With Long Hair

This time, we're going to talk about How To Do Side Buns With Long Hair. There is a lot of information about Low Space Buns on the internet, of course. Social media are getting better and better quickly, which makes it easier for us to learn new things.

Easy Side Bun Hairstyles and How to Create a Simple Side Bun Hairstyle are also linked to information about Easy Low Bun Hair Tutorials That Are Perfect for Summer. As for other things that need to be looked up, they are about Messy Side Bun Hairstyles For Wedding and have something to do with Space Buns Half Up Half Down.

How To Do Side Buns With Long Hair

131 Most How To Do Side Buns With Long Hair | Easy Updo For Short To Medium Hair

  1. A versatile, fun, and yet sophisticated, the side bun can be worn with any type of bridal attire. And, it can be styled to fit your personal preferences and your personality. Whether you have long, short or medium-length hair, you can rock this classic do in many different ways. If you need some inspiration to find the one that is just right for you, continue to browse through our collection of wedding side bun hairstyles. Source: Internet
  2. We know the double buns have gotten a bad rap in the post-girl pop group era, but we’ve started to see them pop up at festivals and on social media in the ongoing wave of ‘90s nostalgia. If you’re working with a lot of thick hair or just interested in trying out something different (but equally easy), keep reading. We’re showing you six different ways to wear a two buns hairstyle. Source: Internet
  3. The low bun with not a hair to escape at the sides or the nape creates a streamlined silhouette based on soft and sluggish lines. A single visible bobby pin seems to hold the updo from falling apart. It gives you a very supple and, therefore, feminine feel. Source: Internet
  4. 5. To help set your half space buns in place, give them a spritz with the TRESemmé Ultimate Shine Hold Hairspray. Now, go forth and show off your funky buns! Source: Internet
  5. P.S. If today’s hair tutorial looks familiar its because there was a surprise sneak peek a couple of weeks ago when I shared the sunny striped DIY nails tutorial. Source: Internet
  6. Since Ariana Grande showed off her two buns, many fans wondered if that is really the end of the ponytail era. She loves braided buns, as well as classy ones. Ariana has rocked both half updos and classic double bun hairstyles. Source: Internet
  7. Braided or classic – it is on you to choose space buns to wear. We can only say that they can be both casual, funky, and elegant. There are no much practical hairstyles like this. Source: Internet
  8. This side braided bun hairstyle is all that you need to make it more stylish and trendier at night parties. This side bun is inspired by the French hairstyle braid and is tied around with braided knots. All you need to do is follow the style of the French braid first and end it by rolling it around from nape of the neck. This style is best loved by women who love to set a vibe and make a great first impression. This is quite comfortable and however has a vintage vibe attached to it as well. Source: Internet
  9. Follow our side messy bun step by step tutorial, if you want to recreate it for your next night out or even if you are going to a wedding. Start with curling your hair and gather a low side ponytail. Separate your ponytail into sections and tease it closer to the roots. Take small sections of your ponytail and start bobby pinning it to the head in a messy way. And voila! Your fabulous hairstyle is done and you are ready to go out! Source: Internet
  10. We all have different talents in life, but some of us are truly incapable of creating a clean finish on a hairstyle. No matter how we tuck or pin, stray bits always seem to poke right back out. Rest assured, there’s a two bun hairstyle for even the least nimble-fingered among us: messy half buns. Source: Internet
  11. Gather all your hair messily and wrap it in a bun. The key is to place the bun just below the crown, not at it. Secure the bun with an elastic band and some bobby pins. If you don’t want to part your hair down the middle, try a side parting or a slightly messy parting. Source: Internet
  12. 2. Lightly tease each pigtail and then wrap into a bun and secure with bobby pins. I like to twist the hair as I wrap it into a bun, but that’s completely optional. Source: Internet
  13. A classy updo like this can last through a hectic day at the office and also a hot night out on the town. Jet black hair is fashioned into a sleek, polished bun shifted to one side. There is also a side part and a twisted section that works like bangs and flows into the bun. Source: Internet
  14. Using the waterfall braiding method, braid your hair at the sides. Secure the braids with elastic bands or bobby pins. Wrap all your hair in a messy bun. Accessorize with flowers or beads to add a boho charm to the look. Source: Internet
  15. If you are going to Coachella or other music festivals, don’t hesitate to overdo the sequins. They are more than allowed! You can part your hair in the middle, make two Dutch braids and put them into space bun and add a lot of glitters. Perfect look with a boho vibe, don’t you think? Source: Internet
  16. The side bun is one of those hairstyles that flatter almost all women. It’s a fun, flirty and versatile updo allowing you to feel pulled together without looking fussy. There are so many ways to rock the side ‘do, and whatever you choose depends on your personal style, preference and occasion. If you need a little inspiration to see just how classy a side style can be, feel free to check out the stunning and innovative looks below. Source: Internet
