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111 Things Hairstyles For Guys With Long Thick Wavy Hair

This time around, we shall cover Hairstyles For Guys With Long Thick Wavy Hair. Obviously, there is a great deal of information on 30 Wavy Hair Men’s Hairstyles of You’ll Love on the Internet. The rapid rise of social media facilitates our ability to acquire knowledge.

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Hairstyles For Guys With Long Thick Wavy Hair

111 Things Hairstyles For Guys With Long Thick Wavy Hair | 33 Best Long Curly Haircuts For Men - 2022

  1. Flow hairstyles suit best in wavy hair. Especially when it is medium-long, it works rather well. The wavy texture adds a layered effect to it. Source: Internet
  2. Edgy and asymmetric cuts suit men’s wavy hair like clove. If you’re halfway growing your wavy hair out, you can style that mane in this hot summer in Edgy styles. This will give you comfort and style. Cut it in asymmetric shape and maybe sport a fade in one side. If you have a beard, this will turn your look into super-handsome one. Source: Internet
  3. Next up, let’s look at coiled curly hair. You can recognize it by those corkscrew-style loops, which can range from loose to tight. These coils will generally start to form within two inches of hair growth, making them more readily identifiable than wavy hair. The tighter those coils, the more difficult this kind of long curly hair can be to manage, and it can look pretty intense at longer lengths (see ex-football star Troy Polamalu as an example). Source: Internet
  4. Many men with wavy hair seem to be complaining about the same thing. That it is fairly dry, which causes the waves to sit in disrepair about their head instead of being neatly arranged. We recommend argan or coconut oil as the best solution or even olive oil if you’re in a pinch. Source: Internet
  5. Men with wavy hair have a lot to be thankful for. Your hair has lots of body, plenty of texture without styling, and healthy volume that keeps it from lying flat. But wavy hair can also be prone to frizz, uneven texture, and flyaways. Source: Internet
  6. Finally, we have curly hair that reaches your shoulder. It works well whether you have wavy hair or curly hair. For those who have curls, this is a great way to draw attention to the texture of the hair without looking unfit for a formal scene. Source: Internet
  7. Thick hair can be a bit tricky to style, especially when they possess a wavy texture. It can be hard to tame because of its volume and disability to stay uniform as straight hair does. We sympathize with that situation and therefore, compiled a few ways to make sure you never have to experience a bad hair day again with your thick wavy hair. Source: Internet
  8. The curls are far more distinct in this hairstyle where the position of almost all the curls is very prominent. This short hairstyle for curly hair portrays an extremely casual look. This men’s professional curly hairstyles can be attained by the utilization of a medium hold gel to style your hair. Some precautions that you need to follow are – you need to make sure that your hair is conditioned before you style it and after you are done styling your hair you must avoid using a hairdryer. Source: Internet
  9. For those with wavy hair or seeking to create a wavy look, finding the best styling method can be a demanding task. Some men have very thick hair and dense curls, or they may have frizz and flyaways that change with the weather. With the right haircut and products, however, men of all hair types and textures can both look and feel put together. Take for example, Entourage’s Adrian Grenier, who looks dapper with well-conditioned, shiny waves, or Timothée Chalamet, who styles his natural curls in longer waves to add more dimension. Even Snoop Dogg has tried out the wavy texture. Source: Internet
  10. Wavy Fringe and Taper Fade is a great combination. Your wavy hair will give you’re a stylish look in a fringy situation. The taper fade will provide relief from summer heat, a great tradeoff in balanced and healthy summer hairstyle. Source: Internet
  11. You have two options. One of them is you owning a natural head of wavy hair, of course. However, if that is not the case and you want it badly, don’t despair. You can simply use a curler or even a flat iron to get those waves. Source: Internet
  12. When it comes to hairstyles for men with wavy hair, Andrew Garfield plays to the tune of his fiddle. They didn’t say he was hipster Spiderman for nothing. He does have a gorgeous, thick head of wavy locks, which he wears messily. Source: Internet
  13. Yes, men too can have fringes with their curls. This fringed curly hairstyle is iconic and emerges as one of the most stylish hairstyles. To achieve this style, you must define the curls in your hair using a gel or cream to make them more prominent. Then you can style your hair in this fringed pattern and finish off by applying hair spray on top to hold it and make it manageable. Source: Internet
