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What Does All Of The Above Mean

What Does All Of The Above Mean

The election of Donald Trump as President has lead to a lot of people wondering what all of the above means. Here is a breakdown of the different things that have been mentioned: 1) The economy is doing well, despite some people's predictions to the contrary. 2) Trump has been very outspoken about his plans for the economy and it seems like he is following through on them.

What does

The answer to this question is less than 6 sentences.

all of the above

There are many good reasons to choose a career in the sciences, but some of the most important are that the sciences offer opportunities for personal growth and development, they offer opportunities for creativity and innovation, and they offer opportunities for working with other scientists to solve problems.


The mean is a calculation used to find the average value of a set of data.

What does all of the above mean?

All of the above means that the United States is a representative democracy. This means that citizens have the ability to vote in elections, and their votes are counted and used to determine who will be in charge of the government.

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