  17. If you’re not into all the sparkle, rest assured that regular ombre space buns are still on-trend, too. Both messy and polished-looking space buns work a treat with ombre hair. Try experimenting with different bun sizes to see what works best with your hair! Credit: @prettyinpattern Source: Internet
  18. If you’re anything like us, and are obsessed with all things glitter, then why not be generous with the sparkle and sprinkle it on to your entire scalp. Don’t forget to create 2 messy buns to complete the look. You’ll be rave-ready in no time! Credit: @hairbyjaxx Source: Internet
  19. If you have fine quality hair of blonde color, then there is nothing better than this flower-side bun hairstyle. It is intended for fine-quality hair and will make a woman look more alluring than she can think of. A headband will make this hairstyle even more suitable for the female with blonde hair, and it will complete the bridal hair look. In recent times, a lot of bridal side bun hairstyles have been coming up, and among them, this one is considered to be the most successful for styling a blonde bride on her wedding day, by most women. Source: Internet
  20. With side bun hairstyles, there are so many mesmerizing looks to choose from. But when paired with a sleek, halo-esque headband, you’re bound to stand out from the crowd. We suggest one with sparkles or jewels to truly make an entrance when you arrive to your special event. Source: Internet
  21. Side buns mostly need pins and elastics to bind them well. They may damage hair if they are too tight, hence change style once the event is over. Apply good hair spray, in the end, to make sure style stays in place for long. Add hair accessories. Side buns always have an advantage where different types of hair accessories can be added to make them look prettier. Source: Internet
  22. Comb your hair down with some mousse. Brush your hair back and divide it into three sections: top, middle, and lower sections. Tie each section in a knot to create the buns and pin them together in place. Source: Internet
  23. Backcomb all your hair to add volume to it. Gather all your hair and wrap it in a bun, neatly combing the top of the bun. Keep it secure with bobby pins. Wrap and tie the scarf around the bun to finish off the look. It looks easy, vintage, and lovely! Source: Internet
  24. Certain classic hairstyles are so hard to forget, and the side bun is one of them. A unique wedding hairstyle that can be styled in any number of ways and different hair types. Either of our favorites is worth considering for your choice of side buns’ wedding hairstyles. Source: Internet
  25. Apply mousse to your hair and gather it all at the crown. Wrap it in a bun, but leave the ends out. Use bobby pins to secure the bun. Curl the ends to take the look up a notch. Source: Internet
  26. Step 9 – Create ponytails on both sides of your hair. You will need to add some of your loose hair to the braids for extra volume. Wrap hair around to make double buns. Source: Internet
  27. To get this look start by gathering your hair, leaving the front two chunks lock-free. Go ahead with the normal procedure for a bun and once it is finished, take the front locks from both sides and wrap them and pin them to complete the look. This is one of the simple slow side bun hairstyles for medium length hair, which can be useful for your parties and functions. Source: Internet
  28. This is yet another simple and easy side of bun hairstyle for a wedding idea. And this is quite easy to do and not as difficult as you may think. It is filled with intrinsic designs looks elegant. It is perfectly suitable for several occasions. All you need is some patience and help in between to succeed with style. Source: Internet
  29. Comb your hair to remove all the tangles and knots. Gather all your hair to one side and divide it into two sections. Wrap each section in a knot and pin the knotted buns in place. Source: Internet
  30. Gather all your hair and tie it in a high ponytail with an elastic band. Divide the ponytail into smaller sections and twist them individually. Wrap the twists around to form the bun and secure it with bobby pins. Source: Internet
  31. This is the easiest side bun with bangs style. This is for girls who love the messy look and yet want to make it look cuter. This also is similar to the French style of braiding from the lower end taking all the hair together at the side to make into a bun. Although this style looks quite messy, it is cute and pretty for young girls. This is best for making an impression of everyday events. Source: Internet
  32. Now, this is the kind of look that stops traffic. If you want something cool and modern, then this is the style for you. In order to create such a style you are going to need a lot of hair, so if you don’t have it, then you will need some extensions. Source: Internet
  33. To try this style, you’ll divide your hair horizontally just above the ears. From there, create a clean vertical part from hairline to the end of the section. On either side, you’ll loosely pull the hair into bun shapes, adding Dutch braid accents if you’re feeling confident. If you’re still not seeing the kind of artful texture you’d like, try adding volumizing or texturizing spray at your roots before styling. Source: Internet