  14. One of the advantages of having long hair is that you may wear it in any way you desire. Dreadlocks are underrated long curly hairstyles for men. Though dreadlocks are not for everyone, it is absolutely worth a shot because it is a one-of-a-kind look that no one else could pull off as well. And if you did, a standing ovation for you, hunk! Source: Internet
  15. Below, we’ll show you haircut and style options for men with wavy Type 2A, 2B, and 2C hair. You’ll also see some tips for styling and caring for wavy hair. Check out our top hairstyles that wavy hair men will appreciate. Source: Internet
  16. Skip the hairbrush after showering. Hair brushes can cause naturally wavy hair to lose its shape thanks to all the bristles pulling through the hair. Opt for a wide-toothed comb or your fingers to detangle the hair gently after a shower. This keeps the wavy sections together without pulling any of that bend out. Source: Internet
  17. If you like to keep wavy hair longer, but don’t want it to distract you at work, this style is perfect. Slick up your mane with some products. The best part of having wavy hair is, its weight will hold it down when you will use the product. You can rock this trick with any length of long wavy hair, but would be perfect for medium-long hair. Source: Internet
  18. Do you want to look cool? You know what the solution is then, don’t you? A pair of hipster glasses, a lumberjack shirt, and an open-collar denim jacket. Don’t forget about the five o’clock shadow type of beard. We consider this one to be one of the best hairstyles for men with wavy hair. Source: Internet
  19. Figure out your wave type. We mentioned 2A, 2B, and 2C are the different types of wavy hair. Find out which one matches your hair type to get the best results from your specific wave pattern. Source: Internet
  20. Shower with warm, not hot, water. Hot showers are great every now and then, but they wreak havoc on wavy hair. Take warm showers and follow up with a rinse of cool water to make your hair less frizzy, shinier, and healthier. Warm water opens the cuticle just enough to thoroughly clean, and the cool water closes it to seal in the moisture and make it shine. Source: Internet
  21. This wavy hairstyle is for the men with curly hair who are growing their curly hair out to be longer. A very prominent shave in the bottom and sweeping the hair aside would give a great look. This look goes great with wavy hair because this hair type adds more personalized textures to it. Source: Internet
  22. Guys with wavy hair, for instance, can rock the messy, medium-to-shoulder length hairstyles with the greatest of ease. Let it grow, and you can easily get that “lion’s mane” effect that’s instantly recognizable among the wavy hair subset. This is far from the only long hair look that you can adopt with wavy hair, though. Take a trip to your barber, and they can hook you up with any number of cuts that complement wavy hair, for instance… Source: Internet
  23. The former Disney star has wavy hair as well, which he wears in a very modern way. It’s messy and Sauvage, stylized with a lot of hair wax to make him look fresh and young. We also love the aviator glasses and baseball jacket in metal gray. Source: Internet
  24. For this, you need medium length hair with natural curls. This hairstyle incorporated a bit of layer and variable hair-length. In terms of hair length, the hair is relatively shorter in the front than it is at the back portion of your head. This is one of the best curly hairstyles for men with long hair which can make you look so beautiful. Source: Internet
  25. Mop hairstyles already emanate austere vibes, but there are no words to describe how sexy they are when matched with longer hair. You'll have to leave some lengthy bangs on the front because it's a mop style, but it's worth showing off those dramatic bangs. Mop hairdo is one of the popular long curly hairstyles for men. Source: Internet
  26. No one would have wanted to have long hair badly if it were not for Keanu Reeves. Long curly hairstyles for men started to become a thing thanks to this man. This hot celebrity has no qualms with letting his long hair flow in the breeze, letting it do its job showing off its splendidness. If he can, why can’t you? Source: Internet
  27. The curls are about a finger-length on the sides. This wavy-cut was finished using scissors and is left a bit longer on top. Start by applying a quarter-sized measure of medium hold styling cream to fingertips, followed by the application through dry hair by raking cream through the hair from front to back. Make sure to focus the item on the mid-lengths and closures instead of at the scalp. Source: Internet
