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What Is A Shield Volcano Simple Definition?

Shield volcano definition: a broad, spherical volcano formed by numerous eruptions of incredibly fluid lava (see volcanic illustration).

What Is A Shield Volcano Simple Definition?

What Is A Shield Volcano Long Definition?

noun Shield Volcano a wide volcano that typically has a big caldera at its peak and was formed by the repetitive, nonexplosive eruption of basalt.

Why Are They Called Shield Volcanoes?

Volcano types: shield volcanoes Consequently, basaltic structures often have low-angle slopes when lava flows accumulate to form a volcanic cone. Then, they are referred to as shield volcanoes. Shield volcanoes have gently sloping, convex-upward landforms that mimic the shield of a Roman fighter.

What Does A Shield Volcano Have?

The name "shield volcano" refers to a type of volcano that is exactly what it says it is: a shield-like structure with a very big and broad surface area (i.e., much wider than they are tall). These volcanoes develop when low-viscosity flows from a centered vent are produced over an extended period of time (Walker, 2000: 284).

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