  34. Gather all your hair and wrap it in a low bun. Push it higher to create a pouf. Apply hairspray to keep your hair in place. Source: Internet
  35. Now its time to create each bun. Start with the lower section of hair first. Gather this section into a ponytail and coil the ends into a mini bun. Use hair pins to secure in place and repeat with the top section of hair. Source: Internet
  36. 2. Working on one side of your hair at a time, gather a 3 to 4 inch-wide portion of hair from near the front into a half-up, half-down high ponytail and secure it with a clear elastic. This pony should sit in the middle of the top of your head. Source: Internet
  37. Curly side buns are good for shorter locks. You can combine your bun with a braided element of your choice, such as a crown braid or braided bangs, for instance. A bouffant is also a plus for most loose curly updos. Source: Internet
  38. With just a few simple steps, you can achieve a wonderful hairstyle that will allow you to fly into space! You will need bobby pins (we always lose them), hairbands, and a brush. You can additionally add some hairspray for the long-lasting buns. Do you have it all? Let’s start then! Source: Internet
  39. Gather all your hair and divide it into two sections. Wrap the first section and secure it with a pencil by passing it through, then over, and then under the bun. Wrap the second section of hair around the first bun and use another pencil to secure it. You can also use bobby pins to make sure the bun stays in place. Source: Internet
  40. Once you're finished braiding, use a rubber band or a hair tie to pull your braids into a ponytail. Using the ends of your braids and loose hair at the front, wrap your ponytail into a tight topknot. Don't worry about extra flyaways. Remember, a messy bun is the goal here. Source: Internet
  41. Let a few of your flyaways and sideburns hang freely. Don't worry about everything being in its perfect place. Using the brush, take a hardworking pomade like Hick's Edge Control ($15) and swoop and smooth down your baby hairs. Source: Internet
  42. A cool upgrade to standard space bun is braids. You can opt for both fishnets or classic ones, but they will certainly make your hairstyle even more interesting. Whether you opt for top or you want to braid your hair at the back – the results will be amazing! Source: Internet
  43. 1 Step 1 1 Divide Your Hair Into Two Sections. Start by prepping your hair with the VO5 Express Primer Spray, which helps detangle your tresses and reduces pesky flyaways. Using a comb or your fingers, equally divide your hair (down the middle) into 2 equal sections. Then using hairbands, secure each section into two low ponytails. Source: Internet
  44. Create a slight pouf at the top and pin it in place. Gather the rest of your hair and wrap it in a low bun. Spritz on some hairspray to keep the hairstyle in place. Source: Internet
  45. Space buns were a hugely popular hairstyle from the ’90s that have recently come back into trend. The hairstyle is characterised by two buns worn on the top of the head with popular styles including braided buns or half-up, half-down variations. Loved by stars from Miley Cyrus to Ariana Grande, space buns are the perfect way to inject a little carefree fun into your style whether you’re heading to a summer festival or one last party before the year is out. Source: Internet
  46. A chic variation on the hair bun is a low side bun. This can be styled into either a neat, tight bun or loose messy bun. Either way, creating a side bun is extremely easy and requires very little work, unlike some of the more formal hairstyles. Source: Internet
  47. This side bun takes updos to a whole new level of class! Start by curling your hair. Wrap it in a side bun and pin the curled ends at the top. Roll your curled bangs and pin them across the front. Source: Internet
  48. There are a limited number of styling options that get your hair out of your face quickly and don’t make you look distinctly unshowered. One of the best is a twisted double bun style. Whether you slept on wet hair and now there’s a weird kink you have to hide or you haven’t had time to shampoo, this chignon-like trick will mask any imperfections. Source: Internet
  49. Create a pouf at the front of your head. Curl the rest of your hair with a curling iron. To create the bun, fold and pin each curl in place. If you want the bun to be big, you can use a bun-maker. Source: Internet
  50. 2 Step 2 2 Create 2 high ponytails. Tie your hair into 2 high ponytails, securing them with a thin hair tie. Editor’s tip: Remember to leave some hair loose around your face, as this will give you a more face-flattering finish. Source: Internet
  51. 4 Step 4 4 Plump up the volume. Spritz your strands with the TONI&GUY 3D Volumiser Spray and then use your hands to gently tease your hair back towards the roots, scrunching the product into the hair. This will give your space buns the extra texture and sass they need! Source: Internet
  52. Loose buns are arguably among the most popular side bun updo hairstyles for women these days. Maybe it’s because of the easy styling or the relaxed, undone look they provide. These tousled light brown locks look weightless and spontaneous thanks to the messy texture and several stray pieces escaping the bun. A lovely, embellished hair piece is placed right at the base of the bun for a touch of sparkle. Source: Internet
