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How Do You Fix Poland Syndrome?

Poland syndrome treatment The best course of action for Poland syndrome treatment is reconstructive (plastic) surgery. It entails leveraging the body's already-existing chest wall muscles (or other muscles as necessary) to fill in the gaps. Ribs can be surgically grafted to relocate them to the proper location.

How Do You Fix Poland Syndrome?

Is Poland Syndrome A Birth Defect?

Poland syndrome is a birth condition characterized by small webbed fingers on one side of the body and an underdeveloped chest muscle. On the same side of the body, there might also be short ribs, less fat, and breast and nipple anomalies. The right side is usually implicated.

Can You Develop Poland Syndrome?

When your child is born with missing or underdeveloped chest muscles, it is known as Poland syndrome. The damaged side of the body is typically the only one. One in 20,000 infants have the rare medical illness Poland syndrome. This illness affects men twice as frequently as it does women.

How Common Is Poland Syndrome?

One in 10,000 to one in 100,000 births, according to current estimates. Boys are more likely than girls to have Poland abnormality, and the right side is afflicted twice as frequently as the left. We don't know what causes these variations.

Can Poland Syndrome Be Passed Down?

Some researchers suggest that apparently familial cases may result from inherited susceptibility to a certain event or anomaly (such as early interruption of blood flow) that may predispose to the syndrome (see directly below). Poland sequence is another name for Poland syndrome.

What Kind Of Doctor Treats Poland Syndrome?

The most frequent cause for female patients with Poland Syndrome to see a plastic surgeon is underdevelopment of the breast on the affected side.

Does Poland Syndrome Affect Pregnancy?

Significant respiratory discomfort brought on by Poland syndrome during pregnancy may not show up on tests of respiratory function and may change how an obstetric case is handled.

How Much Does Poland Syndrome Surgery Cost?

The price of Poland syndrome surgery varies depending on your surgeon, the location of the procedure, and the severity of your illness. Normally, this procedure is between $5,000 and $10,000, however it's crucial to consult with Dr.

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