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Is The Three Words App Free?

The usage of our website and apps is provided without charge (whether for personal use or for business use). We want people to communicate location by using 3-word addresses. Feb 5, 2021

Is The Three Words App Free?

What Is The Point Of Three Words App?

What3words serves a very different purpose: it makes it simple to provide precise locations, whether they are spoken into a car navigation system, typed into a taxi app, or entered into a website checkout page.

Do You Need An Account For What 3 Words?

You may store locations, organize favorites using lists, and sync locations between accounts by creating an account. If you are a developer, you may create API keys and view use data by creating a developer account.

What 3 Words Have No App?

The recipient can open what3words.com in their browser and type the what3words address into the search bar if you send a what3words address without a link.

How Much Is What3Words?

Anyone can use free what3words through our app and online map.

Is What3Words Open Source?

What3words is not an open source program. The development of a new worldwide standard is a difficult task that calls for substantial funding. We run what3words as a company and charge companies who use it profitably to help fund our effort.

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