  28. Combover hairstyles are cool. Sport it with the strong part, and you are all set. In summer, this is a stylish, functional, and comfortable hairstyle for any occasion. Source: Internet
  29. It’s true that, nowadays, Jude Law has a receding hairline. However, when he was younger, he had an outstanding head of hair. it was naturally blonde, thick, and wavy and the actor simply looked stunning. Source: Internet
  30. The classic textured waves are one of those long curly hairstyles for men that never go out of style. What’s beauty if not leaving your home effortlessly without having the make any changes to your hair. With shoulder-length hair and a trim beard, you are off to show your relaxed demeanor to the world. Source: Internet
  31. This one can also be termed as a celebrity hairstyle as Bradley Cooper sported it in a movie. This hairstyle is one of the best hairstyles for men with short and curly hair. Men with beards will find this look ideal for them. Source: Internet
  32. Don’t worry if your hair doesn’t grow “down”. Your wavy hair is an asset anyway, and you can style it long on top without much fuss. With the help of your stylist and some products, let your long wavy mop of hair go messy on top. Source: Internet
  33. If you’ve decided to take the plunge and create a wavy look, what exactly should you expect from your stylist? Esparza says that “a hairstylist should always look at the shape and density of the client's hair before deciding what technique is going to work best for them.” Lepre adds that communication is key. “I would recommend being specific with the density of layers you would like,” she says. “The less dense your layers are, the more blended they will be and the easier it will be to grow out.” Source: Internet
  34. Another actor with Disney Prince potential, he was the handsome love interest to Amy Adams’ Princess Giselle in Disney’s very own Enchanted. He had James Marsden to compete with and he won the Princess’ heart. All because of his hairstyles for men with wavy hair, we bet! Wink, wink! Source: Internet
  35. College boy hairstyle is a popular throwback from late 90’s to early 2000’s. This one goes particularly well with longer wavy hair. It is easy to manage and perfect for any weather and occasion. Source: Internet
  36. Men with long hair aren’t new to man buns. If you are still trying to grow your curls for a bun, it might be frustrating, but it is so worth the wait because it looks wavy and beautiful in a very understated way. For this style, you must not go for a messy look. Source: Internet
  37. With long textured shag, it's time to bring the once-popular 70s hairdo back into style. Among the classic long curly hairstyles for men, long textured shags were the popular ones. This haircut was once a favorite and most adorned by almost every musician in the country, and it is now the icon of rock and pop. It's also not overly dramatic, giving off a laid-back vibe, making it the ideal hairstyle for individuals seeking a more understated look. Source: Internet
  38. Reverse braid embodies functionality and style. Braid up your long, manly, and wavy hair bottom up and tie that in a bun on top. You’re all set for a rigorous gym session or an after works basketball game. From suits to beach shorts, you can rock any article of clothing in this hairdo! Source: Internet
  39. Here’s a pic of actor Dan Stevens from his early days. Yes, this is the Beast himself, with luscious dark chestnut wavy hair and piercing blue eyes. We’ve talked about Disney Prince’s potential in this list before but he was a Disney prince, of course, in the much-acclaimed Beauty and the Beast. Well, of course, he was. Source: Internet
  40. This is among good hairstyles for men with curly hair and is neat and classic. The hairstyle not only adds to your personality, but it also makes you look more masculine. Styling like this is simple, apply some styling cream to your hair and massage it throughout. The only condition that you are required to meet is that you need to have very short hair. Source: Internet
  41. Wavy hair and curly hair are similar, but they're not exactly the same. Waves are not as tightly curved as curls or coils, although with styling, wavy hair can be made curly and curly hair can be made wavy. However you achieve them, waves have a stunning texture and are versatile, pairing well with all face shapes and aesthetics. Source: Internet
  42. If you have long curly hair which are going till your shoulder, one can opt for wavy hairstyle as these can transform your look completely. Although curly hair can be difficult to manage, this wavy hairstyle can help you manage them. Give a proper pattern and comb your hair to showcase your style. Source: Internet
  43. #8: Thick Mid-Fade + Faux Hawk Haircut This thick mid-fade + faux hawk fade haircut is balanced and doesn’t look too voluminous. When paired with facial hair, it looks bold. Men with thick hair are guaranteed to have great hairstyles, and a mid-fade is perfect to achieve this. Finish with some strong hairspray or wax to keep your hair high and dramatic. Source: Internet
