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What Is Sts In Knitting

What Is Sts In Knitting

What is Sts and why is it important in knitting?
Stitches are the basic unit of knitting, and each stitch has two parts: a right side (RS) stitch and a wrong side (WS) stitch. When you knit a row, you work the RS stitches first, then the WS stitches. But sometimes you need to change colors or work in the round, and that's when you need to use special stitches called "sts.

Introduction: What is Sts In Knitting?

Stitches in knitting are often abbreviated with their symbol followed by a letter, such as k2tog for knit two together. Often, the stitch is written out on each row or round in full, such as sewn (ss). In this article we will explore what stitches are and how to work them.

What are the different types of stitches?
There are three main types of stitches in knitting: knit, purl and rib. Rib stitches create a textured fabric by knitting one row of loops back and forth across the row. Knit stitches create a fabric with a smooth surface. Purl stitches produce the opposite effect - they make the fabric smoother by knitting back and forth but not necessarily sideways.

How do I work a stitch?

What does the abbreviation stand for?

Stitch markers are a knitting abbreviation that stands for "stitches in the round." They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which makes them perfect for marking your working stitches.

Types of sts:knit, purl, and cables

Types of stitches in knitting are knit, purl, and cable. These three stitches work together to create a fabric. In this article, we will discuss each stitch in detail and give examples of how they are used.
Knit is the simplest of the three stitches. It is a loop created when the yarn is pulled through the right side row of needles from back to front. Knitting is often used for socks and other bottom-heavy items because it creates a sturdy fabric with little stretch.

Purl is similar to knit but the yarn is not pulled through the hole on the right side needle, but drawn up between these two needles from below (the front). The result is a loop that’s slightly larger than a knit stitch.

When to use each type of sts

Why use sts?

1. Sts (Stitch Symbol Set) is a set of knitting symbols that are used in the pattern to indicate where to put the stitches.
2. There are different sets of sts for different types of knitting, such as English, Continental, and Kitchener stitch.
3. You need to know the sts for the type of knitting you're doing in order to use them correctly in your pattern.
4. Knowing how to use sts can help you make sure your patterns are accurate and look neater.
5. Additionally, knowing how to use sts can make it easier to learn new knitting techniques or changes in stitch count.
6. Finally,sts can be a helpful way to keep track of your progress while you're knitting, which can be especially helpful if you're working on a project that's time-consuming or difficult.


Since the 1950s, knitting has been associated with a particular type of stitch: the Stitch Pattern Sequence (Sts). Stitches in Knitting involve moving the yarn between two needles in a specific order and can be used to create textured stitches. sts can also be combined with other knitting techniques to create more complex patterns. Though sts are often used in traditional knitting patterns, they're also popular among modern knitters who want to create their own unique designs.

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