  53. Begin by parting your hair down the center, clipping one half out of the way. Flip your head over and begin Dutch braiding from your nape, stopping to tie off the ponytail once you reach the crown. Remember, we did call this a challenge! Repeat the same steps on the other side, then make each ponytail into a cinnamon roll shape (less twisting, more wrapping around the base) and pin the style in place. Voila! You’re festival ready, no matter what your plans actually happen to be. Pull out a few face-framing pieces for an ethereal vibe. Source: Internet
  54. Fine, silky hair can be a real pain to style. If you’re ambitious about putting double buns to work in your daily life, it’s important to keep a styling brush and a can of hairspray within arm’s reach in case of an emergency. We love this space bun look for the way it shows off the texture of the hair as well as the standout rainbow color. Source: Internet
  55. Gather all your hair as you would a high ponytail. Take an elastic band and pass it over the ponytail once. Twist it and pass it over your hair again, but leave the ends out. Pin down any loose sections and spritz on some hairspray. Source: Internet
  56. To make this look your own, create a crisp part all the way down the back of the head. Tie each side up into a ponytail, making sure there are no lumps—if you’re having trouble getting a clean finish, try tilting your head up while you pull the hair up into a ponytail. Loosely twist the hair on either side into a bun shape, taking care to pin as you go. Finish the look with hairspray to ensure it holds all night. Source: Internet
  57. This stunning, wedding-ready loose bun has two big factors going for it. The first is undoubtedly the multi-component braids that weave large chunks of hair seamlessly and elegantly. The second is the gorgeous balayage coloring that helps to accentuate each and every unique strand. Source: Internet
  58. You can twist side buns under, but you can twist them up as well. A cute, single braid accentuates the bun that is brought to the side and then twisted up towards the ear. The crown has a bit of height which makes the front view of this updo even more attractive. Source: Internet
  59. The bad news is that creating buns with short hair isn't quite as effortless as it is for those with many inches to work with. The good news is that it is possible. As long as you have an arsenal of dry shampoo, elastics, and bobby pins (the short-hair updo's best friend), your options for buns are wide open. Source: Internet
  60. The bun is the most versatile hairstyle ever to transcend time! You can pair a bun with any occasion, event, outfit, mood, season, or personality. And bun hairstyles for long hair are a gift from the heavens above. You can simply tie your long flowy locks in a topknot or low bun and get back to slaying at work or in the house. Keep reading to discover some ways to style your hair in a bun so that your topknot or low bun always looks fresh. Dive right in! Source: Internet
  61. Sleek buns are classics. They will always be in demand for formal events, but today the hairstyling dress codes are less strict, and you can wear messy styles even to the biggest galas, because lightness and spontaneity is in fashion. Here’s a gallery of different types of bun hairstyles where you can find an updo to suit your taste, outfit and occasion. Source: Internet
  62. Gather all your hair and divide it into two sections. Fold the first section of hair to form a bun. Secure it with bobby pins. Fold the next section of hair over the first bun and pin it in place. Source: Internet
  63. A look like this has a lot of class and elegance to it. We love just how healthy her hair is with all the shine involved. If you want a style that includes curls, then you can’t go wrong with this one. Source: Internet
  64. Looking for an awesome side bun hairstyle for short hair that will make you feel comfortable and make you look stylish at the same time, then this is the right look for you. This is probably one of the finest side bun hairstyles of women with blonde hair. This bun hairstyle will be suitable for women heading to parties which is more alluring with traditional Indian sarees. The pattern this hairstyle sports in the bun is something that will be suitable for women with long and voluminous hair. The haircut will go hand in hand with elegant ethnic wear, and you can sport this look at parties and other similar places. Source: Internet
  65. Gather all your hair to your crown and tie it in a high ponytail. Hold the ponytail up and place the donut maker at the top, near the ends of your hair. Roll the bun and hair towards the base of the ponytail. Use pins to secure the bun in place. Source: Internet
  66. When you need to be somewhere in a short amount of time but still want to look polished, a low bun is your answer. The hairstyle is easy to create, keeps your hair out of your face and can be extremely versatile. Low buns also lend themselves well to personalization, meaning there are several different ways to create the look or put your own spin on it. Ahead, we rounded up four must-see takes on the classic hairstyle. Chances are, you’ll want to bookmark all of these tutorials. Source: Internet
  67. Here is an awesome side bun hairstyle for long hair for women with brown hair. If you are willing to look your best anywhere you go, then this hairstyle will definitely make you look like the most beautiful woman. The style is so alluring that all eyes will be on you when you carry this look effectively. If you are in need of a good bun hairstyle, then wear this. Source: Internet
