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Ruff Ryders What Ya Want

Ruff Ryders What Ya Want

In a world of fast food and takeout, it can be hard to find a good meal that you can cook at home. But what if I told you that there was a restaurant that specializes in cooking fresh, delicious meals for you? That restaurant is called the Ruff Ryders What Ya Want. This chain has locations all over the country, and they specialize in cooking up Southern-style BBQ food.

Introduction: What is a Ruff Ryder?

In the world of professional wrestling, there are few names as iconic and instantly recognizable as The Hulk Hogan. But for many fans, one name that comes to mind is that of The Ruff Ryders. Formed in 1987 by two brothers, Harley Race and Tully Blanchard, the team quickly became one of the most celebrated and feared factions in all of wrestling. Over the course of their nearly two-decade long career, the Ruff Riders would go on to amass a record-breaking 27 championships between them - including seven World Tag Team Championships and nine Intercontinental Championships.

The Original Ruff Ryder: DJ Hollywood

DJ Hollywood, better known to one and all as Ruff Ryder, was the original rapper and de facto founder of the legendary Ruff Ryders crew. Raised in Hialeah, Florida, DJ Hollywood began his music career as a teenager, performing at local clubs and open mics. After joining up with producer Jazzy Jay (better known as The Wizard), Hollywood went on to create some of the most memorable rap tunes of the late '80s and early '90s. Notable Ruff Ryders hits include "What Ya Want", "How Much I Can Give You", and "I Wanna Rock". In addition to his music career, DJ Hollywood is also a well-known television personality; he's been a regular on MTV's TRL since its inception in 2003.

Ruff Ryder's Influence on Hip Hop: A Brief History

Ruff Ryders Entertainment, or simply Ruff Ryders, was a hip hop group formed in the early 1980s. The group consisted of rappers DJ Premier, Big Daddy Kane and RR Money Bags. Their biggest hit songs include What Ya Want (which peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100), Takin' Care of Business (number one on the Billboard Hot Rap Tracks chart) and Let's Talk About Sex (number four on the Billboard Hot 100). They are also well-known for their signature look - all three members were frequently seen wearing bright red suits with tight fitted pants.

The Evolution of Ruff Ryder Films

In the early days of hip-hop, there was Ruff Ryders. The group consisted of MC Ren, Yella Beezy, and DJ T Ruff. Together they helped define the culture and sound of early hip-hop by releasing albums that were filled with energy and lyrical prowess.
The group had a major impact on the music industry, and their influence can be heard in modern hip-hop. In 2002, the trio reunited to release a new album called What Ya Want. It was well received by fans and proved that the Ruff Ryders still had what it takes to make an impact on the music world.

The Impact of Ruff Ryder Films on Hip Hop Culture

In the early 1980s, one of the most popular and influential hip-hop groups was The Ruff Ryders. The group consisted of three friends from New York City: DJ Premier, MC Premier, and Jarobi White. Their first hit song was "What Ya Want" in 1983, which became an anthem for the burgeoning hip-hop culture. The Ruff Ryders released a string of successful albums that heavily influenced the development of hip-hop music. They are also credited with popularizing gangsta rap and breaking racial barriers in the industry.
The Ruff Ryders' influence is still felt today. Their songs are frequently played on urban radio stations, and their style has been adopted by many different artists over the years.

The Legacy of the Ruff Ryders

The Ruff Ryders are one of hip-hop’s most influential and successful groups. Formed in the early 1990s, they quickly became one of the industry’s biggest stars. They achieved great success with their music, and also starred in their own hit television show. The group disbanded in 2005, but have since reunited and continue to make music. Their legacy is still felt today, and they are considered one of the greatest hip-hop groups ever.

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