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What Rhymes With Color

What Rhymes With Color

What rhymes with color? Many words that sound alike share similar meanings, such as negotiate and negotiate. But what other pairs of words share a similar sound and meaning? Here are five pairs of words that share a rhyming sound and meaning.

Introduction: What rhymes with color?

What rhymes with color? The answer may surprise you. In fact, many words that sound like colors actually rhyme with other words. Take a look at some of the words that rhyme with color and see for yourself: periwinkle, violet, lavender, amethyst. You'll be surprised at how many words you know that sound like colors!

Why do these words rhyme? Some of them are simply derived from similar roots (periwinkle comes from the Old English word peri- meaning “around” and winkle meaning “to flick”). Other words share common suffixes (violet gets its name from the Latin word viola meaning “little violet”).

The Three S's: Sound, Shape and Significance

The Three S's: Sound, Shape, and Significance.
Everyone knows the basics of sound (a cat meowing), shape (an apple is round), and significance (a red rose means love). But what about the Three S's? In this article we will explore each of the Three S's in depth, looking at their definitions, origins, and how they are used in poetry.

Sound: The first of the Three S's is sound. Sound can be defined as a vibration of air or other mediums that creates auditory impressions on our senses. Sounds can be soft or loud, and can have different qualities such as pitch (high vs low) or tone (happy vs sad). Different sounds can evoke different emotions in us and can be used to create poetic effects.

Syllables: What Rhymes With Color?

What rhymes with color? Rhymes with cone. Sounds like skoal. All three words are spelled with a double letter. There are nine syllables in each word.

The Six C's: Consonants, Consonant Combinations and Vowels

Can you think of six consonants that rhyme with each other? Some of them you probably know, like "car," "purse," and "sue." But what about "drag" or "jag?" Do they sound the same to you? In these cases, the consonants are pronounced one letter apart.
Below are more examples of words that share a common letter pronunciation but have different spellings. The first word has a regular spelling, while the second has a variant spelling that includes an extra letter (ex: cedar vs. seared). Can you guess which word has two c's in it?

CVC Words: What Rhymes With Color?

Color words that rhyme with each other are blue, brown, gray, orange, pink, purple, and red. These words can be found in various combinations throughout English language vocabulary. Here are a few examples: gray and pink; blue and purple; brown and orange; red and green.


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