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How Do You Say My Birthday Is On?

The typical response to the question "When is your birthday?" is "My birthday is January 1." On the other side, it is customary to reply, "My birthday was on January 1," if someone inquires about your birthday after it has passed. Sep 20, 2009

What Is De Nada Mi Amiga?

Thank you, my friend.

What Is Encantado A?

enchanted, delighted, or contented (ktadu, ktada).

What'S Your Name Say In Spanish?

"What's your name?"

Which Is Correct On My Birthday Or In My Birthday?

You mention that your birthday falls during a specific month: In January is his birthday. You do something on your birthday: On my birthday (=to celebrate your birthday), we went out to eat.

What Is Your Birthday Date?

Your birthdate is the precise day, month, and year that you were born.

Does Amiga Mean Girlfriend?

"Amigo" and "amiga" both imply friend. You use novio/novia, respectively, when referring to your significant other.

How Do You Respond To Denada?

3:519:20 Avoid Saying "De Nada" [15 Spanish Phrases to Use When Greeting Someone] YouTube the proposed clip's beginning and end Then you can respond with gracias, a tea, or with a tea and that instead of stating de nada. So, instead of responding with "de nada," you can reply "gracias con gracias a tea" or "with a tea," which basically indicates "oh, you're welcome" and "people are so appreciative."

What Is The Meaning Of Amiga?

An female friend, or "amigas" (Latin American) a female companion.

What Means Que Pasa?

What is going on? A Spanish phrase meaning what is happening?, often used as a greeting.

What Is Hasta Manana?

Spanish. I'll see you tomorrow; bye for now.

What Do El Gusto Es Mio Mean?

It's my joy. Pronunciation. The taste is mild.

What Is A Popular Spanish Girl Name?

For cute abbreviated forms, names like Nina, Mira, and Mila all take the cake. While traditional and timeless Spanish baby girl names include Ximena, Ramona, and Esperanza. These names will enable the newborn to share the tale of her family and feel a part of her culture right away.

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