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What Rhymes With Spaghetti

What Rhymes With Spaghetti

Italian pasta dish spaghetti is a dish consisting of spaghetti, tomato sauce, and cheese. There are numerous rhyming words that can be derived from this recipe, but the most popular ones are pasta, miso, and shiitake.

Introduction: What rhymes with spaghetti

What rhymes with spaghetti? According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the two words that rhyme with spaghetti are chowder and scuttle. These two words share a common etymological root - from the Old French word escoffier, meaning "to cook in salt water." Chowder entered English in the late 14th century, and scuttle followed a few decades later.

Types of Rhymes: Internal and External

There are several types of rhymes that can be found in English. Internal rhyming is when two words that rhyme with each other sound the same when pronounced, for example, cat and hat. External rhyming is when the words sound different but have the same meaning, for example, jail and lie. There are also diphthongs, which are combinations of two vowels that form a single sound, like bat and pat.


When you think about spaghetti, some of the things that come to mind are slurping noodles with a sauce, making a pasta dish from scratch, or enjoying a bowl of pasta on a cold night. But what about the other words that rhyme with spaghetti? Ribbons, strangle, and slumber are just a few examples. These words share one commonality: all three have two syllables and end in -ber. In English, this pattern is called assonance.
Most people know that these words have something in common because they hear it in everyday speech. For example, when someone says "ribbons," most people would expect to hear "strangle." However, if someone said "slumber," most people would not expect to hear "spaghetti."

Assonance can be powerful when used correctly.

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