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Thats What She Said Shirt

Thats What She Said Shirt

Introducing the Thats What She Said shirt! This hilarious shirt is perfect for any woman who loves to have fun and knows how to put on a show. Whether you're out with your friends or hitting the clubs, this shirt will have everyone laughing and asking what she said.


Thats What She Said Shirt is a popular shirt that can be worn by anyone. It is a comfortable shirt to wear and it can be styled in many different ways. Thats What She Said Shirt is perfect for any casual or formal event.

The Shirt:

Looking good is key in any day, but especially when you're going out. And if your outfit includes a shirt with a clever saying on it, you're sure to be a hit with anyone you meet. Whether its something light and flirty, or something more serious and packed with meaning, there's a shirt out there for everyone. Here are some of our favorites:
1) Thats What She Said Shirt - This button-up shirt is perfect for the woman who wants to let everyone know what she's thinking. The saying is succinct and to the point, letting everyone know that all she wants to do is talk about boys and shoes.
2) I'm Not Saying It's A Good Idea Shirt - This shirt might not be suitable for every outing, but it's perfect for any party where potential drama could happen.

Why We Love It:

In an age where technology has taken over our lives, it's nice to find something that can make us feel nostalgic. That's what the "That's What She Said Shirt" does. It takes you back to your childhood when you would hang out with your friends and say things like "You're such a dork," or "I wish I were as cool as you." The shirt is made from 100% cotton and is available in a variety of colors and sizes.


When I was younger, I thought that saying "that's what she said" when someone said something inappropriate was funny. But now that I'm an adult and have been in more situations where people have said things like this, it's not funny at all. It's incredibly frustrating and embarrassing. What used to be a fun phrase has now turned into a way to bully someone. It's time for people to stop using this phrase and start using better language instead.

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