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What Male Protagonist Are You

What Male Protagonist Are You

So you've decided to write a novel and incorporate a male protagonist into your story. Congratulations! But before you start getting too excited, there are a few things you should know.
1. Male protagonists tend to be more action-oriented than female protagonists.
2. Male protagonists often have more power and authority than female protagonists.

Introduction: What are the qualities of a perfect male protagonist?

A perfect male protagonist is one who is relatable, likable and believable. He must be someone that readers can root for, even when things are tough. He should also possess a few key qualities, which we'll explore below.

The Male Protagonist's Journey: How does he grow and change over the course of the story?

There's no one right answer to this question, as the journey of the male protagonist will vary depending on the story and its characters. However, some common themes that are explored in stories featuring a male protagonist include his growth, development, and change over the course of the story. In some cases, the protagonist may undergo a spiritual or psychological transformation as he confronts challenges head-on and learns new lessons. In other cases, he may develop new skills or learn to rely on himself more than before. Regardless of the specific route taken, it's important for readers to see growth in the male protagonist because it demonstrates that he is evolving as a person and capable of overcoming obstacles.

The Male Protagonist's Role in the Story: How does he contribute to the development of the plot?

The Male Protagonist's Impact on the Female Character(s): How do they respond to him?

Conclusion: What lessons can we learn from our favorite male protagonists?

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