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What Rhymes With Leave

What Rhymes With Leave

What rhymes with leave? If you can't think of a word, try these: cleave, pear, rave, careen. These words all have one common sound- "l".

Introduction: What rhymes with Leave?

The article introduces the topic of "What rhymes with Leave?" Keywords being introduced are: Rhymes, words that sound alike and these words are typically pronounced the same, but have different spellings. The article provides examples of words that rhyme with leave and how to pronounce them.

Origins of the word "leave"

The word "leave" originates from the Old English word leahte meaning "to depart, to go." The verb form of leave is leave, which is still in use today. The word "leahte" is also the source of words like leaf and left.

Pronunciation and meaning of leave

Leave is a word that can be pronounced in a number of ways. In British English, the word is typically pronounced as though it were spelled "lea-ve." In American English, it is typically pronounced as though it were spelled "lee-ave." The pronunciation of leave can also depend on whether the word is followed by a vowel or consonant. When Leave is followed by a vowel, such as in the phrase "I left my car at the park," most Americans pronounce the "e" as a schwa. When Leave is followed by a consonant, such as in the phrase "I left my keys at home," most British English speakers pronounce the "e" as an full vowel.

Useful words that rhyme with leave

There are a few words that rhyme with leave, and they can come in handy when you need to say something but don't have the word leave handy. Words that rhyme with leave include allege, progeny, stanza, synopsis, and culmination. If you ever run out of words to say goodbye to someone or want to sound poetic when writing an essay, these words might be just what you need.


The title of the article is "Summary: Rhymes With Leave". The first sentence is, "Some words that rhyme with leave are bear, sphere, care, and more." The second sentence is, "Each word in this list has a different meaning." The third sentence is, "Some words that rhyme with leave are also related to each other in some way." Fourth sentence is, "There are many different rhymes for leave, and you'll find one that fits your needs." Fifth sentence is, "If you're looking for a word that rhymes with leave but has a different meaning, try explore our list of synonyms." Sixth sentence is, "We hope our article has given you plenty of options for finding the perfect word to rhyme with leave!" Seventh and eighth sentences are written as questions.

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