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Look What I Can Do Meme

Look What I Can Do Meme

Introduction: What is a Look What I Can Do Meme and how does it work?

The first Look What I Can Do Meme: The impossible golf shot

Second Look What I Can Do Meme: The impossible skateboard trick

Every day, people post photos of themselves completing impossible skateboard tricks on social media with the hashtag #LookWhatICanDo. But what makes this trend so interesting is that many of these tricks are actually achievable – if you’re willing to put in the work. Here are eight tricks that are theoretically possible, but would take a lot of practice to pull off:
1) The Backflip: This trick is pretty simple, but requires a significant amount of strength and balance. Many people mistakenly think that this trick is impossible because it requires them to flip their entire skateboard over their head. However, there are variations of the backflip where you only flip your board over your head one half way. If you’re willing to put in the effort, learning this trick could be the key to becoming a master skateboarder!

Third Look What I Can Do Meme: The impossible jump shot

In the world of basketball, one can always find room for improvement. For many players, this means working on their jumpshot. But for some players, it means going beyond what is considered normal. Take for example the Casey Jacobson look what I can do meme. Jacobson has made a name for himself by shooting beyond the arc, something that is exceedingly difficult to do. His jump shot has led him to success both in college and in the NBA, where he currently plays for the Phoenix Suns.
Jacobson's jump shot is so impressive that it has even caught the attention of none other than Stephen Curry. The two have had a few conversations about shooting and technique, with Jacobson learning a great deal from one of the best shooters in history.

Fourth Look What I Can Do Meme: The impossible bike ride

When you think about it, the 'Look What I Can Do' meme is pretty impossible - but that doesn't stop people from trying. Whether it's cycling across a busy city or completing a difficult task, these folks show us that anything is possible with enough effort. Here are some of our favorite examples:
"I can do this!"
"Just look what I can do!"
"Wow, look what I can do!


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