  68. Divide your hair into two sections from ear to ear. Clip up the bottom section. At the top, create a small pouf and then wrap all the hair into a bun. Gather all the hair from the bottom and wrap it in a bun. Use elastic bands and bobby pins to secure the buns. Source: Internet
  69. Here is another side hair bun, which will also be suitable for fine quality hair. This is one of the best classy side bun hairstyles for women with hair similar to the Hollywood beauty sporting in the picture above. Her hair looks absolutely ravishing, mostly because of the twisted bun done on the back. If you are in need of a hairstyle that will differentiate you from others, then this might be just the thing for you. Source: Internet
  70. Create a sharp center part from hairline to nape, then bring up both sides into high buns. Twist and wrap as needed to create a secure style—you can always fluff the buns later. Aim for them to sit close together, using a costume necklace wrapped around both buns as your edgy finishing accessory. Source: Internet
  71. If your locks are fine, you need to find creative ways to make your hair look thicker and more voluminous. It’s not as easy to achieve with a bun, but it’s possible. A pompadour will offer a nice lift at the front. Tease the roots and make loose twists all over the head. Bring the ends of your locks to the side, backcomb and shape a messy bun with air inside. Source: Internet
  72. Using the tail of a comb, slide through the front section of hair and gently lift for volume. This will give you the pompadour effect. Pull a few pieces of hair out at the front to enhance the messy look. Source: Internet
  73. If your hair is on the shorter side, you can easily opt for a half-up, space bun style to achieve the look. This will leave you with three sections — the two, top ponytail sections that will be used to create the buns and the bottom section in the back. Another hack for short hair — instead of creating ponytails, only pull the hair halfway through to create a loop bun. This will allow you to achieve space buns in two easy steps. Source: Internet
  74. Gather all your hair at the back. Backcomb your hair to create a pouf at the top. Place the bun-maker below your hair and wrap your hair over and under it. Pin your hair in place. Source: Internet
  75. This updo has the same idea of combining a crown braid, bouffant, side bun and fringe but it looks a bit different on brown locks with highlights. Don’t be afraid to copy a hairstyle you like – you will never look exactly like someone else. Every detail in your updo, the color of your hair, its length and texture matters, and the final result always comes out a bit or a lot different. Source: Internet
  76. The trick to making your buns look voluminous is not to make a ponytail. Right after you section your hair into two equal parts, apply dry shampoo. Brush your hair and then twist that part until you make a cord. Source: Internet
  77. Leaving two small sections on the sides, gather all your hair and wrap it in a bun. Secure the bun with bobby pins. Twist the side sections and pin them over the bun. Quick and easy! Source: Internet
  78. Put a headband around your head and wrap your hair in it to create this look. Accessorize it with flowers, beads, or other delicate hair pins. It is a perfect hairstyle for prom and other formal events. Source: Internet
  79. Apply mousse to a comb and comb your hair upwards to the top. Wrap all your hair in a bun, leaving a little from the side, and pin it in place. Wrap the little section of hair around the base of your bun. Use bobby pins to secure it. Source: Internet
  80. Editor’s tip: Don’t feel like you need to have fresh, clean hair to rock the space bun look. Space buns are a great way to conceal day four or day five roots and when your hair's a little oily, it gives a better hold. If you want to add some volume to the roots, use a tinted dry shampoo like the L’Oréal Paris EverPure Sulfate-Free Tinted Dry Shampoo for Brown Hair if you have dark strands, or the L’Oréal Paris EverPure Sulfate-Free Tinted Dry Shampoo for Blonde Hair if you’re a blonde or redhead. Source: Internet
  81. Pull the hair between the two parts into a high ponytail right on top of your head. Don't pull the ponytail through the elastic on the final loop; this way, you're left with a loose bun. Tug the bun to make it fuller and messier. If you don't like the ends poking out of the bottom of the bun, simply coil them around the base and pin. Source: Internet
  82. One of the perks of choosing a side-bun hairstyle for your wedding is that it’s completely customizable to your style. Depending on the part, the looseness or tightness of the bun, or your hair's texture, it can look effortlessly messy or perfectly polished. It’s a timeless style that will look as good in photos today as it will 20 years from now. When it comes to wedding updos, the side bun strikes the perfect balance between classy and trendy, romantic and sexy, and undone and refined. Source: Internet
  83. A twisted side bun is a way to incorporate a bit of intricate yet unforced design into an otherwise understated look. The hair is formed into twists that begin at the sides and feed into the bun. Several large pieces of hair are pulled out to linger at the nape of the neck. Source: Internet