  44. Why not experiment with colors when you’ve got long, wavy hair? If you don’t mind coloring, you should definitely trying getting colors on your long hair. Playing with colors gives your hair a new, playful, and vibrant look. Especially during summer holidays, two-toned hair looks rather good. Bouncing your head full of long, wavy mane of two-toned hair is just incredible at campfires. Source: Internet
  45. Benedict Cumberbatch might just be the perfect gentleman. Not to mention how handsome he is. He too is a proud supporter of hairstyles for men with wavy hair because they are a part of his dapper, stylish persona. Source: Internet
  46. If “styling” is too much for you, then just let it be. If you’ve got a tick mane of shoulder length wavy hair, you’re in luck. Shoulder length thick hairstyle is pretty cool for men with wavy hair. You can effortlessly look cool and smoldering by letting your shoulder length thick hair down. Source: Internet
  47. This is one of the best curly hairstyles for men in an African style. Here, we can see that the model in the picture flaunts some beautiful spiral curls which make him look so unique. The hairstyle is so desirable that anyone will easily fall for it. The length of the hair is long, and it extends to the shoulders. Many girls are often seen sporting such hairstyles, and this picture proves that men can also wear such amazing hairstyles. Source: Internet
  48. According to our experts, there are no hard rules that should prevent anyone from going for a wavy hairstyle, but there are some considerations. Esparza explains that while wavy hair can look good on any face shape, it needs a cut that complements the wearer's bone structure. Lepre agrees about length, but also recommends graduating layers “so the crown of the head's hair does not get flat or weighed down. The shag complements every face shape, although you need to consider the type of bang relative to your face framing.” Source: Internet
  49. Mid-length messy waves look great if you have wavy hair. If you opt for this one, the hairstyle will appear more relaxed and natural. Make less usage of gels and rather opt for salt spray or leave-in conditioner on washed hair. Let it dry naturally for the right unkempt look. Source: Internet
  50. #12: Wavy Modern Thick Mid-Fade Haircut with Beard for Men This wavy modern thick mid-fade haircut for men highlights its thickness. The thick-cut shows off the natural beauty of thick, healthy hair. Feel free to also grow out a thick beard to complete the style. Source: Internet
  51. Before he had his big break, actor Henry Cavill used to work in a coffee shop as a waiter. Now he’s Superman. Ooops, we weren’t supposed to tell you that. He’s Clark Kent and we are in love with his hairstyles for men with wavy hair. Source: Internet
  52. Not sure whether you want to keep your long, wavy hair growing or not? How about styling it with products or maybe getting a few snips to make it look presentable before any drastic decision. Style your longish hair in part and ruffle it up, if you fancy. Or just slick it up maybe. Either way, your long wavy hair will look great with any outfits. Source: Internet
  53. Ruffle your wavy long hair up on top, and crop it in the bottom. This is fashionable, functional and healthy for summer. You will have the long, wavy hair on top, which you can have in “messy” style with the help of hair products. That will be a cool, laid-back style for busy summer days. Source: Internet
  54. The idea of semi-curls scares a lot of guys out there. Don’t let it scare you too. That is just your naturally wavy hair acting up. But that’s why there are so many tips and tricks for short wavy haircuts, just like this one here. Source: Internet
  55. You can add your own personal modifications to these wavy hairstyles for men with long hair. Wavy hair is often associated with handsome and smoldering looks. Artists, actors and celebrities like Hozier, Dave Grohl, JC Chasez, Owen Wilson, Brad Pitt- are famous for appearing with long wavy hair at times. You don’t have to be a celebrity to look like one, right? Source: Internet
  56. Taking inspiration from the famous and classy Nate Archibald, these slicked back waves are the perfect hairstyle for thick and wavy hair. Due to your thick hair, you won’t even need to use any hair products at all. This look is exactly what you need if you’re looking for a classic yet trendy way to style your hair. Source: Internet
  57. If you wish to go for a short haircut, then the wavy side parting with short back and sides is the way to go. With more emphasis on top, it will show off your hair's texture quite well. Decide an appropriate parting for this hairstyle and you are good to go. As for styling this cut, use a pomade from your roots to the tips of your hair and work it everywhere. Source: Internet
