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What Does Peasley Mean

What Does Peasley Mean

What does Peasley mean? According to one source, the name is of Norman origin and means "son of the blacksmith." Others say it is a Scottish name meaning "from the meadow." Yet another source claims the name is derived from a place in Essex, England.Whatever its origins, Peasley is a surname that is popular in the United States.

What Does Peasley Mean?

Peasley is an English surname that may refer to:

What does Peasley mean?

Pasley is an English surname.

What is the meaning of Peasley?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Some say it is a variation of "pashley," meaning "of or pertaining to the parish," while others believe it is a derivative of the word "passive," meaning "lazy.

What does Peasley stand for?

Pasley is a small town in England.

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