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Why Is The Foul Pole Fair?

As a vertical extension of the foul line, which is likewise regarded as fair area, the foul pole is regarded as fair territory. A hit ball must not make contact with any portion of the foul pole or foul line in order to be ruled foul.

Why Is It Called A Foul Pole?

sport Baseball The umpire uses one of two poles—one on each foul line—that are the vertical continuation of the outfield wall or fence to determine whether a fly ball hit close to the foul line is a fair or foul ball.

Why Are Foul Poles Yellow?

When the slugger smashes the walk-off home run, you don't need to rely on replay since our foul poles make the umpire's call simple.

Is The Foul Pole Fair?

A batted ball is deemed fair if it first makes contact with a fielder when it is in fair territory. Any hit ball that first contacts the field in fair territory beyond first or third base without being touched by a fielder is regarded as fair. The foul lines and foul poles also count as fair territory.

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