  58. Are you looking for curly hairstyles for men? This is one of the best hairstyles for curly hair men so far. It has been equipped with some unique curls and breathtaking patterns which make it look different from what you have seen until now. The curly hairstyles for medium hair men will go hand in hand with a beard and will bring out the dominant male personality within you. Girls dig it. Source: Internet
  59. This is a really popular look for men with wavy hair. The key is creating contrast between the super-long top and short, faded sides. Work a little gel into the top to bring out those natural waves. Source: Internet
  60. Getting your inspiration from the 60s is not a bad thing at all. Modern hipsters have claimed that era and created a whole subculture around it. This is what we would call a contemporary Bob Dylan look, with lots of distressed wavy hair, hipster glasses, and a cool T-shirt. A classic haircut for men with wavy hair. Source: Internet
  61. #30: Modern Slicked Back Hair with a Taper Fade This thick modern slick back hair with a taper fade is a classic style. It’s designed by Virginia-based barber Benny Machado. “To achieve this slicked back hair, blowdry it while using your hands. After drying, apply a matte cream product such as Layrite Matte Cream,” Machado points out. Though this is a hairstyle for men with thick and straight hair, it’s a universal look that can work on thin hair, too! This taper fade is one of those men’s hairstyles that takes some time to style on a daily basis. Source: Internet
  62. From thick and thin to short, long, and medium, from celebrity-inspired to Ivy League cuts and hipster styles, these are the best hairstyles for men with wavy hair. It is a must that men should maintain and improve their looks to stay fashionable. Write to us in the comment section below and let us know which wavy hairstyle you’ll be trying out. Source: Internet
  63. This is one of the most elegant curly hairstyles that one can ever find. It will be suitable for medium-length hair and can be worn at some of the best places possible. The pattern done on this hairstyle is very subtle and goes perfectly with the face. If you are looking for a simple, but trendy and alluring hairstyle for your curly hair then definitely try this one out. Source: Internet
  64. For those with coiled curly hair, maintenance is going to be slightly more challenging, especially as your hair grows longer. Coiled hair is often thicker and more voluminous than wavy hair, and combing, in particular, can be a major struggle without the right tools. So, you’ll want to arm yourself with a wide-tooth comb that will make it easier to tease through those coils and style your hair the way you like. Source: Internet
  65. If your hair grows faster in front, then wavy fringe at the front would be a good hairstyle for you. For men who are growing out their hair to be longer can adopt this style. This will help you to look cool and relieved in the summer heat. Source: Internet
  66. When you opt for a traditional military cut it requires no hard work, if we are being honest. It's short and definitely manageable. It looks neat and tapered and is one of the most low-maintenance hairstyles, in case you aren't a big fan of a buzz cut. Source: Internet
  67. The hottie of the 2000s, Orlando Bloom was everyone’s favorite blonde. Except that, in real life, the actor has a beautiful head of hair of his own, which is dark and wavy. We cannot decide how we like him more. Source: Internet
  68. If you have naturally long, wavy mane of hair and a very little time to maintain right now, just let it hang down loose. Let it air dry after a good morning’s shower, the whole journey from morning to night will be a treat for you. If you have a beard, that will be added a bonus to your look. Source: Internet
  69. Channel your inner musician with this style. Long hair shows off your naturally wavy texture and cuts down on the time needed to style it. If your waves are pretty prominent, you can just wash, add mousse, and go. Source: Internet
  70. We begin nice and easy with a short and casual cut. This is, practically, the basic example of a haircut for wavy hair. You start with a side part and allow your natural waves to do all the talking for you. Maybe add a little bit of wax to keep them in place. Source: Internet
  71. Men with long, wavy hair have an added advantage for sporting cooler hairstyles. Long hair frames the face to give it an impressive look. At the same time, men who are growing their hair out to be long also deserves some stylish guidance for their potential long mane. Source: Internet
