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What Is So Fragile That Its Name Breaks It?

What was being questioned was: What is so brittle that just saying its name causes it to break? To me, this is an old riddle with a simple answer - “Silence.”

What Is So Fragile That Its Name Breaks It?

What Is So Fragile That Sound Can Destroy It?

The answer is an opera singer who sings so loudly that it breaks glass. The glass breaks as a result of the powerful sound waves that are produced. 8 Aug 2020

What Is That Breaks Every Time You Name It?

Careful. What will you always shatter when you name it? Sent by: Silence, Age.

What Is So Delicate That Saying Its Name Breaks It Brainly?

Answer. You respond with SILENCE. 6 May 2018

What Can Break But Never Fall What Can Fall But Never Break?

What tumbles, yet never snaps? Shadow. What shatters yet never crumbles? Chemical ties 25 Aug 2022

What The More You Take The More You Leave Behind?

The more you take, the more you leave behind is a puzzle, and the solution is... Wait… Are you certain you can't solve the problem on your own? Footsteps! 15 Apr 2020

What Is The Smallest Room In The World?

This seems more like a riddle than a real question to me. My knowledge and my interpretation of the question lead me to believe that the correct response is "mushroom." Since no room can be constructed smaller than a mushroom, it should be the smallest room ever. 12 Jan 2018

What Begins With T End With T And Has T In It?

Teapot, that is! The letter "T" appears both at the beginning and the end of the word "teapot." Since tea is pronounced with a "T," it is in a teapot. Teapot is the response. 19 Mar 2019

What Gets Wet While Drawing?

"A towel" is the response to the puzzle. Because it gets wetter as it dries more, it is a bath towel. 16 Dec 2021

What Is Broken If You Mention Its Name Brainly?

This is a Tutor Verified Response. This is a puzzle, and the response to the query of what vanishes when its name is uttered is silence. The absence of sound creates quiet until a sound of some type is emitted, at which point the silence is broken and begins to fade or vanish. 21 Apr 2019

What Is The Saddest Fruit Riddle?

Blueberries are the response to the riddle "What Is The Saddest Fruit?" The color blue is linked to sadness among the colors that convey feelings. Anytime someone "feels blue," they are depressed. Blueberries are referred to as the saddest fruits because their name includes the color blue. 7 Jun 2021

What Has To Be Broken Before You Can Use It Not An Egg?

An adhesive stamp. 18 Apr 2022

What Can Run But Can'T Walk?

The clue is water, namely a river. A river cannot walk, only run. Although it has a mouth, it never speaks; a head, but it never cries; and a bed, a riverbed, but it never sleeps. 4 Feb 2022

What Breaks In Water But Never On Land?

Justification: The logical justification for something never breaks on land but does on water Wave is a riddle. In water, a wave will break, but never on land. The majority of the time, the shore is where the waves break. 31 Aug 2020

What Can Pass Before The Sun Without Making A Shadow?

The sun rises before the wind. The air naturally moves in the form of wind. Wind moves without casting any shadows. As a result, the wind is the correct response to the puzzle. 20 Nov 2020

What Can Fly Without Wings?

"Time" is the response to the problem "what flies without wings." 23 Apr 2020

What Can Fill A Room Without Taking Space?

Explanation: LIGHT is what allows us to see and makes vision possible. It can completely fill a room without taking up any additional space. 13 Aug 2020

What Can Fill A Room But Takes No Space?

Despite taking up no room, light can fill a space. Light is the appropriate response to the stated question. The space is illuminated and filled with light. 8 Feb 2021

What Is The Biggest Room In The World?

The largest room in the world in terms of volume is the Boeing Everett Factory. It is a Boeing-owned facility used for making airplanes. It has a volume of 13,385,378 cubic meters and a surface area of 399,480 square meters.

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