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What Pokemon Has No Weakness

What Pokemon Has No Weakness

If you’re looking for a Pokémon that has no weaknesses, there’s one you can count on: Machamp. This powerhouse has a massive stat sheet, making it immune to most attacks. Other tough Pokémon to take down include Dragonite and Tyranitar.

Introduction: Why is this pokemon considered immune to certain attacks?

If you have ever played the popular video game, Pokémon, then you are likely familiar with the 151 different creatures that can be caught and trained to battle other players. While some of these creatures are weak to specific attacks, there are a select few that are immune to specific moves. In this article, we will be focusing on one such pokemon: Snorlax.
While other Pokémon may be weak to fire types, water types, or grass types, Snorlax is resistant to all of them. This makes it incredibly difficult for opponents to successfully attack it with their strongest attacks. Additionally, because Snorlax is immune to most status conditions (such as paralysis), it can easily take control of the battlefield and stall out its opponents.

Types of immunity: Physical, Special, and Immunities

There are three different types of immunity in Pokemon. Physical immunity is when a Pokemon can't be damaged by attacks that rely on physical contact. Special immunity is when a Pokemon can't be damaged by attacks that use special abilities, such as psychic or poison. And Immunities are when a Pokemon can't be damaged by any attack. There are many pokemon with immunities, such as Kabuto and Machamp.

The Ghost Type: A pokemon with no weakness

The Ghost type is a pokemon with no weakness. This makes it a powerful pokemon that can easily take down any opponent. There are many ghost types that can be used in battle, and they all have different abilities and strengths. If you're looking for a powerful pokemon that doesn't have any weaknesses, the Ghost type is the perfect option for you.

Dark Types: A pokemon with no weakness

A pokemon with no weakness is a powerful creature, one that can take on any opponent. These dark types can be intimidating, but they are not without their weaknesses. Here are three of the most common ones to watch for when battling these Pokémon: Dark Types have no resistance to Ghost, Psychic or Dark types, so be sure to use your strongest attacks against them; Dark Types also have a weakness to Fighting type moves. Finally, they are susceptibile to being frozen by Water type attacks.

The Dragon Type: A pokemon with no weakness

The Dragon Type is a pokemon that has no weaknesses. This pokemon was first introduced in the original Red and Blue games. variants of this pokemon can also be found in other games, including FireRed and LeafGreen. These versions are resistant to dark types.

The Fairy Type: A pokemon with no weakness

There are many pokemon that defy the odds, being able to take on any opponent, no matter how powerful. However, one pokemon stands out among the rest - the fairy type. This type is immune to all weaknesses, meaning that it can take on any other pokemon with relative ease.
Fairy types have a variety of uses in battle, being able to either support teammates or take down opponents quickly and easily. Their immunity to weakness means they can be used in any situation, whether it's to help protect allies or punish enemies for their mistakes.


In the Pokemon world, there are some pokemon that have no weakness. Some of these pokemon are incredibly powerful and can easily take on most challengers. In this article, we will discuss 10 of these pokemon and their abilities. We will also provide a conclusion at the end of this article.

10 Powerful Pokemon That Have No Weakness:

1) Groudon: This dragon-type pokemon is known for its immense strength, and it is not afraid to show it. It has no weaknesses, making it an ideal pokemon for anyone looking for a challenge.
2) Kyogre: Another popular dragon-type pokemon, Kyogre is said to be one of the strongest in the game. It also has no weaknesses, so it can take on most challengers with ease.

What is the best Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

The best Pokemon in Pokemon Go is Snorlax.

What is the best Pokemon to use in Pokemon Go?

There are many great Pokemon to use in Pokemon Go, but some of the best choices include: Dragonite, Machamp, Snorlax, and Vaporeon.

What are the best moves for a Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

There are many different moves that a Pokemon can use in Pokemon Go, and it really depends on the situation. For example, if you're facing off against a powerful foe, using a strong attack like Solar Beam might be the best move to use. However, if you're just trying to catch some Pokémon, choosing a more passive option like Fly might be better.

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