  84. Later researches made by fans showed that the hairstyle can also be related to the Native American Hopi tribe. They use to call hairstyle ‘squash blossom.’ Source: Internet
  85. For this look of party hairstyle with a side bun, you need to know the art of teasing. A bump it or a hair buffer would do well too. Start by parting your hair and fixing your locks and then bump up the hair from the crown. Once it is done, slowly gather the rest into a low-hanging side bun. The hair does not need to be perfect and compact here. Source: Internet
  86. Starting on one side, gather a section of hair and pull it into a ponytail, making sure to smooth any bumps during the process. Your placement can be adjusted based on your preference, just keep in mind that the base of your ponytail will be where your space bun is. You can also place your buns up higher on the crown of your head or to the sides — it’s totally up to you. Once you’ve created a ponytail on one side of your part, create an identical ponytail on the other side. Be sure to mirror your placement as you don’t want your space buns to be lopsided. Source: Internet
  87. Part your hair on one side. Divide the rest of your hair into two equal sections. Weave each section into a twist or a braid closely aligned to the scalp at the sides. Once you reach the back hairline, weave the rest of the hair into a regular braid or twist. Wrap both the twists/braids in a bun and secure it with an elastic band and bobby pins. Source: Internet
  88. Apply some mousse to your hair. Backcomb your hair at the front to create a slight pouf. Leaving two sections of hair from the sides, gather the rest of your hair and tie it in a long bun at the back. Pin the side sections across the center of the bun. Source: Internet
  89. Depending on your hair type, brushing or finger-combing your hair is an important first step as it helps to remove tangles, smooth hair, prevent breakage and overall just make it easier on you when you’re creating the look. Once you’ve brushed or finger-combed your strands, part your hair down the middle into two equal sections. A middle part is key for this style so both buns are the same size. For a Y2K-inspired look, try rocking your space buns with a centered zigzag part. Source: Internet
  90. Just because it looks intricate, doesn’t mean it’s too hard to try your own hand at. You don’t need a professional or a friend, instead you just need some super snazzy tutorials to help you through. These 25 low bun hairstyles you can create yourself at home in front of your mirror with so much ease! Source: Internet
  91. Place the bun-maker under your hair. Backcomb your hair and then pin it under the bun-maker to secure it. Put on the headband to finish off the look. Source: Internet
  92. Crimp your hair with a crimping iron. Create a pouf with the front of your hair and wrap the rest of your hair in a bun. Secure the pouf and bun with bobby pins. Accessorize with some flowers. Source: Internet
  93. Comb hair well. You would need a headband for the look, so keep it ready. Tuck your hair inside the band starting from the side. It becomes like a bun to see from the outside in a rolled-up way. Get loose front locks on the side. Source: Internet
  94. Simplistic and sleek in its design, but still beautiful from every angle, this side bun is ideal for formal occasions such as a wedding, prom or a black-tie gala. The blonde locks are formed into a sleek bun with not a hair out of place. The finishing touch is the large floral hair accessory that instantly brings elegance to the look. Source: Internet
  95. The shape of your face determines whether a high bun or a low bun is more suitable for you. Low buns look good on a long, slim face as they pull back all the hair to open up the face. A high bun suits rounder or fuller faces, giving it a slimmer appearance. Source: Internet
  96. Gather all your hair at the crown. Take an elastic band and pass it over your hair once. Twist the elastic band and pass it over your hair again, but not completely. You can use bobby pins to further secure the bun in place. Leave the ends of your hair out and arrange them across the front to create the faux bangs look. Source: Internet
  97. This hairstyle looks best on lived-in hair. If you have second- or even third-day hair, you’re on the right track. If not, no need to worry. There are plenty of hair hacks and hair products that can help you achieve the look. Either backcomb your hair or use a dry shampoo like Dove Between Washes Clarifying Dry Shampoo to remove excess oil giving you a fresh, voluminous, and textured base. Source: Internet
  98. This twisted bun is easy even if it looks intricate at first sight. Style it like a messy hairstyle, with no previous combing or with a light teasing. Start making a side rope braid closely to the scalp and once you reach the nape, make a simple twist out of the freely hanging locks. Roll it into a loose bun and pin in place. Source: Internet
  99. Even classic hairstyles can do with an upgrade now and again, and it can be something as small as a change in perspective. What does that mean for foolproof looks like the ponytail, the braid, or our fave staple, the bun? Switching up directions, literally: Side bun hairstyles are a great way to spiff up that classic chignon, while still playing within the lines of practicality and functionality. Just as an off-center part can tote change the way your hair lies on your head, a side-lying bun can also keep things a bit interesting and shake up that workweek rut we’ve all found ourselves in. Source: Internet