  72. Men with long hair are exceptional and intriguing. Normally there is a misconception going around saying there are only a few long hairstyles for men. However, this is a myth, and to refute it, we've compiled a selection of the best 25 long curly haircuts that are all the rage this year. Source: Internet
  73. Once again, kinky hair seems tailor-made for these types of hairstyles. The resilient and voluminous nature of this curly hair subtype goes hand-in-hand with all manner of braids, dreads, and twists — so long as it’s well-maintained. Your biggest challenge here will be growing your hair to the appropriate length, something that will take both time and dedication. Source: Internet
  74. Retro hairstyles are never out of fashion. Men with growing out wavy hair cans sport retro hairstyles while going through the transition of long, billowy hair. A retro quaff is always stylish whether you’re wearing formal or informal outfits. Source: Internet
  75. Side parted hairstyles have been trending for all hair types this year. You can sport this hairstyle during formal occasions like any office related event or even with your casual wear. Part your curly long hair from one side and push most hair strands towards one side. Allow your curls to settle down and you are good to go. Source: Internet
  76. The type of wavy hair men have depends on how intense the wave is. Wavy hair is considered Type 2 hair. There are generally 3 types of wavy hair: 2A, 2B, and 2C. Source: Internet
  77. It’s not so much about having the right tools for the job when it comes to taming unruly hair; it’s more about how you wear it. Simply put, you have three choices: very short, long, or tousled and choppy. Below you will find three excellent hairstyles, but the safest bet is to ask your barber for personalised advice. Source: Internet
  78. Fishtail braids might be a little too complicated for men who are new to braiding, but if you can manage a little help from a friend or your stylist and learn how to braid, this is a rather stylish way to wear your long mane of wavy hair. Men with long wavy hair have the added advantage of having their own natural waves to the hair, which adds more to the look. This is also very functional for men as well. Source: Internet
  79. The hairstyle was first spotted at Korean fashion festival, and from then this look has been highly sported by men throughout the world who come from Korean culture. Here, some creativity has been implemented with the traditional curly look. The sides of the curly hair are shaved and the middle and back part of the hair sport trendy curls. This is one of the best curly hairstyles for men. Source: Internet
  80. Hope you enjoyed reading our curly hairstyles for men guide. If you have curly hair, we know how tricky it can get to style yourself out, and these are our top favourites and best styles one can try. These are among the most sought after styles to for all possible occasions, be it formal ones or casual outings. Try them out and tell us how you like them best as per your face type and occasion in hand! Source: Internet
  81. So, your hair is both thick and wavy. There’s no need to panic. You should be glad. That means that you may not get alopecia that easily when you get older. As for right now, we suggest you start with a nice slick back that shows off your waves from the side. Source: Internet
  82. Since waves are rarely symmetrical and perfect, a cut like this is the perfect solution. Keeping the sides and back shorter leaves the long, wavy section only on top. It’s easier to style a small section instead of the entire head! Source: Internet
  83. Choose to diffuse. If you have longer hair or typically blow dry after a shower, start using a diffuser. These hair dryer attachments are designed to keep the shape of wavy and curly hair intact. Diffusers gently blow hot air around the waves while pushing them in the direction you want to style them. If you have longer hair, you can toss your head upside down and push gently upward against them with the dryer and diffuser. Source: Internet
  84. Natural waves give a boost to any classic haircut, especially the fade. This style is a good choice for guys with coarse, thick hair. Use gel and a comb to brush the top back, then use your fingers to scrunch into the front to bring some wavy pieces forward. Source: Internet
  85. Don’t get discouraged, I have a few great solutions for you while you’re growing your hair out. In this collection of the top 50 best long hairstyles for men you’ll also find a handful of longer, medium length cuts. I’ve included a solid variety to give you countless ideas for every step of the way from half way there to the finish line. Source: Internet
  86. Bleach your wavy mane. This is a statement hairdo for handsome young men. Sport it with your undying spirit of youth. You might do some highlighting streaks for added effect. Source: Internet
