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What Has 2 Eyes But Can T See

What Has 2 Eyes But Can T See

What has two eyes but can't see? A snake, of course! Snakes are able to see with their infrared vision and use it to detect prey. They also have a second set of eyes located on the top of their head that helps them navigate and avoid obstacles.

Introduction: What is 2-eyed creatures and how can they see?

Most creatures on Earth have two eyes, but some can't see. These creatures are known as 2-eyed creatures and they use their other eye to see in a different way. Some 2-eyed creatures can see in the dark or in near-darkness better than people. They can also see color better than people and sometimes they can even see ultraviolet light. This unique ability is because their other eye is specialized for seeing in these special light frequencies.

Evolution of eyes in 2-eyed creatures

The 2 eyes of 2-eyed creatures: What they see and how it helps them

Interesting facts about 2-eyed creatures: How they are different from other animals, and what that means for their survival

2-eyed creatures are aunique and interesting group of animals that are different from other animals in many ways. For example, they have two eyes instead of the typical one. This means that they can see in more directions than other animals and can potentially detect prey or predators more easily. Additionally, 2-eyed creatures tend to be larger and stronger than their single-eyed counterparts, which may help them survive in their environments.

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