  100. P.S. Don’t brush your hair; it’s a messy bun, after all! Then, split this section into two, and twist both halves, securing them at the back of the head. Source: Internet
  101. Ans: Any hairstyle if held tight for long with elastics and pins may not be good for hair. Hence work on a style and keep it on for the required time and remove it before the end of the day and let the hair be free. Apply hair serum immediately too. Source: Internet
  102. Comb your hair down with mousse. Style it in curls. Gather your hair to the top of your head and pin the curls to form the mohawk. Do the same to form the bun. If you have longer hair, wrap it in a bun and pin the curled ends at the top. Source: Internet
  103. Apply mousse to your hair and comb it back. Pick up some hair from the front and clip it up. With the rest of your hair, create a French twist bun and pin it at the back. Fold the hair from the front in sections and pin it at the top to create the modern wave look. Source: Internet
  104. Just like the bed head looks, the side messy bun hairstyle has always been a messed-up scene, and here we know exactly why. The side bun, when messed up adds volume to the hair and beauty to the look and based on that, throw your hair into a pile and then mess it out a bit before you secure it in a bun. Make sure some locks are hanging around here and there to complete the look. Source: Internet
  105. Step 2 – You can now part your hair. Usually, women tend to part it in the middle, but if you want to make your buns look even more interesting, part your hair in zig-zag style. It’s up to you. Source: Internet
  106. Hair accessories, like these star clips, are playful additions that keep flyaways at bay. "The most ideal style for buns in short hair are center-parted low side buns," says Stenson. "These buns sit at the bottom corners of the nape and typically capture all the hair." Source: Internet
  107. Side bun hairstyles for long hair offer you a lot of intricate and creative styles. In this example the locks are loosely braided and draped to be gathered into a relaxed twisted side bun. The height at the crown provides a welcomed balance to the overall look. Source: Internet
  108. Although every woman has her own picture of a messy bun, there are some general tips and tricks to make this updo flawless. Let’s be honest; sometimes, this hairstyle isn’t as simple as it seems to be. Whether you’re a pro or a complete beginner, you will find this step-by-step tutorial useful, as you can always upgrade this hairstyle with any textured elements and styling products. Source: Internet
  109. Ans: Yes, side bun hairstyle suits western tops and jeans. Do a tight side bun near the head compared to a loose one below. This style will suit elegant and grand tops with jeans. Source: Internet
  110. Hope you enjoyed reading the article on the side bun hairstyle. They are well suited to women of all age groups, occasions, and different individuals. This style caters to variant preferences and is in trend always. Try out these styles and tell us how you like them. Source: Internet
  111. Finally, take your hair together with twists, and twist it slightly. After that, wrap it loosely around the base, leaving the ends out of the twist. The best way to add the classy messy vibe is to twist the bun so that the ends stick up a little. Finish the look with some tousling all over the ‘do, and don’t forget to coat it with hairspray. Source: Internet
  112. The bun hairdos are prominent and are regarded as among the most timeless and sexiest looks. Among the several patterns of hairdos within these, the side bun hairstyles are equally flattering and versatile. They can resonate with one’s style statement and a vintage vibe and bring in unique, creative, and classic elements from anyone. If you love to experiment and create new wonders, these side bun hairstyles and hairdos should not be missed. This list of few trending side bun looks is going to impress you to get started with! Source: Internet
  113. This is a bit different from the ones you have seen before. The allure from this side bun hairstyle for long hair comes with is so amazing that you will be willing to carry this style as soon as you take a look at it. The hairstyle has been rated as one of the finest looks for women with naturally blonde hair, and then this will be one of the best looks for you. This season, carry this awesome side bun at special events to get all the eyes on you. Source: Internet
  114. Are they going to attend a wedding as one of the bridesmaids? Here is something that will offer you equal attention as the bride. The grey and white color combined side bun hairstyles are one of the best ones among bridal bun hairstyles. The bun looks a bit messy, but it comes with an infinite allure that it will make any bridesmaid get equal attention, especially because of her hairstyle. Women will be jealous of you when you are carrying off this hairstyle. Source: Internet
  115. There aren’t many things that you can do to make side buns look bad. This cute creation features a teased crown, a side bang with a deep side part and a bun that is swirled and pinned aptly into a lovely roll. This could be both a wedding hairstyle and your casual classy updo. Source: Internet
  116. This hairdo is a bit more on the playful side than most, but it’s also super functional because it’s really secure. Which means you could wear it for a casual day with friends or something more active, like running errands, exercising, or playing double dutch. 🙂 Source: Internet
