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Keyshia Cole Baby Daddy

Keyshia Cole Baby Daddy

Keyshia Cole is currently in the middle of a custody battle with her ex-boyfriend, former Atlanta Hawks player, Terrence Ross. The two were in a relationship for two years before splitting in May of 2015. Cole filed for custody of their one-year-old son, Kiari Kendrell Ross, on July 21st. Her ex-boyfriend has since filed for full custody of the child.


Keyshia Cole is a Grammy Award-winning R&B singer.Cole was born on September 2, 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia. She started singing at the age of four and began her musical career at the age of thirteen, when she was signed to Jive Records. Cole achieved mainstream success in 2002 with her debut album The Key to My Life. The album produced the hit singles "I Don't Wanna Cry" and "Only You". In 2003, she released her second studio album Just Like Me. The album spawned two hit singles—"Love & Hate" and "Workin' It Out"—and received generally positive reviews from music critics. Her third studio album Chapter V was released in 2006 and debuted at number two on the US Billboard 200 chart. The album produced three singles—"Loverboy", "Touch My Body" and "High Road".

What we know about Keyshia's baby daddy

After several weeks of speculation, Keyshia Cole has finally confirmed that she is pregnant. Despite rumors that her baby daddy is rapper, Lil Wayne, Cole has cryptically hinted that the father may not be known to her fans. In a recent interview with BET, the R&B singer was asked about the possibility of a child with Weezy and her response was cryptic. "There's somebody," she said vaguely before declining to elaborate further. "I'm just going to keep it between me and my little one."
Cole's pregnancy comes as quite a surprise given her rocky relationship with Lil Wayne in recent months. The two were last seen publicly together at the 2007 Video Music Awards when they performed together. Since then their alleged estrangement has been widely reported.

Who is Keyshia Cole's baby daddy?

1. Keyshia Cole is currently pregnant with her first child, and she has yet to confirm who the father is. Fans are speculating that the baby daddy could be either Ne-Yo or Tricky Stewart, but neither of them have confirmed or denied involvement.
2. It's possible that Cole was already in a relationship with the father before she became pregnant, but until she confirms who the father is, everyone will just have to speculate.
3. Regardless of who the baby daddy is, it's sure to be exciting news for Cole and her fans when she finally reveals the identity of her baby's father.

What happened between Keyshia and her baby daddy?

When Keyshia Cole filed for divorce from her baby daddy, it left fans of the R&B singer unsure about what happened between the two. According to TMZ, there was an intense argument between Cole and her baby daddy that led to their split. However, Cole has not elaborated on what the argument was about. It's unclear if a custody battle is looming or if money is involved. Regardless, Cole's fans are eager to hear more from her about the split.

What are the possible implications of Keyshia's baby daddy?

Keyshia Cole has been in the public eye for over a decade now as a singer and actress. In that time, she's had several relationships, most notably with R&B singer Justin Timberlake. Cole is currently pregnant and rumors are abound as to who the father is. While it's likely that Cole will keep her child's paternity private, there are still some possible implications of this news.
For one, if Cole does choose to publicly reveal her baby daddy, it could potentially damage her relationship with Timberlake. Fans of both singers may be turned off by the idea of their favorite stars being together romantically while Timberlake is reportedly considering fatherhood himself. Additionally, if Cole chooses to keep her child out of the public eye, it could make it difficult for him or her to find an appropriate role model or guardian should they want one.


Keyshia Cole is a mother now, and while she has had her share of problems in the past, she seems to be doing well. She has a new baby boy with her former baby daddy, and they are reportedly happy. Keyshia Cole may have had some tough times in the past, but she has now found happiness with her son and new partner.

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Keyshia Cole has been romantically linked with several men over the years. One of which is Baby Daddy, a rapper and former member of the group Dru Hill.

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