  87. Hairstyles for men with wavy hair can be incredibly dapper and elegant, as you can see in this example. The bangs are very long and curled, swept to one side, reminding us of the 20s and 30s. Today, this cut is a hipster staple. Source: Internet
  88. Through it all, remember this: while men with long curly hair might face a few extra challenges when it comes to growth and maintenance, the versatility of curly hair makes those hurdles well worth the effort. Remember to account for the natural disadvantages curly hair presents (prone to dryness, tangles, etc.), take care of your hair as it grows, and in due time you’ll be able to rock any number of those aforementioned (and magnificent) long curly hairstyles for yourself. Source: Internet
  89. Long curls, or should we say wavy curls with golden highlights, give off a chilly vibe. Look at this picture of Johnny Depp, who is already cool, but with curl highlights that make hearts flutter and faint. Highlights are the most exemplary method to achieve an effortlessly chic look. Source: Internet
  90. If your hair grows out faster in front than back, then you can use this style to your advantage. Wear your hair like the iconic 1950’s gentlemen with long, billowy curls in front. For the men with long-ish wavy hair, this is a cool hairstyle. Source: Internet
  91. Men with curly hair can be handsome and dashing, but ever wondered how tricky is to style hair? With all curls and twists, men often get confused on how to go around styling the hair. Here we are with a guide on curly hairstyles for men. Given the way with different face shapes and occasions in hand, here are a few best haircuts for curly hair men. They are quite easy to achieve in any salon nearby. Curly hairstyle for men is a new trend given the final look and styles it delivers and does not miss out on trying these out. Source: Internet
  92. This type of hair is fragile and contains both wavy and curly hair. It can be challenging to handle the curls because the hair is thin and each strand is narrow and small. It’s not great with products and they can weigh it down depending on the product’s formula. Source: Internet
  93. Side parted hairstyles for long curly hair look just amazing. One may decide to tie hair if it becomes too difficult to manage. However, natural long curls can help accentuate your facial attributes and flaunt them at the same time as well. Source: Internet
  94. Here, we can see a guy sporting a beautiful short curly hairstyle which will be suitable for formal occasions. The allure of this hairstyle has made one of the best hairstyles for curly hair men. Here, the front part of the hair has been beautifully decorated, and the rest of the blonde hair follows that pattern. The curly hairstyle will be ideal for men with long and thin face texture. Source: Internet
  95. If you’re looking for a younger and more boyish look, a wavy fringe is a way to go. It’s just carefree enough to catch your required attention and still look casual. You could also get a high fade on the sides of your head for a hipster look. Source: Internet
  96. If you like and want to try out something funky and quirky, then this look is best for you. If you have extremely thick hair choose this haircut which is trending now, it is best for those men who travel a lot on vacations. It is simple, quirky, trendy and stylish at the same time. With medium length hair, it is one of the perfect curly hairstyles for men that can leave a lasting impression. Source: Internet
  97. This is also an asymmetrical hairstyle for men with long wavy hairstyle. Men with growing out long wavy hair and with already full length long hair can adopt this hairstyle easily. Asymmetric hairstyles are pretty hip right now. You can style the hair with products or just let the wavy mane hang loose, and air dry after shower or a spritz of water. Either way, it looks great. Source: Internet
  98. Guys with kinky hair may well have the most maintenance issues to contend with. While its superior volume can make for some truly impressive hairstyles, it takes a while to grow kinky hair to length. Beyond that, though, the lack of curl definition (because kinky hair curls at much shorter lengths) and difficulty with combing can, at times, be maddening. Source: Internet
  99. This is a fairly standard style for wavy hair gents, and for good reason. Gradation in the length of the hair makes for a great aesthetic, and if you’re feeling adventurous, you can experiment with various parts and use pomade and/or your blow dryer to play around with different hair directions (swept forward, slicked back, etc.). Source: Internet
  100. Quiffs are stylish. If you are growing your wavy hair out, try it. Bring out the textured look by layering it up. This will be a cool hairstyle for you in summer. Source: Internet
