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What Has Greg Evigan Been On?

DeepStar Six McBride. Filmography (1989) The Bear and B.J. John McKay (1978-1981) A Season of Success Greg (1977) (1977) Large Sound John Sutton (2000-2001) Blending Christmas and acting William (2021) (2021) List of Christmas Items Erickson, Herb (2020) 9-1-1 Roger (2020) (2020) Manipulated Donald Driscoll (2019)

What Has Greg Evigan Been On?

Where Is Greg Evigan?

Evigan recorded his pop album, "Slow Down," which includes ten of his original songs, in his own recording facility in Woodland Hills, California.

Why Was Bj And The Bear Cancelled?

Greg Evigan is aware that animal rights concerns make the 1970s sitcom "B.J. and the Bear" unlikely to be produced today. The sitcom lasted from 1978 to 1981 and was about a trucker who traveled the highways with his devoted pet chimp who sported a jaunty hat. 27 Nov 2020

Is Briana Evigan And Greg Evigan Related?

Briana hails from a family of entertainers. Greg Evigan, her father, is an actor, singer, songwriter, and musician who had two successful television programs, "BJ and the Bear" and "My Two Dads," as well as a consistent career in both television and feature films. Pam Serpe, an actress, is her mother.

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