  117. Here’s an update on Princess Leia’s classic bun hairstyle. These ones are jumbo in size and fan out behind the ears. Pair with a deep dark lip for the ultimate statement look. Source: Internet
  118. Boho up your bun game with this look that has texture written all over it. Perfect for garden weddings, rooftop soirées, or sunny brunches with the girls. Make sure hair is totally bodified beforehand by styling with Suave Thick Look Thickening Cream before curling. Source: Internet
  119. Ans: Side bun style caters to the requirements of women of all ages. Choose a loose hair side bun updo for women over 50 years of age. Accessorize it with flowers and artificial flower pins to make the look. Women over 50 can try this side bun style with a saree to look elegant. Source: Internet
  120. More often than not, buns pulled to the side are most attractive (and doable) when worn near the nape of the neck. Not always so, as this style for long hair from @n.starck shows. Ensure your hair is properly teased at the top and through the length to provide that envious sky-high elevation. Source: Internet
  121. Gather your hair from the front and pin it back. If you have slightly longer hair in the front, twirl it around once and pin it in place. Gather your hair from the back and wrap it around, twisting it as you go to form a bun. Use bobby pins to secure the bun. Accessorize with a delicate designer clip. Source: Internet
  122. 3 Step 3 3 Create a Bun. After you’ve teased and twisted your first ponytail, wrap your hair around the base of the ponytail, and keep on wrapping till you’ve created a bun shape. Once you’ve got a shape you like, secure it with as many bobby pins as needed to hold the look in place. Source: Internet
  123. For a perfect combo of volume and chicness, do this braided hairstyle. Braids are easy to make – make sure you follow our guide. Make them look voluminous and wrap them into half-up space buns. Easy and stylish, right? Source: Internet
  124. Feeling ambitious? Start each bun off with a Dutch braid that begins at the hairline, crossing your sections under instead of over to achieve the coveted inside-out effect that sets this braiding style apart. Tie off each braid before beginning your buns, then pancake to create the illusion of added volume. Once your style is in place, spritz the bottom half of your hair with sea salt or texturizing spray for body. Source: Internet
  125. Apply a generous amount of mousse to your hair. Comb your hair back and tie it in a high ponytail with an elastic band. Wrap the ponytail in a bun and use another elastic band to secure it. Source: Internet
  126. Style the ends of your hair in loose curls. Gather all your hair at the top and pin the back up, allowing the ends to fall to the front. Use pins to arrange the curly ends. Super easy and convenient! Perfect for those rush hour days. Source: Internet
  127. Take really small sections of hair and weave them in scalp-aligned braids. Secure the small braids with thin elastic bands. Gather all of your hair and weave it in a braid. Wrap the braid into a high bun. Secure the high bun with an elastic band and bobby pins. Source: Internet
  128. 3 Step 3 3 Create a small braid in each ponytail. To give your space buns a more unique, textured look, take a small section of hair from the underneath of one of your ponytails. Braid this section into a regular 3-strand braid right down to the ends – don’t worry about securing it, as we’ll do this later. Source: Internet
  129. For most of us, pulling our manes back into low buns is always the best decision of the day. You get to look work appropriate and chic without hair resting on your neck or getting in your eyes. If one chignon is a lifesaver, imagine how much better two could be. Source: Internet
  130. 5 Step 5 5 Wrap your hair into space buns. Wrap each ponytail around on itself to form a bun shape, making sure to leave the braided section of your hair free for now. Use bobby pins to secure your buns into your desired position. Source: Internet
  131. Curl your hair with a curler or rollers. Make sure the ends are curled properly. Gather all your hair at the crown and twirl it in a bun, using bobby pins to secure it. Leave all the ends out to finish off the look. Source: Internet

Here are a few tips to help you find information about Buns for Short Hair: 20 Cool (and Easy) Styles to Try: - Look for good places to get information about How to Do Space Buns + Space Bun Hairstyle Ideas. This can be done in libraries, on websites, or even by paid journalists. - When looking for information about How To Do A Side Bun With Medium Hair, it's important to know that there are different kinds of online sources, like Google and YouTube. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are also good places to look for information about 20 Chic Side-Bun Hairstyles for Your Wedding.

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# Images | How To Do Side Buns With Long Hair - Low Messy Side Bun

5 Ways To Do Space Buns at Home With Inspo Looks - The 2-Minute Hack To Elevate Your Messy Bun

How To Do Side Buns With Long Hair - How to Create a Simple Side Bun Hairstyle 1 Save

How To Do Messy Bun Hairstyles - 50 Stunning Bun Hairstyles You Need To Check Out Now!

How To Do Side Buns With Long Hair - Space Buns Tutorial 2 Save

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