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Who Is Julión Álvarez Wife?

After "Banda MS" went on leave, he made the decision to start "Julión lvarez y Su Norteno Banda." He wed Nathaly Fernandez, the ex-wife of El Gallo de Oro Valentin Elizalde, in 2011.

What Singer Was Killed By The Cartel?

Mexican singer-songwriter Rosalino "Chalino" Sánchez Félix lived from 30 August 1960 to 16 May 1992. He performed traditional Mexican music and was well known for his narcocorridos, or "drug ballads." After his death, he was referred to as the "lord of the Corrido." Coachella Incident of 1992. Nightclub Los Arcos ShootingMotiveInconclusive extra ten rows

Did Chalino Get A Death Note?

After a concert in Culiacán, Sinaloa, in 1992, Sánchez was shot and killed after receiving a message from the audience that was thought to be a death threat. He was discovered dead in the morning. His daughter is his only heir. 7 Jul 2022

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