  101. Long, characteristic twists with bunches of long layers keep this wavy hairdo adjusted all through. To style like this begin in the shower by shampooing and moulding your hair with items intended to make your wavy hair more manageable, thereby giving you control over it. Then, dry your hair using a towel to eliminate abundant water. Depending on the preference of the hair cream you like, work a quarter-sized measure of low or medium hold styling cream through your hair. Source: Internet
  102. We have to say right off the bat that this is, hands down, one of our favorite hairstyles for men with wavy hair. It borrows heavily from the 50s and 60s with a stupendously modern twist. It simply looks cool and fresh! Source: Internet
  103. Another good hairstyle for men with hair “not that long”, but on its way to growing out. Groom your wavy mane in angular shape in one side and sport a strong undercut to the other side. This way you are all set for both the heat and the style. You can sweep the longer side to the back with products if needed, otherwise let it hang loose also makes a great look. Source: Internet
  104. This type of hair has volume. So, you can try different hairstyles because they can handle products, have more heat and don’t break as much as the others. But it takes more time to dry and gets frizzy when humid. Source: Internet
  105. This hairstyle is one of the best hairstyles for men with curly hair. Men with short length curly hair can make the best out of this look as it will look great on their hair. The front part of the hair has been pulled up, and the sides are suitably curled. The blonde party colour of the hair also makes it look pretty alluring and can easily convince any man with curly hair to try this look. Source: Internet
  106. Relaxed and billowy long wavy hair is good for easy-maintenance. It is perfect for chilly days, you don’t have to worry about the “aesthetics”, your wavy hair will take care of it with the texture. You can rock it with any outfit. Source: Internet
  107. For wavy hair, you need to rely on moisturising products, for example, a conditioner or a hair serum. These are the best hair styling products for your hair type. To add a bit of gloss or wet finish to your hair, opt for gel or wax. If you wish to enhance the wavy texture, there are several curl creams that you can lay your hands on. Morever, for frizzy hair, there are oils and smoothing serums as well that will add more depth your waves. Source: Internet
  108. We also have an entire plethora of celebrities that are here to advertise hairstyles for men with wavy hair. 50 Shades of Gray’s Jamie Dornan is only the first one on the list. He pairs his hair waves for his short hair with a very well-groomed beard. Source: Internet
  109. Men with curly hairstyles are just so attractive. Here, we have a beautiful one, where the front part of the curly hair extends to the front and covers the forehead to an extent. Any guy with naturally curly hair can try this look. It is one of the impressive hairstyles for men and can easily make one look alluring. The hairstyle also sports a decent colour, which enhances the beauty of this look. Source: Internet
  110. The crew cut itself is nothing new, but with longer wavy hair, you can put a new spin on this old classic. For this cut, you’ll again want the hair longer on the top, but instead of a fade that has a subtle gradation in length, you’ll want your barber to buzz the sides short all the way around. Add a part to one side, and you’ll have nailed it. If your hair is on the thicker side, adding some texture to this style with a bit of pomade is a surefire way to jazz it up even further. Source: Internet
  111. If you have a thick, long, and wavy mane of hair, this is an ideal and functional way for you to style your hair. Tie up your long mane on your back. You are all set for a busy day. Your stylish mane won’t distract you by dangling on your face. Source: Internet

To begin started, here are some tips for finding information about Long Curly Hairstyles Male: - Research Male Long Wavy Hair-related information from credible sources. This includes libraries, websites, and even journalistic professionals. - When researching Curly Hair Hairstyles Male, it is vital to be aware of the numerous sorts of electronic media sources, such as Google and YouTube. Social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, are also likely to contain information regarding 30 Handsome Long Wavy Hairstyles for Men.

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# Images | Hairstyles For Guys With Long Thick Wavy Hair - Curly Hair Hairstyles Male

hairstyles for guys with thick frizzy hair - How To Style Medium Long Hair Male

Hairstyles For Guys With Long Thick Wavy Hair - Curly Haircuts Male Black 1 Save

Top 48 Best Hairstyles For Men With Thick Hair - Thick Hair Hairstyles Male

Hairstyles For Guys With Long Thick Wavy Hair - How To Style Medium Long Hair Male 2 Save

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