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1995 D Quarter Value

1995 D Quarter Value

The 1995 D quarter had a mintage of 125,000,000 coins. The coin is composed of 1/2 oz of silver and has a face value of 25 cents. The obverse of the coin features President George H.W. Bush and the reverse features a bald eagle.


In 1995, the D Quarter was worth $2.50 each. Many coins from this year are still valuable today, thanks to their scarcity and condition. Some of the most popular 1995 D Quarters to collect include those with low mintages, rare variants, and unique designs.

In 1995, the D quarter was worth more than any other coin in circulation. Why?

In 1995, the D quarter was worth more than any other coin in circulation. Why?
The D quarter is unique because it was the first U.S. coin to feature a portrait of a woman on its reverse side. Additionally, it was the first U.S. coin to be made of copper-plated zinc, which made it valuable because not many other countries used this type of metal at the time. In 1995, one D quarter was worth $1.50 USD.

Factors Affecting the Value of a Coin:

In 1995, the silver D quarter was valued at $.08 per coin. Today, it is worth about $15 per coin. Factors that have influenced the value of this coin include its metal content, rarity and condition.

Condition and Rarity of a Coin

A 1995 D Quarter is valuable because it is a rare coin. There are about 1.4 billion 1995 D Quarters in existence, which makes it one of the most common coins in circulation. However, because it is so common, there are also many low-quality 1995 D Quarters on the market.

Supply and Demand

In the world of economics, supply and demand are two key concepts that play a significant role in determining the price of goods and services. The principle of supply states that when there is more than enough of a good to meet current needs, the price will be lower than if there were less supplies available. Conversely, the principle of demand says that when there is a lack of a particular good or service, people will tend to demand more of it in order to satisfy their needs. This usually results in higher prices for goods and services with abundant supplies, and lower prices for those with limited supplies.
The 1995 D quarter value can be attributed to the principles of supply and demand. With more than enough supplies available, the 1995 D quarter value was relatively low compared to other quarters.

The Years 1995-1996

In 1995, the D quarter was worth $0.08 on average. This value is down from its peak of $0.12 in 1996. Despite this decrease, the 1995 D quarter remains one of the most valuable quarters in history.

How much is 1995 D Quarter Value?

The 1995 D Quarter is worth $0.10.

What is the exchange rate for 1995 D Quarter Value?

The 1995 D Quarter Value exchange rate was $0.063 USD.

How does the website calculate the price of 1995 D Quarter Value?

1995 D Quarter Value is calculated using a weighted average of the prices of all 1995 D Quarters.

What is the value of a 1995 D Quarter?

There's no definitive answer to this question as the value of a 1995 D Quarter will vary depending on its condition and scarcity. However, a 1995 D Quarter in average condition could be worth around $10-15.

What are the 1980-1994 D quarters?

The 1980-1994 D quarters are the first four years of the Dwight D. Eisenhower dollar.

What is the difference between the 1995-2000 D quarters?

The 1995-2000 D quarters have a different design on the front. They also have a logo on the back that says "United States Mint.

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